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Shokugeki no Souma 8

A Dish that Calls for Spring

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 23, 2013 19:17 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 8
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Cutlery: A storm of good flavors blows through---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Souma(thinks): It's delicious...!
Souma(thinks): This dish makes the best use of spring's seasonal ingredients!
Souma(thinks): You're telling me he brought this delicate dish together on a moment---
Isshiki: Souma-kun, it's your turn next.
Isshiki: Show me the story you can tell on top of a plate...

Souma(thinks): I think...
Souma(thinks): I kinda understand why the old man sent me to Tootsuki.
Souma: Wait a bit.

Star: The new power whirlwind is also present in 2013!! A festival where the three super popular rookie works have extended 23P!!
(cutlery) 8 A Dish that Calls for Spring
Cutlery: SOMA challenges the Elite Ten!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma(thinks): Isshiki-senpai's dish---
Souma(thinks): "Mackerel cooked with peppers with a garnish of puree". //It's actually a "Japanese Spanish Mackerel", but they mention it a lot so just add this note and put mackerel
Souma: Is senpai's house a Japanese Cooking restaurant or something?
Isshiki: ...Why do you think that?
Souma: "Mackerel cooked with peppers" is a standard dish in japanese-style food.
Souma: And this work...Can't just be done by any restaurant around there.
Souma(thinks): The mackerel meat was cooked delicately and isn't soggy.
Souma(thinks): The element of surprise brought by the spring cabbage puree.
Souma(thinks): However, this viscous soft sweetness fits the mackerel perfectly!
Souma(thinks): Spring's seasonal ingredients, "Mackerel" and "Spring cabbage"...Their combination enhances each other's flavors.

Souma(thinks): It's florid like the spring season!
Souma(thinks): Mackerel---
Souma: ---Alright!
Souma: I'll use #20 from Yukihira's Secret Menu!
Isshiki: Yukihira...?
Souma: My home, a special of the day shop!
Souma: I'll also use "Mackerel" as my main ingredient!
Souma: Just like Senpai did,
Souma: I'll make Yukihira's popular dish with spring as theme!

Yuuki: Hmm...?
Yuuki: Uh~~~...I got asleep, huh...
Yuuki: ...Oh? Yukihira-kun is cooking again.
Girl: I wonder if he's still hungry.
Shun: It seems it's a cooking showdown.
Yuki: Oh, Ibusaki! You were awake?
Shun: I woke up just before.
Yuuki: ...Wait, they're having a showdown? Why, why!?
Shun: I wonder...But it seems that this match
Shun: Was a challenge from Isshiki-senpai.
Voice: ...
Voice: In this case, we don't need to make comments about senpai's attire?
Voice: I would feel bad pouring cold water when they're having a showdown...
Voice: ...

Souma: It's complete!

Souma: Yukihira's Secret Menu #20 (Revamped)
Souma: Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke!! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chazuke , you can also google "onigiri chazuke" for images of how this would look like (not that they're really different from the drawing xD)
Souma: This dish is normally made using salmon,
Souma: But today I tried making it using mackerel.
Souma: Come on, everyone, it's done!

Girl: What's poured in it?
Souma: Salted kelp tea.
Souma: Because its tender saltiness and body are perfect to put an end to a meal.
Yuuki: Geez!! If you make something like this I'll obviously get hungry!
Isshiki(thinks): However, that would make it too much of a normal chazuke...
Isshiki(thinks): Something that could be served in a cheap restaurant.
Isshiki(thinks): Well then---

Isshiki: Mm~~~~~~<3
Isshiki(thinks): It's great!
Yuuki: The mackerel's meat is really juicy...
Yuuki: More than anything the crunchy feeling of the rind!
Yuuki: Its deliciousness gushes forth with every bite.
Girl: Just by broiling it you can't get that feel.
Girl: Just how did he...
Isshiki: It's "poêle"... //Maybe "Poêlè"
Isshiki: This mackerel
Isshiki: Was cooked doing "poêle"!
All: Poêle!?

Yuuki: Why are you surprised too!!
Souma: No, I was wondering what poêle is...
Yuuki: Huh!?
Isshiki: Could you tell me, Souma-kun...
Isshiki: Why do you know a french cooking technique---?
A cooking method in french cusine.
One type of "Sauté", a technique where you cook the ingredients uniformly by holding them down with palette knife or something similar.
For the fish to not have a bad smell, you need to constantly add olive oil or something similar while getting rid of the fat released by the fish.
Souma: Well...I learned this cooking method from my old man.
Souma: He said that it was ideal to stylishly give the finishing touches to fish.
Souma: You can eat it together with rice.
Souma: If you dip it a bit in kelp tea so that it gets a bit soft you can enjoy another different texture.
Souma: Either way, this dish is a cookery you can't miss.

Isshiki: Did your dad study french cuisine?
Souma: Well, I don't really know.
Souma: It seems he's cooked in various countries...
Isshiki(thinks): To think he would cook onigiri's ingredients with a french method.
Isshiki(thinks): He doesn't stick to any nationality or genre,
Isshiki(thinks): What a free way of cooking!
Isshiki(thinks): And poêle fits well with ingredients that have a thick skin.
Isshiki(thinks): Salmon...And mackerel have a moderate thickness, they're perfect fish for this cookery!
Isshiki(thinks): He saw this in a moment
Isshiki(thinks): And arranged his dish accordingly...
Isshiki(thinks): The rice shining with pure white is just like snow.

Isshiki(thinks): The mackerel coming out strongly from inside it
Isshiki(thinks): Is spring's vitality itself!
Isshiki(thinks): He represented the moment in which spring begins
Isshiki(thinks): With this dish---
SFX: *crunchy*
SFX: *crispy*

Souma: It wasn't much!

Text: Sp-

Text: Sprout!
Isshiki: Beautiful...It was snow-thawing, Souma-kun...!
Souma: That's my line...! I felt
Souma: A refreshing spring wind...!

Isshiki?: Thanks for the great match!
Megumi(thinks): What's going on here?
Box: The sight of his classmate having a handshake with a half-naked man in tears.
Voice: Marui! Marui?
Voice: It's no good, he won't get up...
Yuuki: ...

Guy: Alright, it's over!
Guy: We'll definitely clean before leaving next time, Marui!
Guy: Next time, for sure! Seriously!
Megumi: At any rate...Why did Isshiki-senpai challenge him to a cooking showdown?
Girl: I wonder...I guess because he's a whimsy person.
Yuuki: It's no use worrying about what that oddball thinks!
Isshiki: Here, Marui-kun, sleep warmly...
Souma's sd: *yawn*~~~

Isshiki: Souma-kun!
Isshiki: With this welcome party you're now part of the polar star.
Isshiki: If there's anything you don't understand don't be afraid to ask.
Souma: Then---
Souma: How can I become one of the Elite Ten?

Isshiki: Fufu...That's right,
Isshiki: You're taking this academy's top, right?
Souma: I'm in the middle of a fight with my old man.
Souma: For him to approve of me
Souma: I have to do that much.
Souma: Our showdown just now ended up as a tie,
Souma: But if I had beaten senpai now,
Souma: Would I have become Tootsuki's #7?

Isshiki: Wonderful!!
Isshiki: That's a wonderful ambition, Souma-kun!
Isshiki: I'm moved right now...
Isshiki: Students living in the polar star should be like this!
Souma: Y-Yeah...
Isshiki: But, let's postpone this for now,
Isshiki: It's really late...
Isshiki: Let's rest too, Souma-kun!
Isshiki(thinks): ...The words you said that day
Isshiki(thinks): Will carry their real weight from now on.
Isshiki(thinks): You'll little by little understand

Isshiki(thinks): That in this academy
Isshiki(thinks): Cooking really is everything---
Cutlery: What are Shokugeki...!?
Paper: the results of Shokugeki //that's the readable part
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 8 /End
Next issue, Erina once again!! And what are shokugeki!? The long-awaited center color and the second consecutive extended 23P!!

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2013
Thanks you though you reversed your accented é for sauté (sources : I'm french)
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2013
lol, thanks for pointing that out, I guess this one "`" is more french to me so I ended up getting it wrong XD
Btw, can you tell me which one is correct, "poêle" or "poêlè"?
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2013
The first one is fine. (I think) poêlé exists too, it the thing of cooking ingredients using the pan but I don't know what the author wanted in this one:)

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