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Shokugeki no Souma 17

The Coating that Colors the Mountain

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 27, 2013 22:03 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 17
//Try to keep the Italian words for the release if possible
//This has to be one of the best chapters of Soma so far, I mean Erina color page and the content…Just awesome XD

(cutlery) 17 The Coating that Colors the Mountain //Maybe clothes/garment/robe/gown instead of coating
Star: Thanks to the great popularity and just before the release of JC volume (1)! The third of the three consecutive center color!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Text: ---The ice queen's refined afternoon...
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: Including Kakioroshi manga and the oneshot that had a great response!!
Red Line: This Thursday (April 4th) JC Volume (1) will be on sale!!

Cutlery: Pane e Amore, Italia--- //The Japanese actually says "The country of food and love" but it's read as "Pane Amore" (Pane is bread, but it seems it can be used with a “food” meaning, Amore is love if that isn’t obvious) I added the "e" since that means "and" in Italian
Box: Mid-west Italy
Box: Tuscany region, Florence
Takumi: To Japan!?
Box: Takumi Aldini (Currently 13 years old)
Takumi: Uncle...I don't understand the meaning of this.
Takumi: Going to a Cooking School at this point...Moreover, why do I have to go to Japan!?
Uncle: No, no, that school is famous worldwide,
Uncle: I don't think there's any loss in going.
Uncle: You don't have to worry about Aldini.
Uncle: Go and polish your skills all you want!
Takumi: ...What do you think, Isami?
Isami: If nii-chan is going I'll go to.

Takumi(thinks): We twins are halfs, our father is Japanese and our mother is Italian.
Takumi(thinks): We have helped our family's restaurant since we were 5 years old,
Takumi(thinks): But after our uncle from our father's side recommended it
Takumi(thinks): We transferred to Tootsuki Academy on the 2nd year of middle school.
Takumi(thinks): Before going back to Italy, I'll learn many techniques
Takumi(thinks): And make Aldini's personal Italian food. //as in one only they can make
Takumi(thinks): I can't lose to chefs from my generation,
Takumi(thinks): Because I'm already fighting on the real kitchen---
Souma: ---But I don't plan to lose to some bunch that has never stood in front of clients.
Souma: Now that I'm in
Souma: I'll take the top.

Takumi(thinks): You said that you were a "pro",
Takumi(thinks): Then,
Guy: !?
Girl?: Wha...!?
Girl?: What is that!?
Takumi(thinks): As another pro, I can't lose to you!!

Hinako(thinks): That's a "Mezzaluna".
Hinako(thinks): Its name means "Half-moon" in Italian.
Hinako(thinks): A two-handed knife used in Italian cuisine...
Takumi: Here I go.
Takumi: Tritare!! //mince

Voice: The ingredients became a paste in just a moment...
Voice: He's mastered such a unique knife!
Isami: Seven more minutes until the Aigamo's breast meat is roasted---
Takumi: Alright! Let's finish the salsa on the meantime. //salsa=sauce
Takumi: In dieci secondi I'll be done with the tritare. //ten seconds, mince
Isami: Roger, I'm done washing this with water too---
Takumi: Tre, //three
Takumi: Due, //two
Takumi: Uno!

p7 //no dialog

Hinako's sd: *giggle*...
Hinako: I see you're the first to arrive.
Takumi: Ligthness is
Takumi: Italian cuisine's distinctive flavor.
Thought: That was too fast...!!
Thought: Even though they had to prepare the duck too,
Thought: It didn't even take them one hour!
Text: Aigamo Grilled with Spices ~Garnished with Green Sauce~

Takumi: Buon Appetito! //I don't have to explain this
Hinako: ...!
Hinako(thinks): The Aigamo's fragrance has a brimming wildness feeling.
Hinako: ~~~
Hinako(thinks): And it's like a refreshing feeling comes up to my nose making the flavor more dignified.
Hinako(thinks): The manliness and the elegance become a deep bass that resounds on the deepest parts of my stomach...That is just like
Hinako(thinks): An Aria sung by an Aigamo.
Hinako(thinks): ---Ah

p10 //I seriously lol'd at this page
Hinako(thinks): ---If it's a duck like this
Hinako(thinks): I want it to embrace me.

Voice: !? Hey...That green-colored paste sauce!
Voice: Isn't that...
Voice: "Salsa Verde"!? //lit. Green Sauce, you don't say?
Big Text: Salsa Verde
Text: It's a sauce made by mincing and mixing salted anchovy, Italian parsley, and other things.
Text: It's used a lot as garnish for Meat dishes and Vegetable grillè.
Text: It's one of the standard sauces of Italian cuisine.
Voice: What are you thinking...The theme is Japanese Cuisine, you know?
Voice: If you do that, you're disqualified of cour...
Hinako: No...For this sauce
Hinako: They didn't use salted anchovy,
Hinako: They used salted sweetfish entrails..."Uruka" as the main ingredient! //uruka is a shorter way to say "salted entrails and roe of sweetfish"
All: !?
Hinako: Uruka usually takes more than one week to prepare,
Hinako: But you improvised this?
Takumi: Yes.
Hinako: They washed the sweetfish entrails with water and then they boiled them on sake for two minutes...
Hinako: And by adding mirin, soy sauce, and salt, //mirin = type of sweet rice wine used in cooking
Hinako: Their moderate bitterness finishes up an irresistibly rich improvised Uruka.

Guy: Improvised Uruka, you say...?
Girl: To think they can do that!
Hinako: That's not all they did.
Hinako: By mincing and mixing perilla and spring onion instead of parsley, the sauce had a vivid green color and a refreshing flavor.
Hinako: And, instead of garlic which isn't used much in Japanese cuisine, they used Yuzukoshou to give it a Japanese-style flavor. //Yuzukoshou = condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chili peppers
Takumi: That's right...This was made using an improvised Uruka as the main ingredient,
Takumi: It's a "Japanese-style Salsa Verde"!
Guy: Shit, I'm drooling just from hearing the ingredients.
Guy: They prepared an Italian sauce...Japanese style!?
Girl: To think they could arrange that combination of so many ingredients in this mountain...
Guy: ...What a guy!
Hinako(thinks): ---Unlike Japan, Italy has an ancient meat-centered cuisine.
Hinako(thinks): On their home land, the Tuscany region, depending on the season they eat duck, rabbit, and even boar...
Hinako(thinks): By living like that, they learned how to cut up and prepare a duck.

Hinako(thinks): The breast meat was dressed with a mix of soy sauce, mustard, black pepper, and honey, and then it was fragrantly roasted.
Hinako(thinks): It's affinity with the sauce is perfect.
Hinako(thinks): Aigamo and Salsa Verde,
Hinako(thinks): They inlayed the essence of Japanese food on each of them
Hinako(thinks): And brought together a magnificent Japanese dish!
Hinako: The Takumi Aldini/Isami Aldini pair has passed!
Both: Grazie! //I don't have to explain, do I?
Megumi(thinks): To think that he could be quick-witted and complete such an amazing dish
Megumi(thinks): Even on a situation where the ingredients are limited.

Megumi(thinks): He's just like Souma-kun---

Takumi: Now...It seems you haven't started working, but
Takumi: Just what will you make?
Hinako: I see, you two were having a match, right...?
Hinako: If I can expect a flavor that can compete with that dish just now...
Hinako: Then ok! I'll make a special exception and judge which of the two was tastier!
Both: !!
Takumi: Did you hear that, Yukihira!?
Souma: Yeah, let's do this.
Hinako: Then, the loser will have to kneel down!
Both: Eh?
Hinako: He will have to kneel down in front of his opponent
Hinako: And say "I'm a dejected loser" three times.
Hinako: If you’re putting your shops' name on the line, it has to have this much weight.
Hinako's sd: Fufufu...
Both: ...
Hinako: Ah, but you don't have to kneel down, Tadokoro Megumi-san. (cd: Your fingers are beautiful.)
Megumi(thinks): Th...This person is kinda scaryyyyy!
Takumi: A-Alright! At any rate...

Takumi: If you can make a dish better than ours...
Takumi: Then go ahead and do it!
Megumi: ...!
Souma(thinks): This guy wasn't bound by any preconceptions.
Souma(thinks): He found the alternative of using Aigamo,
Souma(thinks): Even more, he gathered ingredients that could make it better.
Souma(thinks): Think...
Souma(thinks): Right now, on this place,
Souma(thinks): What's the best dish I can make---?

Flashback: You can find he
Flashback: Chicken and rabb
Souma: !
Takumi: ...!?

Souma: Tadokoro!
Souma: I want to use this ingredients for the garnish.
Souma: I want you to go gather them!
Souma: ...You think you can recognize them?
Megumi: Ermm...Yes! I think it should be ok.
Megumi: I went to gather wild plants on the countryside a lot.
Souma: Alright...!
Souma: I leave that to you...Tadokoro!!
Megumi: What will you do, Souma-kun?
Souma: There's something I want to search for too so I'll go outside for a bit...
Souma: Oh, before that.
Souma: Inui-senpai!
Souma: If it's something I can find here
Souma: I can use anything, right?

Hinako: ?
Hinako: Yes.
Hinako: As long as it's inside the fenced area, anything is fine.
Souma: The key ingredient
Souma: For the dish we'll make is
Souma: This...!!
Megumi: Eh...!!
Hinako: Th-
Hinako: That is---!?
Cutlery: What is the surprising ingredient---!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 17/End
//For the second time (that I noticed) the next issue preview lied, where's mah tempura... Btw, the next issue preview says nothing that wasn't said on the chapter this time

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