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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 11

Kiruko's Casino Royale!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 7, 2013 00:32 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 11
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Voice: You're leaving the army!?
Voice: You're joking, right!? What are you thinking, Cerberus!?
Cerberus: I'm making a squad...A mercenary squad that won't be affiliated with any country.
Cerberus: As long as I stick with a country I won't be able to find the meaning for battles,
Cerberus: This time, I'll battle for the things I want to protect.
Text: In the end of sorrow---!!!
Devil: ...Is this to atone to your death friend...?
Devil: The battlefield isn't naive enough for you to survive only on your personal feelings, Cerberus!!
Cerberus: ..Survive...Huh.
Cerberus: I've been dead for a long time...Ever since I lost Cyclo. //"Cyclo" is written as "friend"
Cerberus: Now I'm just a phantom...!!

Kiruko: ---I summarized the next part like that,
Kiruko: How was it, senpai!!?
Drawing: {
Now I'm just
a phantom
Haru: I'm telling you it's heavyyyy!!
Haru: It's ok already, how long do you plan to drag that on!?
Haru: Hey, chief!
Haru: We can't exactly use that content in a program for kids, right?
Chief: ...
Haru: ?
Haru: Chief?
Haru's sd: What's up?
Chief: Hm? Ah, sorry, sorry! It's nothing~~~
Haru: ?
Chief: Well, well, you shouldn't overwork yourselves like that,
Chief: Why don't you go have fun for a while?
Haru: Wha...What are you saying? You were the one who told us to do it!!
Chief: Don't say that...The truth is that
Chief: I got something like this~~~!
Invitation to a Casino Ship
For Nagashima Substation

Star: The long-awaited JC Volume 1 will be on sale on March 4th!! People who want to have it now should make an advance order!!
Text: Taking drastic measures against cheating and fraud!! A great bet with survival on the line!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 11 Kiruko's Casino Royale!
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: Owaaaaaaaah!!
Haru: Amazing, is this really inside a ship!?
Haru: It's Las Vegas, it's Las Vegas!!
Kiruko: It's amazing~~~ It's so big~~~
Chiaki: This says an american theme park corporation owns this ship.
Haru: Seriously!! Why did we get invited by such a place!?

Chiaki: You might not believe it, but this corporation has plans to make investments in Nagashima soon.
Chiaki?: Doesn't that mean they invited us to give a clean image of the city? //"us" is written as "police"
Haru: Hmmm, the thing is we have to make a performance, huh...That's why I'm dressed as Cerberus-kun today.
Haru: Well, it's fine either way, we're outside territorial waters already, can I go have fun?
Chiaki: What are you saying? This is work too so don't lose focus!
Chiaki: And this time---
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: ...Well...It's fine, it's no use telling you guys anything.
Chiaki's sd: *sigh*
Bullet: ..
Chiaki: At any rate, don't cut loose too much! Ok!?
Haru: Yeah, yeah.
Kiruko: Senpai! This is my first time in a casino.
Kiruko: What is the most enjoyable thing to do!?

Haru: Hmm...For beginners, slots might be the easiest to understand.
Kiruko: That? Hmm, at first sight it doesn't look...
Kiruko: Ah!! They're playing poker over there!
Kiruko: I know poker!
Kiruko: Senpai...I might look like this but I have a poker face, you know...?
Haru: Look who's talking.
Haru: But, that's the attitude! Gambles are won with guts!!
Haru: Put all of you on the line and play with all your might!!
Kiruko: Yes, senpai!
Chiaki's sd: Like-I-Said
Chiaki: I said "don't cut loose", right? You pieces of junk!!
Haru: What's with that? You nag at everything, Chiaki...
Haru: Even if it's just because you're afraid of losing...
Chiaki: !? Huh? Who is---
Chiaki: Fu...Fufu...
Chiaki: You underestimate me...!
Chiaki: Fine...If you're saying that much, I'll show you
Chiaki: Something that an idiot that loses sight of his surroundings immediately will never be able to do---
Chiaki: A smart way of winning gambles...!!

Chiaki: Goooooooo!!
Chiaki: Red!
Chiaki: Reeed!!
Chiaki: Daaah, black...
Chiaki: Why? Geez, isn't this a fraud!?
Box: Chiaki: Roulette
Bullet: ...He...Hey, Chiaki,
Bullet: Leave it like that, whay happened with being smart...!?
Chiaki: I know! Just look, I'm getting serious now,
Chiaki: Eei, next will definitely be reeeeeed!
Haru(thinks): Hmph...
Haru(thinks): Chiaki is no good...She's the stereotypical bad gambler.
Haru(thinks): Knowing when to quit is important when gambling...!!
Box: (crossed: Haru-senpai) Cerberus-kun: Slots
Haru: ---Now,

Haru: Excuse me, can I get a loan somewhere?
Woman: Yes, come over here.
Bullet(thinks): ...Isn't he super addicted to it on his own way...?
Box: Kiruko: Poker
Man(thinks): This girl sure is easy to figure out...!!
Haru: Nuooooooh!!

Haru: Goddammit, it got swallowed again!! I've already spinned it a lot of times, you know!?
Haru: Isn't it about time I win somethiiiiiiiing!?
Chiaki: Calm down...If you bet to black or red the probabilities are 50%...The probability of losing ten times in a row is only about 0.098%... //I calculated it, and the value is actually right xD (if you ignore the "0" of course)
Chiaki: Next time...Next time I'll definitely win...!!
Kiruko: Eh!? Why!? Why did I lose again...!?
Kiruko: Uh~~~It's as if they knew what I have in my hand~~~!!
Man(thinks): I'm starting to pity her...
Bullet: He...Hey, you should stop now,
Bullet: Haven't you used a lot of money by now...
Haru: Shuddup!! I lost a huge amount of money in 30 minutes,
Haru: I won't go back without getting it back!!
Chiaki: He's right, outsiders should be quiet!! We're desperate here!!
Bullet: ...
Haru: Orah, give me more chips!!
Chiaki: I'll bet double too!

Bullet: ...Don't say I didn't tell you, fools...
All: W...We're sorry...
Chiaki: Gambling...Leads people's hearts astray...
Chiaki: I used all of my savings...!!
Chiaki's sd: I even pawned my dress...
Haru: I got a debt...Of 3,000,000 Yen...
Bullet: Just what were you doing!?
Haru: We only have one chip left...What should we do with this?
Chiaki: "What to do?", well...
Chiaki: ...
Kiruko: I didn't enjoy poker either...
Haru: That's why I told you to go to the slots!
Chiaki: Didn't you lose big time in those slots?
Kiruko: But...Aren't slots like boring?
Haru: Boring?

Kiruko: I mean, in that game all you have to do is match the same pattern, right?
Kiruko: Isn't that really easy!?
Haru: ? Huh...
Kiruko: If that's so, even children can do it,
Kiruko: We're in a casino so, it has to like...Have some thrill!!
Haru: !?
Haru: Easy...What are you saying?
Haru: Matching them is what's difficult, jeeeeeeeeeez.
Haru(thinks): !!!!
Haru: He...Hey Kiruko!! Try playing on the slots for a bit!!
Kiruko: Eh? No, I'm telling you that slots are...
Chiaki: !?
Haru: Just do it once! Here, you can use our last chip!!

Haru: Uhahahahaaaaaaa!!
Haru: Goooo, Kirukooooooo!!
Kiruko: ...U...Umm~~~Senpai...
Kiruko: Is this ok...Getting money from matching things that aren't really moving.
Kiruko: I feel like I'm doing something bad---

Haru: It's alright, Kiruko...It's not like you're breaking the rules...
Chiaki: He's right, Kiruko...It's the opposite, this is an achievement!
Kiruko: I...It's an achievement!? Ehehehe...I'll do my best!
Bullet: ...
Bullet's sd: These guys...
Haru(thinks): Kukuku...To think that Kiruko's monster-like kinetic vision could be used like this.
Haru(thinks): With this, forget about getting our money back, we can make a killing...!!
Haru: Uhyahyahya, I can't get enough of this! I'll buy you as much melon bread as you want, Kirukooooo!!
Chiaki: Soy milk too!
Kiruko: Yes<3
Haru: You should try to snatch all the money in this ship---
Haru: !
Man: I'm sorry, customers,
Man: Could you come with us...?

Haru: U...Umm~~~...It's not like
Haru: We were cheating or anything like that at all~~~...
Men: ...
Haru: Tha-That's right, we have to continue with Cerberus-kun's anime's plan!!
Chiaki: Yo...You're right! Then let's have them bring us back to the port---
Man: Customers,
Man: Could you please be quiet...!
Haru?: .........Yes...!
Haru: Uh...Wh...Why did it turn like this...?
Bullet: You reap what you sow...And this much is no big deal.
Bullet: If they make use of force it will actually be convenient for us...!!
Haru: Shuddup! That only applies for you two in the soldier team!!
Chiaki: That's right, don't put yourselves together with us in the common people team!
Bullet: ...

Bullet: Hey, Chiaki...It's about time you tell me,
Bullet: We have some business to do in this ship, right...?
Chiaki: !
Chiaki: Di...Did you notice, Bullet...!?
Bullet: Of course,
Bullet: The chief told you something, right...?
Chiaki: Yes...When he called me yesterday...
Chiaki: Even though, it's a pretty ambiguous thing for the chief.
Chiaki: It seems this corporation is involved in various suspicious rumors,
Chiaki: He told me to check things considering the worst case scenario...!
Bullet: ...
Chiaki: We...Well, things got a bi~~~t out of hand...!
Haru: Hey, what are you whispering about!?
Haru: What should we do? At this rate we'll get killed!!
Man: It's over here.
Haru: !

All: !?
Phantom: ...Welcome, Ladies and gentlemen of the Nagashima station...
Phantom: It seems you made big money above.
Haru: !!
Haru: Ah...No, that was---
Phantom: Don't worry, I don't plan to make you return the money.
Phantom: More importantly, why don't you make one last bet?
Phantom: If you win, you get ten times your earnings,
Phantom: If you lose you get nothing...!!
Haru: !?
Haru: Te...Ten times!?

Phantom: The game will be one-on-one.
Phantom: You'll obviously accept, right, Kiruko...!!?
Kiruko: Eh...?
Kiruko: No way...!? Why---
Haru: Eh? He...Hey, are you the dealer?
Haru: With game you meant a one-on-one fight!?
Haru: I'm telling you, she isn't exactly a normal policewoman!
Haru: Alright, do it Kiruko!! You're the star today.
Kiruko: N...No, but, that person...
Haru: It's ok, it's ok, he was the one who challenged you!
Haru: ---Wait, eh?
Haru: Why do you know Kiruko's na...

Haru: me...
Kiruko: !!!!
Haru: Eh!? Ki...
Haru: Kirukooo!?
Bullet: ---...!!
Bullet: ...Pha...
Bullet: Phantom Commander...!?
Text: Seriously!!?
Haru(thinks): ...Commander...?
Flashback: My master and the squad's former commander---
Flashback: Now I'm just a Phantom...!
Haru(thinks): Commandeeeeeeeer!!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 11/End

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