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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 9

The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 30, 2013 21:57 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 9
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Star: A manga on its peak of popularity with increasing appetite!! Center Color & the second consecutive extended 23P!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Text(colorful): Out with the demons, in with the luck! //a pretty famous saying, "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!"
Text(Pink): I wish good things happen this year.
(cutlery) 9 The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Cutlery: The morning after the welcome party...
Sign: Dining Hall
Voice: *Yawn*~~~
Megumi?: Good morning~~~

Souma: You told me it was postponed yesterday.
Souma: So now...With the 7th seat on line
Souma: I challenge you! Isshiki-senpai!!
Souma: ...?
Isshiki: Sorry, Souma-kun...
Isshiki: I didn't explain enough---
Isshiki: About Tootsuki Academy's "Challenges"---
Souma: ?

"Chanko Nabe Research Society" //Chanko Nabe = weight-gaining stew for sumo
76th Chief High School Section 2nd Year
Goudabayashi Kiyoshi
Kiyoshi: We, the "Chan RS" are a research society with an ancient and honorable origin that's continued to exist since the academy was founded ~de gowasu. //you can use or not the "~de gowasu" for the TS, I put them because I find it fun XD, and "Chan RS" is an abbreviation of "Chanko nabe research society", the jap was "Chan ken" since it's the "chanko nabe kenkyuukai"
Kiyoshi: What do you want to build by destroying it?
Kiyoshi: Nakiri-kun...

Erina: My personal-use cooking building (the 6th Building).
Erina: Because the 5th building has become to small for me---
Kiyoshi: Don't screw with me...
Kiyoshi: That buidling has the history and passion towards food that our senpais brought up!
Kiyoshi: You're trying to trample over that.
Kiyoshi: And yet you consider yourself a chef!!?
Guy: That's right!
Guy: Don't forgive outrage!
Sign: Firm Opposition

Erina: You haven't had any important achievements in the last few years,
Erina: I don't think a research society that only talks about its past glory
Erina: Is needed in Tootsuki.
Kiyoshi: You use your authority as a shield to do whatever you want...
Kiyoshi: I can't let that be anymore...
Kiyoshi: If I win you have to abandon the 10th seat!
Kiyoshi: I challenge you ~de gowasu!! Nakiri Erina!
Erina: Then if I win,
Erina: The construction will proceed as planned.
Erina: Let's have a nice contest.
Erina: Goudabayashi-senpai.

Isshiki: ---To begin with, this "Contests" were established
Isshiki: To solve the disputes between students.
Isshiki: There's some rules to them.
Isshiki: Souma-kun, if you wish to challenge me to get my 7th seat,
Isshiki: You must present a "compensation" that corresponds to it---
Isshiki: Let's see...If it was a condition with equal value to the 7th seat,
Isshiki: Not even you dropping out of school would be enough.
Souma(thinks): Really...!?
Fumio: That's right! That's how much the Elite Ten is worth.

Fumio: In the past, some of the students of this dorm
Fumio: Made it into the Elite Ten almost every year.
Fumio: It was truly the golden age of the Polar Star...
Fumio: You guys are miserable compared to that!
Guy: Ah, we're tired of hearing that already!
Guy: One of us is in it so bear with it, Fumio-san.
Isshiki: If I accepted your conditions we could compete,
Isshiki: But of course, I don't want you to leave this academy.
Isshiki: To sum it up, your challenge isn't feasible.
Souma: Really...? And I woke up at 5 all fired up.
Megumi: I mean, challenging the 7th seat is reckless...
Yuuki: I think he's probably an idiot.
Isshiki: And you see, it's not like we can just do it.
Isshiki: For a challenge you need
Isshiki: Three things.

Isshiki: An authorized person that can prove that the challenge is official,
Isshiki: An odd number of judges,
Isshiki: And that both parties agree on the challenge's conditions.
Isshiki: By fulfilling that the challenge is arranged.
Text: All of those that oppose each other
Text: Must make the other surrender with their cooking.
Text: Tootsuki's Traditional One-on-One Cooking Challenge!!
Text: It's name is

Text: Shokugeki //As I mentioned before a TL of this would be something like "Food Halberd" which makes little sense

Souma: Shokugeki---
Voice: The judges have decided!
Voice: This Shokugeki
Voice: Was won by Nakiri Erina!
Kiyoshi: No way...
Kiyoshi: Our...Chan RS was...!

Erina?: ...
Erina: Senpai's dish has flaws in 27 parts.
Kiyoshi: !?
Erina: First, the lobster was blanched 2 seconds more than necessary. //it's actually "spiny lobster" and "blanched by exposure to boiling and then icy water" but that would be too long for this small bubble...
Erina: Next, the little bitterness that comes out from the oyster ruins the taste of all the stew.
Erina: And about how the vegetables were managed...
Kiyoshi: Silence! What...
Kiyoshi What about your food!?
Kiyoshi: It can't be better than the food
Kiyoshi: I refined just for today...!!
Text: "Ravioli di Aragosta" //The japanese text actually uses "langoustine" but since it's ravioli I prefered to go with the italian name for the dish

SFX: Wobble
Kiyoshi: !!!
Kiyoshi(thinks): The soft langoustine's flavor overflows
SFX: //idk this one, romaji is "juwa", I guess it's a sound made when you bite something like marshmallows
SFX: Drool
Kiyoshi(thinks): From inside the fluffy steamed ravioli.
Kiyoshi(thinks): This spring-like flexibility is like
Kiyoshi(thinks): Being overwelmed by the tremendous Yokozuna---
Kiyoshi(thinks): It's a
Kiyoshi(thinks): Different dimension of flavor...

Kiyoshi(thinks): I...
Kiyoshi(thinks): It's the best------
Kiyoshi: Ahuuuum

Kiyoshi: ...
Kiyoshi(thinks): What is she...?
Erina: It's me, yes,
Erina: Please start,
Kiyoshi: St...
Kiyoshi: Sto-
Kiyoshi: Stop ~de gowasuuuuuu!!

Sign: Chanko nabe research society
Kiyoshi(thinks): Cruel,
Kiyoshi(thinks): Inhuman,
Kiyoshi(thinks): So this is
Kiyoshi(thinks): The food's demon king's blood relative---
Erina: Have a nice day.

Guy: Erina-sama! Nice job.
Guy: Well, well, you skill was as good as ever---
Guy: It was a masterpiece!
Girl: Erina-sama!
Girl: Erina-sama, that...That man...!
Erina: What is it, you're noisy.
Girl: It seems that he passed lecturer Chapelle's class with the highest marks.
Girl: That man...

Girl: Yukihira Souma---
Girl: Eek!?
Erina: Would you please...
Erina: Avoid mentioning that name in front of me...?
Girl: I-I'm really sorry!
Erina(thinks): The intruder in my sanctuary,
Erina(thinks): The only flaw in it.
Erina(thinks): I can't ignore this.

Erina(thinks): I'll remove it soon,
Erina(thinks): Definitely!
Souma: Ah-ah, and I wanted to challenge Nakiri too.
Megumi: Y-You have no chances of winning that~~~
Isshiki: Fufu...
Isshiki: I can't wait to see what happens.

Isshiki: I mean, Souma-kun tied with me.
Isshiki: With the 7th seat!
Isshiki: He surely will get good results.
Shun: Don't make me laugh...In that showdown
Shun: You weren't serious at all.
Shun: You didn't make one of your "Specialties"...
Shun: For you, that time's dish
Shun: Was too much of a safe bet, wasn't it?

Isshiki: I wonder what you're talking about.
Isshiki: I made my best effort cooking it, you know?
Shun: ...Hmph.
Shun: What a cunning senpai---
Isshiki(thinks): Souma-kun,
Isshiki(thinks): When I ate your food
Isshiki(thinks): I had a premonition,
Isshiki(thinks): This rookie will be the trigger

Isshiki(thinks): That will make the Shokugeki's flowers
Isshiki(thinks): Bloom in this academy---
Cutlery: The opening of hostilities...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 9/End
Next issue, the meat assassin appears in front of SOMA!! Shokugeki, Start!!

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