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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 12

Cerberus-kun and Cycloko-chan

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 16, 2013 19:35 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 12
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Cerberus: I have to take care of this girl...?
Text: She was entrusted to him...
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Cerberus: Do you understand who you are asking that to...?
Cerberus: It was my fault that your husband---
Cyclops: I don't plan to blame you after so much time,
Cyclops: And...As you can see, I'm about to follow after my husband.
Cyclops: I don't want to regret that this girl...That "Cycloko"... //remember that "ko" is a generic suffix for female names
Cerberus(thinks): ---This is also part of my atonement...Huh.
Cerberus(thinks): Every time I see this girl...I'm reminded of my war buddy's death.
Cerberus: Ok...I'll take responsibility and raise this girl in my squad.
Cerberus: Until she can properly stand on her own legs...As a splendid soldier...!!

Phantom: Stand, Kiruko.
Phantom: You're not one to get done by just this.
Phantom: Now, come at me...
Phantom: Try to kill me, Kiruko!!
Text: Kiruko's master is here!!!
Star: The long-awaited JC Volume (1) will be on sale on March 4th!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 12 Cerberus-kun and Cycloko-chan
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: Aaaaaaah, It's th-th-the commandeeeeeeer!!
Bullet: ---...!!
Chiaki: !? Eh...Wh...what? "Commander"?...Who is that person!?
Bullet: Commander...Where have you been all this time...!?
Haru: !?
Bullet: I mean, are you still saying that kind of things!?
Phantom: ...Bullet, huh.
Phantom: Don't call me commander, now I'm just a humble bodyguard.
Bullet: !! Stop, Commander.
Bullet: I don't want to fight you...!!
Phantom: !

Phantom: !!!!
Haru: !!
Chiaki: Ki...
Chiaki: Kiruko!!

Phantom: ...Nice attack, Kiruko...You've grown up.
Kiruko: ...It's been a while, Sensei...You're still saying that? //sensei is written as "Master" (shishou)
Phantom: ---That's right.
Phantom: "Kill me when you become a fully-qualified soldier"...I've been telling you that all the time.
Phantom: You understand, right? This is the only way I can atone for the burdens I carry.
Phantom: I've told you all of it---
Kiruko: ---I...
Kiruko: Iiiiii Tooooooold Youuuuuuu!!
Kiruko: You have the wrong idea!! It's not like anyone has a grudge against you anymore!!
Haru: Eeeh, Kiruko, you...
Haru: You are acting as always against someone that serious!!
Phantom: ...You're as naive as always...
Phantom: That might be true.
Phantom: But...This is my way of taking responsibility!

Phantom: Continue over my corpse, Kirukooo!!
Haru?: !!
Haru?: Dowaaaaaaaaah!!
Haru: Hey...Something started again!!
Haru's sd: It's scary!!
Chiaki: Stop them, Bullet!!
Bullet: O...Ok, but don't expect much,
Bullet: Not even the whole squad teaming up could win against the commander!
Bullet: He's on a totally different level than us.
Bullet: You two should fall back!!
Haru: O-O...Old man!!

Haru: Old maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!
Chiaki: Noooooo, with one hiiiiiiiit!!
Chiaki: Lowlife! You go next!!
Haru: Idiot, you saw that just now!!
Haru: I would casually die like an ant jumping into a mixer!!
Kiruko: ...Senpai...
Phantom: Fufu...When I heard you were in Nagashima, I thought my heart would stop beating.
Phantom: I was right at inviting you here...
Kiruko: !!
Phantom: Today is the day to redeem for my sins!!

Kiruko: Geez, Sensei is always like this...
Kiruko: You always just go and decide everything by yourself!!
Kiruko: !!!!
Haru: ---!!
Phantom: You're gradually getting into gear too.
Phantom: But...With this
Phantom: You can't kill me yet!!
Kiruko: I'm telling you I don't want to do that!
Haru: !!
Kiruko: I'll even look after you when you grow old so rest assured!!

Phantom: Fuhaha, there's nothing more disgraceful than that!!
Phantom: In that case, I would like you to kill me this instant!!
Kiruko: You say that no matter what I say? People like you are...!!
Haru: I don't care about what you do but don't come over here!!
Kiruko: ...Cu-
Kiruko: Cut it out! Why did the sensei that was like a mass of sense of justice become like this---
Phantom: ...Sorry...But I'm just a small villain.
Phantom: I'll do anything for money, even being a carrier of smuggled weapons for a Casino Dealer.
Chiaki: !?
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: No way...
Phantom: ...

Cerberus: ---Cyclo...The squad has grown enough.
Cerberus: Your daughter has too.
Cerberus: I'll leave that place.
Cerberus: Even after making a squad, I couldn't reach the justice I yearn for.
Cerberus: Maybe that thing wasn't in battles from the beginning.
Cerberus: I've had enough, now I'll be a bodyguard or whatever...I'll leave my ideals here.
Cerberus: After all, I can only live fighting now.
Cerberus: Then, rather than hurting people for justice's sake, becoming evil and hurting people is somewhat easier...
Cerberus: If you were alive
Cerberus: What would you think after seeing me right now...
Phantom: ---...
Phantom: People change.
Phantom: You can't be paying lip service forever.
Phantom: You can't choose your means anymore!

Phantom: Kill me, Kiruko!!
Phantom: If you don't---
Phantom: I'll make you do it even if I have to drag your friends into this!!
Kiruko: !!
Haru: Wha...
Chiaki: ......!!
Kiruko: What are you saying, sensei!? There's a limit to how selfish you can be.
Kiruko: You'll drag everyone into this!?
Kiruko: That's the only thing I won't forgive!!
Phantom: ...Hmph.
Phantom: Your impatience has left you full of openings!!
Kiruko: !!

Cerberus: ---Today is the day we part, Cycloko,
Cerberus: It's been 12 years since you were entrusted to me...I'm glad you've grown this much.
Cycloko: ...
Cerberus: After this, don't become like me, even by mistake.
Cerberus: This was your dad's knife,
Cerberus: Have it...
Cycloko: !!
Cerberus: Just like your dad, I just wanted to protect what must be protected,
Cerberus: But where did I go wrong, good grief...
Cycloko: ...Then,
Cerberus: !
Cycloko: I'll become someone like that!
Cycloko: On my battlefield!
Chiaki: Ah, he...Her tonfa blades were-!!
Chiaki: Kirukoooooooo!!

Phantom: !!
Phantom: Wha...
Phantom: That knife is...!!?
Phantom: ...Sensei, you were the one who told me to
Phantom: "Fight to protect what you want to protect", you know...?
Phantom: !!
Phantom: Kuh...
Cerberus: ...Haha...You make it sound so easy.
Phantom: But, you're right...I hope you find it,

Phantom: A place where you can fight for the things ---
Phantom: You really want to protect...!!
Phantom: I'm waiting expectantly for that,
Phantom: Kiruko...!!
Haru: !!
Haru: Oooh, you did it, Kirukooo!!
Phantom: ...Splendid, Kiruko...
Phantom: Now, kill me...!!
Kiruko: ...Don't wanna.
Kiruko: Someone who wasn't fighting seriously doesn't have the right to get killed.
Phantom: Nuh!!
Kiruko: Sorry, but I can't pretend not to care when someone I want to protect dies---
Kiruko: Because I wasn't raised like that!!
Phantom: ...Hmph...
Phantom: ...So I'll have to wait until next time to get killed...
Kiruko: I'm telling you I'm not killing you!

Kiruko: It's just so troublesome, good grief!
Kiruko: That person really can't go outside the world inside him.
Kiruko: We finally reunited and he didn't care about my feelings...
Haru: Wait, shouldn't we have just arrested him?
Haru: Something was odd with that corporation the commander was in, right?
Chief: Hmm, but, in the end, we couldn't catch them on the act so it was impossible.
Chief: It seems that the government is involved with that corporation...This is all we can do~~~
Haru: Our effort was in vain again...?
Chief: Well, well! Because of that, Cerberus-kun's story has become better so it's all right!
Chiaki: Certainly...To think that it's based on Kiruko and that commander's story...
Notebook: {
A place where you can fight for the things ---
You really want to protect...!!
Chiaki: If you read it knowing it's based on that, it's quite a deep story...

Haru: You're right! Somehow or another I've ended up liking this story!
Bullet: It might be because that Cerberus-kun is the subject that it has to be a story this deep.
Kiruko: Re...Really, everyone!!?
Haru: Alright!! Didn't we do a great job for once this time!?
Chiaki: Kiruko was the one who did it.
Haru?: Let's raid the TV station as soon as possible!!
Kiruko: Yeeeeeees!
Sign: Naga Shima T V
Man: ...No,
Man: It's too heavy.
Man: I'm sorry...But I can't use this.
Man's sd: Let's say this didn't happen...
Thought: ...Eh?
Text: It's shelved!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 12/End

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