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Shokugeki no Souma 13

A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 27, 2013 22:31 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 13
//Random fact #1: It seems that Saeki Shun is learning a few things from Koisome Momiji's Miura Tadahiro, if he's learning tips on how to draw girls then I have no complains
//Random fact #2: I had to take a rest to eat (since this chapter made me get really hungry) and I ate like 500g of meat XD.
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Host: We'll start with Mito-san's dish.
Host: Display it!! //Alt. "Show it!!"
Cutlery: Judgement time!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 13 A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Ikumi: It's an "A5 Japanese Beef Rôti Don".
Judge: Oh...
Asterisk: Rôti...In french it means "Roast". It refers to a cooking method that heats food using an oven.

Shigeno: The cut meat looks like a flower...
Box: Traditional Japanese Restaurant "Kuraki" President Kuraki Shigeno
Shigeno: To think I got to see such a beautiful Don...
Host?: Then---
SFX: //I guess this is some sort of munch(?) romaji "juwaaa"
SFX: //almost same as last one, this is "jujuwaa"
SFX: //I guess this is supposed to be the sound of the meat moving inside her mouth, romaji "tyururu"
SFX: //And this is it going through her throat, romaji "tururun"

Shigeno: It's so delicious
Shigeno: I can't keep standing!!!
Yoshiki: This is it...This deep deliciousness what makes A5 amazing!
Yoshiki: And this meat...Even the "Fire's angle" was calculated!
Box: Japanese Black Critic Bitou Yoshiki
Yoshiki: She put the flames perpendicular to the meat's fibers’ orientation...By doing that, the heat enters uniformly and the juice starts flowing actively.
Yoshiki: A first class master even reads how the fibers are!

Katsunori: And the garlic rice
Katsunori: Below the flower petals was fried with beef tallow and butter and is also superb! //you can change fried for cooked and remove the "flower" if you want
Katsunori: I would be able to eat three bowls of just this garlic rice!
Box: TV Program "First-class gluttons" Producer Okamoto Katsunori //Romaji "Kuishinbou Joutou"
Katsunori: It's an unbelievable dish that was finished on a way that's almost sexy! //erotical
Ikumi(thinks): How about that, transfer student...?
Ikumi(thinks): This is meat's ecstasy!!
Voice: It's decided.
Voice: What kind of face will that bastard transfer student make when he loses?
Host: Next, we'll have the judgement of Yukihira-kun's dish!
Host: What's the title of your Don?
Souma: Let's see...I'll call it
Souma: Yukihira Style "Shalyapin Steak Don", maybe.
Yoshiki: Shalyapin steak, huh...So he made that cheap meat softer using onions...
Yoshiki: But, let's get real, after that dish just now...Right?
Katsunori: Haha! You're right, I'd like to go home with the aftertaste of that A5 beef.

Yoshiki: Wha...

Yoshiki: We-Well, it looks better than expected...
Both: ...
Ikumi(thinks): Keh, there's no way he could make a decent dish using that cheap meat.
Ikumi: !?
Yoshiki: My hands won't stop!
Yoshiki: The meat's tenderness goes without saying, but not only that,
Yoshiki: The finely sliced onion that was plentifully place over it...This stimulates the appetite.

Yoshiki: This body is...Red wine?
Yoshiki: He put red wine on the fry pan where he fried the steak so that the remaining juices concentrated and he used those juices to fry the onion---
Katsunori: In addition, he used potato starch dissolved in water to give it thickness!
Katsunori: I can't have enough of the way that thick sauce entangles and entwines with the meat and rice!
Shigeno: And yet, the flavor is well arranged by the parched flour soy sauce!
Shigeno: He's using the "burnt rice" as a seasoning to give a deep flavor...!
Yoshiki: He modified the way to cook the onions that are indispensable for Shalyapin steaks to create a special sauce!!
Yoshiki: Moreover, even though both the meat and the sauce have a defined taste,
Yoshiki: The more I eat the hungrier I get,
Yoshiki: Why is it that I feel as if I could it this forever!?
Yoshiki: Is there still another hidden secret!?
Souma: That trick is in the rice...
Souma: The rice in that done is mixed with "pickled plums",
Souma: It's a refreshing Umefuumimeshi! //umefuumi = plum flavor, I don't think I have to explain the meshi part
Yoshiki: I see...!
Yoshiki: What leaves this refreshing aftertaste is plum...!

Yoshiki: The fragrant steak with a fluffy texture,
Yoshiki: This thick first-rate sauce,
Yoshiki: And the fresh plum-flavored rice.
Yoshiki: Each of them enhances each other’s deliciousness!!
Yoshiki: I can't but gulp down this... //alt. "eat quickly"
Yoshiki: Huh...I'm already finished!
Shigeno: Seconds!? Can I have seconds!?
Shigeno: The Rôti Don was splendid, but...The one that makes me want to eat it more //lit. "Keeps my chopsticks moving"
Shigeno: Is this don...!
Ikumi(thinks): What!?
Ikumi(thinks): They didn't eat all of my garlic rice!

Souma: You're thinking "What happened to the rice?” right?
Souma: From the moment I heard from Konishi-san that you were using cured Japanese beef
Souma: I knew that if you made the rice have a strong flavor to counter the beef's deliciousness they would naturally fight each other.
Souma: Your dish looks like a don but it isn't a don...!!
Souma: The Don RS' chief said this too,
Souma: To the end, Don
Souma: Are completed in "one bowl".
Ikumi: Guh...
Ikumi: Silence...

Ikumi: Even if you grumble sophisms, there's no way you can win against my high-grade me...
Souma: If you can't accept it then do you want to listen them too?
Souma: The words that my Don says---
Souma: It's done!

Ikumi(thinks): Aah...It's true,
Ikumi(thinks): This Don is speaking to me.
Ikumi(thinks): "Gulp me down
Ikumi(thinks): The way you want to!"...

Mom: Happy 9th birthday,
Mom: Did you like it,
Mom: Ikumi?
Ikumi: Thank you very much...!
Ikumi: I'm really happy, mother!
Mom: Dear...Stop!
Dad: Shut up!! Don't give her gifts like this one again.
Dad: The successor of the Mito household doesn't need gracefulness!!
Dad: Listen, Ikumi, be strong,
Dad: Only think about that.
Dad: Understood?

Ikumi(thinks): Damn it...Why did I have to remember that!?
Ikumi(thinks): It's this Don's fault,
Ikumi(thinks): It's because this Don---
Ikumi(thinks): Is whispering me
Ikumi(thinks): "Do as you like",
Ikumi(thinks): "Try being yourself"...
Ikumi(thinks): Damn it...
Host: Well then!
Host: Please make your votes!

Ikumi(thinks): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan //Ok, the kanji after the yell is the kanji for "Japanese Soup Bowl" which is read "Wan"

Screen: Winner Yukihira Souma
Host: Oh my! The winner is...Yukihira Soumaaaa!!
Souma: It wasn't much!
Kanichi: Wooooh, Yukihiraaaaaaa!!
Megumi: Souma-kun, you did it!
Ikumi: I...
Ikumi: Lost...
Ikumi(thinks): Erina-sama!

Erina: The kitchen I had given her...
Erina: Vacate it.
Girl: Ye-Yes.
Ikumi: ...
Souma: Hey, Nikumi! Let me eat some of your Don too.
Ikumi: ...! Don't get cocky...
Ikumi: Don't call me using that nickname!
Souma: Why?
Souma: It's quite cute if you write it with hiragana. //written with kanji it's 肉魅 with hiragana it's にくみ
Ikumi: Hu-Huh!?
Souma: Best regards from now on,
Souma: Nikumi-chan. //here nikumi is written with hiragana, last time it was written with kanji

Ikumi: Wha...
Ikumi: What are you saying...
Ikumi: You idiooooooot!!
Souma: Make sure to come to the clubroom.
Kanichi: You...Really are an amazing man,
Kanichi: Yukihira...
Kanichi: You're the only one who can carry on with the Don RS.
Kanichi: The next Don RS' Don is //first one is the food, second is like mafia don
Kanichi: You! Yukihira!!
Text: Next day---
Ikumi: ...

Souma: It's quite cute.
Ikumi: ~~~
Sign: Don Research Society
Ikumi: I...I'm coming in!
Kanichi: Oh, Mito!!
Kanichi: You came!
Ikumi: Y-Yeah.
Ikumi: Co-
Ikumi: Come to think of it, Yukihira isn't here yet, huh.
Ikumi: Even though I reluctantly came because he told me to come.
Kanichi: Ermmm, that is...
Souma: But, I won't join the club.

p19 //I love the faces in this page
Kanichi: Eh!!?
Souma: Eh?
Souma: I mean, I just went to see how it was...
Souma: Well, but thanks to that I could make a new Don dish.
Souma: Well then, good work.
Souma's sd: I'll go visit you sometime.
Kanichi: ---That’s what he said...
Kanichi: But well, we have a bigger budget now,
Kanichi: So let's liven up the Don RS together!
(cutlery): You're kidding me...!
Kanichi: The next Don RS' Don is //same as last time
Kanichi: You! Nikumi!! //it's written with hiragana again, before, when he said it, it was in kanji
Ikumi: Shudduuuuuuuup!! (cd: Don't call me Nikumi!) //it's written with kanji here
Kanichi: Gyaaaaaaah
Box: Since that day, Mito Ikumi became much more ferocious.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 13/End
Next Issue, Again, as thanks for the great popularity, extended 23P!!
//The preview page for the next issue of WSJ hinted that the next match will be a noodles match. (And that AK's Korosensei likes SOMA because it has nice food and girls XD)

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