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Shokugeki no Souma 7

Lawless Area

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 19, 2013 20:09 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
I'm looking for someone who can provide me early raws for this series (early being wednesday), they don't have to be HQ, if you can do that for me, please send me a PM.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 7
//This chapter makes me think that this series might last long in jump...
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Souma: Phew.
Cutlery: SOMA starts his new life after passing the skills test!
Souma: Well...That was a nice bath...
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Souma(thinks): I see,
Souma(thinks): This is the first time I've gone away
Souma(thinks): From the house where I lived for 15 years---
Souma(thinks): ...It sure is quiet.

SFX: *clunk*
Souma: Wooooooooh.
Guy: Hey there, transfer student!
Guy: Come!
Guy: We're having your welcome party!!

Star: Super popular with a great appetite! A new food textures' Gourmet Story!!
Box: Polar Star Dorm
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 7 Lawless Area
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: The peculiar inhabitants of the dorm...
Zenji: I-Told-You!
Zenji: I'm busy studying for the written exams!
Zenji: If you're having a party feel free to do it in another room!
Zenji: Why do you always do it in my room!?
Box: Room 205 Marui Zenji

Box: Room 116 Yoshino Yuuki
Yuuki: It can't be helped~~~
Yuuki: Marui's room is the biggest of all.
Box: Room 208 Ibusaki Shun
Yuuki: And it's always clean when we come~~~
Zenji: Don't just go and sit on my bed!
Box: Room 303 Yukihira Souma
Box: Room 302 Tadokoro Megumi

Flashback: Listen Megumi, a woman shouldn't show her body to someone else easily, ok?
Megumi(thinks): Sorry mom...I can't become a bride anymore...
Souma: Well, I never thought I'd be together with Tadokoro in the dorm too.
Megumi: You're right...
Megumi: !
Megumi: Wait, that means that Souma-kun...
Megumi: You passed the dorm entrance skill test at your first try!?
Souma: Well yeah, I'm glad I somehow managed.
Megumi: That's amazing...I don't think there's much people who passed on their first try...
Souma: How was it for you?
Megumi: E-Ermmm, so-so...I guess...
Megumi(thinks): I can't tell him...I can't tell him that it took me three months to enter the dorm...!
Box: Tadokoro-chan fell further in depresion after he found out some days later that Souma passed using leftover ingredients---
Guy: Hey, hey! I called out for everyone in the dorm, you know?
Guy: But there's not even half of them here.

Guy: Well, it can't be helped, right...
Guy: Isshiki-senpai tells us to gather almost everyday so everyone's got tired of it...
Isshiki: They got tired, that can't be, right?
Isshiki: I mean, Tadokoro-chan always participates.
Isshiki: Tadokoro-chan...Are you asleep...?
Isshiki: We're having fun here...Well, it's only me though...
Isshiki: There's a lot of great dishes...If you're still awake...Come...Ok...
Girl: He'd eventually give up if you ignore him...Megumi, you sure are conscientious.
Megumi: But, if I don't participate he'll come to wake me up a few minutes later.
Isshiki: Listen, everyone!
Isshiki: Youngsters living under the same roof and eating food from the same stove.
Isshiki: This is youth! This is being a student!!
Isshiki: I yearned for that so I came to this dorm...
Isshiki: Now, let's enjoy a bright dorm life!
Guy: That's fine and all, but just stop coming to call us using the loft. //attic

Isshiki: So, I'm a second year, Isshiki.
Isshiki: Call me "Isshiki-senpai"!
Isshiki: Everyone else are first years like you.
Isshiki: Welcome to the polar star dorm,
Isshiki: Yukihira Souma-kun!

Isshiki: Now, let's have a toast,
Isshiki: All of you, grab a drink!
Girl: Here, Yukihira-kun.
Souma: Ah...Thanks...
Souma: I mean, is it ok to make this much noise this late?
sd: Gyahahaha
Isshiki?: It's ok, I mean, this place is surrounded by a forest.
sd: Do you have cups---?
sd: Yeah.
Souma: But well, there's the dorm mother...
Fumio: Heeeey, you people!!!
Fumio: I have daikon broiled in soy sauce, have someone come for it!! //daikon is a kind of radish
Isshiki: Fumio-san, I love you!
Souma: It's ok!?
Voice: Come back before Fumio-san starts bragging about the Elite Ten!
Souma: !
Souma: Hey, you know what that "Elite Ten" is?
Girl: Eh...
Girl: You're seriously asking?
Yuuki: You really entered Tootsuki without knowing anything, huh.

Big Text: Tootsuki Elite Ten Council
Text: A committee formed by the best ten students in the internal evaluations.
Text: In Tootsuki, many affairs are left for the students to decide,
Text: What to do in these affairs is decided by the members of the elite ten in their conferences.
Text: It's truly the highest decision-making organ in the academy.
Text: They're directly below the director in the organizational chart, even the lecturers must obey the elite ten.
Yuuki: Decades ago, when the dorm's rooms had no vacancies,
Yuuki: A lot of the elite ten came from the polar star.
Yuuki: It seems there was even a year when the elite ten was made entirely up of polar star students,
Yuuki: When Fumio-san starts talking about that it'll take a while!
Souma: Hmm...

Souma(thinks): Nakiri Erina...Is one of the elite ten.
Souma(thinks): ...Hm?
Souma(thinks): A 1.8 litres bottle with a handwritten label...
Souma(thinks): And this murkiness...
Souma: Hey...This...Can't be, illicitly brewed sake...
Girl: It's just juice made from rice <3
Guy: Here, here, we also have golden tea~~~
Yuuki: Ya~~~y, golden tea~~~! //Is that...Beer?
Souma: Calm down, calm down!
Zenji: Don't just open my fridge!!
Souma(thinks): Amazing...
Souma(thinks): This is too much of a lawless area...
Souma(thinks): Does this dorm only have weirdoes...!?
Megumi: No...Souma-kun, if it's you, you'll fit in really soon...

Guy: I...It's here,
Guy: Isshiki-senpai's
Girl's sd: Kya~~~h
Boys' sd: Ooooooooh
Yuuki's sd: A ha ha ha
Megumi(thinks): See, I told you.
Zenji's sd: Gyahahaha
Isshiki: Ah
Guy: "By the time I noticed, I was wearing a nude apron" Illusion!!
Asterisk: Editorial Note: These people are having fun only with tea and juice.
Souma's sd: Ga ha ha ha
Souma?: Food! There's not enough food!
Shun: ...Then, I'll bring what I smoked today,
Shun: Smoked Cheese and 3 types of jerky.

Souma: Guuuh, I can't have enough of this smoky salt flavor!
Zenji: There's no mistakes in Ibusaki's work!!
Shun: Naturally.
Guy: Orah!! The supplement!
Guy: Eat.
Guy: Fritters made from a combination of vegetables just picked up from the field on the back!
Souma?: There's no way they can be bad!
Guy: Uhahaha! It's tasty right.
Guy: Well, the fried shrimps I made last week were better.
Guy: Hey, hey...Are you the one who lacks sense of taste the most in the polar star?
Guy: If you're a chef then speak with your dishes.
Guy: Just what I wanted, wait about 8 minutes...
Yuuki: Heeeey!
Yuuki: You always make too much food like that so do it with moderation.
Guy: Shut up gibier woman!!
Guy: The area around your room smells like beast!

Yuuki: ...Guys who say things like that will make me teach them again
Yuuki: How charming my little gibiers can be(star)
Yuuki: Wait for about one hour...
Voice: !?
Voice: She's gonna kill a duck or something this late!
Megumi: Yuuki-chan, calm down~~~!
Souma: Wait, wait, why not trying the new dish I made today...
Guy: Oh, Yukihira! Alright, bring it ooooon.
Souma: Ah, sorry, that was a failure.
Guy: It's baaaaaaaad!!
Yuuki: Ahahahahaha!
sd: Ahahahahaha
sd: Ahahahahaha

Isshiki: Aah...
Isshiki: Tonight sure was fun...
Isshiki: Let me welcome you again, Souma-kun!
Isshiki: Best regards!
Souma: Yeah...Same here~~~
Isshiki: Hmm, we're out of food.
Isshiki: There should be some slices of spanish mackerel.
Isshiki: I'll make something.
Souma: You're gonna cook looking like that...
Box: Meanwhile,
Box: In Tootsuki Academy's Premises.

Text: Nakiri Family Mansion---
Board: {
Tootsuki Elite Ten Council Seat Order
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Nakiri Erina
Isshiki: Here, it's done, have some.
Souma: Hehe...I'll eat then~~~

Souma(thinks): Uh...
Souma(thinks): It's too good.
Souma(thinks): His level is vastly different to the other dorm students...!
Souma(thinks): Even if he's a second year,
Souma(thinks): Can you make a dish this good just because of that---?
Isshiki: By the way, Souma-kun...

Isshiki: I heard you said something fairly interesting in the opening ceremony.
Fumio(thinks): Even if times change,
Fumio(thinks): There's two things that stay the same always.
Isshiki: Aiming for Tootsuki's top
Isshiki: Might not be as easy
Isshiki: As you think it is---
Fumio(thinks): One is the students laughs,
Fumio(thinks): The other is
Fumio(thinks): That stars always gather
Fumio(thinks): Around the moon---

6 7
Isshiki Satoshi
Text: Tootsuki Elite Ten
Text: Seventh Seat
Text: Isshiki Satoshi
Souma: You are...
Souma: Part of...The Elite ten!?
Isshiki: Now! Next,
Isshiki: I would like to try Souma-kun's food.
Isshiki: I wonder what kind of dish
Isshiki: You will make for me---
Cutlery: A challenge by one of the elite ten---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 7 /End
Next issue, What will SOMA cook!? You can't but get an appettite! Extended 23P!!

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