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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 14

14th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 29, 2013 23:04 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 14
//I was forgetting about posting this again XD

Aoi: Huh?
Aoi: You lost your key?
Shin: She went and lost it.
Shin's sd: It's your fault!!
Shin: Hey, you ask too!!
Kyuuki: Why do I have to ask this girl...
Aoi: Sleep-talk when you're actually asleep.
Shin's sd: So it really ends like this.
Kyuuki: That's why I didn't want to ask that girl!!
Shin: Shut up, whose fault do you think it is!!?
Aoi: ...

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho
Tachibana Yuu
14th Clause

001 14th Clause
025 15th Clause
051 16th Clause
075 17th Clause
103 18th Clause
135 19th Clause
159 20th Clause
179 Postscript

Aoi: Come in
Aoi: It's a bit messy, though.
Both's sd: Oh
Kyuuki: It's vast, It's vast in here!!
Kyuuki's sd: Oh!! Oh!!
Shin: Hey, don't go wandering around much!!
Shin(thinks): Come to think of it, this is the first time I've entered a girl's room.
Kyuuki: This sofa is soft and fluffy!!
Kyuuki: There's a great difference with Shin's room.
Shin(thinks): Before you came I had a few things, you know...

Shin: Sorry, Kurosaki,
Shin: You even let me in...
Aoi: You're really troublesome...
Shin: Thank you,
Shin: You're really kind.
Aoi: ...
Aoi: Well, I also am indebted to you and that demon,
Aoi: But it's only for this time.
Shin: I-I see.
Shin: Having you say that is helpful.
Aoi: Hmph.

Kyuuki: Hmm...
Shin: At any rate this place is big, how many mats is it?
Shin: I mean, was there even a room like this?
Aoi: When I moved in here
Aoi: I had them remodel the inside.
Shin: For real...? (cd: When was that?)
Kyuuki: There's exorbitant amounts of money involved in demon hunting since ancient times.
Kyuuki: Well, it might cost your life so that much is expected.
Shin: I see.

Aoi: Leaving that aside, tell me.
Shin: Hm?
Shin: What?
Aoi: How did you drive those two demons away?
Shin: Hmmm, well...
SFX: Piiii Piiii
SFX: Piiii Piiii
Kyuuki: What's that sound?
Aoi: Ah,
Aoi: I was heating the bath.
Kyuuki: What!!?

Kyuuki: Say that earlier!
Aoi: Ah,
Aoi: Hey, don't just go and-
Kyuuki: The early bird takes the worm in that kind of things!!
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun~~~?
Shin: Wh-Why are you glaring at me
Shin: Leaving that aside, is it ok?
Shin: Kyuuki turns every machine into scrap metal.
Kyuuki's sd: I don't really understand it so
Aoi: Wha!?

Aoi: Say that earlier!!
Aoi: It won't be a joke if she causes a small fire in my house!!
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun, you can just feel at home how you please.
Shin: Yeah.
Shin(thinks): Because of Kyuuki, I feel a lot of guilt towards Kurosaki...
Shin(thinks): It's Kyuuki we're talking about, I don't think she would do anything imprudent to Kurosaki.
Shin: ...But I just have a bad feeling about this...

Aoi: I'm amazed...
Aoi: When your body is like that you can't wash your head?
Aoi: What do you usually do?
Kyuuki: That's obvious,
Kyuuki: I let Shin do it.
Aoi: Wha-

Aoi: Why do you make him do it!?
Kyuuki: "Why?", well, it's easier with this body,
Kyuuki: He washes my every corner.
Aoi: Every corner!?
Aoi: Every corner...
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun was a pervert.
Text: Fantasizing.
Kyuuki: I was joking, I do it myself,
Kyuuki: I don't know what you were imagining but you're a pervert, huh.
Aoi: Wha-
Aoi: I don't want you to tell me that!!

Aoi: Hmph,
Aoi: Leaving that trivial things aside, tell me,
Aoi: Can I think that you killed
Aoi: Those two demons?
Kyuuki: No, they're still alive, is that bad?
Aoi: Eh!?
Aoi: What do you plan to do, they won't give up,
Aoi: They'll come to attack you again.
Kyuuki: That shouldn't be a problem for now.
Kyuuki: Part of their souls is bound to the grimoire.
Kyuuki: I don't really know how it works, but at least we're safe for a while.
Aoi: I see...
Aoi: Then, can I ask one more thing?

Aoi: Why do you do everything together with Kamishiro-kun?
Aoi: There's too many incomprehensible parts,
Aoi: The contractor is only a human, so if you killed him you'd be free,
Aoi: But you don't.
Aoi: On the contrary you do everything together with that contractor...
Aoi: I can't understand it.

Aoi: What is your real objective?
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: Now, this talk is over!!
Aoi: Eh!?
Aoi: Wait a second!!
Aoi: Answer my question.
Kyuuki: I-don't-want-to.

Kyuuki: Yeah,
Kyuuki: This body really fits me better.
Aoi: ...
Kyuuki: Fufun. //Huhmm or something

Kyuuki: There.
Aoi: Hyah!?
Aoi: Hey...
Aoi: Hey, what are you do...ing...
Kyuuki: "What", it's a massage to make your thin breasts grow bigger.

Kyuuki: There's people who like them big.
Aoi: Who are you talking about?
Kyuuki: I'm saying that I'll help that pitiful you.
Aoi: Sto-
Kyuuki: You should be thankful.
Aoi: Don't do
Shin: A yell...Kurosaki!?

Shin(thinks): It can't be, a new demon is already targetting me!?
Shin(thinks): And he's trying to render them powerless while they're defenseless first!?
Shin(thinks): This is bad.
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki is one thing, but Kurosaki doesn't have any weapon with her.
Shin(thinks): If it was more than one enemy...!!
Shin(thinks): Are you alright!?
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki, Kuro...
Shin(thinks): Saki...

Kyuuki: Eh...

Shin: Ah...Emmm,
Shin: You were busy, huh.
Shin: Excuse me.
Shin: Take your time.
Kyuuki: Are those your last words?
Shin: Ouch.
Shin(thinks): Ah...I'm
Shin(thinks): Gonna die...
Both: I'll kill you!!

Shin: ~~~!!!
Girl: Yes, the target is in that place.
Girl: ...I know.
Girl: Kamishiro Shin and that demon,
Girl: I will...
Girl: "Judge" those two.
14th Clause/END

Shin: Gyaaaah
Phone: Hey, what was that sound?
Girl: Kamishiro Shin doesn't need to be judged.

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