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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 15

Kiruko Lands at the Main Station!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 13, 2013 05:33 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 15

Star: They arrived at the main station!!
Haru: We're really sorryyyy!!
"Shimai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Haru: W...We went berserk on Shibuya, umm...Only to arrest a criminal...
Haru: I never thought we'd get arrested...!
Haru: I beg you to just not fire uuuuuuuuuuuuus!!
Chief: What are you talking about, Haru-kun? Those were just patrol cars I sent to get you.
Haru: Eh!?
Chief: I wanted Kiruko-chan to be with me to meet an acquaintance of mine.
Haru: Huh...A...Acquaintance...?
Haru: !

p2 //his name is Onigawara, I'll call him Oni
Oni: Tsutsuiiiiiiii!!
Oni: Just what did you come to do here!!?
Haru: !?
Chief: Oh, Onigawara-san, it's been a while.
Oni: Don't give me that! Why are you like that...
Kiruko: ?
Oni: !!
Haru: Chi...Chief...Who's that man?
Chief: Hm? Ah, this is just fine, let me introduce you.
Chief: This man is the acquaintance I mentioned just now---
Chief: Superintendent General Onigawara~~~!
Haru: Superintendent!!?

Star: JC Volume (1) is fully loaded with extras and is on sale with great popularity!! Every house should have one copy!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Text: The novice detective from the main station, Kiruko-san (And her superior)!! Capable women from the city are somewhat different!?
Chapter 15 Kiruko Lands at the Main Station!! //alt. "Disembarks"
Hirakata Masahiro

Oni: Tsutsui...It's our reunion after a while,
Oni: But right now, we're busy with the visit of the FBI's director from tomorrow morning.
Oni: It'd be great if you could come some other day...
Oni: I...Mean, if possible, I don't want you to come...
Haru: Hehe...Should I massage your shoulders, superintendent...
Chief: No, no! About that, Onigawara-san,
Chief: Actually, our Kiruko-chan is acquainted with that Director!
Oni: !!
Oni: ...O...
Oni: Otonashi-kun...Is...You say...?
Kiruko: ?
Chief: Well you see...I don't know how, but it seems that the director learned that Kiruko-chan is working as a policewoman in Japan.
Chief: So...He contacted her boss, that being me.
Chief's sd: Excuse me, I'll smoke one.

Chief: He said he would like you to include Kiruko-chan
Chief: In the security for tomorrow's visit!
Oni: !!
Chief: Well...It was him who asked for that, so best regards on it!!
Oni: Wha...!?
Kiruko: Eh~~~Really? I mean, the FBI's director remembers me!
Kiruko: Even though I just rescued him when he was kidnapped when I was in the army!
Oni: No, wait, Otonashi-kun, that's...Ok! We have enough people, there's no need for you to...
Kiruko: Wah~~~Such a honor! To think he expressly designated me...
Kiruko: I'll do my best!!
Oni: !!!!
Oni: ......Dah...

Oni: Daaaaaaah, jeez...It really turned like this!!
Haru: !?
Oni: Tsutsui, you really only do good things!!
Haru: ...!?
Haru: Chi...Chief? What's wrong with the superintendent...?
Chief: Hm? Ah...
Chief: The thing is...That person is bad
Chief: Dealing with me and Kiruko-chan!
Haru: Eh!?
Chief: Especially since Kiruko-chan was trained here.
Chief: It seems a lot of things happened then.
Chief: Things like, 50 members of the staff and 30 patrol cars being victims of Kiruko-chan's clumsiness...
Chief: It became a trauma for him, I pity him!
Haru(thinks): Ah...Yeah, I can understand...!!
Haru(thinks): Certainly, I wouldn't want Kiruko to participate on an important event like the FBI's director's visit.
Haru's sd: Hahaha
Haru(thinks): If there's no one to restrain her, you can't tell what she'll do...
Haru's sd: Ah
Haru: !

Haru(thinks): Hm...?
Haru(thinks): E...Eh? Isn't this
Haru(thinks): A chance for me...?
Kiruko: Alright, then, without delay, I'll help prepare the security!!
Oni: !!?
Oni: Ah, no, hey, wait, Otonashi-ku-
Haru: Stop, Kiruko!!
Oni: !!
Oni: Wha...!?
Haru: You're rushing too much, not drinking the tea they served you is rude!
Kiruko: Ah...Is that how it works?
Kiruko: I'm sorry, I just was so happy...

Oni: Wha...What are you...?
Haru: Fufu...I'm Nagashima's Anjou...Take this is to commemorate our meeting!
Oni: !? Uwah, a porn magazine!! Really, what are you!?
Haru: More importantly...Did you see that just now?---
Haru: I can keep Kiruko on check, you know?
Oni: !?
Oni: What!? It can't be...You're kidding me!?
Haru: It's true, I'm her senpai...It's easy as pie.
Oni: Wha...
Oni: Her victims include 200 staff members and 80 patrol cars...She's called the "Nightmare" of the MPD,
Oni: And you say you can stop heeeeer!!
Haru: Ah...Ye...Yes...
Haru(thinks): She caused more victims than what the rumors said!!

Haru: Well you see, superintendent~~~
Haru: I'm just talking to myself...
Oni: ?
Haru: I just feel that~~~my pay is a bi~~~t too small.
Haru: If someone with authority raised it little
Haru: I'd be really happy...
Haru: That's what I think~~~...
Oni: ...
Oni: ...If that is granted...You say you can
Oni: Restrain Otonashi-kun so that we can safely receive the director...?
Haru: Eh? Ah~~~God, did it sound like that!?
Haru: Well, if you say so...
Oni: ......Hmph...
Oni: Very well...However, if by any chance you were to fail---
Oni: You understand, right...? Anjou-kun...!!
Oni's sd: Fufufu...
Haru's sd: Hehehe...
Haru: Hehe...Of course I understand...Best regards!!
sd: Hehehe...
sd: Fufufu...
Chief: ...

Man: Listen! There's rumors of terrorists targeting the director's visit.
Man: If things come to worst we must be able to act immediately!
Man: Don't neglect your preparations!!
Man: Hm?
Kiruko: It's been a while, everyone~~~!
Man: !?
Man: Wooaaah!!?
Man: Geeeh, O-
Man: Otonashi Kiruko!!
Man: Wh...Why are you here---!!?
Kiruko: Fufufu...Due to some circumstances I will be helping you.
Man: !? Huuuh, don't screw with us!! What kind of harassment is that!?
Kiruko?: Eh!?

Man: We haven't forgotten!
Man: Even if it was a simulation, we were completely eliminated by a single trainee---
Man: Like you understand the feelings of a special squad(lol)!!
sd: Uwaaaaaaaaaah
Kiruko: A...About that time, umm...Sorry...
Kiruko: It's ok! I'm your ally this time! Now, let me see the conditions of this mission!!
Man: Uwah, really, stop it!! If you get involved we'll definitely fail!!
Man: We're goners if that happens!!
Haru: Wait, Kiruko!!
All: !!?
Man: ...Eh?
Haru: Seriously...Don't just greedily go, this isn't Nagashima,
Haru: Eat some To(circle) Bananas for now!
Kiruko: Waah~~~ (circle)kyo Bananas!!
Man: O...Oh! You did well!
Haru: !
Man: You saved us! To think you could tame the "Nightmare"!!

Haru: ...Hm, I guess that's it.
Haru: So? If you think that you could at least say "Thank you very much", right?
Man: ...Eh.
Haru: Is it ok like this? If you don't put a leash on Kiruko she'll become an obstacle for the mission, righ?
Men: !?
Man: Th...Th-Tha...Thanks...
Haru: Hmmm? I didn't hear you!!
Man: !! Th...Thank you very much!!
Haru(thinks): Ah...This feels good...After years of being called a lowlife and trash---
Haru(thinks): I day when I can shine like this finally came...!!
Haru: Fufu...You could have said that from the start...
Haru's sd: Fufufu
Haru: Hey, you there! Buy me something to drink.
Man: !? Wh...What!? Why do I have to...?
Haru: Eh, you'll say that?
Haru: What is this? I suddenly think it might be a good idea to include Kiruko on the mission.
Man: !!...Kuh...
Man: Yo...You bastard, that's enough---
Oni: ...Please bear with it, captain...
Man: !?

Man: Su...Superintendent!! What is this man!?
Man: I mean, why is Otonashi here now!?
Oni: ...Captain...I understand your feelings but do as you're told,
Oni: We can't let anything bad happen in the director's visit tomorrow no matter what...
Man: ...!?
Haru: So...It seems...Best regards, captain<3
Man: Nuooooh, remember this, bastaaaaard!!
Haru: Hmmm, keeping an eye on Kiruko while standing is hard,
Haru: Can someone bring me a table set or something?
Man: !? Wha...Yo...You, what do you think we are---
Haru: Hey, Kiruko, it's about to be your turn to shine.
Man: Uuuuunderstood! Let us prepare it for youuuuu!!
Haru: Gahaha, well then, gentlemen, rest assured and make the security preparations!!
Thought: ...Th...This guy...!!

sfx: *conspicuous*
Oni: I...It's about time the director shows up...
Oni: Will it really be fine, Anjou-kun!?
Haru: Haha, leave it to me, the thing is to keep Kiruko from doing unnecessary things, right?
Haru: It's been fine until now, nothing else will happen this late~~~!!
Oni: I...I hope so...!!
Haru: Kiruko!
Kiruko: ! Yes, what is it, senpai?
Haru: Listen...You just have to stand conspicuously without moving, ok?
Haru: I mean, you were directly appointed by the FBI's director!
Kiruko: Eh!? I...Is that so? I...I feel a little bad about that...!
Man: ...
Man: !

Man: Superintendent, it's here!
Man: The FBI's director's car!
Oni: Alright, is everyone ready!?
Oni: Don't let anything unexpected happen!
Man: Yes sir!!
Kiruko: Is this how you stand conspicuously?
Kiruko: Hmmm?
Kiruko(thinks): !? E...Eh!?
Kiruko(thinks): It can't be, that man...He's taking out a gun...!?
Thought: Hmm? Where's my lighter?
Kiruko: Th-This is terrible!!
Haru: !? Kiruko!!?
Oni: He...Hey, Anjou-kun! Otonashi-kun has...
Haru: Ah...No, it's ok! It's ok!!
Haru: Kiruko!! Don't just rush at him! We have to question him first---

Kiruko: Heeeey, stop there, you terroriiiist!!
Man: !? Uwah, eh, wha...What's wrong with this policewoman!?
Haru: Nooo, it really was too laaaaate!!
Oni: Anjou-kun! Do something, Anjou-kun!!
Haru: I...I-I know!!
Haru: Kirukoooo, calm down, he isn't a terroriiist!!
Kiruko: Eh!? What did you say, senpai!?
Man: Eeek, save meee!!
SFX: *drop*
Kiruko: !!

Haru: !!
Haru: It hit the director's caaaaaaar!!
Oni: Anjou-kun, Anjou-kun!!
Kiruko: Ah...Owow...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Kyaaaaaaah
Kiruko: Watch oooooout!!
All: !!!!

Kiruko: Ah...
All: ...!!
Oni: ...Ah...Eh,
Oni: The FBI director's car was...!!
Oni: Anjou-kun...
Haru: !!
Oni: What is this about...? This time the story is really different...
Oni: You were the one who said that he could keep Otonashi-kun on hold, you know...!?
Haru: ...
Haru: Hmph...!!
Haru: Retreaaaat!!
Oni: Wait!! We won't let you run away, you trash policeman!
Oni: Special squad! Capture hiiiiim!!
Men: Yes sir!!

Chief: What, what, what did you do this time?
Chief: You two really live to my expectations.
Kiruko: Ah, Chi...Chief! Where were you...?
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry, I've done it again!!
Chief: No, no, I wanted this to happen this time. (cd: And it isn't sarcasm)
Kiruko: Eh?
Chief: Thanks to it I could get my business done...!
Kiruko: ...?
Chief: At any rate, we have to disperse quickly.
Kiruko: Yo...You're right!
Kiruko: Wait what!? I can't see senpai...!?
Haru: Ah...Ermmm...Ummm, I think I got a bit cheeky...
Haru: My salary...Is fine as it is...
Haru: So can't you let me go back...To Nagashima...!!
Star: You reap what you sow!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 15/End

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