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Soutaisei Moteron 2

The Couple Concealed in the Clubroom

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 18, 2013 00:37 | Go to Soutaisei Moteron

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Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Soutaisei Moteron 2

Text(right): Going at full speed aiming to become super popular!!
Text(left): With a quick great reaction! The new romantic comedy serialization with a new feeling's 2nd chapter presented by a powerful pair!!
Soutaisei Moteron
The Special Relativity of Mote
Original Work: Tsukiji Toshihiko
Art: Maeda Risou
Chapter 2 The Couple Concealed in the Clubroom

Text: What reaches Kazuya's ears is---- A couple's sweet whispers!?
Guy: Look, sit here.
Girl: No, that's your lap.
Guy: No one's looking.
Girl: Even so, it's embarrassing.
Guy: We finally are alone together.
Girl: You can't be helped.
Guy: Hey, come closer.
Kazuya: Uh...
Girl: But this is my limit.
Kazuya: Uh...
Kazuya: ...

Kazuya: Shut up.
Kazuya: If you're going to flirt do it somewhere else! We're at full capacity here!
Girl's sd: Kyaah, something was there.
Kazuya: Jeez, what are they thinking, this is a sacred clubroom.

Daigo: Just today this is the fifth couple that came to flirt,
Daigo: Two of those were cats, it seems this is a little known good place.
Hiroko: There's a rumor that a ghost appears behind this place.
Kazuya: This isn't an unknown date spot! There's a sign outside that says
Kazuya: (Temporary) Club.
Voice: That's an amazing name.
Daigo: It seems this is a place that clubs that haven't been officially approved borrow temporarily,
Daigo: But it looks like it wasn't used for a while.
Daigo?: The wall is also full of graffiti.

Daigo: If it's crumbling like this, no matter what we do, it won't change the feeling.
Kazuya: To begin with...
Kazuya: What's up with the sign, it's all worn out,
Kazuya: Like this people won't come over!
Sign: (Temporary) Club
Kazuya: ...So,
Kazuya: I tried making one.
Daigo: Kazuya's hand-writing is wonderful, it's like Picasso or a kindergartener.
Hiroko: I think not people but weird things would start coming over...

Kazuya: If you're going to complain then make one.
Hiroko: No, in this case wouldn't it be better to ask someone good at it than doing it ourselves?
Hiroko: Like the Calligraphy Club.
Daigo: It seems our Calligraphy Club is famous.
Voice: A club's sign?
Voice: The (Temporary) Club to become popular...?
Sign: Calligraphy Club.
Voice: Sorry...
Hiroko: So, they won't make the sign for a meaningless club like ours...
Kazuya: ...

Kazuya: It's a conspiracy to prevent our club to become official! This must be the student council president's work!
Kazuya: She must dislike us a lot.
Hiroko: Well, we like, threatened her.
Kazuya: That was a demonstration of love, she should be bringing us sweets.
Hiroko: If I was the prez I'd put poison on those sweets.
Kazuya?: No, food where there's no danger of poisoning would be better,
Kazuya?: Like bugs.
Hiroko: You eat bugs!?
Kazuya?: Like I do, what's wrong with you, Hiroko?
Hiroko: You said it!

Kazuya: At any rate, I made a club to become popular,
Kazuya: If I can get a girlfriend our club will get a proper name!
Hiroko: We have a time limit so if we're careless forget about the name, the club won't exist.
Voice: ...
Kazuya: !
Guy: No one will come here.
Girl: No<3 There was someone here just now.
Guy: He went back already, we're alone now.
Girl: You're so forceful.
Kazuya(thinks): This voices...They again---
Kazuya: I told you to do it somewhere elseeee!!

Girl: Kyah!
Hiroko: Hey, wait.
Hiroko: Where's the boy...?

Hiroko: Erm, in short, Katsura Hitomi-san, you were doing both roles by yourself.
Voice: ...
Hiroko: Even though, you ran away after we found you.
Hitomi: ...

Hiroko: So...What were you practicing for?
Hitomi: ...
Kazuya: It must be practice for when she's in a couple, I can understand, you repeat simulations to be prepared when you face the other sex.
Hiroko: Kazuya understands her, huh.
Daigo: Lonely people understand each other.
Kazuya: Who's lonely!?
Kazuya: It's training! Everyone does couple simulations!
Daigo: I don't.
Hiroko: I don't either.
Kazuya: No way, you do it, right!? I do it at least three times a week even now.
Daigo?: There's limits to how lonely you can be.
Kazuya: Don't just go and make me a lonely person!

Kazuya: I just don't have a girlfriend, I have friends, you are...
Kazuya: Wait, e-eh?
Kazuya: Why are you turning away? We're friends, right...Hey...
Kazuya: Look over here for a bit, just for a bit! Seriously!
Hitomi: Umm...
Hitomi: What do you mean with "both roles by myself"?
Hiroko: Eh...But just now, your practice...
Hitomi's sd: Over here
Hitomi: Matsukata Keita-kun is here, you know.
Hiroko: Hmm, he's called Keita...
Hiroko: Wait, he's nowhere to be seen!

Hitomi: He's right here.
Voice: ...
Kazuya: Wow, it looks like she can see him.
Daigo: Now that it's come to this we have to call a doctor or a medium.
Hiroko: No...I mean, there's no one there, you know?
Hitomi: Keita-kun, did you hear? These people are saying cruel things,
Hitomi: It's kinda scary.
Hiroko: You are the scary one!

Kazuya: Hiroko couldn't bear it anymore.
Daigo: Not that I don't understand her.
Hiroko's sd: Uuuh
Hitomi: Anyway, sorry for disturbing you,
Hitomi: I'll make my date with Keita-kun a bit quieter.
Hiroko?: That's not the problem.
Daigo?: She's not reflecting at all.
Kazuya: ...
Kazuya: Wait,
Kazuya: Can you teach us?
Hitomi: Hmm?
Kazuya: How to create a girlfriend. //this would usually be TL'd as "get" a girlfriend but leave it like this or the pun will be lost, "make" would work too

Hitomi: So,
Hitomi: You want to learn from me how to create a girlfriend.
Kazuya: Yeah...Even if it's an air girlfriend if I have one the prez will approve our club and it'll get a proper name.
Daigo: He started relying on his imagination.
Hiroko: Kazuya is desperate.
Hitomi: He's not air,
Hitomi: Keita-kun is a real boyfriend.
Kazuya: Yeah, I got it.
Daigo: She's serious.
Hiroko: It's best if we don't go against her...
Hitomi: Then, you have to relax first.
Hitomi: Do slow deep breaths, inhale...exhale...

Hitomi: Ok, I think that with this a boyfriend/girlfriend should be by your side.
Hiroko/Kazuya: Like it will!!
Hiroko: We only did one deep breath, you know.
Daigo: It would be a miracle if we got one with only this, God would need to do a restructuring.
Hitomi: Then, once more.
Kazuya: Hey, if I could get a girlfriend with deep breaths I wouldn't suffer.
Hitomi: Eh? I got one.
Kazuya: We're amateurs, how can you make them appear so easily?
Hitomi: Could you not talk about me as if I were a magician?
Daigo: If it's magic I'm good at it, I can make bugs appear.
Hiroko's sd: What kind of bug is that!?
Hiroko: You shut up!

Hitomi: Let's try again, this time, before closing your eyes, think about the other person's traits.
Kazuya: What's with that?
Hitomi: Her setting. Like her hairstyle or personality, if it's the little sister-type, a tsundere, or other attributes like those.
Daigo: She just said setting and attributes.
Hiroko: Doesn't she have a vague suspicion about herself?
Hitomi: Now...Close your eyes.
Hitomi: ...What kind of person do you imagine?
Kazuya: There's like a hazy cloud in my mind.
Hiroko: I can't see him but it's a super cool guy.
Daigo: She's eating bugs with gusto.
Hitomi: I now know that you have no imagination.
Kazuya: Isn't there a better way?
Hitomi: I also become unable to see Keita-kun sometimes.
Daigo: She just blurted out that she can't see him.
Hiroko: Isn't she's actually a girl with common-sense?

Hitomi: When that happens I solve it with willpower.
Daigo: True, with enough willpower you can eat bugs.
Hiroko: Stop with the bugs!
Hitomi: Let's take tough measures,
Hitomi: I'll have you eat bugs until you can imagine someone properly.
Hiroko: Why are you going on with the bugs too!?
Daigo: I'll supply them.
Hiroko?: Don't betray us!
Kazuya?: Her hair is long, or maybe not so much... (cd: Hmmm)
Hitomi: That's ambiguous so eat a bug.
Daigo?: She has six arms.
Hitomi: Ok, a bug.
Hiroko?: Really, it's too much, bugs are too much!
Hitomi: Bug.
Hiroko?: Kyah.

Kazuya: Look, prez, we finally got results, I created a girlfriend.
Kazuya: Here is my girlfriend, she's a 2nd year with a weak constitution, big breats, and pigtails.
Daigo: My girlfriend could be third in a worldwide bug speed-eating contest.
Hiroko: Mine is a cool guy between cool guys.

Misako: Cut it out! Where are they!?
Kazuya: You should be able to see them too!
Daigo: You'll be able to see them if you eat bugs.
Misako: After all, you're insisting that they're here when they're imaginary, right!
Misako: I don't know what you're scheming though.
Rika: ...
Kazuya: Guh...She noticed we were averting our eyes...!
Hiroko: Being thrusted before reality is tough...
Daigo: Matsukata Keita-kun Route has its limits.
Misako: ...Matsukata Keita?

Kazuya: You know him, prez?
Misako: That's the calligraphy club president, well, the president from 10 years ago.
Daigo: It's quite old, I'm amazed you know.
Rika: People famous for being world-wise are left in the student council records,
Rika: Back then, there was no calligraphy club and Matsukata-san tried to start it up,
Rika: But the person supposed to become the vice-president died in an accident, it was terrible and---...
Misako: Somehow the calligraphy club was created.
Misako: After graduating, Matsukata-san went to study to America, it seems he found employment there.
Misako: They say he still practices calligraphy.
Hiroko: ---...How unfortunate...
Daigo: So far as it goes, it went well.
Kazuya: ...

Kazuya: Someone died...
Kazuya: Hey, prez, the clubroom we're using right now
Kazuya: Is the place where clubs that haven't been officially approved stay, right?
Misako: That's right.
Kazuya: Didn't the calligraphy club use it too before being an official club?
Misako: ...Probably.
Kazuya: As I thought...
Hiroko: Hey, you're thinking of something again?
Kazuya: Prez, do you have Matsukata-san's picture?
Misako: I should find one if I search for it.
Kazuya: Alright, Hiroko!

Kazuya: I'll borrow your powers again.
Hiroko: ...What do you plan to do?
Kazuya: We'll make the club's environment bett...No, we'll help someone.

Kazuya?: Hiroko looks good even disguising as a man.
Daigo: More importantly, I wonder if your deduction is true.
Kazuya: There's the rumors and the graffiti, that means that there must be a lot of people who've seen ghosts.
Kazuya: And that even when Keita-kun is a person who really was here ten years ago she talks as if he was still here means...

Kazuya: That Katsura Hitomi-san is the student who was supposed to be the vice-president that died back then.
Hitomi: I'm so happy...You finally came.
Hiroko: Well...You were always calling out for me.

Hitomi: Yes...I mean, we promised to make the calligraphy club together,
Hitomi: And...
Hitomi: That when it was made we'd go out.
Hiroko: Thanks to that we made a wonderful club.
Hitomi: !
Hitomi: Then, we now can officially go ou...
Hiroko: ...
Hitomi: ...We can't?

Hiroko: You actually know, right, about what happened to you.
Hitomi: ...Yes, that Keita-kun graduated long ago too.
Hitomi: Even after dying in that accident I dreamt of going out with Keita-kun and played lovers.

Hitomi: Where's Keita-kun now?
Hiroko: In America.
Hitomi: So he's doing fine, has he forgotten about me?
Hiroko: He hasn't, he's still doing calligraphy in America, so...He probably remembers.
Hitomi: I see...
Hiroko: Hitomi-san?

Hitomi: I feel refreshed, I regretted it until now,
Hitomi: But now I'm glad I heard that Keita-kun is doing calligraphy.
Hitomi: That's why, I'm going now.
Hitomi: Thank you.
Daigo: N...No.
Kazuya: Eh?

Hitomi: You worried about me, right? So thank you, I'll give you something as thanks later.
Hitomi: Kind people will be popular someday so do your best.
Hitomi: Well then.

Hiroko: She left.
Kazuya: If I'm going to be popular I'd like it to be now.
Hiroko: Hey you...
Daigo: Let's have another bug training, Kazuya.
Kazuya: Who'd eat that!
Kazuya: But with this the club will get a new name... (cd: Fufufu)
Hiroko: It will?
Kazuya: Well yeah.
Daigo: ...

Daigo: It's not like we became popular.
Kazuya: But we helped someone, with this results...
Hiroko: It wasn't a person but a ghost though.
Daigo: You think that stubborn prez will believe in ghosts?
Hiroko's sd: Yeah, yeah.
Kazuya: ...
Kazuya: ...Ah...
Kazuya: Uwaaaaaaah!!
Kazuya: ...Bring Katsura-san back!
Hiroko?: She went to heaven, you know.

Text: The sign that shines brilliantly is a gift from the awkward girl---

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