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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 14

Kiruko's City Debut!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 1, 2013 04:00 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 14
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Text: Late at night in the station...!?
Chief: ...
Chief: Hmmm...
Chief: No matter how you see it...It's about time for that...!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Radio: ---Next news.
Chief: !
Radio: In a few days, the FBI's director will visit the Metropolitan Police Department.
Radio: The police will strengthen vigilance as well as prepare to receive him---
Chief: ...
Chief: Oh, Hallo!

Kiruko: Go to Tokyo!?
Kiruko: We are!?
Chief: Yeah, I've got sooooome business in the main station,
Chief: If you want, you can come with me.
Kiruko: Waaah, the cityyyy!
Haru: Seriouslyyy!! Wooh, I might meet some gravure idols!!
Kanna: Kiruko, try going to 10Q!
Kiruko: !? What kind of code is that!?
Kanna: No, it's not a code... //It’s a shop
Kiruko: Senpai! I'll buy a sightseeing map!
Haru: Ok, I'm going to the barbershop!
Haru: I can't wait to go to Tokyo~~~!!
Chief: Hey, you two, we're not going to have fun.

Star: The long-awaited JC Volume (1) is on sale with rave reviews!! It includes a lot of kakioroshi!!
Text: Racoons, eels, and peanuts!! They say goodbye to Nagashima's specialties and go to the big city!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 14 Kiruko's City Debut!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Kiruko: Waaah, th...This is Shibuya!!
Haru(thinks): There's a lot of city girls...!
Kiruko: It's been a while since I last came! I'm really excited!
Haru: "A while"...? Ah, I see, you were trained in the main station!
Kiruko: Yes!
Kiruko: ...Well...I was immediately sent to Nagashima...
Haru: They deceived you saying it was an honor...

Haru: Yeah...Well, well, let's leave that aside.
Haru: By the way, it's that,
Haru: Why are we in this place...?
Haru's sd: Weren't we supposed to go to the main station...
Kiruko: ...I wonder...
Haru: It's not "I wonder"! If you weren't slow in the transfer, this wouldn't have...
Haru: We got separated from the chief and are completely lost!
Kiruko: B...But senpai, you also made us ride the wrong train later.
Haru: Wha-! I...I mean, I don't know a thing about trains! There's too many of them!
Haru: E...Even so, I just called the chief and
Chief: Well, I've got things to do now so you can just take your time.
Haru: He said that...Well, we'll be fine if we get to the main station before the sun sets.
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Then, we can sightsee in Tokyo while going to the station!
Kiruko: I'm a little excited!

Haru: "Excited", you...Say what you like but aren't you too excited?
Haru's sd: I kinda understand your feeling though.
Kiruko: B...But, don't you get it!?
Kiruko: The city just somehow gives this feeling that something special might happen
Kiruko: Just by being here!!
Haru(thinks): *sigh*...That's the way of thinking of a country girl...
Kiruko: With that said, I'll go ask directions!
Kiruko: Eeny~~~meeny~~~miny~~~moe~~~!
Haru: Hey, wai...Wait, Kiruko!
Haru: If you walk around in the city---
Kiruko: Excuse me, may I ask you something~~~?
Girl: !
Girl: ...
Girl: ...Eh...?
Girl: Wh...What's wrong with you...!?

Kiruko: Ah...I'm sorry, I just wanted to ask for directions to the MPD... //Metropolitan Police Department
Girl: ...Huh...
Girl: No...Can't you just ask that at the police box...? I mean,
Girl: You're a policewoman...right?
Girl: Umm, I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry...
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Se...Senpai...? Was it my imagination, just now...
Kiruko: I felt like I really got dragged back to reality...!!
Haru: Yeah...Well, you're right...You got splendidly dragged back.
Kiruko: J...Just why---
Haru: ...You see, Kiruko...Let me teach you one important thing.
Kiruko: ...?
Haru: You might have not noticed since you got used to the stupidly tolerant Nagashima, but---

Haru: From the city folks’ perspective, you---
Haru: Are pretty much a suspicious person, ok?
Haru's sd: Like with the eye patch and the blades...
Kiruko(thinks): !!!!
Kiruko: Th...Th-There...There's no way that's true! No matter how you look at me I'm just a policewoman.
Haru: That's because the people in Nagashima have already recognized you like that.
Haru: Closed environments are scary, Kiruko...
Kiruko: ...!?
Kiruko(thinks): No...No way, impossible...From the city's perspective I'm an oddball...!?
Kiruko: A...Ahaha...! You're overthinking it, senpai!
Haru: ! Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Let's go to 10Q!!
Kiruko: Kanna-chan mentioned it!! With this my womanly power will go up~~~!!

Girl: Hey...What's that? Cosplay?
Girl: Wah...She really has an eye patch and weapons...!
Girl: Hey, isn't she a dangerous person? Shouldn't we call security?
Girl: I'll go tell the clerks...
Haru: ...He...Hey...
Haru: Stop it already, Kiruko...!
Haru's sd: I can't see this anymore...
Kiruko: This is...Unbelievable, I'm a policewoman, you know...!?
Kiruko: Someone that should be loved by everyone!! Even in the city---
Haru: ...
Girl: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

Girl: Uwaaaaaaan, Mommy, where are youuuuuu!?
Girl: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!
Haru: Hmm...What's that? She's lost?
Haru's sd: We're lost too though
Kiruko: ! ...
Kiruko: Whoooooosh!! //maybe just "Whooo", it's kinda a self-made SFX for jumping
Haru: !? Hey, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: What's wrong girlieeeeee!? This Kiruko will hear you out!
Kiruko: Did you get lost? You don't have to worry anymore.
Kiruko: I'm a policewoman! Let's search for your mom together!
Girl: Re...Really?
Kiruko: Yes, of course!
Kiruko: Now, wipe your tears---

Kiruko: And come with-
Mom: Don't go with her, Mii-chan!!
Kiruko: ...Eh?
Mom: Ah...I'm glad, I found you just in time...
Mom: Hey, who are you!? What did you try to do to my girl now!?
Girl: Mommy.
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: "Wh...Who?" I'm a policewoman from the Nagashima substation...
Mom: Nagashima...!? Where's that!?
Mom: I mean, I've never seen a policewoman that looks so suspicious...!!
Girl: Hey, mommy, that onee-chan-
Mom: Sh! Don't look at them, Mii-chan!!
Kiruko: !

Haru: ...
Haru: He...Hey, Are you ok, Kiruko...?
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Ku...
Kiruko: Kukuku...
Haru: !?
Kiruko: Do I look so weird...For the people of the city...?
Haru: Wut!?
Kiruko: I'm no shoooooooow!!
All: !?
Kiruko: Geeeeeeez, Scatter, scatteeeer!!
Haru: Wooh, idiot, stop it, Kiruko! If you go berserk here it won't be funnyyyyyyy!!

Haru: A...Are you stupid...!? It's not like I don't get how you feel.
Haru: If we were in Nagashima it would be fine, but if you go berserk in the city, the losses will be of a few hundred millions, you know!!?
Haru: I mean, they'll arrest you!! The policemen here will arrest you!!
Haru: You say we'll get safely to the main station like that!!? Shut your trap!!
Haru: Just don't get serious here, ok!?
Kiruko: U...Uguh...But, but, it's frustrating...!!
Kiruko: Uuh~~~I had enough, the city is scary,
Kiruko: I want to go home~~~!!
Haru: What did you come to do here then...?
Kiruko: Uuh...But, I now understand.
Kiruko: Nagashima is a really nice place...
Kiruko: Everyone is warm...Here, the people are cold.

Haru: Well yeah, the city is like that...
Woman: Kyaaaaaaah
Haru: !
Woman: Hey...Wait, give it back!!
Woman: Someone...Get that man!!
Woman: He's a purse snatcheeeeeer!!
Haru: !!?
Haru(thinks): An urban big-breasted beauty!!?
Haru: Hey, Kiruko!! It's a purse snatcher!!
Kiruko: Eh?
Haru: Don't "eh?" me, arrest him as always!
Kiruko: ...Wo...Wouldn't it be better if I didn't go...?
Haru: Oh!?
Kiruko: N...No, I mean...

Kiruko: Like senpai just said, I can't get serious here.
Kiruko: Most importantly, no one wants me to meddle with their business here...!!
Kiruko: Then, let's just say it's outside my jurisdiction---
Haru: Stupid Kiruko!
Kiruko: !?
Haru: We're going to the police headquarters, the MPD now, right!?
Haru: If we turn a blind eye at evil now...Can we actually pridefully go to the main station later!!?
Kiruko: ...Senpai...
Haru: And...Let's show this Tokyoites,
Haru: That even if they're strangers that don't wish for it...We'll save what need to be saved---
Haru: That's how we do things!!
Kiruko: ...!!

Kiruko: I'm sorry senpai, you're totally right!! I was wroooong!!
Kiruko's sd: Uwaaaaan
Haru: It's ok, Kiruko...Now, arrest the criminal,
Haru: And let's get liked by the city's big-breasted beauties, ok!?
Woman: Umm...I don't quite understand, but if you're going to pursue him do it quick...
Haru: Hehe, that goes without saying, young lady!
Haru: Go, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Roger!!
Man: !!
Girl: !? Eh...
Girl: Wha-
Man: What's that!?
Kiruko: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Man: Uwah
Girl: Kyaaaaah!!
Kiruko: Take thiiiiiis.
Kiruko: Kiruko Stooooooooorm!!
All: !!!!

Haru: Alright!! You did it, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Yes, Senpai!
Kiruko: I could do a good job even in the city!!
Woman: Th...Thank you!
Haru: Wooh, how about this, big city!!
Kiruko: I did it! I did it!
Kiruko: With this we can go pridefully to the main station!!
Haru: That's right!! We're Nagashima substation's Anjou Haruki and Otonashi Kiruko---
Haru: Hm?

Haru: !
Officer: Ok, Anjou-kun and Otonashi-san, right?
Officer: Could you come with us for a second?
Star: Table for two!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 14/End

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