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Shokugeki no Souma 18

The Seed of Ideas

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 3, 2013 18:32 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 18
//I would recommend you to put a TL notes page for this chapter since there's a lot, some are really long, and most are important and not so easy to google

Souma: The key ingredient
Souma: For the dish we're making
Souma: Is this!!
Cutlery: His trump card is kaki seeds!? //kaki = Japanese persimmon
(cutlery) The Seed of Ideas
Megumi(thinks): Ka...Kaki seeds---!?
Bag's Big Text: Kaki Seeds
Hinako: My tea snacks!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Takumi(thinks): Yukihira...Just what...
Takumi(thinks): Are you thinking!?
Souma: With that said, we're going outside!
Souma: Ah, hold onto this, ok?
Takumi: Huh?
Takumi: Wh-Why should I...
Souma: Alright, let's go, Tadokoro!
Hinako's sfx: sob...
Hinako: My kaki seeds...
Megumi: Emmm,
Megumi: Emmm, last is...
Megumi: ...Ok! With this, I have everything...!
Megumi: I have to join up with Souma-kun soon!
Cutlery: JC Volume (1) is on sale with rave reviews!!

Souma: Ouuuuuch!!
Souma: Owowowow!!
Souma: Da...Damn bastard...!
Hen: Cuckoo
Souma(thinks): If the hen is set free then...
Souma: !
Hen's sd: Cuckoo
Souma: Great!! There was one!
Souma: A just-laid fresh hen's egg!

Guys' sfx: gulp
Hinako: It's not good.
Hinako: Redo it!
Thought: I-I can't see us passing!!
Thought: To think that all of them have tried and just a few pairs have passed...

Thought: Inui Hinako...
Thought: A graduate of Tootsuki Academy's 80th generation.
Thought: A chef that was feared and called the "Mist Empress" while she was enrolled...!
Hinako: At any rate, it's that,
Hinako: It's always fried fish and...No matter what, the texture resembles closely to the ones before.
Hinako's sd: Haa~~~ //sigh
Hinako: I now want something that has more consistency when I chew it.
Thought: Even if you say that, on this mountain...
Thought: What are we supposed to make!
Hinako: You can redo it as many times you want before the time limit.
Voice: Sh...Shit! Let's redo it!!
Voice: It's impossible, we won't be on time!
Isami: It's great we could pass, right, nii-chan?

Isami: For now, calm down, ok?
Takumi: Is Yukihira not coming back yet...!?
Takumi: There's less than 20 minutes left, you know...?
Isami: If the time expires then it will be nii-chan's win by default so it's ok.
Takumi: I want a heated match! I won't accept a win by default!!
Takumi(thinks): And...This thing he suddenly made me hold on to...
Takumi(thinks): That guy...Just how does he plan to use this for his dish...?
Takumi: Yukihira...!

Takumi: You're late! You only have 15 minutes left!
Takumi: Do you want to be disqualified without fighting me!?
Isami: Nii-chan, you're crushing the bag!
Takumi: Aah, sorry!
Takumi: Th-That's not it Yukihira, that was...!
Souma: Ah, don't worry.
Souma: You saved me the trouble, thanks.
Takumi: ...?
Souma: And...We still have 15 minutes!
Takumi: What?
Souma: If you made them wait 15 minutes at a special-of-the-day shop
Souma: All of your clients would go home.

Souma: Let's do this!! Tadokoro!
Megumi: Yes!
Megumi(thinks): The wild plants pre-cooking...
Megumi(thinks): First, I must cut off the fatsia sprouts’ skirt. //here she uses "hakama" which is a formal wear that kinda resembles a skirt, searching for photos of the plant, what she's removing is a purple-colored part near the bottom of the sprout that kinda looks like a skirt(?)
Megumi(thinks): Carefully...Carefully!
Souma: When you're done with that, separate the egg's yolk and white!
Megumi: Yes!

Megumi: Eeeeeeh!? Deep-fried food!?
Souma: Yeah! We should deep-fry the river fish!
Megumi: But, we don't have wheat flour, potato starch...Or anything that can become the coating...
Megumi: Perhaps, we are doing a suage? //suage = food deep-fried without breading or batter
Megumi: But fish has a lot of water so it isn't suited for that.
Souma: But we have it,
Souma: A great coating!
Flashback: You saved me the trouble.
Takumi(thinks): River fish,
Takumi(thinks): Hen's eggs,
Takumi(thinks): And kaki seeds---
Takumi(thinks): I got it, Yukihira...

Takumi(thinks): You're going to smash the kaki seeds---
Takumi(thinks): And use them as coating for the deep-fry!!!

p11 //no dialog

Hinako: Oh my... My kaki seeds
Hinako: Were used to make such a lovely deep-fried dish...!
Souma: There you go, Inui-senpai.
Souma: While it's still hot,
Souma: Eat it!

SFX: slightly crunchy
SFX: very crunchy
SFX: huff
SFX: huff
Hinako: ---Ah...
SFX: gulp...
Hinako: The consistency is wonderful!
Hinako: And yet the inner part isn't soggy...
Hinako: The char's deliciousness was protected by the coating and it's well condensed!
Brothers: ...!
Hinako: Thanks to the kaki seeds' flavor
Hinako: You can also feel a steady tastiness from the coating.

Hinako: And the garnish is
Hinako: A fluffy sauce made from tamago no moto and pepper tree buds!
Big Text: Tamago no Moto
Text: It's made by adding salad oil little by little to egg yolk and mixing it with a whisk until it becomes mellow like mayonnaise.
Text: It's used for many things like combining ingredients or as a seasoning.
Hinako: By mixing salt and minced "pepper tree buds" with the tamago no moto they added a refreshing flavor.
Hinako: With that, the greasy feeling is lost and an elegant flavor is born...
Hinako: This creamy taste you can feel between the coating's light crunchiness stimulates the appetite...
Hinako: The way they arranged the fried wild plants is also flawless...
Hinako: The contrast with the deep-fried dish is a really refreshing view.
Megumi: Souma-kun, how did you come up with this idea...?
Souma: In Japanese cuisine there's this "Okakiage", right?

Souma: It's a dish where, by covering the ingredients with smashed okaki and deep-frying them, you can make the texture better and add an element of surprise to the taste. //this "okaki" isn't the persimmon, it's mochi cut thin, dried, and baked or fried, it's also known as kakimochi
Souma: I've made Okakiage at home sometimes...
Megumi: By putting that to use you thought of using kaki seeds to make a deep-fried dish...?
Souma: That's about it!
Souma: I'll call it, Yukihira Style "Char Okaki...
Souma's sd: !
Souma's sd: Ah
Souma: Yukihira Style "Char Okakiage"!! //ok, this is a big pun that was lost in the translation, "okaki" as in the mochi is written おかきor お欠き, in his first try, Souma was about to say おかき揚げ (okakiage), which is the one he just explained, but on his second try he says お柿揚げ (okakiage), here he uses the kanji for persimmon 柿 (kaki), this, to say that he used persimmon instead of mochi
Voice: You definitely thought of that when you were halfway done saying it!

Hinako(thinks): Aldini-kun had a wide field of vision and didn't overlook the Aigamo.
Hinako(thinks): On the other hand, Yukihira-kun used his exceptional creativity
Hinako(thinks): To make a dish no one here even thought about!
Hinako(thinks): Even under limited time and conditions he didn't cower
Hinako(thinks): And tried to make his own dish.
Hinako(thinks): This is the backbone of a professional!

Hinako(thinks): Fufu...I've had students do this assignment many times in the past.
Hinako(thinks): But rather than a Suage
Hinako(thinks): He made a "Koromoage", it's the first time a student does that. //koromoage = food deep-fried with a coating
SFX: Huff
SFX: Huff
Hinako(thinks): The kaki seeds
Hinako(thinks): Tightly wrap up the char that greets the new season.
Hinako(thinks): That is just like
Hinako(thinks): A passionate heated embrace
Hinako(thinks): To a pure siren...
Hinako(thinks): No...

Hinako(thinks): I'm going to drown
Hinako(thinks): In the love with the kaki seeds...!

Hinako: Yukihira Souma, Tadokoro Megumi...
Hinako: You pass!
Souma: It wasn't much.
Cutlery: They break through the first gateway...!! And, who won...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 18/End

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