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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 17

Nagashima Shopping District Kiruko Fair!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 27, 2013 04:30 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 17

Oni: Tsutsui!
Star: The beginning was---!?
Oni: Wha...What are you trying to do!?
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Oni: You want to be transferred to Nagashima!? Why do you want to go to that remote region...?
Paper: Request for Transfer
Oni: What are you thinking!!?
Chief: Ah, hello there, Onigawara-san! Congrats on your promotion.
Chief: Well, I just thought that being on duty on the countryside could be good.
Oni: Wha...
Chief: Ah, leaving that aside---
Chief: Have you heard....The name, Jean Smith?
Oni: !?
Oni: ...Tsutsui...You, where...
Oni: Stop!! That's not something we can do anything about!!
Chief: No, but, now that I know I can't leave it alone...
Oni: St...Stop with the foolish thoughts, Tsutsui!!

Chief: ---That was three years ago.
Chief: No, calming Onigawara-san back then was really hard.
Haru: ...Eh...
Haru: The...Then, that means you came to Nagashima on your own will, chief!?
Chiaki: Wa...Wait a second, chief!
Chiaki: This was so sudden that I don't know what's what...
Chief: !
Chiaki: To begin with, just who is that Jean man!?
Chief: Hmmm...It's hard to say in short...He's just well,
Chief: To say it simply---
Chief: He's a man that's planning to create a secret evil organization in Nagashima---
Chief: ...Maybe?
All: !!?
Star: Seriously!!?
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 17 Nagashima Shopping District Kiruko Fair!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: N...No way, chief, a secret evil organization...Are you making fun of us!?
Haru: What's with that!?
Chief: Hmm? What do you think it is?
Haru: What do I think!?
Haru: Like hell I know!! I mean, you knew he was evil and you still sent us to guide him!?
Chief: Hahaha, well, well, then what about this? Since Kiruko-chan came,
Chief: Dangerous things unusual for Nagashima have happened many times, right?
Asterisk: Check Volume 1
Haru: Dangerous...?
Haru's sd: Other than Kiruko...
Kiruko: ! Ah...
Kiruko: The airport terrorists*!!?
Haru: ...Ah, those guys, huh.
Haru: Dangerous...Well, they did take out a rocket launcher in the end...
Chief?: Yes, yes, then, where did they get that rocket launcher?
Chief's sd: In Japan...
Chiaki: "Where?"...
Chiaki's sd: Ah...
Bullet: Come to think of it, Chiaki...The criminals we were pursuing were, to begin with---

Chiaki: Weapon smugglers!? The...Then, Jean's crime is---
Chief: Oh and...When I say business, don't you remember something?
Chiaki: ---...!
Chiaki: That Casino Ship were Kiruko's master was...!!
Kiruko: ?
Haru: ?
Chiaki: !! I see...
Chiaki: That business that wanted to expand to Nagashima back then was Jean's---
Chiaki: ...Theme park business...
Chiaki: Nagashima which isn't in the public gaze...
Chiaki: Weapon smugglers,
Chiaki: Casino ship...
Chiaki: ...An illegal casino whose front is a theme park,
Chiaki: As well as
Chiaki: The headquarters for the illicit sale of firearms!
Chiaki: That's Jean's objective...!?
Haru: !?
Haru: Huh...
Chief: Oh, as expected from Chiaki-kun!
Chief: I'm amazed you could understand that much with so little information!!

Kiruko: Eh!? She...She's correct!?
Haru: Seriously!? We should notify the main station quickly then!! We can't do much...
Chief: Hahaha, if we could do that, everything would be easy, Haru-kun!
Chief: I said it before, Jean has connections with the authorities.
Chief: With people even more powerful than Onigawara-san.
Chief: Considering that, you can guess why Chiaki-kun was forcibly sent here, right?
Chiaki: !
Chiaki: Be...Because I was pursuing a case where Jean was involved...That weapon smuggling case!?
Chiaki: That must be it! If not, there was no way an elite like me would be demoted!
Haru: ...I don't think it was just that...
Chief: Well then, this is the real issue in hand...
Chief: What will you do?
All: !?

Haru?: "Wh...What will we do?"...
Chief: Yes,
Chief: If we leave Jean alone, Nagashima will definitely become more dangerous.
Chief: But, like I said before, the higher-ups won't approve of us capturing Jean.
Chief: That's why, it's half volunteering,
Chief: If you mess up you'll have to stop being a policeman!
Haru: !?
Haru: Whaaat!?
Chief: Well, in my case it's fine, in ten years I'll retire either way.
Chief: I have a fair amount of savings so I don't have to worry when I'm old.
Haru: Th...That's dirty!! Then, why are you telling us that too!?
Chief: Now...I wonder why...
Chief: Well, well, with that said, this will affect your daily lives too,
Chief's sd: You might lose your jobs
Chief: You should all give it a thought!

Haru(thinks): "I want to protect Nagashima even if I have to stop being a policeman"---
Haru(thinks): It's about whether or not you can think like that...
Sign: Nagashima Shopping District
Haru: ---Well...
Haru: Even if he suddenly tells us that...
Kiruko: Yo...You won't do this, senpai?
Haru: No...I mean, just look...
Kiruko: !?
Haru: For example...How about this Shutter District that can be mistaken for a ghost town? //instead of "Shoutengai" (shopping district) he says "Shattaagai" (Shutter District)
Haru: I don't know if this town that might just collapse without relying on an evil organization is actually worth protecting...
Kiruko: Se...Senpai, that's not something a policeman should say...
Haru: If we lose our jobs there's no tomorrow...
Haru: If I'm unemployed I will never get a girlfriend.
Chiaki: Me...Me too, getting fired is a bit...
Kiruko: Eeeh, E...Everyone!?

Bullet: I will follow Kiruko!
Haru: That's what he says, Kiruko! What will you do?
Kiruko: ! I...I!?
Kiruko: No...If Nagashima is in danger I'll naturally arrest that company's director.
Kiruko: ...But, umm...
Kiruko: Even I want to continue being a policewoman...!!
Chiaki: Yes...Well, in yours and Bullet's case you can just go back to the army.
Chiaki's sd: Sigh...
Haru: Damn it, being able to do other things sure is nice...!!
Kiruko: Ueeeh, stop it, don't talk like I'm leaving!!
Kiruko: I'm puzzled tooooooo!!
Haru: Ah, then you won't do as the chief says?
Chiaki: Well yeah...After seeing this Shutter District even I want to give up...
Chiaki's sd: It can't be helped.
Kiruko: I...It's not like that...
Kiruko: Just what should I dooooo!!?
Man: !?
Man: Oh, Isn't that Kiruko-chan!!?
Kiruko: !

Haru: Hm?
Kiruko: ! Ah,
Kiruko: Mayor!
Mayor: Oh, this is great! I just had some business with Kiruko-chan!
Chiaki: ...Who's that?
Haru: Hm? Well, just as you heard, he's Nagashima's Mayor,
Haru: He's an old man that continues to struggle to do something about this crumbling shopping district.
Mayor: Hey...Th...That's cruel, Haru-kun!
Mayor: Well, the eel festival from last time failed! But this time it'll be fine, I have a secret plan!!
Kiruko: Secret plan?
Mayor: Ah! Well, as you can see, the number of shutters has increased a lot,
Mayor: There are people saying that they'll give up too...
Mayor: But I won't abandon! Nagashima's moment is about to start!!
Both: ...
Mayor: For that I have this!

Mayor: "Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san Fair"!! //all of the items in this panel say the same
Mayor: Our town will call in visitors with this! We'll be able to free ourselves from decay!!
All: !!
Kiruko: Eeh...M...My goods!? //as in items based on her
Kiruko: Eh...Wh...Why...!?
Mayor: There's a lot of regional revitalization activities using mascots, right?
Mayor: Kiruko-chan is cute so I thought this might just work!
Kiruko: Eeeh, reallyyyy!!
Haru: N...No, wait, Mayor!
Haru: F...From what I can see, you made a fair quantity, but...
Haru: How much did you spend!?
Mayor: Hahaha, it's ok! I made them using a budget I was saving for this day.
Haru: !? Is that really alright!?
Mayor: Well, well, for things like this it's better to just make a lot in one go.
Mayor: Look at this, Haru-kun!

Mayor: First is this! The novice policewoman's new rice "Kirukome!" //Kirukome = Kiruko + kome (rice), shinmai (novice) can also mean "new rice", that’s why both the novice and the new rice here are written the same
Mayor: How do you call it? It's that Moe Rice that's on fad recently, I tried to get on that!
Bag: Novice Policewoman's New Rice Kirukome! 5kg
Haru(thinks): Uwaaaah, it's so stupid!
Mayor: And, if you buy 10kg you get this Kiruko-san poster,
Mayor: How about it? It's perfect, right?
Haru: It's not!! That way of selling is full of flaws!!
Mayor: !?
Haru: This won't work but with a certain part of the young people!
Haru: Nagashima is a den of old timers, there's no one who'd want this!!
Poster: Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san I'll protect Nagashima!!
Mayor: Eh,
Mayor: The...Then...How about the "That girl in green is Kirukonbu"... //"Midori no ano ko wa Kirukonbu" maybe a reference to something? All I found were Hatsune Miku images though XD, konbu is a type of kelp
Bag: That girl in green is Kirukonbu
Haru: It's going on the same direction! And the manufacture process was sloppy!!
Chiaki: There's some other things...But they're similar.
Bowl: Tonfa Bladon //Tonfa Bureidon, don as in the food that's rice with something on top
Kiruko: I...I think they're quite nice...
Haru: And...It's been bothering me for a while, but
Haru: What's that huge thing!?

Mayor: Eh? Well, it's a Kiruko-chan costume...
Mayor: When you say mascot it has to have a costume, right?
Haru: Why? You have the real person here so why make a costume!?
Mayor: Well, well, then, Haru-kun, put it on.
Mayor: You're used to it because of Cerberus-kun, right?
Haru: Don't be so cold! That's quite tiresome...
Haru: Guah!!
Both: ...
Chiaki: Hey...Kiruko, is it fine not to stop this?
Kiruko: Eh? Wh...Why?
Chiaki: I mean, if you arrest Jean you might have to quit being a policewoman!
Chiaki: If the person the fair is based on stops being a policewoman then some might say "What's this fair for?"...
Kiruko: !? No...I told you I haven't decided...
Haru: !
Haru: But...If you abandon it, Nagashima will fall to ruin and it won't be time to think about a town renewal...
Kiruko: !!?
Chiaki: Ah...Then, either way, in the end, this fair will---
Kiruko: ...Ma...Mayor...
Mayor: Eh? What, Kiruko-chan?
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Ah...

Kiruko: Le-!!
Kiruko: Let's do our best! I'll help you tomorrow!
Mayor: Eh!? What? You'll help us, Kiruko-chan!?
Kiruko: O...Of course! It's my fair!
Mayor: I see, tomorrow will be a great success then!
Mayor: Thanks, Kiruko-chan!
Kiruko: Yes! Leave it to me!!
Thought: ...Kiruko...
Box: The next day---

Haru: Well, it was obvious! I told you, I told you!!
Haru: You knew this would happen!
Kiruko: So...Sorry, Mayor...
Kiruko: It's my fault that no one...No one came...
Mayor: !
Kiruko: Well, that's true...Reality might be like this,
Kiruko: I'm someone who makes people in Tokyo draw away...There's no way I can be a mascot...Fufu...
Kiruko: I'll buy all of this merchandise! I'll take responsibility and buy it all!!
Haru(thinks): ...Is this how idols that don't sell feel...?
Mayor: No, don't worry, Kiruko-chan.
Kiruko: !
Mayor: As I thought...This much won't solve anything either way.
Mayor: It's just that...I was a bit happy so I went and did it.
Mayor: It felt like Nagashima became a little livelier since Kiruko-chan came, so...

Kiruko: ...Mayor...
Kanna: Ah, they are really selling Kiruko's goods!!
Kiruko: ?
Kiruko: Eh...
Kiruko: !! Everyone!!
Kanna: Wooow! Mom, let's buy that rice!!
Mom: You're fine with rice, Kanna...?
Kiruko: Oh!? Wh...What happened? You suddenly came!!
Boy: !? Uwah, what's this Kiruko!?
Kanna: I saw in TV! That there would be a Kiruko Fair in the shopping district.
Kiruko: !? "TV"...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: The man from Nagashima TV!
Man: You're so distant, you should've told me you were doing this.
Man: We're broadcasting it live!

Old Man: Look, it's "Kirukonbu".
Old Man: Kiruko-chan really is cute.
Kiruko: E...Everyone...Thank you very much! TV is amazing...
Kanna: ?
Kanna: No, it's not like everyone came just because it was on TV.
Kiruko: Eh?
Kanna: We came because we heard Kiruko is doing something again!
Boy: That's obvious, what are you saying?
Boy: You never get bored watching Kiruko!!
Old man: Oh, that's right,
Old man: Seeing Kiruko gives me a lot of energy.
Voice: But, this will become rare items on the nation-wide internet in a second. (cd: Probably)
Voice: I mean, everyone from the Nagashima station are out here.
Voice: It's fine, this is Nagashima!
sd: Ahahaha

Kiruko: ...Senpai...
Girl: Kyaaah, what's with this Kiruko!!?
Girl: She touched my butt!!
Haru: Hm?
Kiruko: !!
Haru: Wha...Eh!? Wha-What's wrong, Kiruko!?
Haru: Are you that happy that your goods are selling!?
Kiruko: Th...That's not it! Well, that's true, but,
Kiruko: Th...Thad's nod id...! //she’s half-crying so she messes up speaking
Kiruko: Senpai! Chiaki-san! Bullet!!
Kiruko: I really will do it! I'll arrest Jean Smith!!
All: !?
Haru: Huh!? What's that Kiruko? That came out of the blue---
Kiruko: I just noticed,
Kiruko: This is really the place I belong to!

Kiruko: That's right! I experienced it too when we went to Tokyo,
Box: Kiruko in Tokyo
Kiruko: I really...Am crowded out.
Kiruko: But, no one here rejects me!
Kanna: ?
Kiruko: What I want to protect isn't my employment or a place! It's this town where everyone lives!!
Kiruko: There's no other place that would accept pieces of junk like us!!
Haru: !? Hey, didn't you just say "us"!?
Haru: Why are you including us there too!!?
Kiruko: There's no meaning in working if Nagashima stops being Nagashima!!
Both: ...
Bullet: Ok, I understand, Kiruko!
Bullet: If you're saying that I will follow you.
Kiruko: !?
Chiaki: It can't be helped...Geez!
Chiaki: I can't leave a big job like this to a novice...!

Kiruko: Is that true, both of you!!?
Kiruko: That's great, let's do our best, senpai!!
Haru: Eh!? I...I haven't said I'll do it...
Kiruko: Alright, everyone, rest assured!
Kiruko: We won't let any evil secret organization be established here!
Kiruko: We're Nagashima's policemen!
Kiruko: I'll protect Nagashima!!
Text: The outbreak of the decisive battle in Nagashima!!
Haru: No...I told you, I haven't said I'll do it...
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 17/End

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