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Tears to Tiara 9

Arthur and Taliesin

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 4, 2013 16:48 | Go to Tears to Tiara

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Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi 9
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Soldier: Uh...
09 Arthur and Taliesin
Arthur's sd: Haa haa haa //pant

Arawn: This battle is over.
Arthur: ...These guys
Arthur: Are really strong.
Arthur: Strong and honest...
Arthur: I understood this after crossing swords with them...

Arthur: They truly are our brothers.
Arawn: Don't wane, that's not your character.
Arawn: Let's go to the village.
Arawn: We no longer have business here.
Taliesin: No...It's not over yet.
Arthur: What!?

Taliesin: You'll fight until you've made us surrender, right?
Taliesin: Like this, I stood up and am challenging you.
Taliesin: This battle isn't over yet.
Arthur: You...
Arthur: Why are you standing?
Arthur: You're all worn out.
Taliesin: Fufu, you really can see that, huh.
Taliesin: Truth to be told, I'm beaten up.
Taliesin: But, this is also part of my nature as a troubadour.
Taliesin: Did you know this?
Taliesin: We troubadours completely devote to our songs no matter if we're in a great royal court or in a poor shepherd's banquet.

Taliesin: Others can say it's meaningless,
Taliesin: But if we think it has a meaning we give our all at it.
Taliesin: That's right,
Taliesin: It means that giving your all for a little self-satisfaction is a refined way of living.
Taliesin: Even if that chivalry is only to protect this remote village's modest peace...
Arthur: Taliesin...
Arthur: You...
Arawn: I see...
Arawn: That's how it was...
Arawn: Hey, Arthur!
Arawn: Don't get overawed by a meagre troubadour!

Arawn: This is an order as the chief,
Arawn: Kill him on this instant!
Arthur: What!?
Arawn: No matter what he says, it's no mistake that this troubadour has broken his promise.
Arawn: And you too have noticed by now, right?
Arawn: No matter how much you hurt him he'll never surrender.
Arawn: Then, you can only kill him, right?
Arthur: ...

Arthur: But...
Arthur: He's injured...
Arawn: What about it?
Arawn: Had we lost we'd be on the same state.
Arthur: However...
Arthur: I do think that he's screwed up and irresponsible...
Arthur: But somehow...I can't see him as a stranger.
Arawn: Because you're both idiots carrying a heavy burden,
Arawn: You'd obviously be alike.
Arthur: What are you talking about?
Arawn: Just kill him!
Arawn: If you do, everything will be fine!
Arthur: But...
Arthur: I can't call that a honorable battle...
Arawn: Don't screw with me, Arthur,
Arawn: You're not a brat playing house!
Arawn: I must urgently speak with the chief,
Arawn: If I don't your tribe's future will be in danger.
Arawn: Even though, this clumsy troubadour won't let us pass at any cost,
Arawn: You value him over your tribe?

Arawn: How about it?
Arawn: Devoted-to-pledges First warrior Arthur!
Arawn: Will you obey your chief's orders?
Arawn: Or what?
Arawn: Did I say something inappropiate as the chief?
Arthur: ......You are...
Arthur: ...certainly...
Arthur: ...Right.
Arthur: I......
Arthur: will obey your orders.
Arawn: ......
Arawn: You will...huh.
Arawn: What a boring guy,
Arawn: Do it now.
Arthur: Give me a bit of time,
Arthur: I want to prepare myself.
Arawn: This will end with just one thrust of your sword,
Arawn: Oh well, be quick.
Arthur: Yeah, I got it.
Arthur: I'll go to the forest's edge to prepare for the battle.

Taliesin: Arawn...
Arawn: What?
Arawn: You're pledging for your life, half-dead?
Taliesin: You're really evil.
Taliesin: You're cunningly smart
Taliesin: And play dirty.
Arawn: ...It seems you want to get killed right now.
Taliesin: Well, it wouldn't hurt you to listen to me until the end, would it?
Taliesin: Think of it as my will.
Arawn: Then just speak,
Arawn: If what you say is interesting I'll at least reply with monosyllables.

Taliesin: I
Taliesin: Didn't believe what the holy empire's priest said about the revival of the demon king.
Taliesin: I only thought that you, who appeared in Erin, was just a fraud that called himself the demon king...
Arawn: Then you got scared and started believing, huh.
Taliesin: That's about it, I decided to adjust my attitude.
Taliesin: After seeing you talking with Arthur just now, I remembered an ancient legend.
Arawn: ...
Taliesin: About the one that's supposed to be our ancestor, the elfen king Pwyll.
Taliesin: Oddly enough, there's almost no stories of him from before he founded the ancient kingdom here in Albion.
Taliesin: There's only...One story about his friend that was always with him...

Taliesin: All it says is that he was a man clad in black, it doesn't even say his name.
Taliesin: When the almost shining elfen prince Pwyll walked together with that man clad in black, they stood out as a pair of light and shadow...
Taliesin: That's the kind of silly story it is.
Taliesin: And now,
Taliesin: My brothers, the direct descendants of Pwyll came to this village,
Taliesin: With them are you, a man clad in black whose also closely related to them.
Taliesin: I can't help but make the association,
Taliesin: Wondering if in the past this was the kind of view you could see...
Taliesin: I just keep thinking of that legendary era.
Arawn: To think you can see dreams in daytime, what a naive guy.
Taliesin: All troubadours are like this.

Taliesin: Besides,
Taliesin: Even if I look like this I'm more scared now.
Taliesin: Because you really are evil,
Taliesin: You're a cunningly smart and terrifying person that plays dirty.
Arawn: ...
Taliesin: You're trying to make Arthur fulfill his duty by reminding him his pledges and scolding him,
Taliesin: Which is not more than a just and logic way of doing things.
Taliesin: But, your real intention is for Arthur to get killed by me...It's just that.
Arawn: Fufufu...
Arawn: In short, you're telling me that you, just a troubadour, has some sort of special worth?
Taliesin: I wonder about that...
Taliesin: Arawn,

Taliesin: Are you trying to restore it once more?
Taliesin: By nominating a legitimate succesor of the ancient kingdom,
Taliesin: And controlling the clueless Arthur the way you want.
Arawn: I wonder.
Arawn: I don't know what you're talking about.
Arawn: At any rate, that guy won't move the way I want,
Arawn: Because he's an idiot.
Arawn: Hmph, oh well.
Arawn: Taliesin, let's make a bet.
Arawn: If Arthur kills you, everything you have and will eventually get will be his.

Arawn: On the contrary, if you kill Arthur my life is yours.
Arawn: You can do whatever you want with the rest of the Gael tribe, kill them, make them your slaves, I, as the chief, will let you do so.
Arawn: How about it? It isn't a bad bet.
Taliesin: You're right.
Taliesin: It isn't bad,
Taliesin: If we ignore that you're betting knowing that I don't have any chances to win.

Taliesin: Ok, I'll accept your bet.
Taliesin: If I don't, I might get killed on this instant.
Taliesin: Besides,
Taliesin: Depending on how you think about it, what comes to the village might be a much better chance than the calamity to come...
Arawn: Kukuh, you're really trying to win?
Taliesin: Fufu, don't you know?
Taliesin: Troubadours constantly recieve the godess' protection.
Arthur: Sorry for the wait.
Arawn: Alright, he's here!
Arawn: Let's start the battle before this idiot changes his mind!

Arthur: Taliesin...
Arthur: Can you fight?
Taliesin: A bit more than earlier.
Taliesin: I also had a nice chat while you were gone.
Taliesin: If I can kill you, I'll be free to do whatever I want with Arawn and your tribe's lives,
Taliesin: But in exchange, I'll lose everything if I get killed.
Taliesin: Fufu,
Taliesin: I finally have some motivation to do this.
Arthur: I'm glad to hear that.

Arthur: Let me tell you this, I won't hold back at all just because you're injured!
Arthur: I'll use all the power I have right now to kill you!
Taliesin: Oh?
Taliesin: What's wrong Arthur? You're sword is shaking.
Taliesin: Even you get nervous on one-on-one fights?
Arthur: Shut up, I'm trembling with excitement.
Ogam: Arawn-sama, how do you see this battle?
Arawn: In the end, that clumsy troubadour is all words,
Arawn: With his injuries, even if he can swing his sword, he probably can only do it once or twice.

Arawn: ---Well,
Arawn: That won't change that Arthur will win.
Ogam: Certainly...
Ogam: However, that calm attitude bothers me.
Ogam: Moreover, after leaving this place and coming back
Ogam: Arthur-sama seems odd...
Arthur: The first warrior, Arthur,
Arthur: Here I go!
Arthur: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Arthur: Guuh

Taliesin: Fufufu, you're naive, Arthur.
Taliesin: How naive can you be?
Taliesin: Did you think I would challenge you without any chances to win?
Taliesin: The truth is, I can use healing magic, you see.
Taliesin: The injuries you made me sustain are better than they seem.
Taliesin: I was supposed to split you in half after you lowered your guard,
Taliesin: But you aren't the first warrior for anything.
Taliesin: To think you would let your right hand go for a second so that my sword's power dissipated.
Ogam: I see, so that's why he was so calm.
Arawn: You shouldn't be calm and understanding in this situation!
Arawn: What should we do...He lost in a second.

Taliesin: Surrender, Arthur,
Taliesin: Throw away your weapon and lift your hands so that everyone can see them.
Arthur: Who would surrender, idiot?
Arthur: Hurry and kill me...
Arthur: That's the kind of battle this was.
Taliesin: I don't want to stain this place with blood.
Taliesin: I beg you to listen to my request.
Arthur: Shut up!
Arthur: I'm telling you I won't surrender!
Arthur: The only thing you can do is kill me!
Taliesin: *sigh*...
Taliesin: Seeing you makes me realize how much of a troublesome boy I was just now and I feel like running away.
Taliesin: Oh well,
Taliesin: Maybe I'll feel differently after hurting you a bit.

Arthur: Tsuaaaah...!
Taliesin: Ahahaha, you're exaggerating,
Taliesin: I only hit you lightly with the flat side of my sword.
Taliesin: You have no injuries on your right shoulder yet.
Taliesin: Fufufu, you're unexpectedly a coward,
Taliesin: I'm surprised you became the first warrior like...
Arthur: ...What's wrong?
Arthur: Continue.
Taliesin: ...Move your right arm on this instant, Arthur.
Taliesin: If you don't I won't forgive you!
Taliesin: I'll kill you in such a gruesome way that won't be told to anyone!!
Arthur: I've been telling you to do it for a while!

Arthur: Guah
Taliesin: As I thought.
Taliesin: You can't move it!?
Taliesin: Since when!?
Arthur: Shut up, you did this to me just now.
Taliesin: That attack just now wasn't powerful enough to dislocate a shoulder!
Taliesin: And you couldn't hold your sword properly since the beggining, right!!?
Taliesin: You bastard!
Taliesin: You dislocated your shoulder on purpose!!
Taliesin: You pitied me and tried to lose on purpose!
Taliesin: Damn it!
Taliesin: How much did I ashame myself now!
Taliesin: Even though my enemy pitied me and gave me the win, I was elated with success and acting as a hero...
Taliesin: Just by remembering myself from just now I burn with shame!

Taliesin: Answer me! Arthur!
Taliesin: Why did you do this!?
Arthur: Why are you getting so hot, Taliesin?
Arthur: I didn't have any intention to lose.
Taliesin: Then why!?
Arthur: ...
Arthur: When you wouldn't surrender to us
Arthur: You said the reason, right?
Arthur: I don't really understand the way of living of troubadours, but I felt that you were trying to protect something.
Arthur: After that, I felt that I understood you a little...
Arthur: I wanted to fight with you in equal conditions,
Arthur: Just that.

Taliesin: Equal
Taliesin: ...Huh.
Taliesin: I only wanted to win against you...
Taliesin: And in order to fight on equal conditions with the injured me, you sealed your right arm.
Taliesin: Ah, this isn't good, it isn't good at all.
Taliesin: I can't call this my victory.
Taliesin: I tried to make you lower your guard and kill you with a sneak attack
Taliesin: And you tried to be fair and proud until the end...
Taliesin: Hahaha...How unsightly I am.
Taliesin: It's my complete defeat...

Arawn: No,
Arawn: Your way of doing things is definitely more correct.
Taliesin: I don't need words of consolation, Arawn.
Arawn: I'm not consoling you, I'm praising you.
Arawn: This Arthur is a big idiot that deserves death for driving himself to a corner and exposing his chief and his whole tribe's lives to danger.
Arawn: You went and dislocated your shoulder,
Arawn: Didn't you worry at all that if you lost I would have been killed!?
Arthur: Shut up!
Arthur: None of Gale's people want a victory brought by tormenting weak people to death!
Arthur: Getting killed is better than getting a victory like that!
Arthur: Little sister, you think so too, right!?
Riannon: Yes,
Riannon: If nii-sama wishes so!
Riannon: But, if nii-sama got killed I would have tortured Taliesin-san to death!

Taliesin: Kuh kuh kuh
Taliesin: ......You're right,
Taliesin: My way of doing things might be more correct...
Taliesin: But I like his way of doing things better.
Taliesin: Arawn,
Taliesin: I now understand why you are with them.
Taliesin: The thing is that, being with idiots is more interesting, right?
Arawn: Well,
Arawn: That's about it.
Arthur: ?

Taliesin: That's why, Arawn,
Taliesin: This time can we leave it...In that you try again later?
Taliesin: I don't want his sister torturing me to death because I killed him.
Arawn: I would appreciate that.
Arawn: Alright, Arthur, we're withdrawing!
Arthur: What?
Arthur: What about the battle?
Arawn: This mudslinging is suspended, suspended!
Arawn: You should be grateful you didn't get killed.
Taliesin: Let's settle this one day, Arthur.
Taliesin: I hope we meet again.

Arthur: Yeah,
Arthur: Let's settle this one day, Taliesin.
Arthur: Come to play one day! We're waiting for you in Avalon!
Arawn: You guys, don't be putting a promise for a duel together with a promise to play!
Arawn: I can't get you!
Arthur: He understood so it's ok!
Arthur: More importantly, what about meeting the village chief?
Arthur: Is it fine to leave like this?
Arawn: Well...yeah.
Arawn: We don't have much time but let's be patient.
Arawn: It seems that you left us foothold there too.
Arthur: Foothold...?

Arawn: That means all you did were things that surpassed my expectations by far...
Arawn: But you did well at your own way.
Arthur: Ouch!
Arthur: Hey, my shoulder's still dislocated,
Arthur: Don't just hit me!
Arawn: Whoops,
Arawn: You're right.
Arawn: Alright, guys!
Arawn: Pin Arthur down!
Ogam: Understood.
Arthur: Wah, stop! If possible be kind!
Riannon: Nii-sama, brace yourself. //pain is coming
Morgan: Hihihi, one two-!
Arthur: Gyaaah~~~
To be continued in volume 3!

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