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Shokugeki no Souma 16

Concerto of Ideas and Creation

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 20, 2013 02:34 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 16

Star: Thanks to the great popularity and just before the release of JC volume (1)! The second of the three consecutive center color!!
Big Text: ---They are actually a good pair!?
Big Text: Nikumi is developing a new dish!!
Text(blue): The inside story of chapter one is in a kakioroshi! JC Volume (1) on sale on April 4th!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 16 Concerto of Ideas and Creation
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Guy: I'm so happy...I can finally defeat you crushingly,
Guy: Yukihira Souma!!
Cutlery: A new enemy appears!?
Souma: Is that so...!? That's good for you!
Souma: I got that you're picking a fight with me, so just move your foot...!
Hinako: Ok, then everyone,
Hinako: I'll be sitting here
Hinako: So, if there's anything you don't understand about the assignment, go ahead and ask.

Guy: Umm...Chef Inui?
Guy: We haven't received any explanations yet...
Hinako: Ah...Is that so?
Hinako's sd: Upsy daisy
Hinako: Then, I must explain!
Guy: ...
Hinako: My assignment is...
Hinako: Use the ingredients you can find here
Hako: To make any Japanese cuisine main dish!
Voice: "Here"...?
Voice: There are no ingredients anywhe-
Hinako: But they are there...
Hinako: The splendorous nature the clear stream goes by
Hinako: Is a wonderful treasury of ingredients.
All: !?

Hinako: The area that contains this building has been Tootsuki Academy's private land since ancient times,
Hinako: And it's surrounded by a fence.
Hinako: If you go past that fence you're immediately disqualified...
Hinako: You must gather ingredients inside this limited area and cook them...
Map:{//From left to right, up to down
Current Location
Hinako: If you can make a dish that can satisfy me you pass!
All: !!!
Hinako: This room has seasonings, oil, and cookware.
Hinako: You can also freely use the tools like fishing rods that are inside the storehouse.

Hinako: The time limit is two hours!
Hinako: Well then, Ready, Go.
Thought: Eh! It started now!?
Thought: Please speak louder!!
Girl: Fi-First we have to investigate if we can fish...
Guy: Sweetfish! Sweetfish can just be grilled with salt.
Voice: But, is it sweetfish season right now...!?
Voice: At any rate, we only have two hours.
Voice: Hurry!!

Guy: Let's have a match, Yukihira.
Souma: A match, you say...?
Guy: Let's see who is better.
Guy: Chef Inui!
Guy: I'd like you to...Make the final decision for this!
Guy: Which of our dishes is a true delicacy.
Guy: Please judge it impartially---!
Hinako: Eh...Why?
Hinako: It's not related to the assignment...
Hinako: So I don't want to...

Guy: Eh! Ah,
Guy: I see...
Megumi: ...
Souma: Fufu...
Souma: Hey, hey, what are you going to do about this?
Souma: The mood got awkward because you got too excited...
Guy: ...
Guy: Pu...Fuha, so uncool...!
Guy: You're so uncool, nii-chan...Pufufu!!
Guy: Shu-Shut up!! Don't you laugh at me too!
Megumi(thinks): Nii-chan!? They're brothers!?
Souma(thinks): The...They aren't alike at all!!
Guy: Anyway! I definitely won't lose to you!
Guy: I'll make a dish better than yours!!
Guy: Did you understand, Yukihiraaaaaaa!
Guy: Hey, let's go already.
Souma: What was that...?
Megumi: Souma-kun, we have to go to!

Guy: Shit, I can't pull in anything!!
Guy: Stop being so noisy, idiot!! The fishes are swimming away!
Girl: Then, make meunière sauce using these---
Girl: But we don't have wheat flour...
Girl: Ah.
Voice: I told you to pick up some bamboo shoots or something like that, right!?
Voice: I searched! I searched everywhere but there weren't any!
Box: Bamboo Shoot
Hinako(thinks): When they're faced against unknown situations, humans’ field of vision suddenly narrows,
Hinako(thinks): Their thoughts grow dull,
Hinako(thinks): And they make the wrong choices.
Hinako(thinks): This assignment is just a preliminary test---
Hinako(thinks): Chefs that stumble with something like this
Hinako(thinks): Aren't needed in Tootsuki.

Megumi: Uh...We must hurry pull in something and start cooking.
Megumi: What should we do about the dish, Souma-kun...?
Megumi: If it's Char or Rainbow Trout we can grill it with salt...Maybe boil it in soy sauce?
Megumi: Ah! We should think about the decorations too. //You know, as in the things put on food to make it look better even if they aren't to be eaten
Megumi: We have to search for some wild plants or something!
Souma: But you know...Most of the others will probably do something like that, right?
Souma: If only we could come up with some scheme...
Megumi: I-It's not the time to be saying that!!
Megumi: At any rate, we have to finish this dish!
Hinako: Use ingredients you can find here.
Souma: Hmm...

Megumi: I'm glad...We could get some fish!
Souma: You're right, let's go back to the kitchen---
Souma: Judge it impartially---
Guy: Silence!! Silence, I say!
Guy: Hmph! You're using fish too? Good grief, all of you---
Guy: Cooking fish just because the theme is Japanese food,
Guy: Isn't your way of thinking too narrow?
Souma: What's with you? Getting all cocky,
Souma: Then, what are you...
Guy: Fufu...Do you know what this is?
Guy: It's Aigamo! //A cross between a mallard and a domestic duck

Voice: Wha...!!
Guy: An Aigamo!?
Guy: There weren't just Aigamo...There were rabbits and chicken too, you know?
Guy: It's weird that no one even tried to search for them!
Guy: Shit...So there was an option other than river fish...
Guy: But, we don't even know how she'll judge us...
Guy: Hey, you're in the way!
Guy: Move, Yukihira.
Megumi: Souma-kun? What's wrong...?
Souma: ...
Guy: Alright! Do everything until the tendon taking. //Hmm, I don't really know if this is the correct way to say this, I don't really cook, but it seems the thing they say here is like taking the tendon off the meat or something like that... (it might be taking the muscle of the meat)

Guy: OK---
Megumi(thinks): He's accurately cutting up the breast and leg meat!
Megumi(thinks): Even though he's doing it that fast, the viscera aren't getting cut at all.
Megumi(thinks): What a precise knife handling...
Guy: What? You need something?
Megumi: ! N...No...I just thought you have amazing skills...
Guy: Fufu, is that so? But---
Guy: Nii-chan can finish three times faster than I can.

p13-14 //no dialog

Megumi(thinks): There's no pauses between each step.
Megumi(thinks): His movements flow with no useless parts.
Megumi(thinks): Amazing...Just what is he...?
Souma: Well...It's no wonder he can do that much.
Megumi: Eh...?
Souma: That is
Souma: A hand that's been in the actual spot.

Guy: Forno, //Italian for "furnace", "oven", the Japanese says "Fire,", to actually match with the Japanese the Italian should be “Fuoco”, but I digress
Guy: Ascendere. //Italian for "ascend", "rise", the Japanese says "Rise".

Takumi: Sorry for the tardiness,
Takumi: My name is Takumi Aldini.
Takumi: This is my twin brother, Isami Aldini.
Takumi: We worked in the kitchen of a Trattoria in our hometown.
Megumi: Trattoria...?
Takumi: It's a word in Italian that refers to the so-called "Restaurant of the Masses".

Takumi: I'm just as you, Yukihira,
Takumi: I too
Takumi: Am a chef that's protected his shop on the spot.
Text: "Trattoria Aldini"

Takumi: You said that you "Don't plan to lose to some bunch that has never stood in front of clients"?
Takumi: Say that after you've defeated me.
Takumi: Between Aldini and Yukihira...I'll show you
Takumi: Which is better!
Souma: Sounds fun...
Souma: Come at me!
Cutlery: With their pride on line, time for the match!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 16/End
//SPOILER: The preview page for next issue says that SOMA is making a tempura

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