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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 13

Total Coverage! 24 Hours with Kiruko-san!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 21, 2013 00:17 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

-> RTS Page for Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 13

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use wihtout my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 13
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Voice: Chief, chief!
Voice: You have visitors~~~!
Text: This week will have the usual feeling!!
Man: Sorry for always disturbing you while you're working...
Man: We're from Nagashima TV!
Man: I'm sorry to trouble you again, but we have another request~~~...
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Kiruko: Eh!? Eh!? Is it perhaps Cerberus-kun's anime---
Man: Ah, no, that's not it, that plan was called off.
Man: Instead, the Fighting Eel will begin...
Man: I mean, I'm no longer in the anime division,
Man: I'm making documentaries now!
Man: And...My request today is...

Man: Otonashi Kiruko-san!
Kiruko: !
Man: Will you let us make a special feature about you?
Kiruko: Eh!? S-Special feature!?
Kiruko: Mine!?
Man: Well, I've been wanting to interview you ever since I met you.
Man: There's no one that draws the audience's attention better than you!
Haru: W...With that said, what kind of special feature...?
Man: Everything! I want to show Kiruko-san's amazingness to the people of Nagashima without leaving anything behind!
Man: I call it---
Man: "Total coverage - 24 hours with Kiruko-san"!

p3 //have I ever mentioned that the part I like the most of this series are the girls' cosplays? XD
Star: The new song...No, JC Volume (1) will be on sale on March 4th!! Best regards <3
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Flowered Sign: Naga(star)shima SISTERS
Haru's sign: More Cunningly
Text: Otonashi Kiruko finally makes her TV debut!? Use that walking ability to run up the stairs to stardom!!!
Chapter 13 Total Coverage! 24 Hours with Kiruko-san!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Sign: Night Duty Room
Kiruko: Everyone, sit, quickly.
Kiruko: It's about to start~~~!
Chiaki: Don't yell, Kiruko!
Kanna: I can't wait~~~ I wonder how it was editted.
Kiruko: I was so excited yesterday that I couldn't sleep,
Kiruko: It's my TV debut!!
Haru: We understand, calm down.
Haru: However, after that they really started filming, when I noticed the special feature was ready to air.
Man's sd: Then, we'll start.
Haru: Is this ok? Won't it ruin the station's image?
Haru's sd: If things come to worst.
Kanna: The commercial is ending!!
Kiruko: !

Nagashima TV
Documentary Special
Total Coverage! The Rumored Novice Policewoman
24 Hours with Kiruko-san!
All: !! Oooooooh!!
Haru: Wow, it's so professional! Can we expect things from it!?
Kiruko: What are you saying? Naturally, senpai~~~!
Kiruko: While the camera was rolling I was even more modest while working.
Flag: Crossing
Kiruko: I'm sure they edited it to show me as a cute policewoman from this lovely town!
Voice: ---Hamokawa Police, Nagashima Substation.
Voice: The only police station in this town.
Haru: !! Oh, it's the station!
Voice: This spring...One novice policewoman was appointed here---

Voice: Otonashi Kiruko-san (19), //wait she's 19!!! She's even younger than me, daf...
Voice: An innocent rookie that diligently does official business in this town!
Thought: What happened to her face!!?
Text: Q. Why did you want to become a policewoman?
Kiruko's sd: Hmph
Kiruko: Let's see...Partly because I always admired the policewoman uniform...
Kiruko: But the most important reason was because I wanted to work for someone else's sake...Yes!
Kiruko: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Kiruko's sd: That's so embarrassing!
Chiaki(thinks): ...What is she saying so seriously with that face...?
Kanna(thinks): The fighting spirit of that makeup is a fruitless effort...
Voice: After seeing how diligent the novice Kiruko-san is
Kiruko's sd: Yes, yes
Voice: We had to see how she works and carried out a 24-hour total coverage---

Voice: ---The result,
Voice: We learned her shocking true identity!!
Thought: !!?
Kiruko: Eh!? What!? "Tru...True identity"...What about the documentary!!?
Voice: Because, all of you in front of the TV should have felt it,
Voice: That she is always carrying something!!
Kiruko: !?
Haru: Ah, they really asked about that!?
Text: Q. What are those things in your back?
Kiruko: ? "What"...
Kiruko: They're tonfa blades.
Text: Q. What are tonfa blades?
Kiruko: Eeh? Oh well, they're weapons,
Kiruko: I always used them when I was on the battlefield!

Q. What is the battlefield?
Kiruko: My last workplace! I'm a former mercenary.
Kiruko: I don't know how many enemy soldiers became rust for this tonfa blades when I was in active duty
Haru: What are you saying on public TV!!?
Haru: Hey, don't say I didn't tell you!! You've totally ruined the station's image!!
Haru: Who do you think that will have to take responsibility for this!?
Kiruko: Bu...But they asked...
Kiruko: I mean, what happened with how I work!? When are they showing the policewoman part of me!!?
Voice: Former mercenary...What does she mean...?
Haru: Ah, the program showed interest in that!!
Text: Kiruko-san's coworker, Mr. B's Testimony
Bullet: Yeah...She certainly was a member of the squad I was in...
Bullet: Her alias in the battlefield was "One-eyed cougar"
Haru: Heeeey!!
Haru: Why are you collaborating so nonchalantly!? That's you, right, old man!!?
Haru's sd: The black screen is useless! //not sure about the screen part here, that part of the text is unreadable, if you know how they call that things used for interviews tell me.
Haru: And why do you look happy about it!!?

Voice: Even though, this is difficult to believe...If you leave the weapons and the eye patch aside,
Voice: She's just a normal policewoman when she's wearing her uniform.
Kiruko: That's right, I was waiting for that!!
Voice: For that, we'd like you to see this scene of her work.
Kiruko: !?
Voice: It shows Kiruko-san playing with the kids, but---
Kid: Kiruko, shoot!
Kiruko: Yeees!
Voice: Could you understand it?
Voice: That was savate! //a french martial art
Voice: We don't think there's any policewomen that can do this unintentionally!

Voice: After being certain of the existence of a special variety of savate
Voice: We went to America to try to find its roots!
Haru: The program is gradually going in a weird direction!
Voice: And we succeeded in interacting with the one who's said to have taught her martial arts---
All's sd: Ooooooh...
Kiruko's sd: Ueeeeeeh!!
Kiruko: What about work!? Hey, why don't they show when I do my job as a policewoman!?
William: Kiruko...Of course, I remember her.
William: Because meeting her was so shocking...That it changed my view of life...!!
Text: Martial Arts Master, Mr. William Gale's testimony---

Haru: You know him?
Kiruko: I went to learn from him for about 2 or 3 days in summer vacations,
Kiruko: It was to widen my knowledge of close combat...
William: It was my first time meeting someone with so much sense as her.
William: As a Martial arts master I bet my life trying to polish my skills, but...
William: It was my complete loss.
William: She became better than me in just one day!!
Thought: The very same day!!?
William: I felt...That it was the moment in which eras would change.
William: I gave my name as a martial arts master to her...I'm just a senile old man.
Haru: Oh~~~...So you really are one of a kind, Martial arts master!!
Chiaki: Right!? All said and done, Kiruko's amazing.
Kiruko: But that's not the part of me I want you to appreciate~~~!!
Voice: Additionally, we went to the place she went after
Voice: According to Mr. Gale's testimony, Malaysia...!!
Haru?: !? They're still continuing with that!!?

Text: Malaysian jungle vicinity resident, Mr. Rahman's testimony---
Rahman: Yes...I know her very well.
Rahman: Because she's really famous around this area as the "Jiba Punohan"...!! //ok, first of all, "jiba punohan" is the romaji for the furigana of that word, the japanese says 神殺し which means "god killer", according to online english-malay dictionaries that would be something like "pembunuh tuhan" which doesn't remotely look similar so I just went with the romaji XD
Rahman: With that said...In this jungle, there was an Indochinese Tiger called "Jiba" //Jiba is written as god
Rahman: It was famous as a man-eating tiger...
Rahman: Many people had to swallow their tears and become sacrifices for the god.
Rahman: That was when she gallantly appeared---
Rahman: And defeated that god with just one kick!!
Thought: Savate again!!
Rahman: Everyone was grateful to her...Because there was no more need to be sad...
All's sd: Wooooh
Haru: "Jiba Punohan"!!
Kiruko: No, that was just because by chance we had a mission around there and the tiger was a bother...
Kiruko: I mean, it's about time they talk about my policewoman side...Umm...
Voice: "Jiba Punohan"!!
Kiruko: Eeeek, just stop it!!

Voice: With this, it should be apparent that she's an extraordinary being...However!!
Voice: There are people in the world that even think of her as "God" itself!!
Kiruko: !!?
Kiruko: Hey...Aren't they treating me now like I was some UMA!?
Kiruko: Hey!!
Text: Southeast Mexico - Actoba Village, Adelina-san's testimony---
//Sigh, I guess the Malaysian people should be as mad as I'm with this thing, so, as someone born in the southeastern part of Mexico, I'll write down my full rant now
//First of all, her clothes don't quite match, that's more of a native American clothes imo, if it's southeast Mexico they should have at least mayan-like clothes (though there's a lot more ethnic groups around there)...
//Then wtf is Akutoba? I mean, I've never heard of a remotely similar name like anywhere in Mexico...And there's no indigenous tribes with names even similar to that. Anyway, I just tried to make it sound the most spanish-like possible...
//And I don't think indigenous people would use "Adelina" as a name for their children... But I digress, enough rant, let's continue.
Adelina: Yes...Exactly.
Adelina: We're certain that she's a god!!
Adelina: Please look at this wall painting.
Adelina: It's the figure of a Valkyrie worshipped in this lands. //Valkyrie... seriously...? Btw, Valkyrie is written as "War Goddess"
Adelina: Look...She has one eye, and her unique pose...
Adelina: She appeared when there was a strife around here...

Adelina: She fought a great number of soldiers as if she was a celestial maiden---
Adelina: Her figure was exactly the one of the "Valkyrie" we worship!!
Adelina: It was so beautiful...
Adelina: The goddess we’ve believed in all this time descended upon us.
Adelina: That I, with my little life left, could see the goddess---
Adelina: Is something that rejoices me even know...!!
Adelina: Because Valkyrie-sama is our spiritual support...
Kiruko: U...Umm...Everyone, don't just gaze at it...
Kiruko: At least say something...!!
Voice: Martial Arts Master...Jiba Punohan...Valkyrie...
Voice: Are these actually her true identity...?

Voice: Certainly, we caught sight of her superhuman-like power many times when we were covering her.
Kiruko: !? This is how they used the data they collected that day!!?
Voice: Then, what do Nagashima's townspeople think about that extraordinary her?---
Text: Kiruko-san's superior, T-san says---
Chief: Well~~~It's that~~~...I think that the way she is treated depends on the other person~~~
Chief: Just...There's only one thing in common,
Chief: That is that everyone loves her.
Chief: No matter what she is
Chief: I think that's the most important thing~~~

Voice: "The most important thing is that she's loved."...That might be true,
Voice: Even though, after this investigation, we couldn't ascertain Kiruko-san's true identity.
Cooperation with Data Collection

Otonashi Kiruko
Hamokawa Police, Nagashima Substation

Yagyuu Hiroshi //Might be "Noushi Hiroshi"

Production Supervision
//unreadable, it's only half xD
Voice: Just what is she!? She might be a being beyond our wildest imagination.
Voice: We're going to continue to pursue that truth
Voice: Until the day we find the answer---
Total Coverage! The Rumored Novice Policewoman
24 Hours with Kiruko-san!
All: ...
Haru: ...I-
Chiaki: It...!!
Chiaki?'s sd: I...It's over...

Haru: Oh, it sorta ended with a majestic feeling!! Amazing!!
Kid: What's with this? It's so cool~~~!! I'm envious, Kiruko~~~
Bullet: To think they put the spotlight on her time in the army...The producers know what they're doing...!!
Haru: No, you're really amazing, Kiruko! You left too many legends.
Kanna: Kiruko, you're so cool!
Haru: Good for you~~~with this you're going to be famous starting tomorrow, you know!?
Kiruko: You're right...So...?
Kiruko: What happened with being a policewoman?
Text: "Jiba Punohan"!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 13/End

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