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Shokugeki no Souma 15

Friction and Elite

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 13, 2013 22:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 15

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: Thanks to great popularity and just before the JC volume [1] is on sale, the first of three consecutive center color!!
Text: ---The Polar Star girls are excited, they talk about things the boys can't hear...!?
Flower: It will have Kakioroshi! JC Volume[1] will be on sale on April 4th!! //Kakioroshi are special pages/chapters/etc (to put it simply)
(cutlery)15 Friction and Elite

Souma: ...
Souma: Who...
Star: Luxurious...!
Souma: Whoaaaaaaa!!
Box: A certain district in certain prefecture---
Box: All of the first years of Tootsuki Academy's High School section set foot
Box: On a land that aspires to be like Mt. Fuji and Ashinoko and is well-known for being a high class area for villas and summer resorts.

Sign: Tohtsuki Resort Hotel Tootsuki Villa //the "Tootsuki villa" part is the thing actually in Japanese, btw, from this, it seems the official romanization of "Tootsuki" is "Tohtsuki", but I hate that kind of romanizations so I'll stick with "Tootsuki"
Souma: As expected from a rich school...
Souma: They even have a great hotel like this one---
Shun: Tootsuki is the parent organization of all the Hotels and Ryokan of this area. //Ryokan = Japanese hotels
Souma: I see...Nothing I hear surprises me anymore...
Shun: Dozens of inns are managed by a brand called "Tootsuki Resort".
Shun: There's a lot of cases of the academy's graduates finding employment on the Cooking Department of these resorts. //"Department" can be replaced with "division"
Shun: Only on this season, they don't accept guests and they're used for the training camp.
Shun: I've heard that, on normal days, one night costs 80,000 yen...
Yuuki: 80,000!!? For one person!?
Souma: That's already the rent for one month!!
Yuuki: Eeh, we're really staying here!? I'm getting excited!
Shun: Only if we can survive today's assignment.

Yuuki: Ibusaki, you just whisper things that ruin the mood.
Shun: I'm realist.
Shun: Look...We have to gather soon.
Box: Tootsuki Resort Hotel "Tootsuki Villa" Great Banquet Hall
Souma: ---

Ryouko(thinks): This silence is unpleasant...
Ryouko(thinks): You wouldn't think almost 1,000 students are gathered here.
Yuuki(thinks): That's right...! It's starting now,
Yuuki(thinks): The hellish training camp!
Yuuki(thinks): How many of these people will survive...?
Souma: Oh?
Souma: Oh!! Isn't that Nikumi?
Ikumi: !?

Souma: It's been a while!
Souma's sd: How's it going?
Yuuki(thinks): You aren't nervous at all, huh!
Ikumi: Yu...Yukihira...!
Yuuki?: Hey, Yukihira! Why are you calling her using her nickname!?
Souma: Eh, but I have her consent, right, Nikumi?
Ikumi: Like hell you have it!!
voice: The transfer student...
Voice: Yukihira Souma...
Ikumi: Be careful, Yukihira...
Souma: ...Hm? Why---
Voice: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Roland: Pay attention to the stage.
Roland: I'm going to explain the outline of this training camp:
Roland: The Friendship and Rapport Training Lodging.
Roland: It's scheduled to be 5 nights and 6 days.
Roland: Every day, you'll be given an assignment related to cooking,
Roland: The contents of these assignments vary every year.
Roland: On the first day, the 980 students will be separated in 20 groups,
Roland: After this explanation is done, each of you must go to the place you're appointed to.
Roland: If the lecturers’ evaluation for a student goes below a certain line, that student is disqualified.
Roland: Those students will be forcibly sent home on board the buses that go to the academy
Roland: And they will be expelled.
Roland: About the judging,
Roland: We invited guest lecturers.
Voice: Guest?
Roland: As busy as they are, they gathered here just for today,
Roland: They're Tootsuki Academy's graduates.

Thought: "Graduates"...He says!?
Thought: That means...
Flashback: To count the number of people that will graduate
Flashback: One hand will be enough.
Thought: They are the geniuses that won through the one-digit passing rate!!

Kojirou: Hmm...
Kojirou: You on the 9th line starting from the front...
Kojirou: The boy with the scar on the eyebrow.
Souma: ?
Kojirou: Ah, sorry, sorry, the one next to him.
Kojirou: That's right, you.
Kojirou: You're expelled. //ouch...that’s harsh
Kojirou: You may go home.
All: !!?
Thought: Wha...
Kojirou: Your hairdressing product has a citrus smell,
Kojirou: That may overshadow the food's aroma.
Kojirou: Being stylish is a must,
Box: French Restaurant "SHINO'S" Chef Shinomiya Kojirou
Kojirou: If the person who makes food is out of fashion the food won't have any sensuality.

Kojirou: But, starting next time you should pick a scent-free hair liquid.
Guy: Wa...Wait, please! What...Expelled!?
Guy: Just because of this---
Kojirou: You can lose clients just because of that.
Kojirou: Do you want to shut down my shop?
Guy: Eek...
Kojirou: Good job, student!
Voice: It's chef Shinomiya...!!
Voice: He's the first Japanese that won the French Purusupooru medal! //I really have no idea of what they tried to say here, if anyone knows about French cooking awards please tell me what this might be, because the only actual competition of French cuisine I could find was the "Bocuse d'Or" but that doesn't really sound similar...
Box: Italian Restaurant "Ristorante F" Mizuhara Fuyumi
Voice: "F's" Chef Mizuhara...
Voice: And even "Hinowa's" Head Chef Sekimori!
Box: Sushi Restaurant "Ginza Hinowa" Sekimori Hitoshi

Megumi: Wow...! They're all people that are on magazines almost every month...
Donato: The simplicity of a white clover...
Megumi: ?
Donato: I might have been born to meet you...
Donato: Don't you want to talk all night in my auberge?
Box: Auberge "Tesoro" Donato Gotouda //”Tesoro” is actually the word for “Treasure” in Spanish/Italian, so I'm not sure it's the correct one since "Auberge" are French (it should be correct since his name sounds Italian-ish), the romaji here was "Tezooro", btw, unlike the other guys, this one has his first name first, they do that for non-Japanese characters on this series
Megumi: Ah...Eh? U-Umm, umm.
Hinako: Let go of her hand, Chef Gotouda.
Donato: ...Hinako, huh.
Hinako: I'm sorry...He made you have a scary experience.
Hinako: By the way, you're cute.
Hinako: Ah...You look very filling...
Megumi: !?
Kojirou: ...Hinako! Chapelle-sensei is glaring at you!! Come to the stage now!
Box: Japanese Restaurant "Kirinoya" Inui Hinako
Hinako: Come to my shop one of these days, ufufu...

Box: Tootsuki Resort General Head Chef and Member of the Board of Directors Doujima Gin
Thought: That man is...The man that manages all of Tootsuki Resort's cooking by himself!
Thought: The chef that was entrusted with one of the main features that holds Tootsuki up...
Thought: He passed his graduation exam with the highest score in history.
Thought: He became famous because he chose his current position instead of one of the more than 800 offers from high class restaurants all around the country...
Guy: I...I'm moved... //I forgot this guy's name, XD

Text: The star chefs that lead Japan
Text: Are lined up in front of me!!!
Gin: Welcome
Gin: To Tootsuki Resort.

Gin: The graduates that gathered today
Gin: Are all chefs that have their own shops.
Gin: For the six days of this training camp, they will be treating you as if you were employees on their shops.
Gin: Do you understand what this means? People whose work can't satisfy us
Gin: Are fired. //"Fired" is written as "Expelled"
Gin: As you could see, you may be forced to leave immediately depending on the lecturers' discretion.
Gin: I wish you the best of lucks!
Gin: Well then,

Gin: Start moving!
Yuuki: See you!
Shun: Yeah.
Souma: Yeah! We're having a card tournament at Marui's room tonight!
Marui: We don't have to gather in my room even in times like this, right?
Hinako: Everyone is here, right? For my assignment...
Hinako: I’ll have you form pairs.

Hinako: I want you to be with the person you were for Chapelle-sensei's class.
Hinako: Each pair must go to their designed kitchen table.
Megumi: I'm glaaaad...I'm together with Souma-kun.
Souma: Yeah! Let's do our best.
Guy: You're Yukihira Souma...Right?
Souma: Hm...That's right,
Souma: Is something---

Souma: You grinded for over 10 seconds...
Souma: I can assume...It was on purpose, right?
Guy: Naturally.
Guy: I expected that we would be together sometime on this training camp,
Guy: But I never thought it would be on the first assignment.

Guy: I'll crush you flat!
Guy: Just like I crushed your shoe!
Souma: Huh?
Megumi: Umm...This training camp is difficult as it is,
Megumi: So i-it isn't time to be fighting...
Megumi: Umm...Emm...
Cutlery: The curtains for survival open!! //"Survival" is written as "Training Camp"
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 15/End
Next issue, they get a difficult assignment!! Center Color for the inevitable clash!!

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