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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dog Days 4

Honey Memories

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 1, 2013 00:55 | Go to Dog Days

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Dog Days Episode Side-Ca 02
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Episode Side-Ca 02
Cinque: You're amazing, honey bear mom!
Mom: You aren't bad at all either, boy.

Bear: Brothers! Let's help ma!
Eclair: Your assistance will have to wait!
Text: Yukikaze Style Ninjutsu Gale, Fast Changing Jutsu! //Yukikaze shiki Ninjutsu Shippuu Hayakigae no Jutsu
Yukki: The hero Cinque is in the middle of a one-on-one fight with mother bear-dono right now!
Eclair: However, why swimsuits again!?
Yukki: Reproducing complicated cloth is still too difficult!
Yukki's sd: This ninjutsu is in developing---

Mom: Boy...Why do you want our nectar?
Cinque: Because I want the princess and Rico...
Cinque: My friends and benefactors that are waiting in the castle to eat it!

Cinque: Also for everyone that came with me today!
Noir: That's why we brought lots of food to trade for it.
Mom: I see.
Mom: Ok,
Mom: If you can land one hit on me, I'll give you some.
Cinque: Thank you!

Episode Side-Ca02 "Honey Memories"

Brioche: Princess!
Brioche: Leo-sama!
Millhi: Oh, Brioche?
Leo: What is it? You want to go harvest honey too?
Brioche: Ah, no...
Box: {
Biscotti Knights
Onmitsu Squad Leader
Brioche D'Arquien
Brioche: Actually, there's something I forgot to tell to Yukikaze and prince Gaul---
//lol, the chocobos are flirting
Millhi: Forgot to tell...?

Cinque: Haah!
Mom: Honeybear True Fist Secret Technique //Hachikuma Shinken Higi
Mom: Sturdy Bear Paw! //Gouyuushou

Cinque: Takatsuki Style Pole Technique! //Takatsuki ryuu Boujutsu
Cinque: Overhead Bamboo Breaker! //Joudan kara Takewari

Vert: Did he do it!?
Jaune: No, she evaded it!
Noir: ...Hm?
Gaul: Uwoooooooooh! Cinque, move from thereeee!
Gaul: I will beat that bear up!
Vert: Ga-Gau-sama!? You can't! They're in the middle of a one-on-one!
Vert?: And that attack is still incomplete...

Millhi: Ah, everyone?
Leo: What going on here?
Vert: Leo-sama!?
Eclair: Princess!?
Yukki: My lady!?
Gaul: Uwoooooh!! Take thiiiiiiis!
Gaul: Lion King Roaring Thunder Bullet - Destroy //Shishiou Gouraidan - Kai

Brioche: Are you two alright?
Leo: That emblem cannon was Gaul, huh.
Millhi: Th...That surprised me.
Vert: Aahn, Gau-sama, you're horrible~~~
Eclair: This is bad...! If we get attacked in this situation...
Leo: Oh!?
Brioche: Ah

Millhi: Oh my!?
Eclair: As I thought---!
Cinque: G-Girls, are you alriiiight!?
Millhi: W...We might not be~~~
Eclair: For now don't look!!

Gaul: ...Eh?
Gaul: Did I do something outrageous?
Mom: Oh, isn't that sensei?
Brioche: It really was mother-dono...It's been a while!
Cinque: Ummm...Lord D'Arquien, is she your acquantance...?
Brioche: Yes, she's my old friend.
Mom: Well, of course,

Mom: She was my honeybear true fist teacher.
Mom: If you're that strong then teach me.
Brioche: Ok
All: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?
Cinque: It...It's no wonder she's strong...
Eclair/Yuuki: We had no idea it was Lord D'Arquien's/My lady's friend and we were so rude---!
Mom: Ermm
SFX: *stare*
Mom: It seems my sons we're rude too so we're even.

Millhi: Mrs. Bear, nice to meet you,
Millhi: I'm Biscotti Republic's Lord, Millhiore F. Biscotti.
Millhi: I'd like to thank you for your generous proposal.
Mom: I could say the same.
Mom: Wait a bit.
Mom: Take this.
Millhi: Eh...?

Eclair: Is it ok?
Cinque: I didn't win our match...
Mom: Well, you gave us a lot of food.
Cinque: Thank you!
Yukki: Thank you (Music note) //Grr, I hate when characters only say "desu" "de gozaru" or whatever and I can't just leave it like that...
Mom: Come again---
All: Thank you very much!

Box: After this and that the Honey Harvest Tour came safely to an end.
SFX: knock knock
Rico: Yes.
Yukki: Rico~~~ It's snack time~~~
Noir: Let's have tea together.
Eclair: We have fresh honey.
Rico: ...Yes?

Millhi: But Cinque, you shouldn't go do dangerous things.
Cinque: I'm sorry, princess.
Cinque: But I wanted to have a honey tea party with the princess and everyone
Cinque: As a memory before I go back.
Millhi: If it was to make memories I wanted to go with you!
Cinque: Aaah, sorry...
Millhi: But...

Millhi: Let's go see the honeybears in summer,
Millhi: Again, with everyone.
Cinque: Yes! Let's go!
Yukki: Hmm, it's hard to get in.
Noir?: Totally.
Rico: Ah, but...

Rico: Both the hero and the princess are smiling.
Rico: It looks fun.
Noir: Yeah.
Eclair: Then, let's go.
All: Yeah!
Leo: Millhi, Cinque, we're here.
Brioche: I'll take part if you don't mind.
Maid: Everyone, excuse us.
Maid: The honey tea time menu is ready~~~

Box: The memories of one spring,
Box: The kind memories of dear people,
Box: I'll embrace them so I don't forget.

Box: And so
Box: The hero left many promises and went back to his town.
Box: We'll leave the things that happened in between for another time.
Becky: Here, Cinque, a mini sandwich.
Cinque: Thanks, Becky(music note)

Becky: Cinque, you like honey very much these days.
Cinque: The one I ate where I went was delicious, so I start wanting to eat some.
Becky: But, the flavor of foreign honey is really different than the one in Japan, right?
Cinque: It really is.
Cinque: I'll definitely take Becky there in summer!
Becky: Ok, I'll leave my schedule open for it.
Box: Surely, I'll go back to that important place again.

Box: The little bottles with the bit of honey left then---
Box: We promised to enjoy them when we meet again.
Box: Even now, they are stored carefully.

Postscript 1
Well then,
Ever since chapter 1 started in "Newtype" just before the anime's first season started broadcasting,
This manga, that portraits the gaps in the original anime's story, wandered by Kadokawa's magazines until it was completed.
I hope that you could enjoy this together with the original story and the drama CDs (there will be a total of 3 for the first season).

Ah, in the event hold in October 2011,
"Flonyasai 2011", it was announced that the second season was in production.
As of October 2011, it's on production with rave reviews.

It seems that the love, courage, and hope story
of the airheaded hero, the puppy princess, and everyone else with their waving tails, flapping ears
(and unexpectedly easily torn clothes) will still continue.

PS. Question Corner
Q. Don't the clothes tore too easily in the manga? And don't the characters show too much skin?
A. It's your imagination.

Tsuzuki Masaki

Postscript 2

How did you like Dog Days!?

I had already worked with Tsuzuki Masaki-sensei in Lyrical Nanoha Vivid's manga serialization so I could draw without any worries ^^

Once again the manga started at almost the same time as the anime did so I could have fun drawing while watching the original anime in real time~~~!

I drew cosplays with cat ears a lot but I almost never drew complete dog or cat ears, it might be because of that that, when the serialization had just started, I drew Millhi with human ears and panicked a lot, it was really tough while this was being serialized.

Looking back, that 5 months went by really fast.

I think it'd be nice to have another opportunity to draw Millhi and the rest again ^^

The anime broadcast ended in July, but surprisingly, a second season was announced in the Flonya Festival that happened in October!

I was in the place right then, but when it was announced I got really fired up.

I hope you enjoy this manga while waiting for the 2nd season.
Wait expectantly for the time when Millhi and the rest meet again ^^

2011.10 Fujima Takuya

I have twitter and mixi
Give me a follow or a my mixi if you want.
twitterID: fujimatakuya mixiID: 35858725

The postscript illustration is taken from the anime ED, I drew the princess in concert ^^

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