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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 8

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 17, 2013 00:07 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 8
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Bullet: 8:00 AM, wake up.
Bullet: There's no abnormalities nor dangers in the perimeter.
Bullet: Well then...Let's prepare breakfast!
Text: A soldier's morning---!!!
Bullet: GO! GO!
Bullet: GOOOOOO!!
Haru: It's so early in the morning and you're too loud, jeez!!
Bullet: ! Anjou...You were here.
Haru: "You were here"...We had the night shift, you know!
Haru: And don't put up a tent next to the station...
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"

Haru: By the way, old man...How long are you going to stay here?
Haru: The investigation we helped you on is long over,
Haru: Chiaki is like that but can't you just go back to the army?
Bullet: I can't do that,
Bullet: Because I still have an important mission...
Haru: ? Mission?
Bullet: Yeah,
Bullet: Observing Kiruko...!!
Haru: !!?
Haru: Hmm!? Wh...What do you mean with...
Haru: Observing!? Did she actually do something bad in the army!?
Bullet: No, she was actually an excellent soldier.
Haru's sd: Eeeeeh?
Haru: !? Th...Then why...
Bullet: "Why" you ask...That's exactly why I'm worried!
Bullet: When I think that the Kiruko I brought up may someday get dyed by this peaceful country... //Kiruko is written with the kanji for soldier
Bullet: I start feeling uneasy---
Haru(thinks): Ah...He's just overprotective...!
Haru's sd: What are you, a dad who's daughter went to the big city...?

Bullet: Hey! What kind of life is Kiruko living!?
Bullet: Is she training properly!? Is she eating her rations!?
Haru: Eh!? I don't know, I only get involved with her at work too,
Haru: Kiruko's private life is---
Kiruko: Senpai, Senpaaai!
Haru: !
Haru: Kiruko!
Haru's sd: Speaking of the devil
Kiruko: Ehehe~~~Listen,
Kiruko: I met Kanna-chan and the kids just now~~~
Haru: ?
Kiruko: And they will come play at my house next Sunday!
Kiruko: Would you like to come too, senpai? (cd: Bullet doesn't have to come!)
Both: !!!!

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Text: Even if she's bad at work she's superior in the battlefield!? Special Squad, Team Nagashima Substation now departures!!
Chapter 8 Kiruko's Home Visit
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: Hmmm...I see.
Haru: This is Kiruko's house...!!
Box: {
Utopia Nagashima
1 DK, 8.5 tatamis, with modular bath.//DK = combined kitchen-dining room
Rent: 40,000 yen (Including fee for common service)
With a parking lot, pets accepted //as in that you can keep pets there
All(thinks): It's unexpectedly normal......!!!!
Haru: Hey, why did the old man and the tsundere come too?
Haru's sd: You're free?
Chiaki: Don't call me a tsundere!! I...I was just worried about the children...
Chiaki: I didn't come because I was invited, ok!!
Kid(thinks): ...A tsundere.
Kid(thinks): A tsundere.
Kanna(thinks): She's a tsundere...
Bullet: ...I...
Bullet: Came to make sure that she's living without forgetting
Bullet: The readiness required to be a mercenary!

Haru(thinks): Are you a countryside dad...?
Kanna: I wonder if Kiruko's house has a lot of womanly power? I can't wait to see~~~
Bullet: !?
Bullet: Hey...What's that womanly power?
Kanna: Eh?
Kanna: Ermm...I think it's how girly something is!
Bullet: Hmm...I see!
Bullet: You all are naiveeeeeee!!
Thought: !? E...Eeeeeh!!?
Haru: Hey...!? What's wrong with you old man!?
Bullet: I've been thinking this for a while, you all make too light of Kiruko...
Bullet: Listen!!
Bullet: We were in the special mercenary squad, "Phantom"!
Bullet: If hired we would go anywhere...Since our identity was never found out, we were feared as the "Battlefield's Ghosts"---
Bullet: The one who commanded those men of valor was Kiruko!

Kid: Co...Commander!?
Kid's sd: Wow!!
Bullet: That brings me back...
Bullet: She herself was called and feared as the "One-Eyed Cougar"...
Bullet: Her stronghold must have a lot of Killing power and not a single bit of that goofy womanly power!!
Bullet: I can't overlook this anymore! You'll die if you came to play here!
Bullet: Enough of this, I'll take command now!!
Bullet: From now on your codenames will be---
Bullet: "Red Lecher"
Bullet: "Red Glasses"
Bullet: "Red Girl and Boy 1/2"!
Kids: Roger!
Haru(thinks): So lame!!
Chiaki: ...Bullet sure speaks a lot today...
Chiaki's sd: What's that "Red Glasses"
Haru: When Kiruko is involved...This old man becomes desperate...
Haru: Well, I'm also interested in Kiruko's private life---
Haru(thinks): Like "What kind of underwear she's wearing"...!
Kiruko: Wah! Welcome everyone!
Haru: !

Haru: Kiruko!
Kiruko: Welcome! Come in,
Kiruko: My house only has booby traps though~~~! (cd: Just kidding)
Haru(thinks): What's with that, it's scary.
Bullet: Alright...Let's go...!
Bullet: !?
Kanna's sd: Waaaah
Kanna?: Excuse uuuuus!
Bullet: I...Idiots! You're too careless---
Kanna: Wow, the inside is also more normal than I expected!
Kiruko: Kanna-chan...How should I take your reaction...?
Bullet: ...
Haru(thinks): The underwear is...
Bullet: Wha...!!

Bullet: He...Hey, Kiruko...What's with this wannabe cool room...!?
Bullet: There's no machine guns or anything of the kind!!
Kiruko: ? I don't need them, I'm no longer a mercenary.
Kiruko's sd: I mean, why is Bullet even here?
Bullet: !?
Bullet: D...Don't screw with me! The one who was "Phantom"'s commander is...
Bullet: If the guys in the squad saw this they would cryyyyyyy!!
Bullet: For example, this window!! Why isn't it bulletproof!?
Bullet: This is like saying "Please snipe me"!
Kiruko: What are you saying, that's what the curtain is for, right!?
Kiruko: Geez, just shut up, Bullet!
Haru(thinks): To begin with, don't speak like she's going to get sniped...
Kiruko: To begin with, there's no houses with bulletproof glasses these days,
Kiruko: Here normal glasses are more girly!!
Haru(thinks): What's girly for you?
Chiaki: I mean, this room isn't that girly actually...
Chiaki: Look, what about this light?
Kiruko: !! Ah...Don't do that, Chiaki-san, that lightbulb is...
Chiaki: Eh?

Chiaki: Kyuu...
Kiruko: Ah, are you alright, Chiaki-san!?
Kiruko: That's a stun grenade disguised as a lightbulb! (cd: It's a measure against intruders)
Haru: Hey, kids! Don't go touching things in this room carelessly!
Haru: When she said it only had traps she wasn't exactly joking!!
Bullet: *sigh* Another lenient measure...If you don't use a normal grenade you won't finish them!
Kiruko: It's fine, I'm a girl, I can use graceful traps!
Haru(thinks): I'm telling you, traps aren't graceful!
Bullet: And all the camouflage are cute...
Bullet: Really, what happened to you, Kiruko...!
Haru: Why would you put lethal weapons on cute things?
Kanna: !

Kanna: Hey, hey, Kiruko!
Kiruko: ?
Kiruko: What?
Kanna: Is this perhaps
Kanna: An album from when you were in the battlefield?
Bullet: !
Kiruko: Wah...Ka...
Kiruko: Kanna-chan! That's off limits~~~!!
Kid: Wah, really!? I wanna see!
Bullet: That brings me back...You had it with you, Kiruko.
Haru(thinks): Hey, what's a soldier's album?
Kiruko: Eek, stop it~~~!
Kiruko's 16th Birthday
Everyone gave her a knife as a present
All: !! Oooooooooh!!

Kid: Wow, Kiruko's wearing a military uniform!
Kid: Kiruko really was a soldier.
Kiruko: Y...Yes...
Kanna: Hey, hey, when was this photo taken?
Kiruko: Ermm...That was when we sneaked in a giant organization!
Kanna: And this one?
Kiruko: That's when we went wild in the middle east,
Kiruko: We were 13 against 2000, it was really hilarious~~~
Kanna: H...Hmm...
Kanna: A...And this one...
Kiruko: Oh, Siberia! This was amazing,
Kiruko: It was the first time I saw someone freeze up!!
Kanna: ...I...See...
Kiruko: Ah, here I made a bit of a blunder~~~
Kiruko: Because of that Bullet got caught and was tortured for 72 hours~~~!
Kids: .............
Haru(thinks): The contents are so heavy the kids are drawing away...
Bullet: Nuuuuuu!!
Haru: !?
Haru: Eh, What!? What's wrong, old man!!?

Bullet: ...Kiruko...Again, you're holding an album and trying to do some girlish talk...
Haru: No, the kids are drawing away.
Bullet: Did you really throw away being a mercenary...And became just a girl!?
Bullet(thinks): To think that you, who ran around battlefields, would become a policewoman in Japan...
Bullet(thinks): No...If she wants to do that it can be just fine like that.
Bullet(thinks): In the end, I'm just being meddlesome...
Bullet(thinks): Even so, I wanted to see it once more,
Bullet(thinks): Kiruko's gallant figure overflowing with killing intent...That was once called "One-eyed cougar"---
Haru: Hm? Old man, what's that scrap of paper?
Bullet: Hm...?
Bullet: Ah, this is...
Bullet: A telegram Kiruko sent to the Phantom squad when she was little...!
Haru: ? Hmm~~~Read some of it.
Kiruko: Eh?
Kiruko: !!?

Kiruko: Who...Whoaaaa!!?
Kiruko: Hey...Why does Bullet have that!? That was a long ago---
Bullet: "March 3rd...Telegram recieved from an American Military Base."
Bullet: Phantom Squad, Otonashi Kiruko, 7 years old."
Kiruko: And why did you start reading alouuud!!
Bullet: "Today I destroyed a tank with everyone,"
Bullet: "I'm a specialist in hand-to-hand combat,"
Kiruko: Bulleeeeet, stop it, Bulleeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!
Haru(thinks): ...What's this...
Kanna(thinks): A composition by a primary school 1st grader?
Bullet: "So I aimed directly for the cockpit."
Bullet: "And Bullet praised the hand grenade I made."
Bullet: "I was so happy."
Kiruko: Hey...Seriously, stop!
Kiruko: Don't read it to the end!! I beg you, ok!?
Bullet: "I want to be an adult that can protect everyone." (cd: *sob*...)
Haru: He...Hey...Don't cry, old man!
Haru: I kinda understand your feelings.
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko's sd: Senpa...
Bullet: !

Haru: When the high school girl idol I loved
Haru: Suddenly became a mature celebrity I was shocked. //mature as in age
Haru: But well, that had it's good points too...If you really love someone you'll love how she was and how she is now!
Bullet: Anjou...You...
Haru: Now, old man, continue!
Bullet: Yeah...
Bullet: "I fight with everyone every now and then,"
Bullet: "But I can do that because I---"
Kiruko: ............
Haru: !
Haru: Ki...Kiruko?
Kiruko: I...I...It's embarrassing...
Haru: ...!?
Kiruko: So I'm telling you "Don't read that in front of everyone"
Kiruko: Didn't you hear me, Bulleeeeeeet!!
Kiruko: Cut it out alreadyyyyyyy!!
Bullet: !!

Haru: Eh...Hey, Kiruko!?
Bullet: ...That's it...That's the killing intent...!
Bullet: That is who you are, Kirukooooooo!!
Haru: !!? Eeeeeeh!!? He toooooo!!?
Haru: He...Hey! What are you two doing!!
Haru: You plan to start a deathmatch for such a stupid reason...
Haru: Dowaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Bullet: Wahaha, this is fun, Kiruko! It really has to be like this,
Bullet: We often fought like this on the battlefield, riiiiiiiight!!
Kiruko: Eei, you're noisy, you stupid Bulleeeeeet!!

Bullet: ! A grenade, huh,
Bullet: Evacuaaaaaaaate!!
Haru: Dowaaaah, I'm dying, I'm gonna dieeeeee!!
Bullet: Kuh...That was a nice move but you're naive, Kiruko!
Bullet: If I have a retreat path a surprise attack won't---
Bullet: !!
Bullet(thinks): ---O...
Bullet(thinks): "One-eyed cougar"!!
Kiruko: ---Just...

Kiruko: Shut up, Bullet, geeeeeeeeeez!!
Bullet: !!
Bullet: Gwaaaaaah!!
Bullet: Fu...fufu...
Bullet: Nice smash...As expected from Kiruko!
Bullet: Not a particle of you has become weak...You really are---
Bullet: The best...Soldier...!!
Kiruko: I'm sorry, everyone,
Kiruko: We made a big ruckus!
Thought: ...Their fights are scary...!
Kiruko: Now, the hindrance is gone! We can finally be at ease!
Kiruko: Good grief...Bullet's lack of delicacy is the same as always!!

Kiruko: I know he's saying it because he's thinking of me,
Kiruko: But even if he says it, I'm not a mercenary, I'm a girl and a policewoman, ok!!
Kanna: Ah...Yes...
Haru(thinks): ...No...I don't know about that when the room looks like a battlefield...
Chiaki: !? Wh...What happened while I was unconscious...!?
Haru(thinks): We...Well, even so, I'm glad I didn't get blown away today...
Haru: Hm?
Haru: Oh? This is that paper---
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Noooo, geez,
Kiruko: I'm begging you, stop it, senpaiiii!!
Haru: !!
Haru: Obuuuuuh!!
Haru(thinks): Gah...A...
Haru(thinks): After all I end like this toooo!!
Box: "---But I can do that because I love everyone."
Box: "My dream is becoming able to protect them." ---Kiruko
Text: Next issue, we make our entry with extended 23P!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 8/End

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