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Koisome Momiji 29

After That...

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 2, 2013 04:33 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 29
//This is the first part of the Kakioroshi in volume 4

Scene 29 After That... [Kakioroshi]
Umine: Haa~~~...
Umine: Uuh~~~It's cold!
Umine: Summer, come to me!!
Yoshi: When I hear that line I really feel winter's arrival.
Tomoya: Heeey! Umine~~~! Yoshitaka~~~!!
Tomoya: Yo!
Akino: H...Hello!

Both: ...Who were you?
Tomoya: I'm Tomoya, Tomoya!
Asterisk: Check volume 1
Akino: I'm Akino~~~...!
Umine: It's 'cause you don't go home with us these days~~~
Tomoya: But, I want us to be alone together! Right? Akino-saaaan!
Akino: To...Tomoya-kun, they're watching...!
Yoshi: Get a room...
Tomoya: Hmmm? Where are Shouta and Nanasato?
Umine: Yui-chan is working!
Umine: Shouta is busy with his part-time job and cram school.
Tomoya: Hmmm, Shouta does that? Why again?
Umine: He said..."Since I can't do anything, I'll at least go to a good university."
Umine: He's also saving to be able to live alone in Tokyo.
Akino: He...He's working hard!

Tomoya: But, he has some sort of long-distance relationship, right?
Tomoya: How can he work that hard in that situation!?
Umine: You're right...
Shouta: Eeeh...So...
Shouta: Shinomiya-san and I are...Ummm
Shouta: Da...Dating now...!
Umine: Co...
Umine: Co...!
Umine: Co...Congrats!!
Shouta: Th...Thanks!
Shouta: But well...
Shouta: It's under the condition that we won't meet until we graduate from high school though!
Umine: Huh!?
Umine: You won't meet!? Until you graduate!?
Umine: It's more than one year!!

Shouta: That much can't be helped! She's actually forbidden to have romantic relationships until she's 18...
Shouta: Under that condition, the people from Shinomiya-san's office will cooperate with us!
Umine: No...But,
Umine: That's pretty much a long-distance relationship!
Umine: Are you ok with that!?
Shouta: Uh...
Shouta: You...You're right...
Shouta: They say long-distance relationships are easily broken...
Shouta: To think that we can't meet for more than a year...!
Umine: Right!?
Shouta: ...But,
Shouta: This is something we both decided.
Shouta: We can call and mail each other too...!
Umine: ...

Umine: ...Well! Isn't it fine?
Umine: They're happy like that.
Tomoya: Hmmm...I can't think of having a long-distance relationship like that!
Tomoya: Even having dates everyday isn't enough!
Tomoya: With that said, let's go, Akino-san!
Akino: Se...See you!
Umine: Be happy~~~
Yoshi: Good grief, they sure made a show...Go explode!
Umine: Stop kidding~~~
Umine: Yoshitaka, you always use abusive language like that,
Umine: But, somehow or another, you're cheering for everyone's love, right~~~
Umine: Weren't you actually the one who got Tomoya and Akino-san together?
Yoshi: ...Umine, unlike for you,
Yoshi: Having them always together with us is quite inconvenient for me, it’s just that.
Umine: ?
Umine: Why?

Yoshi: Why do you think?
Umine: ...?
Yoshi: Let's go.
Umine: Eh...What?
Umine: What did that mean??
Yoshi: I don't know.

Staff: Cuuuuut!
Staff: It's good!
Kotori: Sana-chan, Nana-chan!
Kotori: Want to go buy something? The store should still be open~~~!
Both: !
Yui: I...I have something to do in the classroom...!
Sana: Y-Yeah! See you later...!
Kotori(thinks): Sana-chan and Nana-chan...
Kotori(thinks): They avoid each other lately...

Sana: ...It can't be helped.
Sana: I want to be friends like before, but...
Sana: I...Am dating the person Yui-chan likes, so,
Sana: Someday...When Yui-chan sorts out her feelings...
Sana: ...I think it's the same as with auditions,
Sana: When you pass there's no words you can say...
Sana: To your rivals.
Kotori(thinks): ...That's right.
Kotori(thinks): Sana-chan...Is dating Katsuragi Shouta...
Kotori(thinks): She became Katsuragi Shouta's...Real girlfriend...
Kotori: !?
Kotori(thinks): Wh...What was that now!?
Kotori(thinks): I don't think anything about him...

Yui: I'm jealous...Of Sana-chan?
Yui: ......
Yui: I can't say...
Yui: I am...Not, but
Yui: I'm more...Thankful...To her.
Yui: If Sana-chan wasn't here...Probably,
Yui: I wouldn't have even been able to...Confess...!
Yui: That's why...I want to be friends like before,
Yui: But I think...It's difficult.
Yui: Sana-chan is kind...
Yui: So she's definitely worried...Because I was rejected by Shou-chan.
Kotori: ...I see.
Kotori: I understand your and Sana-chan's feelings!
Kotori: If that's so, leave it to me!
Yui: Eh...?

Kotori: ...So!
Kotori: You're both worried about the other!
Kotori: Let's make peace!
Kotori: ...On that day,
Kotori: When you two searched for my strap together with Katsuragi Shouta...
Kotori: I was really happy.

Kotori: ...This is just me being selfish, but...
Kotori: I want Sana-chan and Nana-chan...To be friends forever...!
Kotori: If you two wish for that too...
Kotori: All the more...!
Sana: ...Nana-chan!
Sana: I...!
Yui: ...Sana-chan.
Sana: !

Yui: Call me...Yui, ok?
Yui: You might feel awkward...Being with me...
Yui: I...May not be able to forget about Shou-chan easily...But,
Yui: But...
Yui: I also like...Sana-chan,
Yui: So I want you to continue being my friend...!

Sana: ...Yes!
Sana: Yui-chan...!
Kyouko(thinks): Ah...Friendship between beautiful girls is
Kyouko(thinks): Lo-ve-ly...!
All: !?
Sana: Kyouko-chan!?
Sana: What are you filming!?

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