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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 7


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 9, 2013 20:52 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

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Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be the Last One- 7

Last Ranker -Be the Last One-
Zig: Just who...
Zig: Are you...?
Igo: I'm a "woman that knows too much"...
Igo: In exchange for my eye, I learned the world's secrets---
Both: !!
Text: What's the identity of the mysterious shadow that appeared in the middle of the battle between Zig and the woman that knows too much, Igorida...!? //So, it seems that the romanization I found for her name wasn't quite right, at any rate this is the first time it appears on a dialog in the manga so there shouldn't be any problem

Text: Volume (1) is on sale with great popularity!!
Last Ranker -Be the Last One-
Text: The knight of the iron helmet is an enemy, an ally!?
Chapter 7 SENGOKU
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki
Manga: Ueda Satoshi

Zig: Who are you!!?
Man: ...
Zig: !!
Zig: Kuh

Zig: Guh!!

Man: ...
Zig(thinks): Wha...What was...
Zig(thinks): That...Attack...?
Zig(thinks): It's as if I received a strike from a giant iron ball...
Zig(thinks): An attack...That could blow my body in pieces.
Zig(thinks): This man...Is stronger than any other Ranker
Zig(thinks): I've met so far.

Igo: !!
Igo: Wha...
Igo: What...?
Zig: !!
Igo(thinks): !?...Just...What
Igo(thinks): Is this man?
Zig: Wait!!

Zig: !!
Zig(thinks): Damn it, at a moment like this,
Zig(thinks): The poison that woman stroke me with...
Ren: Zig-san!!
Zig: ...Ren.
Ren: Where's that woman...!?
Zig: Sh...She escaped...
Ren: I'll follow after her!!
Zig: Wa...Wait!!
Zig: That woman was taken by someone...
Zig: He was a man with a strong arm...If you go now you'll just get killed...
Ren: ...!!

Ren: That woman stole my friend's life!!
Ren: I can't just leave her at large like this!!
Ren: I'll follow her anywhere...
Zig: ...
Ren: And defeat her!!
Zig: ...
Zig: Ren...

Box: Bazalta Combat Association Headquarters
Voice: So in the end---
Voice: Igorida escaped...
Yuli: Yes,
Yuli: It seems someone went to save her...
Rosa: That means...
Rosa: There's other anti...
Yuli: Well of course...
Yuli: There's no way there's no complaints...In a world where power is everything...
Sengoku: ...

Norma: In any case, that Igorida!!
Norma: That woman is a dangerous element capable of endangering the association!!
Norma: Why can't you capture that single woman!!?
Zebrila: Hey, hey, Norma!!
Zebrila: It's partly your fault that this happened to begin with!!
Norma: I know!!
Norma: That's why I'm thinking of ways to capture her as soon as possible!!
Zebrila: Ha!!
Zebrila: Ways? Then try telling me one of those ways!!
Sengoku: I think

Sengoku: The association needs a new power, what do you think...?
Box: {
Seven Knights
Rank 6
Rosa(thinks): Sengoku...
Yuli's sd: Hmph
Yuli: You're right...
Yuli: We've had an open seat for a while...
Yuli: I won't really disagree!
Sengoku: ...

Sengoku: Then I wish...
Sengoku: You leave that matter in my hands!!
Makis: Zig!!
Makis: Do you know who am I?
Makis: Zig!!
Zig: ......Makis...
Makis: Ah---Great,
Makis: I was worried about what would happen for a moment.

Zig: Here is...?
Makis: Tylong's settlement!!
Makis: I was surprised when I found you unconscious on the Cadmore River's Source's downstream!!
Makis: It seems you got poisoned, are you ok?
Makis: I gave you an antidote for the time being...
Zig(thinks): I see...
Zig(thinks): I fainted right then...
Zig: ...I failed...
Makis: ...
Zig: I couldn't capture that woman...
Makis: Don't worry!!
Makis: No one could clear this training...The opponent was just one level higher than everyone!!
Zig: ...
Igo: The reason why Cantalera got destroyed
Igo: Was because the people of Cantalera were the closest to the "Truth"!!
Zig(thinks): What did she mean with that...?

Zig(thinks): And...That man...
Zig(thinks): Just who was he...?
Makis: Zig,
Makis: Is something wrong?
Zig: ......No, it's nothing...
Makis: He-Hey, Zig!! You have to rest a bit more!!
Zig: It's ok...I'm fine already...
Zig: !
Man: Wow...What a reward...
Man: Maybe I should give it a try...
Rid: Idiot, it's impossible for you!!
Rid: Our boss might be able to do it.
Man: Hmmm, that might be true...
Zig(thinks): The training board?

Receive an attack of Seven Knights' Sengoku.
If you can keep standing, your reward will be
the open position in the Seven Knights.

Place: La Kit Ruins
Client: Seven Knights' Sengoku
Zig: This is...
Makis: A...An amazing training...
Makis: That's an unbelievable reward, Zig!!
Zig: Should I try it, Makis?
Makis: That's impossible!! With your skills it's still too early!!
Makis: ...
Zig: But this is my chance!!

Zig: If I use this opportunity well, I might be able to rise in one go.
Makis: Rise?
Makis: Listen, if there's someone who can fight Seven Knights' Sengoku on equal standing...
Makis: That would be only Rank 8, Tylong!!
Makis: And if Tylong can get the seat in the Seven Knights,
Makis: Your standing will become better too!!
Zig: Is that how it works...?
Makis: The problem is how to make Tylong want to do this.
Tylong: Me?
Tylong: What about me?
Makis: Ty...
Makis: Tylong-san!!

Makis: Ah, no, emm,
Makis: Truth is that, umm...
Tylong: Hmm,
Tylong: Zig, your body is fine already?
Zig: Ye...
Zig: Yeah.
Tylong: Then come with me!!
Makis: U-Umm, Tylong-san, just where are you going?
Tylong: That's obvious!!
Tylong: To where that bastard Sengoku of the Seven Knights is---
Tylong: La Kit Ruins!!
Man: OoOoOh
Rid: Amazing, the boss wants to do it!!
Makis(thinks): I did it!!

Zig: ...
Tylong: Hmph,
Tylong: You look like you want to know why I'm taking this training...
Zig: ...Maybe.
Tylong: ...
Tylong: Because I'm interested in Sengoku's attack!!
Tylong: Unlike the other Seven Knights, Sengoku never tries his ability...
Sengoku: Battles are always done seriously---
Sengoku: A battle where you're not prepared to die is futile---
Tylong: That's what he says, that's why I've been wanting to fight him once!!
Tylong: I don't know why he changed his mind...
Tylong: But getting to receive one of his attacks doesn't happen every day...
Tylong: I can't let this chance go away!!
Makis(thinks): Change of mind...?
Makis(thinks): It can't be...

Makis(thinks): This training...Was made in order to adjust the Seven Knights and the Association......
Makis(thinks): For the imminent real battle against the anti......?
Rid: Alright!!
Rid: We'll also go with the boss!!
All's sd: Oooooooooh
Zig: We're getting on this?
Makis: Oh right, Zig, you've never get on a train...!!
Zig: Is La Kit Ruins really that far away......?
Zig: What kind of place is it?

Makis: La Kit is a famous battlefield since ancient times.
Makis: It's an enormous city people from ancient times built that lies several mountains ahead of the Capital city Ghandoar!!
Makis: Well, you'll understand once we get there!!
Makis: That place isn't entirely unrelated to you...
Zig: ?
Tylong: Alright, let's go!!

Man: Booooss!!
Man: Please, hurry!!
Man: The ruins are already full with challengers.
Tylong: ...
Tylong: Hmph, all of those guys,
Tylong: They just got manipulated when they heard Seven Knights...
Box: La Kit Ruins

Man: Doryaah
Man: Guguh
Man: Oraaah!!
Tylong: Good grief...A bunch of insects that don't know their place...
Tylong: They're striving to be first and fight each other...
Tylong: Hey!!
Tylong: Zigcchi!!
Zig: Zigcchi???
Rid: That means he likes you!! Read the mood!!
Zig: ...
Tylong: You go first and get rid of those worthless rankers!!

Tylong: I don't want to get even scratched before fighting Sengoku...
Tylong: I want to receive his attack on my best condition!!
Zig(thinks): Tylong...
Zig: ...Alright.
Man: Boss!! If that's so, then I will!!
Man: Me too.
Man: Leave it to us.
Tylong: Fufu...
Tylong: It can't be helped.
Tylong: The seniors must keep their status too...

Tylong: Just go, you lot!!
Rid: Alright!!
Man: Wha...
Man: What's with you guys!!?
Rid: Us?...
Rid: We even make crying children shut up...

Rid: We're the Tylong Familyyyyyy!!!
Rid: We'll let the boss be the first challenger!!
Tylong(thinks): Now...
Tylong(thinks): I leave it to you!!
Sengoku(thinks): It started, huh...
Sengoku(thinks): Now, who will reach this place first...?

Tylong: By the way,
Tylong: Makis...
Makis: Yes?
Tylong: You...
Tylong: How long do you plan to hide your true identity from Zigcchi?

Makis: ...
Makis: What are you talking about...?
Tylong: Hmph,
Tylong: Playing dumb, huh...
Tylong: Well, ok...
Tylong: I vaguely noticed that you were plotting to use me and Zigcchi for something...
Tylong: I don't plan to say anything about that, I just do what I want to do!!
Tylong: However...Zigcchi is clumsy, but he's a pure and honest guy...
Tylong: So, don't betray his feelings...
Tylong: Even if you are...

Tylong: Someone from the anti!!
Makis: Tylong-san...
Makis: You are...
Tylong: Hmph...
Tylong: Well...
Tylong: It's about time to go...

Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig(thinks): It seems there's no one else left to fight...
Zig(thinks): I'm the only one who could come this far, huh...
Zig: !?
Zig(thinks): The pattern on this wall...
Zig(thinks): I've seen it somewhere.
Zig: !!

Zig: This is
Zig: Cantalera's Crest!
Zig: Why is it here...?
Voice: Because this ruins were constructed by Cantalera's people in ancient times.
Zig: !!
Zig: Who is it!!?
Voice: Silence!! Listen to me for a second...
Voice: This is a really important story...

Zig(thinks): This voice is...That one-eyed anti woman...!!
Igo: This tower...
Igo: Was constructed by Cantalera's people wishing for the world's future.
Igo: However, the people of Cantalera where destroyed by the Salvatore royal family and the Bazalta royal family.
Zig(thinks): Destroyed...?
Igo: The little remaining people of Cantalera
Igo: Lost their history and pride with the pass of time...
Zig: That...Isn't related to me!!
Igo: That's right, it isn't since you threw away your pride.
Zig: !!
Zig: Tha...That's...!!
Zig: Cantalera didn't have any pride to begin with!!!

Igo: You're the only one who thinks like that!!
Zig: !!
Igo: Hey, tell me!!
Igo: There's supposed to be people that survived that tragedy in Cantalera...Where are they---
Zig: ...
Zig: ...Like I
Zig: ...Know!!
Igo: ...
Igo: You're so cruel...
Zig: ...

Zig: Hey.
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): She disappeared...
Tylong: So you really were the only one...
Tylong: Who could come this far, Zigcchi!!
Zig: ...
Zig: Tylong...There's something I want to ask you...
Zig: Seven Knights' Sengoku's Training...
Zig: Can you let me do it too?
Tylong: What?
Zig: Sengoku's condition isn't winning in a fight against him,
Zig: It's just Standing after receiving his attack!!
Zig: Maybe even I can somehow do it.
Tylong: That explains...
Tylong: Why you just obediently accepted my orders.
Tylong: Ok, do as you like.
Zig: Really?
Tylong: Yeah...
Tylong: Just,

Zig: !!
Zig: Ty...
Zig: Tylong...!?
Tylong: Sorry...Zigcchi.

Tylong: See you.
Tylong: Sorry for the wait...
Tylong: Sengoku-san.
Sengoku: As I thought,
Sengoku: You became my opponent, huh, Tylong...

Text: Now, the decisive battle!!
Tylong: Come at me, Sengoku!!
Sengoku: ...

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