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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 13

13th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2012 18:06 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 13
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

13th Clause

p2 //no dialog

Shax: Kuh...
Shax: That was dangerous.
Shax: What is she thinking, attacking me without minding her ally?
Shax: If my shield deployed any later it would have been dangerous.
Shax: ...
Shax: Thanks to that I've got a serious wound.
Shax: However.
Shin: It won't go like that.

Shin: I'm here.
Shax: Just how did you-!?
Shin: You lowered your guard too much!!

Shax: Kahah!

Shin: Kyuuki's powers don't work on me since I'm the book's contractor.
Shin: It seems you didn't know.
Shax: Guh...
Kyuuki: Hmm, it seems we succeeded.
Kyuuki: However...
Kyuuki: As expected I'm dead tired...

Shax: ...So,
Shax: What's with this way of tying---!?
Aim: ...
Kyuuki: Ahaha!!
Kyuuki: Serves you well!!
Shin(thinks): Why turtle shell bondage...

Shax: Hey, you damn fox, untie me right now, I'll kill you!!
Kyuuki: Even though you lost you're still energetic.
Kyuuki: So, what will you do?
Shin: ?
Shin: With what?
Kyuuki: That's obvious,
Kyuuki: How will you deal with these two demons.
Kyuuki: Will you kill them?
Kyuuki: Or will you let them go?
Shin: Ah...
Kyuuki: You decide.

Shin(thinks): That's right, I was merry since we won, but there's no guarantee that they won't attack us again if we let them go.
Shin(thinks): I was too absorbed into it to think about this when we fought Touki, but now's different.
Shin(thinks): However, if possible...
Kyuuki: I can somehow tell what you're thinking, but...
Kyuuki: Shin,
Kyuuki: If you let them ago, they'll attack us again.
Kyuuki: They're different to the 3rd rate demon you let go the other day.

Shin(thinks): What's with that?
Shin(thinks): It's as if there was no other choice!!
Shin: I...
Shin: ---
Shin: Can't.
Shin: I can't, I can't.
Shin's sd: Ah~~~
Shin's sd: No, no.
Shin: I rea~~~lly can't.

Kyuuki: Are you an idiot!?
Kyuuki: Do you understand your own position!?
Shin: Hey, I give, I give.
Shin: I understand it,
Shin: But
Shin: I can't just kill them...
Shin: And put an end to this.
Tokiya: It seems that you're in trouble.

Shin: You are...Kirihara Tokiya!?
Shax: You were also helping them!!
Tokiya: Well, I sold you information but I never said I was your ally~~~
Shin's sd: Hey...
Kyuuki's sd: Yeah...
Thought: He's a fiend!!
Shin: Great timing.
Shin: Don't you know a way for them to never attack us again?
Tokiya: A way for them to never attack you again?
Tokiya: Yeah, there's one.
Shin: F-For real!?
Tokiya: Yeah, there's one.

Tokiya: If you let them kill you or let them go away with the grimoire they might not come again.
Shin: Don't say the same things Kyuuki says!!
Tokiya: Well, leaving jokes aside, I don't know.
Tokiya: But I know someone who might know.
Shin: Eh...
Tokiya: Well, explaining is bothersome,
Shin(thinks): He went behind Kyuuki.
Tokiya: So let's just do this.

Tokiya: There!
Kyuuki: Eh...?
Shin: Huh!
Kyuuki's sd: Ah!

Kyuuki: Y...
Kyuuki: You!! What are you doing, idiot!!
Shin: Pushi.
Tokiya: Close, Kamishiro shield.
Kyuuki: Shi...Shin.
Kyuuki: Oops...
Kyuuki: What are you doing so suddenly!?
Tokiya: Well, I'm good at undressing people~~~
Kyuuki: Why did you do this!?
Tokiya: "Why?", To send him to the place of someone who might know.

Kyuuki: It can't be...
Tokiya: That's right.
Tokiya: To the world of the grimoire.

Shin: Hmm...This is...
Shin: Where is this...
Kuon: You're the first of the book's owners that's come here so many times in such a few days.
Shin: Kuon!!

Shin: Woah!!
Kuon: Nice catch.
Kuon: So...Didn't you come for an specific reason?
Shin: Ah...
Shin(thinks): I know someone who might know.
Shin(thinks): Did he perhaps meant Kuon!?
Shin's sd: Down you go.
Shin: Hey, Kuon, I want you to teach me something.

Shin: What should I do so that demons that I've already beaten don't come to attack me again?
Kuon: That's a pretty troublesome problem.
Kuon: Do you think there's such a convenient thing?
Shin's sd: Hahaha.
Shin: So there really isn't...
Kuon: It exists.
Shin: Eh?
Shin: Re...Really!?
Kuon: It has risks of course.
Kuon: And demerits too,
Kuon: If you're ok with that...
Shin: Te...Teach me please!!
Shin: I beg you!!

Kuon: It can't be helped.
Shin: Woah!?
Shin: What's this...
Shin: A stuffed animal?
Kuon: From now on this Ku-chan
Kuon: Will help me explain with this board.
Kuon: Listen carefully.

Shin: Even if you tell me to listen...
Shin: That thing...
Shin(thinks): Is really scary!!
SFX: *drool*
Shin(thinks): !
Shin: Hey!!
Shin: I just heard him drool!!
Kuon: You can't eat him, for the time being he's our master.
SFX: Nod nod
Kuon: Now then, about the method, there's only one,
Kuon: Linking part of that demon's soul to your body.
Shin: Its soul...
Kuon: And, by linking that part of the soul to you, you temporary form some sort of demonic contract.
Text: Contract
Kuon: By doing that, the demon won't be able to attack you.
Kuon: For demons, contracts are worth the same as their lives, I don't think they can break them.
Kuon: And, there's one more important thing.

Kuon: I have to let you take the grimoire out of your body on your own will.
Shin: Wha!?
Shin(thinks): I can take out the book!?
Kuon: Even if I say take out, you can't detach it.
Shin's sd: Ah...As I thought.
Kuon: Right now, the grimoire is scattered in pieces inside your body.
Kuon: For you to be able to link with souls, you need to gather the pieces of the grimoire inside you into one place and give them form.

Shin: But, how can I do it?
Shin: I can't use magic...
Kuon: It's ok.
Kuon: I've said it before, the grimoire is already part of your body.
Kuon: It's all about getting conscious of it.
Kuon: "Concentrate the book on you hand"...Or something like that should be fine.
Shin: Getting conscious...
Kuon: The grimoire will teach you the rest.
Kuon: ...Oh,
Kuon: I'm sorry but time's up.
Kuon: Your body should wake up soon.
Shin: H-Hey, I'm still...
Kuon: I've said what I had to.
Kuon: See you, Shin.
Shin: !!

Shin: Uh...
Kyuuki: Shin, are you awake?
Shin: Yeah...Where's the informant?
Kyuuki: He went away while you were unconscious.
Shin: I'll start it soon.
Kyuuki: What?
Shin: Well, just look.
Shax?: What, you finally want to kill us?
Shin: No, I won't kill you.

Shin(thinks): Concentrate.
Shin(thinks): The book is part of me.
Shin(thinks): Do it like gathering power on your right hand...
Shin: ...
Shin(thinks): This is...
Shin: I did it!!
Shin(thinks): This is...The grimoire!?

Aim: That's...
Aim: The grimoire.
Shin(thinks): Grimoire, teach me please,
Shin(thinks): A method to suppress those two.
Shin: !!

Shax: Kuaah!
Aim: Auh!
Shax?: He's drawing something out of my body.
Shax: This...It can't be.
Shin: That's right.
Shin: I'm going to link part of your souls to the grimoire.
Shin: If I do that a quasi-contract will be established. //mock contract
Shax: Wha!
Shax: Aguh...Stop it.
Aim: Even though I haven't done any contracts yet, this is-!!

Both: Aaaah!!
Shax: Haa
Shax: Uh...
Aim: Haa...

Shin(thinks): That was somehow erotic.
Kyuuki: Shi~~~n?
Shin: I-I know.
Shin(thinks): This are soul fragments...
Shin(thinks): This is...
Kyuuki: The contract's established?
Shin: Will we no longer need to fight them with this?

Kyuuki: Kukuku,
Kyuuki: With this you're under Shin's control!!
Kyuuki: Hey, hey, go home now!!
Shax: Damn it.
Shax: Remember this!!
Shax: I'll pay you back 10,000 times!!
Aim: My first...
Shin's sd: Those were some amazing parting words...

Shin: Hey, Kyuuki.
Kyuuki: What is it.
Shin: Aren't you dissatisfied with what I chose this time?
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: I am a lot.
Kyuuki: You're an idiot who doesn't value his life,
Kyuuki: What's more, that choice!!
Shin's mouth: Owaaah
Kyuuki: You're too naive, you naive boy!!
Kyuuki: However,
Kyuuki: I'm glad that someone such a naive idiot
Kyuuki: Is the book's master.

Shin: ......Ah...
Kyuuki: Well, let's go celebrate our victory.
Kyuuki: We need sake, sake!!
Shin: Hey, I'm still underage.
Shin: Rather, I don't have that much money!!
13th Clause/END

Aim's sd: My first...
Shax' sd: Hey...

p34 //no text

Thank you for purchasing Volume 2 of Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho. Tachibana Yuu here.
It's only been 3 months since the release of volume 1 and I've taken this pretty far.
From now on we'll have new magic and there will be action in a lot of places so I invite you to read it.
Well then, see you on Volume 3!
Special Thanks
-Asafuka Azusa-sama -Minamori Noeru-sama
-Momiji-sama -Myp2-sama
-Mori Misaki-sama

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