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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 10

Producing Cerberus-kun!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 2, 2013 17:06 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 10
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Sign: Nagashima Kindergarten
Kiruko: ---So, the eel cooperated with his sea friends and saved his son.
Flag: {
Cerberus-kun Reads Aloud
The Fighting (star) Eel
Kiruko: You should also treasure your friends!!
Kids' sd: Yeeeeees!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Kid: Hey, hey, Kiruko-san,
Kid: Doesn't Cerberus-kun have any friends that aren't human?
Kiruko: !? Eh!?
Kid: Right? There aren't any other doggies,
Kid: It's sooooo lame!!
Text: This week is a Cerberus festival?
Haru: Ah...No, tha-
Kiruko: That isn't true!!
Haru: !?
Kiruko: He has friends,
Kiruko: Even now, they are in Cerberus-kun's heart...!!
Voice: H...Hmmm...

Sign: Changing Room for the Nagashima Substation
Haru: Are you an idiot!!?
Haru: What's with that answer!? Even if it was on an instant, you can't say that.
Haru: It's as if Cerberus-kun's friends are already dead!!
Haru: The kindergarteners drew away!!
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry.
Kiruko: B...But I'm sure that Cerberus-kun is fighting alone in this human world!
Kiruko: Can't he have things he can believe in in his heart at least!!?
Haru: What are you talking about...?
Haru: To begin with, mascot characters like this one don't have any settings.
Man: Ah, the people from the Nagashima station are still here!!
Kiruko: !?
Man: I'm sorry for being so abrupt but we're this kind of people.
Card: {
Nagashima TV
Anime Division
J. B. Honda
Man: Can we ask you a few things about Cerberus-kun?
Haru: !?

Text: News Flash!! The long-awaited JC Volume 1 will be on sale on March 4th!!
Logo: {
The watchdog of Justice
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Spiky Bubble: The first exhibit of Cerberus-kun's insides!!
-Cerberus Brain
It properly has three. They all think the same things so it's meaningless.
-Cerberus Eye
Since he lives in Nagashima where there's nothing, he can see further away.
-Cerberus Nose
It can scent out anything. But the thing that gets to his nose the most is his own burning smell.
-Cerberus Heart
The place where his justice soul resides. But it's made of glass.
-Cerberus Stomach
He can eat almost all things. The only thing he can't digest are matrimonial quarrels. (Because he's a dog) //I think this is supposed to be a joke but I didn't get it... T_T
-Cerberus Bomb
His last resort. Make your guess.
-Cerberus Pack
A mysterious bag. Some theories say that dreams are stored in it.
-Cerberus Muscle
They're strong as a gorilla's and flexible as a cheetah's. He gets cramps frequently.
Text: Our hero, Cerberus-kun!! We answer the good children's questions in one go!!
Chapter 10 Producing Cerberus-kun!
Hirakata Masahiro

Both: Huh!?
Both: Anime Adaptation!?
Both: For Cerberus-kun!?
Man: Well, it's just a 5 minute long flash anime.
Man: Mascot characters are popular now,
Man: That's why, well, we want to go local and make programs closely related to the area...
Kiruko?: A...And that was why Cerberus-kun was selected!?
Kiruko?: He of all of things!?
Man: Therefore, I'd like to borrow things that can let me know
Man: His official setting and about his friends...
Man: You have documents, right?
Haru: He says "Official setting"...We don't have any of that, chief!?
Chief: Hmmm? Ermmm...

Chief: Of course, we have them!
Chief: Our officials will search for them and we'll give them to you tomorrow~~~
Haru(thinks): !? What is this old man saying!?
Haru: Wh...What!? I won't do this, really!!
Haru: I mean, making a character isn't official business at all---
Chief: Oh, really? That's a shame~~~ I don't think it's a bad idea,
Chief: Helping with this would mean participating as a producer.
Chief: From there you could get connections on the TV station...And in the end you might get acquainted with gravure idols---
Chief's sd: As if!
Haru: ---With that said, I want us to decide on Cerberus-kun official setting right now.
Haru: Express your opinions about it!!

Haru: By the way, this script is something the production left as an example.
Board: {
Cerberus-kun Anime
Emergency Meeting
Notebook: Cerberus-kun Script (Temporal)
Haru: It portraits a love and justice story about the honest and kind Cerberus-kun...
Kiruko's sd: Yes, yes
Haru: Are they looking down on us!!?
All: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?
Chiaki: Hey...What are you doing, lowlife!!?
Chiaki's sd: Eeeeeeeeh
Haru: I'll tell you this as the producer, a good guy just in appearance is no good!
Haru: The audience likes characters they can sympathize with!!
Chiaki: Sympathize...?
Haru: Yes...Human-like features that can make anyone feel empathy...
Haru: For example, this!!

Cerberus: Hey there!! Good boys and girls, I'm Cerberus-kun!!
Cerberus: I'm a police dog that works in the humble Nagashima Station! Nice to meet you!!
Thought: "Humble"...
Cerberus: Usually, I don't work,
Cerberus: Because nothing happens in this peaceful place.
Chiaki: No, work.
Cerberus: Eh? Then "What do you usually do?", you ask?
Cerberus: Naturally, I think perverted things!!
Cerberus: I don't care about the town being peaceful!
Cerberus: I'm an active beast, you know?
Chiaki: Stop!! Stooop!!
Chiaki: You lowlife!!
Chiaki: What's with you? You were working like that all this time!? I can't believe it!!
Haru: Ah...No, this was only Cerberus-kun's...
Chiaki: Even so, you're the only one that can sympathize with that!!
Haru: What's wrong with you!!? If you're saying that much then you think about it!!
Chiaki: Eh!? I...I!?
Chiaki: Y...Yes, well, something sympathizeable...For example---

Chiaki: Kanna-chan had this girlfriend character, Orthrus-chan, right?
Chiaki: We could make a youth story using her!
Cerberus' sd: L...Leave me alone, bitch!! //well, she is a female dog...
Orthrus' sd: Eeeh, what's with you!
Chiaki: They love each other but can't give the final step.
Chiaki: While they're like that, he finds out that his friend also loves her.
Chiaki: Cerberus-kun trembles between love and friendship!!
Haru: Hey Chiaki, you're going out of character.
Haru: And your love philosophy is cheap...!!
Chiaki: !! Th...That just now was just an example, not my ideal or any...
Chiaki: I mean, you're not popular because you say that kind of things!!
Haru: Th...That's unrelated!! At any rate, that's not it!
Haru: We need like, a story where you sympathize with him so much it gouges out your heart...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko(thinks): Sympathizing so much it gouges out your heart...!?
Kiruko: Th...That's it...!
Kiruko: That will work, senpai!!
Haru: Oh?
Haru's sd: Really?
Kiruko: I need you to feel it so I'll draw it!!
Haru: You're raring to go, Kiruko,
Haru: What kind of thing is it?
Kiruko: Here!!

He lived at wartime,
Hell's Cerberus-kun
Haru: Ki...Kiruko, that title is...?
Kiruko: The more burdens he carries the more his depth as a person grows,
Kiruko: I think it would be good if we could transmit that!!
Haru: Yeah...Well, let's hear it out...
Kiruko: Yes!!
Kiruko: Then, I'll start!!
Kiruko: First...Cerberus-kun, who was an orphan because of hell's war, is picked up by the army.
Kiruko: Like that, he quickly becomes a great soldier.
Kiruko: The adults around him were strict and kind with him, he also had a war buddy the same age as him,
Kiruko: Cyclops-kun, he was also picked up by the army.

Cyclops: Hey, Cerberus... Tomorrow finally is our war debut.
Cyclops: We'll guide this country to victory!! Together we can go anywhere, pal!!
Cerberus: Yeah...You're right, that's the reason we've tried so hard until now.
Cerberus: Don't make a blunder!
Cyclops: What are you saying? I have this knife.
Cerberus: That's why I'm worried.
Cyclops: What!?
Cyclops: ...Let's survive this, bro.
Cyclops: Our battle has just started!

Three-eyed: It seems he had just start battling on the frontline.
Medusa: Yes, wasn't he all fired up saying it was for this country's sake and such?
Medusa: That happens a lot with new recruits.
Medusa: Well...If they die they can't do anything.
Cyclops: Weren't you with him!? Why didn't you save him!!?
Cyclops: Give me back my lover...The father of the child I'm expecting.
Cyclops: What kind of soldier you are if you can't even protect one of your war buddies!!
Demon: How long are you going to stay depressed like that...?
Demon: It can't be helped, sacrifices are part of wars.
Demon: If you think it was for the country's sake, it becomes a trivial thing, don't you think so!?
Cerberus(thinks): I...

Cerberus(thinks): Just why
Cerberus(thinks): Were we---
Haru: It's heavy!!!!
Haru: You...Why does it turn like that!?
Haru: It's a program for children, they'll get traumatized!!
Kiruko: Eeeh, i...Is this no good!?

Haru: You say friendship but he dies again!! Why do you want to kill his friends every time!?
Haru: In the end, Cerberus-kun's design's totally changed!!
Just why
was I---
Kiruko: That's wrong!! After that, he overcomes that sadness and becomes a great policeman---
Bullet: Kirukooo!!
Kiruko: !?
Haru: That's right, you tell her too, old man!!
Bullet: If you add there
Bullet: That he gets charged with false charges and is sent to court-martial it would be more realistic...!!
Haru(thinks): You're getting on it, old man!!?
Haru: Hey, let's stop this, what's with this wake mood!? Let's make a funnier story!!
Bullet: Anjou, you fool!! War isn't so soft!!
Kiruko: Because people are...Living beings beyond help...
Haru: I'm telling you we're not talking about that now!!
Haru: Let's think more about the audience!! For example---
Voice: ~~~!!
Voice: ~~~

Cashier: Thank you very much---
Haru: ...I'm beaten...I never thought I would be this tough...
Kiruko: ...You're right...
Kiruko: Shall we leave it here for today?
Haru: No...It seems we can't just do that...
Chiaki: It seems the chief is calling for me so I'll go away for a while...
Chiaki: That doesn't mean you can skip out, ok?
Chiaki: We have to decide this today!
Haru: ...That's what our class rep said.
Kiruko: With that said, everyone is biased to their own preferences...

Haru: Specially you...A war story really can't work...
Kiruko: Is it really that bad!?
Kiruko's sd: Eeeh~~~
Kiruko: That's weird...That story has a real motif...
Kiruko: I could sympathize with it a lot...
Haru: Eh?
Haru: "Mo...Motif"...Then, it's based on a real person?
Kiruko: Eh? Ah, yes,
Kiruko: The outline...at least.
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): ...........Eh?
Haru(thinks): Wait...A sec, then, I know it?
Haru(thinks): Born on the battlefield...Soldier...Eyepatch...
Haru(thinks): N...No matter how you think of it---

Kiruko: ?
Haru: ...Th-
Haru: That story, it can't be,
Haru: It's your story...!?
Kiruko: !

Kiruko: No, it isn't.
Haru: It isn't!?
Haru: It iiiiiiiiiiisn't!!!!?
Kiruko: Eh...Ye...Yes, that's right...
Kiruko: Eh!?
Haru: Don't "eh" me, you're to misleaaaaaaaading!!
Haru: I mean, that Cerberus-kun was raised by the army and had an eyepatch!
Haru's sd: Waaaaaah
Kiruko: Ah...B...But eyepatches aren't that unusual, are they?
Haru: They are, you idiot!!
Kiruko: B...But it really isn't about me,
Kiruko: That's a story I heard from my master!
Haru: !

Haru: Ma...Master...!?
Kiruko: Yes!
Kiruko: The former commander of "Phantom".
Kiruko: I haven't seen him since I became the commander, though.
Kiruko: That brings me back~~~ I wonder where he is now...?
Haru(thinks): "Master"...Eh?
Haru(thinks): You're telling me there's a monster even bigger than her...?

Voice: ...We're finally arriving to Japan.
Voice: I have to go do some business on Nagashima with my public face,
Voice: But what will you do, Mr. Phantom?
Phantom: ...There's something I want to ask of you.
Voice: You asking something? That's quite unusual.
Phantom: ---Yeah,
Phantom: There's someone I want to meet.
Text: The eyepatch man came!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 10/End

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