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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 16

Kiruko's Nagashima Tourist Guide

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 18, 2013 02:08 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 16

Star: As embarrassing as it is, we're back home!!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Chief: Oh, oh, what's wrong, Haru-kun?
Chief: You look angry.
Haru: ...Hmm...You ask "what's wrong"...
Haru: You ask it to me that was captured after being used as a decoy so that you could do something secretly...Huh...
Chief: Eeeeh, but that was your own fault!
Haru: Even so!! You didn't have to leave me in Tokyo!!
Haru: I desperately ran away home!!
Kiruko: So...Sorry, senpai...I'm glad you're safe.
Chiaki(thinks): I'm glad I didn't go...
Haru: Now, tell me! What did you went to take that you had to do all that!?
Chief: Well, well, Haru-kun.
Chief: Before that, can I talk to you about a job?
Haru: Are you serious!?

Chief: It's ok, it's nothing big...What I mean with that is
Chief: That I want you to be a tourist guide...Together with Kiruko-chan!
Haru: !?
Chief: The higher ups asked me to do it...It seems there's some guests that want to take a look around Nagashima...
Chief: It seems they're some VIP so you have to be their bodyguards too.
Haru: Eeeeh...? They want a tour around Nagashima? What kind of curious people are they?
Chief: Hahaha, you'll know when you meet them.
Haru: Wait, why are we assuming I'll do it!!?
Haru: To begin with, I'm not done talking yet!!
Chief: It seems they're rich, you know?
Haru: Leave it to me!
Thought: That lowlife really is simple...

Star: Unexpected great sales!! JC volume (1), full with omake, is on sale with rave reviews!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Flag: HAMOBUS Nagashima Travel
Text: A one-way trip from Tokyo takes about 3 hours! Leave the big city's tumult and feel free to travel to Nagashima!!
Chapter 16 Kiruko's Nagashima Tourist Guide
Hirakata Masahiro

Sign: Welcome <3 Nagashima <3<3
Band: Welcome to Naga
Haru: Listen, Kiruko! The visitors must have fun!
Haru: (Mainly for the reward.)
Kiruko: Yes, of course!
Kiruko: I'm moved that there's people who'd take the time to come to Nagashima!
Kiruko: I stayed up all night thinking about a touristic route for today!
Kiruko: The result was excellent!!
Haru: I wonder about that...
Haru: I mean, is this even the correct place to meet them? There's nothing here.
Kiruko: !
Haru: !? A helicopter!?
Haru: I...It's coming here!!

Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: ...!!

Jean: Hi...Thanks for coming, officers of the Nagashima substation.
Jean: I'm the one who asked you to guide us around Nagashima, Jean Smith.
Jean: Best regards for today!
Kiruko: ...!?
Haru(thinks): He...He's this young and he comes by helicopter...You say...!?
Haru(thinks): He...Probably is really rich!!
Jean: I'm sorry...To ask you policemen to do this.
Haru: Do...Don't be!!
Haru: That's unthinkable, we'll be glad to show you around!
Haru: Please let me lick your shoes!!
Kiruko: U...Umm, Jean-san, these children are...?
Kiruko: Someone else's children? Or perhaps...
Jean: ! Ah...Don't worry about them.
Jean: They're just my attendants!
Kiruko: ? Ye...Yes?
Jean: Hey, Rai, Mei, say hello.

Rai: ...Rai...
Mei: I'm Mei!! Nice to meet you, officers!
Haru: Oh? Ye...Yeah...
Haru(thinks): Twins?
Kiruko: Waah, you're so cuuuute!!
Jean: I'm sorry, these two will be with us this time.
Kiruko: Nice to meet you, Rai-kun, Mei-chan!
Kiruko: I'll show you all of Nagashima's good parts today.
Mei: Ahaha, I can't wait!
Mei: I was wondering what was there to see in an empty place like this!

Kiruko: ...Huh...
Jean: Ah...E-Excuse her! It's just what a child says, please let it be!
Jean: Ah...Mo-More importantly, let's start the tour now!
Haru: Ah...Ye...Yes.
Haru: He...Hey? What was that reaction just now...!?
Haru: It seems those brats are a bigger threat than Jean-san.
Haru: That other kid probably has a nasty personality too... (cd: From his looks...)
Rai: ...Officer.
Haru: !! Ye...Yes, what is it!?
Rai: To...Today,
Rai: Will we ride a patrol car...?
Haru(thinks): Ah...
Haru(thinks): He's probably a good boy...!
Haru: Yes...Of course we will,
Haru: Look, if you want you can even sit on the front seat.
Rai: !? Ah...No, it's ok!

Kiruko: Hmmm, I see,
Kiruko: Jean-san, you're a company's director! And you're searching for places where you can expand your business!
Jean: It's not that big of a company...But a friend of mine in the police told me about this place,
Jean: That's why I'm here today.
Haru: Hehehe, roger! If that's so, then it'll live to your expectations.
Haru: Kiruko! Is this the correct route!?
Kiruko: Yes, it's perfect! Nagashima is a great place!
Kiruko: Well, I was surprised at first too...But home is where you make it!!
Kiruko: I'm sure you'll like it too, Jean-san!!
Sign: Nagashima Dept. Store
Kiruko's Tourist Spot (1)
Nagashima Department Store
-It has a 100 yen shop too!! Everyone says that this is this town’s No. 1 popular spot!!

Haru: !!
Haru: Hey...Kiruko, we need to talk...
Haru: Why did you take us straightly here when it's a tour...?
Kiruko: Eh? Bu...But, you said this is the place that stands out the most in Nagashima-
Haru: It is!! It is, but that's not it.
Jean: ...
Jean: We...Well, officer...
Haru: !?
Jean: It doesn't matter what kind of place it is, if it's popular with the townspeople then it's a famous place.
Jean: That kind of things are also a good reference for us so it isn't bad!
Kiruko: ...!!
Kiruko: Right!!? Thank you very much, Jean-san!!
Mei's sd: Yes, yes
Mei: That's right, it's a famous place!
Mei: If there's really nothing around then everyone would gather here!
Kiruko(thinks): !!

Haru: He...Hey, Kiruko, stop! Don't go glaring at a kid!
Jean: I...I apologize for our Mei's actions...
Rai: ...Stop, Mei.
Mei: !? Eeh, why, onii-chan?
Rai: That's obvious, it's embarrassing...You should grow up a bit.
Mei: But onii-chan is just the same!
Mei: Hey, hey, won't you go to the toys corner of the department store today?
Rai: !? Wha...What are you...
Mei: You love the toys corner, right!? You were staring at a transformation belt the other day onii-
Rai: Stoooop! Stop, Mei!!
Haru(thinks): ...Rai-kun sure is cute...
Jean: U...Ummm...Let's go to the next place.
Jean: We don't have much time...
Haru:'re right! Let's do that!!
Kiruko's Tourist Spot (2)
Eel Ramen
-They use an entire eel. We can't say much about the rich seafood dashi and the eel's expression.

Jean: We...Well, this is...Quite a unique ramen...
Kiruko: It's one of Nagashima's specialties, eel ramen! You can't talk about Nagashima without eating this!
Mei: Oh, wow, it has a whole fish!
Kiruko: ! Mei-chan.
Mei: Hmm, it's the first time Mei sees this!
Mei: Hmm, hmm...
Mei: It looks horrible!
Kiruko: !! Doeeeeeeeh!!
Kiruko: Whaaa-Wha...What are you doing, Mei-chan!!?
Jean: He...Hey, Mei!!
Mei: Oh, wow! To think you would catch the ramen!!
Mei: Hey! Hey! Again, do it again!
Kiruko: I...I won't do it! Eat it properly,
Kiruko: You shouldn't waste food! No matter what!!
Haru: ...Is the eel cool, Rai-kun?

Kiruko: Muuuuuh, geez! I won't forgive you anymore, Mei-chan!
Kiruko: Now that it's come to this, I'll take you to the best place!!
Kiruko: How about this picturesque scenery!!
Kiruko: This is this town's relaxation place! Hamogawa Riverbed!!
Kiruko's Tourist Spot (3)
Hamogawa Riverbed
-Well, it's vast.
Mei: Ahahahaha, it's so shabby!
Mei's sd: Ahahaha
Kiruko's sd: Uwaaaaaaaah!!
Kiruko: It's not shabby! It's a great place!
Kiruko: It's a lovely place where you can watch the sunset, lie down...And play baseball with everyooooone!!
Kiruko: Mei-chan, you'll understand if you do it too!
Kiruko: Here, a ball!
Mei: ! Oh!
Mei: Hereeee!!
Kiruko: !! Gyaaaaaaah!!

Haru: !? Kiruko!!
Jean: Mei!!
Kiruko: Hey...That was dangerous, Mei-chan!!
Kiruko: Catch ball should be done in a friendly way!
Mei: Mei doesn't really understand that.
Mei: This way is more fun too!
Kiruko: That's not true! Thinking about others is really important,
Kiruko: Being conceited is no good!
Mei: Eh? But, if I hold back it's no fun, you know?
Mei: I don't care about the others!
Haru: ...
Haru: He...Hey, this started becoming something big, you know!?
Haru: Hey, Kiruko! Why are you getting serious with a kid...
Haru: ...Wait,
Haru: Eh? Serious?
Haru's sd: And Mei-chan is ok?
Kiruko: Geeeeeez!!

Kiruko: You shouldn't say that kind of things!!
Mei: !!
Mei: ...
SFX: bam
Kiruko: ---Mei-chan...Bonds between people is something you should be thankful for.
Kiruko: That's why, I love this town where you can feel that!
Haru: He...Hey, Kiruko, what are you doing!!?
Kiruko: Eh?
Kiruko: Ah...So...Sorry!! Dear me, I just...
Mei: ...

Jean: Stop, Mei...
Mei: !!
Haru: Eh? Did you say something?
Jean: No, no, it was nothing...
Jean: I'm really sorry, my companion just...
Jean: It's already late so we'll leave for toady...I apologize.
Jean: Thanks for everything.
Haru: Eh!? You're going back already!? You don't have to hurry so much...
Haru: A...And, well, I'd like a tip for today.
Haru: !!
Jean: ---Well, let us meet again,
Jean: Officer...And...
Jean: Otonashi Kiruko-san...!!

Chief: Hmmmm,
Chief: I see...And then he just went home.
Chief: Hmm, hmm...
Chiaki: Didn't he get mad because of Kiruko's violence?
Kiruko: Eeeh, you really think so!?
Haru: That doesn't matter, we didn't get anything.
Haru: I mean, just what was that Mei-chan girl...
Chief: Ah, then come here! Including that,
Chief: I'll show you some special things from the main station.
Both: !?
Haru: Huh...? Wh...Why with that timing?
Haru: You're acting weird this days, chief...!
Chief: Well, well, for now...Ok?
Chief: Seeing is believing!
All: !!

Jean: We're back.
Phantom: !
Phantom: ...She was a stubborn tomboy, right?
Jean: Haha...She was just like you said.
Jean: Otonashi Kiruko-san...She definitely is a nuisance.
Jean: Our Mei lost, even if it was just a game.
Mei: ...
Jean: I'm beaten, there another member of phantom with them too, right?
Jean: With that said, I'll probably have you make an appearance.
Jean: Best regards, Mr. Phantom!

Phantom: Hmph...To think that five phantom squad members will clash in that remote place.
Phantom: What an extravagant war...!!
Haru: Chi...Chief!?
Haru: Wha...Wha...What does this mean!!?
Chief: Yes...Well, just as you see,
Chief: What I brought from the main station was this man's data.
Chief: Jean Smith...Liberty Price Company's representative director---
Chief: The criminal I've been tracking down for years...!!
Text: Nagashima is dangerous!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 16/End

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