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Shokugeki no Souma 10

The Meat Invader

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 7, 2013 23:41 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 10
//Whenever I use "RS" in this chapter, it's an abreviation of "Research Society", leave it as "RS" when typesetting
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Souma: Research Society?
Megumi: Yes,
Megumi: There's a lot of societies in Tootsuki that research cooking of specific types.
Megumi: After school, they develop new dishes
Megumi: Or participate in cooking contests outside the school together...
Megumi: It might be something like clubs in normal schools.
Megumi: I'm part of the Local Cuisine Research Society.
Cutlery: SOMA is really interested!
Souma: Hmmm...
Souma: What? There's even one of Chanko Nabe?
Megumi: Ah! The Chan RS has a long history.
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Souma(thinks): Oh...
Souma(thinks): Don Research Society! //Don: bowl of rice with food on top
Souma(thinks): Just when I wanted to make a new Don dish.
Souma(thinks): I must go see it!

Souma: Let's go, Tadokoro!
Megumi: M-Me too!?
Guy: I'm sorry but go back...
Guy: Soon, the Don RS
Guy: Will be shut down.
Souma(thinks): Eeeeeeeh...

Star: A sudden rise of popularity!! The super ecstasic gourmet story!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery)10 The Meat Invader
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Text: The invasion starts---!!

Kanichi: You said you were Yukihira...And Tadokoro, huh,
Kanichi: I'm this place's chief.
SFX: *dejected*
Box: {
Don RS' Don //first is the dish, second is like mafia's don
High school section 2nd year
Konishi Kanichi
Souma: Are you ok, senpai...? You're like
Souma: Dejected or something.
SFX: *dejected*
Kanichi: Hehehe...Laugh at me,
Kanichi: I couldn't even protect the Don RS...
Notebook: Don RS
Megumi: This is...A recipe compilation?
Megumi: It seems these are dishes the Don RS thought about.
Souma: Let's see...

Souma(thinks): From mainstream to eccentric dishes,
Souma(thinks): All of them have this sharpness in their devise...
Souma(thinks): These are---
Souma(thinks): All of these don are interesting!
Souma(thinks): Why does the Don RS have to be shut down?
SFX: *rising up*
Kanichi: !?
Megumi's sd: Eek
Kanichi: You understand...

Kanichi: You understand, Yukihira!!
Souma: He's crying!
Kanichi: Don are
Kanichi: "Fast, Tasty, and Cheap", the beauty of casual style! Manliness completed in one bowl!
Kanichi: A man meal for fighting men!!
Kanichi: As a single man
Kanichi: I can't die without mastering doooooons!!
Megumi: He's like, an amazing person...
Souma: He has this annoying sultry.
Kanichi: Damn...My Don RS...
Kanichi: If only Nakiri Erina wasn't here...!
Souma: Nakiri---!?

Kanichi: This is how Nakiri Erina does things:
Kanichi: She cuts the budget or proposes the reduction of the clubroom of associations she doesn't like...After forcibly getting the approval to do that
Kanichi: The other party's situation gradually worsens until their only option left is turning the tables in one go with a Shokugeki.
Kanichi: Nakiri puts even more absurd conditions to accept the Shokugeki and makes everything go the way she wants---
Kanichi: Like that, she continues to gain more influence. //power
Kanichi: The Don RS members,
Kanichi: As soon as they found out that the opponent this time is one of Nakiri's subordinates,
Kanichi: They all ran away...
Souma(thinks): This senpai has zero popularity!
Souma: So...What kind of opponent are you facing?
Kanichi: That is---
All: !?

Kanichi: ...
Man: ---As we thought, rather than remodelling it,
Man: Destroying it completely and rebuilding it is faster.
Mido: Is that so? Then do that!
Kanichi: Wha...What are you trying to do...?
Kanichi: Mido!
Mido: "What?", well...I came to get an early preview.
Mido: Because the result is obvious already.

High School Section 1st Year
Mido Ikumi
Mido: If you're confident in beating me then the story is different,
Mido: Right, Mr. Chief?
Kanichi: N-No...Ehehehehehehe...

Mido: Keh...What a gutless man,
Mido: Since you're like that your members ran away.
Kanichi: Damn "Nikumi"... //she's "Ikumi" and "Niku" is meat
Kanichi: Oooooh!?
Mido: If you say that once more
Mido: I'll kill you.
Box: She really hates being backbited as "Nikumi".
Megumi: No way...She's his opponent...!?
Souma: Who is she?

Megumi: Mido Ikumi-san---A chef known by the alias "Meat Master".
Megumi: In the Middle School Section, she always had superior grades.
Megumi: Specially in meat dishes' classes, her mastery has only earned her "A's".
Megumi: The depth of her knowledge of meat is top class in the academy!
Mido: Hey! You're hindering my preview so could you leave?
Mido: You can come back in about an hour.
Kanichi: Wha...!?
Kanichi: Th...The match isn't settled yet.
Mido: I told you it's obvious, didn't I?
Mido: Erina-sama said so too,
Mido: That no matter how much you fixate on "Don", it's nothing more than a B class gourmet vulgar dish.
Mido: That it isn't needed in Tootsuki.

Mido: Every other ingredient prostrates itself before worthy meat.
Mido: No matter what kind of dish you make
Mido: It won't beat my super high grade meat!
Souma: I think rejoicing only over ingredients' cost
Souma: Is a disgrace for a chef.
Souma: Senpai...

Souma: That Shokugeki,
Souma: Can you leave it to me?
Mido: ...What's with you?
Mido: Outsiders should stay out of this...
Mido: !
Mido: You're...The transfer student!? The one from the opening ceremony...
Mido: ...I wanted to try talking with you.

Mido: To think you would try to butt in other people's shokugeki,
Mido: You must be really confident on your skills.
Souma: If you want we can battle in your arena...With meat dishes, //you know, as in battling with the thing she's more comfortable with
Souma: I'll win either way.
Mido: Then,
Mido: If you lose to me...
Mido: Will you quit Tootsuki?
Souma: ---!
Mido: Keh!
Mido: If you don't have any guts don't go saying big wor...
Souma: Yeah, that's fine with me!
Mido(thinks): What...!?
Souma: In exchange, if I win
Souma: ...Let's see,

Souma: You'll join the Don RS.
Mido: Huh?
Kanichi: Huuuh?
Souma: Join the Don RS and contribute to develop don's culture,
Souma: As an apology for the troubles you've caused.
Mido: You really...
Mido: Plan to win against me...
Mido: Contractors, we're withdrawing today!
Kanichi: !

Mido: Then, I concede you the right to choose the theme! //subject
Souma: The main ingredient is "Meat"...
Souma: The dish to make is a "Don"!
Mido: The match will be just as planned---
Mido: In three days!

Mido(thinks): I must thank Erina-sama for leaving this job to me.
Mido(thinks): I'll show that cocky transfer student
Mido(thinks): The ecstasy meat can produce!

Kanichi: Yukihira...Why are you helping...?
Souma: As the son of a special of the day shop, I can't overlook when someone says expensive meat is everything,
Souma: And most of all, I thought...
Souma: That it would be a shame to let this place shut down.
Megumi: But, Souma-kun,
Megumi: Do you have any chances of winning...?

Souma: I'm thinking about that now.
Megumi(thinks): Waaaaan, as I thought!
Souma: Three days until the Shokugeki---
Souma: Let's prepare for the battle!
Cutlery: The "Don" showdown begins!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 10/End

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#1. by PepperJane ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2013
*Megumi: There's a lot of societies in Tootsuki that research cooking of specific types.*
-Try "specific types of cooking"

*Star: A sudden rise of popularity!! The super ecstatic gourmet story!!*

*Kanichi: I'm this place's chef.*

*Souma(thinks): All of them have this sharpness in their devise...*
-Sounds a little awkward...what's meant by "sharpness" here? Is there another word that could be used to make it flow a little smoother? Same for "devise."

*Kanichi: A meal for fighting men!!*
-Don't really need "man" here
*Souma: He has this annoying sultry.*
-"Annoying sultry" what? Voice?

*Kanichi: Nakiri puts in even more absurd conditions to accept the Shokugeki and makes everything go the way she wants---*
-A little awkward. "Before accepting" maybe?

*Man: ---As we thought, rather than remodeling it,*

*Mido: Right, Mr. Chief?*
-Chef or chief?

*Box: She really hates being backbited as "Nikumi".*
-Called instead of backbited?

*Megumi: Especially in meat dishes' classes, her mastery has earned her only "A's".*

*Mido: To think you would try to butt in to other people's shokugeki,*

*Mido: Then, I concede to you the right to choose the theme! //subject*

*Souma: As the son of a special of the day shop...*
-Special what? Special worker?

I'm really sorry that I was confused about a couple of things, but I tried to do my best. ^-^ Good job!
#2. by AcquaPuff ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2013
Just wanted to add to the post above.

*Kanichi: I'm this place's chief.*
(Chief is right, you might want to use president as in club president)

*Souma(thinks): All of them have this sharpness in their devise...*
(devise sounds like it should be design)

*Kanichi: A meal for fighting men!!*
(man should be manly to match character's speech)

*Souma: As the son of a special of the day shop...*
("special of the day" is fine because special here is used as a noun and is a type of restaurant)

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