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Ballroom e Youkoso 1

Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 13, 2013 01:40 | Go to Ballroom e Youkoso

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This translation is free for anyone to use, the only conditions are to PM me before using it and to give me the proper credit while releasing. Just be prepared, this series has a lot of redraws...
Ballroom e Youkoso 1
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.
//The title literally means "Welcome to the Ballroom", the subtitle for this series (maybe the official title in english) is "Sweep Over the Dance hall", alt. romanization for the japanese title is "Ballroom he youkoso"
//This translation was done using tankoubon raws
//If you wonder why I am translating this, well, long story made short, I love ballroom dancing and was searching for a manga about that, about a month after I started my search I saw the nominees for the Manga Taisho 2013 and well, a manga with Ballroom on its name can't be about anything else, so I felt fate calling for me and started searching frantically for raws.
//Finding raws proved quite difficult but I finally found them and I've got to say this looks good, I've yet to check out the later chapters but it should be good to be nominated for an award. I hope some good scanlation group picks this soon, it deserves some love.

Heat 1 Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio 003
Heat 2 Shadow Basic 079
Heat 3 Dance Waltz 147

Text: All-England Championship
Text: Finals---
Woman: The history of Blackpool, the holy land of dancing,
Woman: Is now about to change!
Woman: On the finals of the pinnacle of the dancing world
Woman: An unknown Japanese receives a great ovation!!
Woman: His name is---

Heat 1 Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio

Thought: ---I would like to have
Thought: One amazing talent or something...
Teacher: At this point of the year, a blank space isn't good, Fujita-kuuuun...
Thought: I don't want luxuries like being extremely intelligent or excellent at sports.
Teacher: Don't get troubled choosing a school!
Thought: I want something
Thought: It can be just one thing...Something that gives me confidence,
Thought: "Something I like".

Teacher: For now just aim for a public school,
Teacher: It's not like you're going to start job hunting.
Thought: Something that I can proudly say I "like" it...
Teacher: Isn't there anything?
Teacher: Your dream for the future or something you want to do?
Teacher: Hm?
Tatara: ...Nah.
Thought: If there was then I could change.

Tatara(thinks): I think...
Teacher: Are you really thinking about your future!?
Tatara(thinks): ...?
Teacher: With your grades you could go to a good school in the city,
Teacher: You should choose something more reliable...
Tatara(thinks): So even intelligent people get troubled about what to do next.

Tatara(thinks): Alright,
Tatara(thinks): She's my comrade.
Tatara(thinks): !!
Teacher: Hey!
Teacher: Close the door silently!!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Sign: Recruiting Part-timers
Tatara(thinks): Working instead of continuing school is also...

Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): B-By chance...
Guy: Eeeeeeeeeh?
Guy: Was there a rock or something?
Guy: Hmm?
Guy: Oh, oh?
Tatara: I...It's been a while, Muroi-kun...
Tatara: I haven't seen you since the class change,
Tatara: How have you been?
SFX: slap
Guy: Errmmmm, Fuguta-kun?
Guy: Or was it Mojita-kun?
Guys' sd: Puhahahahaha
Tatara: ...It's Fujita.
Guy: Hey, Moguta,
Guy: Lend me some money.

Tatara: !
Guy: Aren't we good friends?
Guy: Ugeeeeeh, he's broke!!
Guy's sd: Uheeeeh
Guy: Lemme see too!
Guy's sd: Oooh
Tatara: U...Ummm.
Guy: He's super poor!!
Tatara's sd: Owowowow...
Guy: Guys without presence don't have money?
Guy: You really have nothing.
Guy: Oh?
Guy: What's up?
Tatara: ...Ha-
Guy: Hmm?

Tatara: Hahahaha.
Tatara: You're right,
Tatara: Just like, sor...
Guy: Don't be laughing at me!!
Guy: Scum!
Tatara: Uh...
Guy: Hey, I'm hungry.
SFX: screech
Man: You guys there!
Guy: Oh?
Man: Bullying isn't good!
Tatara(thinks): !?
Guy: What?
Guy: Old man
Guy's sd: Cool bike!
Man: Being hungry isn't good either!

Guy: Huh? (cd: What's with that?)
Man: Fu fu fu...
Man: Get something to eat with this!
Tatara(thinks): That's bad.
Tatara: Do-
Tatara: Don't worry!
Guy: For real!?
Guy: We can take it!?
Man: Get your stomachs as full as you want.
Tatara: You can't give them money...
Guy's sd: Thanks
Guy: Let's eat meat!
Tatara(thinks): Aaah
Tatara: ...

Tatara: Muguhoh
Man: It's just there!
Tatara: !?
Man: It's 5 minutes from the station.
Tatara: What is!?
Man: Don't play dumb.
Man: You were flustered in front of our flyer for a while.
Man: We've just opened so we don't have enough students yet!
Tatara: Students!?
Man: The trial lesson is for free if you've got a "referral"!
Tatara: Lesson!?
Tatara: Hey...Umm, I've got no clue of...
Man: Ah, my name, right?

Kaname: I'm Sengoku Kaname.
Kaname: You are?
Tatara: ...
Tatara: Fu-Fujita
Tatara: Tatara.
Tatara(thinks): ---Wait, what am I doing introducing myself?
SFX: pliiiiink
Tatara(thinks): !?
Girl: Waah,
Girl: You brought a cute boy, Sengoku-kun!
SFX: steps

Girl: Welcome to Ogasawara Dance Studio!
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): A room covered with mirrors!
Tatara(thinks): Rhythmical music!
Tamaki: Call me Tamaki <3
Tatara(thinks): Pretty Onee-san...!!
Tatara(thinks): This is---
Kaname: I understand!
Kaname: I understand that awkward feeling.

Kaname: Teenager boys can't really bring themselves to say they want to do Ballroom dancing!
SFX: Zoom
Sign: Dance Class Looking for Students
Tatara(thinks): Eeeh
Kaname: However,
Kaname: When dancing you definitely fulfill puberty's delusion, touching a woman's body!!
Tatara: !!! (cd: Hey...)
Tatara: Don't go making stories by yourself!!
Tatara: I'm not really interested in...
Kaname: Hm?
Kaname: Your back is kinda bent.
Kaname: Sei!
Tatara: Fuguoh

SFX: clunk
Tatara: Beh
Kaname: That's it...Straighten your back, take your solar plexus and
Kaname: squeeeeeeeze it
Tatara: Guh
Tatara: Guh
Kaname: As if swallowing it!
Kaname: Squeeze
Tatara(thinks): No, squeeeezing it hurts, you know.
Kaname: ---And, imagine a tree.
Kaname: Your legs are growing from the floor and your body stretches straightly until the top of your head...
Kaname: Your waist should feel firm and your pelvis should lift.
Kaname: Lower your shoulders.
SFX: creak
Kaname: (cd: Alright...) Now you look strong!
SFX: crack

Kaname: Just by changing your posture, the way people look at you will change...!
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Kaname: Men should be bold!
Kaname: Don't let them make less of you!
Kaname: It's intimidation.
Tatara(thinks): No, no, no...
Tatara(thinks): Even if you talk about intimidation.

Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: Oh,
Kaname: There's a group lesson.
Kaname: How about it, Tatara,
Kaname: Want to join?
Tatara: Ye...
Tatara: Yes!
Kaname: 1-2-3
Kaname: 1-2-3
Kaname: Ok, close your legs...
Tatara(thinks): Fufu...
Tatara(thinks): Someone like me doing ballroom dancing...

Tamaki: Ahn <3
Tatara: Hau
Tamaki: Your back is bending again.
Tatara(thinks): Ballroom dancing is...
SFX: Thump-thump
SFX: pound-pound
Tamaki: Oh,
Tamaki: You're late today.
Tatara(thinks): I...I'm saved...
Kaname: Hi there, Shizuku!
Shizuku: The teacher called me because of my career choices.
Tatara(thinks): That girl---
Shizuku: She wouldn't stop complaining!

Tatara(thinks): Our eyes met again...
Tatara(thinks): This is awkward!!
Tatara(thinks): I mean, why is she in a dance class!?
Tatara(thinks): She doesn't look like the type.
Tatara(thinks): Huh
Guy: Fujita is doing ballroom dancing!
Guy: It doesn't fit him!
Guy: Perv!!
Tatara(thinks): If weird rumors start at school...
Kaname: Heeey, Shizuku! I'll introduce you.
Tatara: Eh
Kaname: This guy is here for a trial...
Shizuku: I met him at the staff room.
Kaname: Oh, so you go to the same middle school!
Tatara: ...

Kaname: Ok
Kaname: 1-2-3
Kaname: 1-2-3...
SFX: clatter
SFX: step
SFX: step
SFX: tighten
SFX: click

SFX: thump
Tatara(thinks): Sh...
Tatara(thinks): She's cute...!
Kaname: Hey, Shizuku!
Kaname: Be Fujita-kun's partner.
Tatara(thinks): Wha-
Tatara: Ah
SFX: step
SFX: step
Tatara(thinks): Hey...
Shizuku: Treat me well, Fujita-san.

Tatara(thinks): Why did it turn to this...?
Shizuku: Don't let go of my hand.
Tatara(thinks): E-Even if you tell me that.
Tatara(thinks): I haven't hold a girl's hand
Paper: Plain person
Tatara(thinks): Since primary school!
SFX: pound
SFX: pound
Shizuku(thinks): ...
Shizuku: Hey, Fujita-san.
Shizuku: What is someone troubled about his future doing in this class?

Shizuku: You're just checking it out?
Shizuku: Or are you a pervert?
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Man: Nice work---
Man's sd: See you next week---
Tamaki: Those who want to enroll in the lessons should buy a ticket book starting from the next one---<3
Tamaki's sd: Yes<3
SFX: click
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): That girl was somehow scary...

Tatara: !!
Tamaki: Hey,
Tamaki: Tatara-kun<3
Tamaki: How about it?
Tatara: "H...How about it?" you ask?
Tamaki: Enrolling!
Tamaki: Will you enroll!?
Tamaki: If you learn steps and such
Tamaki: You could be dance partners with a cute girl and participate in contests...
SFX: *poke*
Tatara: O-Oh really...There are contests?
Tamaki: There are!
Tamaki: In ballroom dancing there's something called "Dancesport", there's even a world championship!
Tamaki: By the way, Sengoku-kun is a professional competition dancer...
Tatara: A Pro?
Kaname: Well yeah.
Kaname: Shizuku is a competition dancer too.

Tatara: Sh...She's also a pro dancer!?
Kaname: Don't be stupid,
Kaname: She's an amateur baby.
Tatara: ¨*sigh*...
Tatara(thinks): Baby, huh.
Tamaki: But Shizuku-chan is already better than some cheap pros around there,
Tamaki: When she turns 18 she can turn pro.
Tamaki: It seems she's going to study abroad next year though.
Kaname: Jeez, she's so cheeky.
Tatara(thinks): Eh?
Kaname: I mean, she's tense today...
Kaname: Is it her period?
Tamaki's sd: Hey
Tamaki: Don't say that!
Tatara(thinks): Study abroad...?

Box: Somewhere inside me
Box: I thought that dancing was a "showy socialite hobby".
Tatara(thinks): My "comrade" troubled about her future...?
Tatara(thinks): She's the total opposite!
Tatara(thinks): To me who doesn't even have his feet on the ground---

Shizuku: You're just checking it out?
Shizuku: Or are you a pervert?
Tamaki: Ballroom dancing was fun, right?
Tamaki: How about enrolling? I can make you a student discount...
Tatara(thinks): ---I'm the worst...
Tatara: So...
Tatara: Sorry for bothering you...
Tamaki: Eh,
Tamaki: Tatara-kun!?
Tatara(thinks): I'm the worst.
Tatara(thinks): The worst.
Tatara(thinks): The worst.
Tatara(thinks): I was worried about weird rumors if I danced,
Tatara(thinks): I was thoughtlessly thinking she was cute.

Tatara(thinks): Only I was doing it half in fun...
Tatara: You IDIOT!!!
Sign: Fujita
Dad: Welcome back.
Dad: You're late.
Tatara: Yeah, sorry,
Dad: Hey, you haven't decided on your future?
Dad: Your teacher called.
Tatara: Ha...
Tatara: Haha (cd: Yeah)
Tatara: Sorry.
Tatara(thinks): ---I'm really

Tatara(thinks): No good---
Tatara(thinks): Was there any homework?
Tatara(thinks): It was rude to suddenly leave, right?
SFX: sigh
Tatara(thinks): For Sengoku-san and the others.
SFX: clonk
Tatara(thinks): Eh?
Tatara(thinks): They put something in my bag...
Post-it: {
It's the DVD of last year's championship <3
Watch it!
P.S. It's mine so give it back next time you come.
Tatara(thinks): This is Tamaki-san's handwriting, right? (cd: The P.S. was written really desperately...)
Tamaki's sd: Come again!
SFX: sliiiiide
Tamaki's sd: (As a student!)
Tatara(thinks): ? There's something else---
Tatara(thinks): A Pamphlet...?
SFX: Gulp
Tatara(thinks): ---25-minute
Tatara(thinks): Private lessons are...

Tatara(thinks): 5,000 yen...!!?
Tatara(thinks): E-
Tatara(thinks): Expensive!!
Tatara(thinks): ...So this is why they want students!
Tatara(thinks): Even if I get a student discount, it's impossible for me...
Tatara(thinks): Uh
Tatara(thinks): Going to give this back is going to be awkward.
Tatara(thinks): Just for a bit...
Tatara(thinks): I'll watch a bit before giving it back.

Tatara: !!
Tatara: shhhhhhh
Tatara: Shhhhhhh
Bubble: Volume
Tatara: ...
Tatara: Amazing costumes...
Tatara: No (cd: Ehem...)
Tatara: Dancing...
Tatara(thinks): It's as if they aren't human movements---
Tatara(thinks): Wow, her neck...
Voice: The grand final dance is...
Voice: "Jive"! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jive_(dance)

Voice: Sengoku
SFX: Bang
Voice: Sengoku
SFX: Bang
Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san...?
Tatara: !
Tatara: ...
Tatara: Agah...
Tatara(thinks): Se...
Tatara(thinks): "Sengoku-san", hey, this is...
Tatara(thinks): This is---

Tatara(thinks): !?
SFX: *squeeze*
Tatara(thinks): What was that now?
Tatara(thinks): It's as if Sengoku-san was telling me something...
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): Eh!?
Tatara(thinks): They're all saying it,
Tatara(thinks): All of the dancers on stage---

Tatara(thinks): "Watch"

Tatara(thinks): "Watch me"

Tatara(thinks): ...Eh?
Sengoku's sd: How about this, bastards!!

Tatara: Ha...
Tatara: Haha...
Tatara(thinks): I saw something amazing...!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): ---Pro, huh...
Tatara(thinks): Maybe Sengoku-san is famous...
Teacher: ---And she was saying she'll "study abroad", Hanaoka Shizuku-san.
Teacher: All for Ballroom dancing.
Tatara(thinks): "Shizuku"...?

Teacher: Eeh!?
Teacher: Ballroom dancing is that were men and women do that...!?
Teacher: It also shocked me,
Teacher: To think that a girl with such great grades would...
Teacher: Fuooooh
Teacher: You can't judge a book by its cover!
Teacher: To think that Hanaoka-san had such a shameless hobby.
Tatara(thinks): Wha...
Tatara: ...
Guy's sd: Let's go to the Karaoke!
Guy's sd: Yeah
Guy: Fujita-kun, clean for us,
Guy: We're busy---
Guy's sd: We're busy~~~
All's sd: Ahahahahaha
Tatara(thinks): Hmmm
Tatara(thinks): That makes me gloomy...
Tatara(thinks): I have somewhere to go...
Tatara: No---Today is a bit...

Tatara's sd: Reflexively...
Guy: Fujita-kuuun?
Tatara: !
Tatara: Ah...
Tatara: Yeah,
Tatara: ...It's fine.
Tatara(thinks): She turned away at an amazing speed...As expected from a dancer.
Tatara(thinks): She avoided me.
Tatara(thinks): And she saw me in an uncool situation.
Tatara(thinks): It's so embarrassing.
Tatara(thinks): I'm so ashamed,
Tatara(thinks): So miserable.
Tatara !
Guy: Hey, Fujita.

Guy: You're late.
Tatara: ...!
Tatara(thinks): Why are you shaved?
SFX: rustle
Guy: Let us meet that helmet guy, Fujita.
Guy: We have to thank him for this.
Tatara: ? (cd: A bill?)
Kids' Bank Note
10,000 yen
Kids' Bank
Tatara(thinks): Thi...
Guy: They arrested us for leaving without paying the bill and they called our parents.
Sign: Police Box
Circle: Mom
Kaname's sd: Get your stomachs as full as you want!
Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san!!

Guy: Hmm,
Guy: We won't hit you.
SFX: Eek
Guy: We're in front of yesterday's pachinko parlor,
Guy: Is it near?
Tatara: Eh...!?
Tatara: Ah...
Tatara: Ye...ah...I mean.
Tatara: ...
Tatara(thinks): In any case
Sign: Ogasawara Dance Studio B1
Tatara(thinks): They don't have any connection with me...
SFX: scared
Tatara(thinks): I don't want
Tatara(thinks): To get hit...
Tatara(thinks): ---I'm really
Tatara(thinks): No good.
Tatara: ......Ah...
Tatara: Ummm...

Guy: You don't know?
Guy: You've got some guts, scum.
Tatara: ......
Tatara: I...Don't know.
Tatara: !

SFX: Impact---
Guy: Speak,
Guy: Scum.
Guy: Speak!!
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): It hurts...
Tatara(thinks): It hurts but---
Tatara(thinks): I won't tell them!
Guy: You...

Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san is a pro dancer.
Guy: You're stubborn.
Tatara: I won't tell...
Tatara(thinks): I'm sure Hanaoka-san is practicing now too!!
Tatara(thinks): I won't let you bother them,
Tatara: I won't tell,
Tatara(thinks): No matter what---
Tatara: I won't tell!
Tatara: I won't tell!!
Guy: Pu

Guy: Daaahahaha, "I won't tell".
sd: Bwahahahaha
Guy: Haaaah,
Guy: Even though he'll get hit if he doesn't speak.
Guy: It feels like we're bullying the weak.
Guy: That's what we're doing, are you stupid?
Man: You there,
Man: What are you doing!!?
All: !!
Guy: Isn't this bad!?
Guy: The cops!?
Guy: Yesterday and today, really, spare me from this. (cd: I don't have any more hair!!)
Guy: Hey! Muroi...
Guy: Tch
Guy: I'll dispose of you later!!

Tatara: ...
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): ---I
Tatara(thinks): Didn't tell them...
Tatara: ...I-
Tatara: I'm glad...
Tatara(thinks): If a dancer got hurt he'd be in trouble...
Tatara: Ow...
Man: ---Are you ok?
SFX: step
Tatara: !

Tatara: Kyaaaah
SFX: click
Tatara: Sengoku-san!
Kaname: I saw you fighting.
Kaname: I guess they picked a fight with you for another trivial reason,
Kaname: (cd: Fufu...) Such immature guys.
Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: Not like I care...
Kaname: ...
Tatara: Haha...
Tatara: Hehe...
Tatara: Ehehehe...

Tatara: Owowowowowowow
Tamaki: Uwah! What happened, Tatara-kun!?
Kaname: Don't scream so exaggerately!
Tatara: But it hurts.
Kaname: Go fester then!
Tatara: Hehe.
Tatara: You're scary.
Kaname: Damn it, what's with that face?
Kaname(thinks): Rather than apologizing for getting him hurt
Kaname(thinks): I feel like killing him!!
Kaname: Buh
Kaname: ...If your business is done then go home. (cd: Fufu)
Kaname(thinks): Such a bother.
Tamaki: Hey, did you watch the DVD?
Tatara: Yes
Kaname(thinks): ?
Tatara's sd: Thank you for that!
Tatara: I saw it again and again!

Kaname: What?
Kaname: What are you talking about?
Tatara: Sengoku-san is an amazing dancer!!
Tatara: He even got the trophy! (cd: He won, right!?)
Tamaki: Yeah, yeah, he's admirable, right<3
Tamaki(thinks): He took the bait!
Tamaki: Sengoku-kun is
Tamaki: The holds the crown for both "Latin" and "Ten Dance"! //ballroom dancing competitions organized by the World Dance Council only use 10 different rhythms (which are all involved in the ten dance) which are divided in Standard and Latin. Standard dances are waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango, and Viennese Waltz, and Latin dances are rumba, cha-cha-cha, paso doble, ballroom samba, and jive. Ironically, jive isn’t actually a latin dance.
Kaname: Hey...
Kaname: Wai...
Tatara: I don't quite get it but that's cool!!
Tatara: I even started sweating even though I wasn't even dancing...
Kaname: Well, that's because you saw me!!
Kaname: Of course it's amazing!!
Kaname: So you noticed fast
Kaname: That touching your partner's body isn't the only appeal of ballroom dancing!
Tamaki: Eh, you're enrolling!? Tatara-kun, you're enrolling!?
Tatara: Eh!

Tatara(thinks): Enroll...
Tatara(thinks): ---I
Tatara(thinks): Can't...
Tatara(thinks): It's expensive...
Tatara: Umm!
Tatara: Ah...
Tatara(thinks): "I can't cause troubles for my parents."
Tatara: Oh...
Tatara(thinks): "I'm satisfied just by cheering for Sengoku-san and the others."---
Tatara: I...
Tatara: I'll clean...Or anything I need to do.
Tatara(thinks): ?
Tatara: I'll cover all of the lesson fees...Later by doing part-time jobs.
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Tatara: So, emmm,

Tatara: Please teach me how to dance.
Tatara(thinks): ...!?
Tamaki: Hmm, deferred payment, huh.
Kaname: Isn't it ok? Let's be generous!
Kaname: The old folks pay once a month. (cd: And what they can pay.)
Tatara: !
Tatara: That's...Not it.
Tatara: I also want to be like Sengoku-san
Tatara(thinks): Hey XX??XLELE
Tatara(thinks): %*(triangle)$(star)(face)Seaweed
Tatara: Show in competitions
Tatara: And go pro...

Kaname: HmMM
Tamaki: Eh...?
Tamaki: You want to become a pro?
Tatara: !!?
Tatara(thinks): I said something like that!?
Kaname: Hmmm, that's splendid.
SFX: Pupupupu~~~
Kaname: It's nice having high objectives.
Tatara: ...Sorry,
Tatara: That just now was like...
Kaname: What?
Kaname: Try to do it.
Tatara(thinks): Ah...

Tatara(thinks): Eh...Why did I turn away...?
Tatara(thinks): It's going away...
Tamaki: We-Well, well,
Tamaki: You're still in 3rd year of middle school, so you can dance as a hobby...
Tatara: I...
Tatara: I'll do it!
Tatara: Let me dance.

Tatara: I must change.
Tatara: ...
Tatara(thinks): Uh...
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname: ...
Kaname: *exhale*
Kaname: ...Tamaki-chan, can you bring out the rental shoes?
Tamaki: Eh?
Tamaki: Y...Yes.

Kaname: We'll walk a bit.
Kaname: Start from here.
Kaname: Right leg,
Kaname: Open the left leg to the side,
Kaname: Draw the right leg in---
Kaname: And close!
Kaname: Try repeating this right-left-right.
Kaname: The tempo is 3/4 time,
Kaname: You can do it, right?
Tatara: !
Tatara: Ye...

Tamaki: 3/4 time is counting "1-2-3", "1-2-3".
Tamaki's sd: You didn't understand, right?
Tatara: Yes...
Tatara's sd: Ahahaha...
Tatara(thinks): This is already a lesson, right!
Tatara(thinks): Right
Tatara(thinks): Left
Tamaki: Hey,
Tamaki: Are you making him do a Box?
Kaname: Correct!
Tatara: Box...?
Tamaki's sd: He's having fun...
Tamaki: Yeah, it's a basic training almost never done...
Tamaki: You just continue doing those three steps while rotating clockwise 90° each time...
Tamaki: In club activities and the like everyone lines up and do it to get strength...
Lil' guys: 1 2 3
Lil' guys: 1 2 3
cd: It's like mass calisthenics...
Tatara: Hmm
Tatara: They line up!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara: Sengoku-saaan.
Tatara: Let's do it together.
Kaname: Hm
Tatara: Right, left,
Tatara: Open and 90°!
Tatara: I learned it!

Tatara: Thank you for teaching me!
Tatara: If it's just this even I can somehow do it!
Kaname: Oh...That's great.
Tatara: What should I do next?
Kaname(thinks): ...
Tatara: Like a trick or something.
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): What a pace...!
Tatara(thinks): S-So cool.
Tatara(thinks): I can also---

Tatara: !
SFX: spin
Kaname: Continue like that!
Tatara: (cd: Eh,) All the time!?
Kaname: Don't want to?
Kaname: Then, you'll go home?
Tatara: No...
Kaname: If you finish doing that, I'll teach you the next thing.
Tatara: !
Tatara: Then when should I stop...
Kaname: When I tell you "stop".
Tamaki: ...

Tamaki: If it's a lesson for a beginner why didn't you have him do something funnier than the box?
Tamaki: That's almost muscle training, isn't it?
Kaname: Sure.
Kaname's sd: Haha...
Kaname: He might go home.
Tamaki: !?
Kaname: Since he's a beginner at most in 20 minutes.
Tamaki: Sengoku-kun!
Tamaki: What are you doing to our first new student in a while...?
Kaname: Shuddup.
Tamaki: Wha...
Kaname: Jeez, he said it too easily
Kaname: That after watching me dance he wants to be like me...
Kaname: Do I look that cheap?
SFX: crack
Tamaki: ...
Kaname(thinks): I've been taken too lightly.

Kaname(thinks): I can't laugh when a brat says he'll be a pro half in fun!
Tatara(thinks): A bigger
Tatara(thinks): Step...
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): Aaah
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): Those movements are impossible for me...
Tatara(thinks): I'm tired.
Kaname: Then, you'll go home?
Tatara(thinks): I'm not tired, I'm not tired.
Tatara(thinks): Look, Sengoku-san did it so smoothly
Tatara(thinks): Like a pendulum...
Tatara's sd: Smoooooothly...

Tatara(thinks): The way he used his legs wasn't ordinary
Tatara(thinks): ---Or so it seemed...
Tatara(thinks): He lowered his hips
Tatara(thinks): Like this...
Tatara(thinks): !!
Tatara(thinks): This is an air chair!
SFX: step
Tatara(thinks): The start of a pendulum is low!
Tatara(thinks): While facing the body to the side
Tatara(thinks): You head to the peak of the pendulum---

Shizuku: Upsie daisy...
SFX: squeeze
SFX: tap
Shizuku(thinks): Hmm? I hear someone dancing...
Shizuku(thinks): Is it Sengoku-san...?
Shizuku: Good mor...

p65 //no dialog

Shizuku(thinks): Box...?
Shizuku(thinks): One of waltz' basic figures
Shizuku(thinks): "Three Step Natural Turn" //The japanese actually says "Three of natural turn", which makes little sense, my guess it's that it should be a three step followed by a natural turn
Shizuku(thinks): "Right"
Shizuku(thinks): "Left"
Shizuku(thinks): ---You make the left your axis like that...
Shizuku(thinks): And from the tiptoes
Shizuku(thinks): You rise
Tatara(thinks): Alright,
Tatara(thinks): That's the feeling!
Tatara(thinks): After stretching-
SFX: creak
SFX: creak
Shizuku(thinks): ---You lower.

Tatara: !!
Tatara: Hanaoka-sa...
Shizuku: Did Sengoku-san teach you
Shizuku: "Swing"?
Tatara: Sw...
Kaname: Hmmmm
Clock: Beep beep
Clock: Beep beep
Tatara: Swi...?
Shizuku: I think it's good that you make big movements.
Shizuku: But your rise and lower are...
Shizuku: Ah,
Shizuku: Stay like that.
Tatara: !

Shizuku: I'll do it together with you.
SFX: Thump
Shizuku: The way your swing is right now you suddenly lower your knees
SFX: shake
Text: Lower
SFX: bounce
Text: Rise
SFX: Shake
Text: Lower
Shizuku: So the difference with your rise makes your head bounce,
Shizuku: That's why...
Shizuku: !
Shizuku: Hey
Shizuku: Why is your hold loosing!?
Tatara: But...
Shizuku: Your back is bending!
Shizuku: Your waist is closing!
Tatara: She kicked me!!
Tatara: She just kicked me, right!?
Kaname: Yawn...
Kaname: Oh, Shizuku,
Kaname: You came...
Tatara: Hi, Sengoku-san!

Kaname: Wha...You.
Tatara: How am I? Is my box well done?
Kaname: Why are you here?
Kaname: Go home,
Kaname: Don't come.
Tatara: Eh
Kaname: !?
SFX: Whoosh
Kaname: Yo...
Tatara's sd: Oh
Kaname: The floor is slippery...
Kaname: Wait, what are you spreading around!?
Tatara: S-Sweat,
Tatara: Maybe...
Kaname: Sweat!?
Tatara: Ouch
Tatara: ...?

Kaname?: That's disgusting!
Kaname: This isn't the dimension of just imitating!!
SFX: Peel
Tatara: Ah, the shoes broke (cd: I'm sorry...)
Kaname: ...It can't be that you were doing the box all night...
Kaname: Look at those bags...
Tatara: Eh?
Tatara: Ah...

Tatara: Ah...
Tatara: It's already morning.
Kaname: You can tell with a glance, idiot!!
Tatara: Good m...
Kaname: Go home!
Kaname: Jeez, this meaningless muscle training...
Kaname: Stop, stop!!
Kaname: This is stupid!!
Tatara: !
Kaname: When I tell you "stop".
Tatara: That
Tatara: Means...
Tatara: Uh
Tatara: Puh

Kaname: ...
Kaname: That
Kaname: Was
Kaname: Cloooooose.
Kaname: I mean, the floor is...
Kaname: You've done it now!!
SFX: Yuuuck //vomit
Tatara: Haha...
Tatara: I'm sorry.
SFX: cough
Kaname(thinks): Jeez, what's with him?
Kaname(thinks): Did he really do it all this time until now...?
Kaname(thinks): Moreover, I saw him do a nice "swing" just now...
Kaname(thinks): I didn't teach him anything!
Kaname(thinks): This guy...
Shizuku: Puh...
Shizuku: Fufu...
Shizuku: All night? What's with that?
Shizuku: Box!?
Shizuku: Are you stupid?

Shizuku: Aaaaah,
Shizuku: So fun...
Shizuku: You threw up, Fujita-kun.
Tatara(thinks): "Fujita-kun"...
Kaname: ?
Tatara: Wh-
Tatara: What should I do next...
Kaname: Like I know!
Tatara(thinks): ---I
Tatara(thinks): Think I can change---
Kaname: You're really annoying!

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#1. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2013
For those curious about Jive, you can check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zwREQvI4NU&list=PLKp3L8sDQMx-Ber44le-FeRt-07OrI3yF&index=1
around minute 40, the Jive block starts there, that's an international dancesport competition so I guess it should be illustrative for the readers of this manga XD
#2. by Icaroi ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2013
You will continue translating this manga? I loved it!
#3. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2013
I will continue translating it, but I'm waiting for the group that will potentially scanlate this series to get HQ raws...
#4. by Icaroi ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2013
#5. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2013
Those are the ones I used to make my TL (and read the whole series XD), unfortunately, it seems that the quality is too low, and since the series has a lot of redraws, unless you have better ones it's pretty impossible...

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