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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 18

A Lowlife's Decision!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 6, 2013 19:24 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 18

Text: They've reached a determination!!?
Chief: Personally, I'm really happy to hear that...
Chief: But is it really fine, Kiruko-chan?
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Kiruko: Yes, of course!
Kiruko: I'll arrest Jean Smith!!
Chiaki: It's we Kiruko.
Haru: No, I'm not going, you know? Kiruko just arbitrarily-
Kiruko: I'll protect Nagashima!!
Chief: Yeah, thanks.
Chief: Sorry, to get you involved in an old man's selfishness...
Chief: Well, then...With that said, let's begin
Chief: The great plan to capture Jean Smith!

Chief: Tomorrow night, that casino ship will dock in Nagashima to pick up Jean,
Chief: If we let this pass Jean will go outside the country and we won't be able to do anything.
Star: History's biggest job!!
Chief: That's why, tomorrow is in essence our only chance to board!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 18 A Lowlife's Decision!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Chiaki: Even so, there's no arrest warrant for Jean, right?
Chiaki: What do you plan to do?
Chief: Hm? Hmmm,
Chief: We'll just push through?
Chiaki: !?
Chief: Chiaki-kun, what do you think that the method to capture a criminal with no evidence against is?
Chiaki: ? Well, you can only incite him to turn himself up...
Chief: Right! That's the only way,
Chief: You can just make him go through things so harsh that make him unintentionally confess.
Chiaki: !
Chiaki: Ah...
Chief: That's it.
Chief: It's just as always.

Chief: We let Kiruko-chan punish him---
Kiruko: !
Chief: We just have to give Jean Smith a trauma!
Bullet: Hahaha, that sounds like an easy job, right, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Eh? What? What is easy?
Chief: Yes, yes!
Chief: Even Onigawara-san who is called the "Red Oni" ended up with a trauma.
Chief: Well, Jean shouldn't be an exception, right?
Chief: If they end up taking out the white flag it's our win!
Chiaki: ...We're pushing through so much it's even refreshing...
Bullet: But well...The best thing is that it's easy to understand.
Chiaki: I'll take command!
Chiaki: I'll make them regret...That they sent me here!!
Haru: Hey, I'm telling you I haven't said I'll do it! Hey!!
Kiruko: U...Umm...About that, everyone...
Bullet: ?

Kiruko: On a second thought, I'll go alone tomorrow!
Both: !!?
Kiruko: You should stay in the station!
Voice: !? Hey...What are you saying Kiruko!?
Voice: What do you mean alone!?
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry, umm...
Kiruko: I'm really happy that you feel like that....But really, emm,
Kiruko: Losing your jobs is too much...
Kiruko: First, they probably have armed soldiers and more than anything they have sensei.
Kiruko: I can't have you go to a place where you could even lose your lives if something goes wrong!
Chiaki: ...Kiruko...
Bullet: All the more reason why you need me!!
Kiruko: Hmmm...Bullet, you have to protect everyone in case I fail!
Bullet: !? Don't be foolish,
Bullet: You think I'm going to agree with that!!?
Kiruko: It'll be fine!
Bullet: !

Kiruko: Rest assured! No matter what, I'll stop Jean!
Kiruko: I mean, I'm an ex-mercenary policewoman, you know!?
Kiruko: Well then, I have to prepare...I'll leave for today!
Bullet: Wait Kiruko! I'm not done---
Kiruko: Excuse me!
Both: ...
Chiaki: ...That idiot...We all know you're acting tough.
Chiaki: There's no way we can leave that clumsy and cute novice alone...!!
Bullet: ---I really will go with her too.
Bullet: To begin with, I came to Japan for Kiruko's sake...!!
Haru: Yeah...Well, I think you'll get this done somehow.
Haru: So I won't worry and wait here...!!

Haru: Eh?
Haru: What?
Bullet: ...Are you...Serious?
Chiaki: You!! I'm amazed you can say that in this kind of situation!!
Haru: !? Eh...Bu...But, I mean,
Haru: I've been saying it from the beginning! "I won't participate"!!
Haru: I mean, even if I go I won't be able to do anything!!
Haru: I'll definitely just get in the way!
Chiaki: That's not the problem here!! Kiruko's risking her life, you know? Show some guts for once you lowlife policeman!!
Bullet: Head or heart...Choose one, Anjouuuuuu!!
Chief: Well, well, both of you!
Chief: Participating this time is each one's decision.
Chief: If Haru-kun doesn't want to do it you can't force him to.
Chief: This is something that involves his future...!
Chiaki: ...
Chief: Then, we're done for today!
Chief: Chiaki-kun, Bullet-kun, you should prepare tonight.

Box: Next day
Haru: ...
Haru: What's with this? I'm alone here today...? I guess they're preparing for tonight. (cd: Not even the chief is here.)
Haru: I don't get them, why are they doing that much for such a secluded place...?
Haru: But well, this is a chance to take my time and enjoy some porn magazines!
Haru: I haven't really had days were I can take it easy ever since Kiruko came!
Haru: Now, enjoy!!

Haru: ...I'm hungry.
Haru: I should buy some cup ramen or something...
Kanna: Haruuuuuu!!
Haru: !

Kanna: Hey...Did Kiruko took the day off?
Kanna: I thought we could play some Kabaddi together...
Haru: !
Haru: Aah,
Haru: She is---
Haru: ...
Kanna: ...?
Kanna: What's wrong, Haru?
Haru: I don't know!
Kanna: !!?
Kanna: Eh...Eeh!!?
Kanna: Wha...What's with that!? There's no way you don't know, it's about Kiruko!
Haru: I don't know! Why should I know
Haru: Everything about Kiruko!!?
Kids: !?
Haru: To begin with! Everyone is Kiruko this, Kiruko that...
Haru: It's odd! You all got too used to her!!
Haru: If you think things calmly she's definitely an odd policewoman!!

Kanna: ?...No...I mean, that's what's fun.
Haru: That's it! Let's feel uneasy about that!
Haru: You've gotten trained too much!!
Kanna: Eh...Really, what's wrong? You're acting weird today, Haru.
Haru: I'm telling you! What's weird is the people of Nagashima!!
Haru: Just what kind of things do you think I have gone through by being with her---
Haru: ...Je...
Kanna: ?

Haru: Jeeeez, goddammiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!
Kanna: !!!!
Kanna: !? Eh, what!? What happened to you now!!?
Haru: Aah, I should just leave her alone, I'm such an idiot and she is too!
Haru: Damn it.
Haru: If only she didn't have big breaaaaaaaaasts
Kanna: !!?
Kanna: ...What was that...?
Kid: I...I don't know,
Kid: Maybe he became so perverted that he got crazy...?

Chief: Well...I've prepared all I had to.
Chief: All that's left is to leave it to the youngsters...huh...
Chief: I don't want to grow old, that makes you useless on the field!
Chief: If it was the old me I wouldn't have needed to involve everyone---
Chief: !

Chief: ...Oh,
Chief: What happened, Haru-kun? Why are you wearing Cerberus-kun's costume?
Chief: Are you going to do some work?
Haru: ...That's obvious, if I wore this
Haru: Doing something else I would just be a weirdo, chief...
Chief: I see...Thank you, Haru-kun.
Chief: Like that, after all is said and done
Chief: You always answer to my reckless requests...
Chief: I don't say it usually but I'm really grateful---
Haru: ---
Haru: ...Sh...
Haru: Shuddup, you cunning old man!!
Haru: Don't go saying some nice things to end it all gracefully!
Haru: I'm definitely going to get some danger money from you for thiiiiiis!!
Chief: Ahahaha, I see, that's what makes you Haru-kun!!
Haru: !? Wha...
Haru: What's so funny, you bastard!!?

Haru: To begin with, what's the deal with the instigator not going!?
Haru: We might even get fired, good grief...
Chief: Hmmm, Haru-kun, you're so harsh.
Chief: With that said, even if I go I won't be any help.
Haru: No...But that doesn't-
Haru: !
Chief: Can we make a deal with this?
Paper: Letter of Resignation
Haru: !?
Haru: Chi...You, that!?
Chief: I told you, right? I'll do something about this even if I'm fired.
Chief: It'll be ok, even if you fail
Chief: Everything will calm down if I get fired!
Haru: ...
Chief: Keep it a secret from the others.
Chief: That's why, Haru-kun,
Chief: If it gets dangerous, run away immediately.
Haru: !
Chief: The other three...Especially Kiruko-chan, like to be rash.
Chief: Someone must act as the vanguard and tell the others to retreat or you might lose your lives.

Chief: Kiruko-chan needs you, Haru-kun.
Chief: Like I told you when we went to the MPD,
Chief: If it's you, you can keep Kiruko-chan in control!
Haru: ...
Haru: Chief...!!
Chief: And Haru-kun, you don't have much sense of justice so I don't think you'll miss the timing to run away!
Haru: Why do you always say an unnecessary bit at the end...?
Chief: Well, it's just that I become restless when I talk seriously with Haru-kun.
Haru: That's not my problem! Let's feel a bit nervous about this!!
Haru: What's with you? I really won't do this!!

Kiruko: ---Geez!
Kiruko: Why did you two come!!?
Kiruko: Do you understand!? You might die here, you know!?
Kiruko: Even if you don't, you might get fired...
Kiruko: I won't be responsible for anything that happens now!
Chiaki: ...Kiruko...
Chiaki: That doesn't have much effect when you say it while crying for happiness...
Kiruko: I...I'm nwot cwying fwom happwiness!!
Kiruko: Uwaaaaan, idioooooots!!
Bullet: Fuhahaha, we won't let you go alone, Kiruko!!
Chiaki: Even so, that lowlife...To think he really didn't come.
Chiaki: Should I crush his testicles when we come back.
Kiruko: Yo...You're scary, Chiaki-san!! //agreed...

Kiruko: I...It can't be helped, the chief told us we could refrain from participating.
Kiruko: I wouldn't want senpai to be in danger for coming with us!
Kiruko: After all, senpai's a small fry...
Haru: Who's a small fry, you little rascal!
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Se...
Kiruko: senpai!
Kiruko: Eeh, wh...Why is senpai here...!?
Kiruko: Are you really senpai!?
Haru: !? You...Of course I am, you don't trust me that much!!?
Haru: Jeez, everyone's just saying all they want...
Haru: I’m not shitting here.

Haru: I'm your senpai, aren't I!!?
Kiruko: ---Yes,
Kiruko: I really will follow senpai for life!!
Kiruko: Buwaaaan, senpaiiii!!
Chiaki: Hey...What happened to you!? Did you hit your head!?
Bullet: Did you eat something you picked on the road?
Haru: I'm tired of you guys, do you hate me or something...?
Kiruko: sniff...I understand! I won't say anything else, let's all save Nagashima!
Bullet: Yeah!
Haru: U...Ummm, even so, I won't do really much, ok?
Haru: Wearing Cerberus-kun was a desperate measure to hide my face...
Kiruko: Alriiiiight, let's gooooo!!

Kiruko: Hamogawa Police, Nagashima Substation---
Kiruko: Starts working!!
Text: Break in!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 18/End

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