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Shokugeki no Souma 11

The Night Before the Showdown

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 15, 2013 02:21 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
//Wow, this chapter sure was full of explanations, I hope they're all understandable.
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Cutlery: Don!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Souma: How is it this time!?
Kanichi: It's really tasty!! But it's no good!
Kanichi: You can't win against Nikumi like this!!
Text: The highly praised battle preparations
Text: Are having a rough going!

Star: The popularity had a sudden rise! "The super ecstasy and new food textures" Gourmet story!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 11 The Night Before the Showdown
Star: Can he get a chance of victory!?
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Kanichi: Nikumi is a meat specialist...Especially beef.
Kanichi: I don't think there's any need to fixate on Beef don.
Strategy Meeting //the "ing" shouldn't be visible
Theme "Don" //The last " shouldn't be visible
Ingredient "Meat" //Blurry part of the first few letters
Kanichi: Besides, for example, an Oyakodon uses chicken meat...It works with this time's theme. //Oyakodon: chicken and egg on rice
Kanichi: A dish that overlaps as less as possible with Nikumi's is better...
Souma: I see...
Souma: So it should be as eccentric as possible.
Souma: Tadokoro, is there any don you like?
Megumi: Ermm...I don't know if it could be called a don and it isn't meat either.
Megumi: You see, you grill scallops on a net and add a bit of butter and soy sauce inside the opening.
Megumi: If you put that on steamy hot rice it's really delicious.
Kanichi: That's right...! We could have battled using a seafood don.
Kanichi: Yukihira, It's all because you said you'd battle using meat...
Souma: The theme for the battle is already decided so stop grumbling!

Kanichi: You don't know how strong Nikumi is!!
Kanichi: If she brings an "A5" beef...
Kanichi: We can't win...!
Megumi: A5 was...Ermm, if I'm not mistaken
Megumi: It was a rank for the quality of meat, right?
Kanichi: Yeah, that's right.
Kanichi: The "yield grade" that represents the obtainable meat weight proportion of the cut up cow has 3 ranks from A to C.
Kanichi: The "meat quality grade" has 5 ranks from 5 to 1 depending on various conditions like the marbled portion, the meat's firmness, or the luster of the fat.
Kanichi: The beef meat that achieved the highest rank on both of these is A5.
Kanichi: I've eaten steak grilled by Nikumi on school events.
Kanichi: Meat of that level is
Kanichi: Drinkable.
Souma: Drinkable!?

Kanichi: The moment you bite it, the meat becomes a mass of deliciousness.
Kanichi: You don't even need to use your teeth, it just slides through your throat.
Kanichi: If you ordered this meat in a restaurant, a few of your Yukichis would fly away... //Yukichi is the guy on the 10,000 yen bill
Kanichi: This is also an important point,
Kanichi: The ingredients used in Shokugekis must be prepared by the competitors,
Kanichi: Because being able to get a supply of raw ingredients is one necessary skill for chefs!
Kanichi: The Mito household is expanding as a large-scale meat distributor, they have complete control over a section of the beef business... //I made a mistake on last chapter, her last name is Mito, not Mido
Kanichi: Financial muscle, installations, and commercial routes//equipment, facilities
Kanichi: All of those constitute the reason why Nikumi's dishes are---
Kanichi: Of the highest quality...
Souma: He gets dejected as he talks...
Megumi: I wonder if you really can surpass...
Megumi: That amazing meat.
Souma: Hey guys...I really

Souma: Think the Don RS should go with beef don too.
Kanichi: Huh!?
Kanichi: Hey, Yukihira, were you listening to me!?
Kanichi: with beef you can't possibly hope to beat Nikumi.
Souma: But Konishi-senpai, you said this,
Souma: Don are "Fast, Tasty, and Cheap"---
Souma: Nikumi is looking down on that, you know?
Souma: To make her admit that don is good
Souma: We have to beat her using a convenient beef dish or it will be meaningless!
Kanichi(thinks): ...

Kanichi: So...Sometimes men have things they must protect even if it means to betray their beliefs.
Souma: Oh, and we can't oddly try to use high grade ingredients!
Souma: Don's charm isn't that.
Souma: Oh...We're about to run out of ingredients.
Souma: Let's buy some more...
Souma: How much of the Don RS' club budget is left?
Kanichi: Ummm, that is...
Souma: ...? What's up, senpai?
Kanichi: Well...The remaining budget...Adding all I have is...
Megumi?: What, what?
Both: !!!
Souma: It's...Only this much?
Souma: I not sure if we can buy ingredients for experimental dishes...

Dad: I'll send you living expenses every once in a while.
Souma(thinks): Not having funds is really bad...! I have to make use of my living expenses.
Souma(thinks): Wait whaaaaaaaat!? This is all my balance!?
Dad: Once in a while.
Souma: Eh!? That's what once in a while was!?
Souma: It was that kind of once in a while!?

Souma(thinks): This might be...
Souma(thinks): A little bad...
Kanichi: This are the Don RS’ past recipe compilations! I brought them from the storehouse...
Kanichi: There might be something we can use!
Megumi: Senpai~~~I brought them~~~
Kanichi: Oh, thank you! (cd: Put that bunch over here...)
Souma: ---Alright...!
Souma: Let's do this!
Souma: It's done! Taste it for me!

Souma: Instead of pork I used beef to make a beef katsudon! //Katsudon = breaded pork on rice
Souma: I came up with ideas based on the Don RS' recipes and closed it with a mix of chicken and quail eggs.
Souma: The body should be greater...! How about it!?
Kanichi: It isn't bad...But it's not enough!
Kanichi: There's no impact when I put it in my mouth...
Kanichi: Nikumi's dishes like...Come with a whonk.
Souma: A whonk...Then tallow!
Souma: I put an egg that was sweetly fried using sugar and beef tallow to make a
Souma: Sukiyaki don! //Sukiyaki: thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan
Kanichi: It's no good...! There's no refined flavor,
Kanichi: Try lowering the amount of tallow, instead...
Souma: H-How about this recipe?

Box: And, the next day too
Megumi: Senpai is pale and dejected again!
Souma: Throw water at him to wake him up, Tadokoro!
Box: Time passed in vain.
Megumi(thinks): Uuh...Tomorrow night is the real thing
Megumi(thinks): But I can't see how he can win yet...
Megumi(thinks): And our funds are about to run out...

Souma(thinks): I've tried all of the main dishes in Don RS' recipes
Souma(thinks): And arranged them in every way I could think of...
Souma(thinks): Isn't there anything else...?
Souma(thinks): A way to make convenient meat have impact and give satisfaction...!!
Megumi: Souma-kun...Why don't you rest a bit?
Megumi: If you have a change of pace you might come up with an idea to overcome this
Megumi: Like on the first class...Just kidding.
Souma: Ah...That one
Souma: When I softened the meat with honey.
Souma: ---...?
Book: Japanese Style Steak Don

Megumi: Uwah
Megumi: Souma-kun...?
Souma: You're a lifesaver, Tadokoro...There was one!
Souma: A way to give impact...To meat with convenient prices!
Souma: Konishi-san! It can be any part, Short loin, Sirloin, or whatever!
Souma: Do we have any beef steak left!?
Kanichi: Beef steak? You tried doing a Japanese Style Steak Don just before, didn't you!? Just what are you...
Souma: First cut the steak with a net pattern... //you know, cutting it making small squares like a net

p14 //Ok, I did my best to do a translation as literal as possible, but I ended up getting lost with the juices part, Idk when did he even grill the meat...
Souma: And swat it to stretch it! //maybe "beat"
Souma: Then...Cover both sides of the meat with finely chopped onion and leave it for a while.
Kanichi(thinks): Steak and onion...?
Kanichi(thinks): I...Think I've seen this somewhere...
Souma: After removing the onion from the meat and adding salt and pepper as seasoning
Souma: Take butter melted on a fry pan
Souma: And use the juices that grilled the meat to fry the onion! As if mixing it together with the fried juices.
Souma: Spread the fried onion equally on the steak,
Souma: Use a knife's stomach to mark the net lines and put it on rice

Souma: To complete it.
Kanichi: That's it!
Kanichi: This is...
Kanichi: Shalyapin Steak! //after googling, it might also be known as "Chaliapin steak"
Big Text: Shalyapin Steak
Text: A dish made in 1936 for opera singer Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin when he visited Japan.
Text: At the time, he was suffering of toothaches and said "I want to eat a tender steak", this dish was devised to answer to his request.
Text: Because of that, it's an original Japanese steak that doesn't exist in foreign countries.
Souma: Now, both of you, taste it!
Megumi?: Ye-Yes!

Megumi(thinks): I...
Megumi(thinks): It's fluffy~~~!
Kanichi: What a tenderness...It can be cut easily with chopsticks!
Kanichi: And with every bite
Kanichi: The meat comes apart inside my mouth!!

Souma: Onions have enzymes that decompose proteins...Just like Pineapples and honey.
Souma: That's why the meat becomes this tender.
Megumi: ...
Kanichi(thinks): I can't believe it's that cheap meat...
Kanichi(thinks): My mouth is full with deliciousness.
Kanichi(thinks): I can't complain about its compatibility with the rice either.
Kanichi(thinks): A way of cooking steak using onion,
Kanichi(thinks): To think he would make the best of it on a don.
Kanichi(thinks): But...Can just this really
Kanichi(thinks): Win against Nikumi's A5 grade meat...?
Ikumi: I'm using Japanese Black Fillet... //Japanese Black is a breed of cattle
Ikumi: Its grade is naturally A5.

Ikumi: Moreover, it's been curing for over a month,
Ikumi: In three days it will be on its best condition...
Ikumi: It is, so to call it,
Ikumi: "An A5 that exceeds A5"
Ikumi: By cooking it on a way that brings out its flavor the most
Ikumi: I'll destroy the likes of the Don RS.
Erina: ...I'm expecting great results.

Erina(thinks): Fufu...To think that a chance would come this fast.
Erina(thinks): Yukihira Souma...The chance to
Erina(thinks): Banish you from Tootsuki!
Megumi: ---Eh?
Megumi: You're still going to modify it?
Souma: Yeah...
Souma: This finely chopped onion,
Souma: I'll make it...
Souma: "Evolve" into the best sauce
Text: ---Now! Shokugeki!!
Souma: That gives color to this don.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 11/End

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