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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 15

15th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 14, 2013 12:54 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 15

Voice: Kyuuki, a demon that recently appeared who is believed to be linked to the grimoire,
Voice: She's a humanoid demon whose ability and mana are estimated to be rank B+.
Voice: And Kamishiro Shin,
Voice: The human mentioned in the report who obtained the grimoire,
Voice: He owns the grimoire and lures demons in,
Voice: As of now, he doesn't seem to have evil intentions.
15th Clause
Voice: That concludes...
Voice: Idiot!!
Voice: To begin with, that he draws demons in is evil in itself!!
Voice: With the situation as it is, the top brass pretends to only supervise him!?
Voice: This is a grave situation!!
Voice: No. 6.

Voice: I have already deployed troops to the area with my authority.
Voice: Let that demon and human who oppose God's will
Voice: Know our power.
6: ...
Voice: That's the reason why I called you here.
6: Ye~~~s.
6: But it's a shame.
6: He even has the kind of cute face that I like. //Harem alert XD

15th Clause

Shin: How unusual, to think you suddenly wanted to go to the library.
Kyuuki: There's something I want to investigate.
Kyuuki: Well, what I can learn from a town's library doesn't really amount to much.
Kyuuki: If only we could somehow take a peek at the library of Kurosaki's organization.
Kyuuki's sd: Aaah
Shin: That's impossible...

Shin(thinks): What was that, something felt wrong just now...
Kyuuki: What's wrong?
Shin: No...
Shin(thinks): The grimoire inside me reacted!?
Shin: Nah, it's nothing.
Shin(thinks): Or I should say, the grimoire reacted to something...
Shin(thinks): Well, Kyuuki isn't particularly alert either.
Kyuuki: You're a weird guy.
Shin(thinks): I might just be thinking to much.
Kyuuki's sd: Well, you've always been weird.
Shin's sd: Shuddup.

Shin(thinks): Eh...

Voice: The target got caught in the net!!
Voice: I repeat, the target got caught in the net!!
Nun: For God
Voice: We do it for God.
Nun: We will bring judgement!
Nun: !!

Nun: They're not here...!?
Nun: Just where did they go!?
Voice: This is the breaking-in team, we lost the target!! I repeat, we lost the target!! //please change breaking-in for something more fitting, I couldn't find a good word for it
Nun: Damn them...
Nun: Just where did they go?

Shin: That was dangerous.
Shin: If I had turned that knob we'd been blown to bits.
Kyuuki: Yeah...
Shin: To think it was a trap that activated using the mana of those who touch it.
Kyuuki: We're safe thanks to you since you noticed the trap and used the grimoire's powers to rewrite its time limit,
Kyuuki: That also bought us time to escape.
Shin: More importantly, the way they looked, it was just like Kurosaki's.

Kyuuki: It'd be safe to assume they are
Kyuuki: Soldiers from Kurosaki's religious organization.
Shin: Kuh...
Shin: But Kurosaki said before that the organization said they'd evaluate the situation...
Kyuuki: Fool, calm down.
Kyuuki: I don't know about Kurosaki, but in my era treaty breachments like this were an everyday occurrence!!
Kyuuki: And the scale of this is too small to think that the organization got serious.

Kyuuki: If they actually got serious, this whole town would be sealed.
Kyuuki: It seems that in the past they occupied a whole city just to capture one demon.
Shin: Fo...For real...
Shin(thinks): That means that those who attacked us are part of a radical faction...
Shin(thinks): This are the actions of a part of the organization that doesn't like the current situation.
6: Ding dong ding dong (music note)
6: I'm surprised that you're that quick-witted.
SFX: Clap clap clap clap

6: I won't let you escape anymore.
6: Fox demon and Grimoire owner.
Shin(thinks): A woman!?

Shin's sd: Hm?
Shin(thinks): Her clothes are a bit different to the ones before her.
6: Kuuh~~~ he's really cute!!
6: Getting rid of him is a wa~~~ste.
6's sd: Kuuh
6: Can't I just take him home?
Shin: ...
6's sd: Hmmm Hmmmm
Shin(thinks): This girl...
Kyuuki(thinks): Yeah...
Both(think): It's hard to fight her!!
Kyuuki's sd: Why is she smiling...

Shin(thinks): No, no, don't let her decieve you!!
Shin(thinks): Leaving me aside, they should have some knowledge about Kyuuki, even so she's coming alone.
Shin(thinks): That means she must be confident on her skills.
Shin: Kyuuki.
Kyuuki: I know,
Kyuuki: I won't be careless.
6: It can't be helped, it's my mission.
6: Well, even the dead body is fine.

Shin: Wha...
Kyuuki: What...
Shin(thinks): What
6: Here I go then.
Shin(thinks): Is that!?

Shin(thinks): Judging by the shape, projectiles?
6: Are you ready?
6: Go!!

Shin: Uwah!?
Shin(thinks): Projectiles, huh!!
Shin(thinks): And they go back to her after being thrown.
6: You did well dodging, good boy.
Shin(thinks): Most likely it's not just that.
Shin(thinks): However, no matter what they are we must attack.
Shin: Kyuuki!!
Kyuuki: Yeah.

Kyuuki: Don't think you can stop me with those little tricks!!
Kyuuki: You're mine if I get close to you!!

Kyuuki: Haaaah!!
Shin(thinks): She got her!!

Shin(thinks): She blocked the attack!?
6: Sorry.
Kyuuki: What!?
6: They can be used to defend too.
6: By the way, they can do this too.

Kyuuki: Wha...
6: They sparkle like this.
Shin: Kyuuki!!
6: Can you afford looking away?

6: It's a shame, this is where we part,
6: Bye bye~~~
Shin(thinks): This is bad, I can't dodge it!!

6: It was a bit of a waste.
6: Hm?
6: ...
6: Hmmm.
6: So you really will get in our way.
Shin: Ah...

Shin: Kurosaki!?
15th Clause/END

Shin's SFX: Sparkle sparkle
Shin's sd: Kurosaki, thank you!
Kurosaki's sd: Hmph
Arrow: Feeling Shy

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