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Shokugeki no Souma 12

Enter the Battlefield

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 22, 2013 00:10 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 12
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Voice: Did you hear? About today's shokugeki...
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Voice: Yeah, Nikumi and the Don RS, right?
Cutlery: SOMA challenges the "Meat Master"!!
Voice: Poor Don RS, for Nakiri Erina to set her eyes on them---
Voice: Hey, big news!!
Voice: It seems the competitor changed!
Voice: Now it's that transfer student...
Voice: Yukihira Souma!!
Kanichi: I somehow gathered....The ingredients and tools needed for the match.
Kanichi: There's everything you asked for.
Souma: Oh! Thanks, Konishi-san!

Kanichi: Yukihira...Did you sleep a bit?
Kanichi: You were experimenting with the sauce until morning, right?
Souma: Hm,
Souma: I'm ok, I'm ok!
Megumi: Awawah, T-There's so much people...
Megumi: Souma-kun, do-don't panic, a-a-at any rate, calm down!
Megumi: I-I-In times like this, you have to write the kanji of person on your hand.
Souma: Y-Yeah, for the time being, you swallow it, ok? //It’s that Japanese custom of writing the kanji for person (人) in your hand and swallowing it, it’s supposed to help when you’re nervous
Megumi: Aren't you nervous? You're going to cook in front of so much people?
Megumi: Just by thinking what would happen if it was me...
Souma: Not at all, I mean,
Souma: Compared to standing in front of the costumers while carrying your shop's name,
Souma: This isn't scary at all.

Girl: Thank you for waiting!
Girl: The shokugeki administration bureau has recognized this match as an official "Shokugeki"!
Girl: Soon
Girl: It will start <3
Boys' sd: Waaaaah<3
Girls' sfx: Tch
Girl: We have three judges!
Girl: The theme is Don!
Girl: The main ingredient is meat!
Girl: Well then, from each corner,
Girl: Both contestants will enter!

Star: The super expectantly waited JC Volume (1) will be on sale on April 4th!!
Cutlery: To the decisive battle's stage---!!
sd: Waaaaaah
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 12 Enter the Battlefield //maybe "appear in"
Girl: The first one to appear is the Meat Master---

Girl: Mito Ikumiiiiii!!
Boys' sd: Oooooooh
Girl's sfx: Tch
Girl: Now, next, Yukihira Souma-kun makes his entry!!

sd: Boooooooooooo!
sd: Boo
Girl: Oh! There's an even louder cheer than with Mito Ikumi-san...?
sd: Drop dead
sd: Don't make light of us
sd: Heeey
sd: booo
sd: Break
Souma: Hey, what's up? Don't grab me.
Girl: ...No! It's booing! They're booing him!!
Girl: Yukihira-kun enters under an angry roar---!
Voice: Hey, transfer student!
Voice: You sure made light of us on the entrance ceremony!!
Guy: If Mito is his opponent I can see the result,
Guy: I can't miss the moment when he's expelled from school!
Kanichi: Hey, hey...! What's with the number of watchers!?
Kanichi: I won't forget...When I had a shokugeki with the "Tachigui Soba Research Society" //tachigui = eating while standing
Kanichi: Forget about a host, there weren't even spectators.
Kanichi: The only things that came were stray dogs that were attracted by the food's smell.

Kanichi: And this booing...You transferred just a few days ago, right?
Kanichi: What did you do to get hated this much?
Souma: Well...Nothing really, I was pretty normal...
Box: Tadokoro-chan doesn't even have time to retort to that.
Girl: Now, let's go through this match's conditions again.
Girl: If Mito-san wins,
Girl: The Don Research Society will be abolished and Yukihira-kun will be expelled.
Girl: If Yukihira-kun wins,
Girl: The Don RS' budget will increase, their clubroom will be enlarged and they will get more cooking equipment, furthermore
Girl: Mito-san will join the Don RS!
sd: Ooooooh
Ikumi: Yo, transfer student! This will be the last time I'll speak with you...
Ikumi: If you have any things left to say now's the time.
Souma: Really? But I'll be able to say them whenever I want later
Souma: At the Don RS' clubroom.

Mito: ...!!
Voice: !!!
Voice: E...Erina-sama!
Voice: It's Nakiri Erina...
Voice: Why is she at such a small scale Shokugeki...?
Voice: It's because Mito is part of Erina's faction, right?
Voice: Just because of that she took the time?
Kanichi: Even Nakiri came...
Kanichi: What's with this scale of attention!?
Ikumi(thinks): Erina-sama
Ikumi(thinks): Personally came to see...

Ikumi: ...
Girl: Then, contestants, to the kitchen!
Girl: Let's go!
Girl: The loser loses everything.
Girl: A decisive match on the tongue!!
Girl: Shokugekiiiii
Girl: Start!!
sd: Oooooooooh

Ikumi: Transfer student! I'll show you an ingredient you'll never be able to handle in your life,
Ikumi: This is
Ikumi: The ultimate meat!!
Kanichi(thinks): She really brought it...A rank A5 beef!
Guy: Hey, hey...That's a butcher knife for cutting up, right?
Voice: She's using that big knife to precisely remove the low-value meat!!
Voice: Such animal strength...!

Voice: Uwooooh
sd: oooooooh
Voice: I've never seen such a smooth marbling.
Voice: The tallow and the meat have an amazing luster!
Ikumi(thinks): Good boy... //girl
Ikumi(thinks): As the meat's curing proceeds, the amount of components of deliciousness, like glutamic acid, increases, and it starts giving off a sweet smell...
Ikumi(thinks): This faint sweetness that tickles your nose
Ikumi(thinks): Is just what I wanted---The perfect curing degree.
Ikumi(thinks): I'll cook the best meat
Ikumi(thinks): With the best of my skill---

Ikumi: First, brown the outer part! //outside, surface
Ikumi: Scoop butter and spread it entirely on the meat.
Girl: The venue is filling with the butter's rich smell...!
Girl: The hunger sensation produced just by that is amazing.
Ikumi(thinks): With this process I made the meat's outer part
Ikumi(thinks): Become a wall that encloses the meat's juices!
Ikumi(thinks): Next, I'll put it in the oven...
Ikumi: And the heat will go inside the meat!!
Ikumi(thinks): Now...What about him?
Girl: On the other hand, Yukihira-kun's cooking...

Girl: It seems he's finely chopping a great amount of onion.
Girl: Ah! The meat! It seems he's bringing out the meat.
Girl: Now, just what kind of ingredients will he use against Mito-san's A5 Japanese Beef---
Anyway it's cheap!!
Bargain Super //as in supermarket
Diagonal Label: (small: Japanese) Short Loin Steak
Circle: 20%
Oval: (small: From the retail value at the register) Half off //You know, as in 50% discount
Square: 700 Yen
All: !?
Souma: They just had a special sale,
Souma: I was lucky.

All: Don't screw with uuuuus!!!
sd: Heeeey
Girl: Nooo, stop iiiit.
Girl: Don't throw things.
Kanichi: Yukihira~~~Will you really be ok~~~...
Megumi: ...
Ikumi: Huh...
Ikumi: Enough of this...
Ikumi: You should use the remaining time packing.

Ikumi: 64...No,
Ikumi: 65°C, huh.
Ikumi: OK...!
Ikumi(thinks): I'll wrap it up in aluminum foil and after letting it rest for a while
Ikumi(thinks): I'll slice it!
Erina: Do you know...What supports her cooking?
Girl: Perhaps...That power that lets her freely handle meat on the bone?
Erina: That's correct too.
Erina: However, her true worth actually lies in the opposite,
Erina: In her sensibility---

Erina: The lips are an especially heat-sensitive part of the human body,
Erina: Even so, her lips are so sensitive she can even feel the exact temperature...
Erina: Mito Ikumi's sensibility shines the most when she's touching meat.
Box: Look at her fingers,
Box: At her graceful love for meat.
Box: She's just like a pianist playing an elegant solo.
Box: A meat sonata.
Ikumi(thinks): I will definitely
Ikumi(thinks): Present victory to Erina-sama!
Ikumi: You're still there, transfer student?

Ikumi: You sure became quiet,
Ikumi: Where did the power from three days ago go?
Ikumi: ...Keh, at least try to answer back, you're such a shame.
Souma: There's no need for me to talk...
Souma: Because my don will eventually start talking eloquently.
Ikumi: ---Huh?
Souma: Besides,
Souma: It's common knowledge that the skills of chefs
Souma: That talk too much in the kitchen can't be trusted, you know?
Ikumi: Wha...

Ikumi: Are you making fun of me, you bastard!?
Ikumi: !!!
Ikumi(thinks): Wha...
Ikumi(thinks): This guy...Just what did he---!?

Girl: Now, the time's almost over!
Girl: Please start arranging your dish.
Girl: Time’s up! //alt. “That’s it!”
Girl: The judging will start now,
Girl: Contestants, bring your dishes to the front!
Cutlery: What is SOMA's scheme!? Next issue, time to eat---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 12/End
//time to brace myself, next chapter will probably have lots of explanations... xD

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2013
Damn I loled just seeing pages 13 and 14, I can't wait to see the raws for this :D . Thank for the awesome TL

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