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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 19

An Infiltration Plan Full of Kirukos!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 10, 2013 03:06 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 19

Star: The long-awaited JC Volume (2) will be on sale on May 2nd!!!
Voice: Welcome back, Jean-sama.
Voice: Good work on the inspection.
Star: VS Jean's ship!!!
Jean: Yes...Thank you.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 19 An Infiltration Plan Full of Kirukos!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Man: May we depart immediately?
Jean: No problem, my business here is done.
Jean: All of the guests got down so now it's only us.
Jean: ---Ah, but-
Man: ?
Jean: I think some "uninvited guests" might come.
Jean: Please prepare to receive them...!
Man: !? Huh...? Wh...What kind of guests...?

Jean: A cute policewoman and her party---
Jean: A total of four people
Jean: ...Maybe?

Mei: Hey, hey, Jean-san.
Jean: ?
Mei: Why did we leave that policewoman alone?
Mei: You could have gotten her fired easily.
Jean: Mei...You still have a grudge for losing playing catch?
Jean: You shouldn't do that!
Jean: Even if she stopped being a policewoman she would have come to arrest me.
Jean: I understood that well after talking with her.
Jean: Because it seems that’s who the "novice policewoman Kiruko-san" is.
Jean: Even so, they can't arrest me officially,
Jean: They probably want to push me to turn myself in.
Jean: That's why, this is a clash of wills,
Jean: It won't end until one side takes the white flag out---
Jean: That's the kind of battle this is!
Mei: ...

Jean: ...With that said, I'll tell you Kiruko-san's traits
Jean: So that everyone is on guard.
Man: ! Ye-Yes sir.
Jean: If you see a woman with green hair, an eye patch, and that has lethal weapons on both hands then there's no mistake, that's her!
Man: ...Is she really a policewoman...?
Jean: Ah! And her chest is really prominent.
Jean: Well, that's about it.
Chiaki: "Eliminate her at sight."
Chiaki: ---Or...
Chiaki: That's what they should be planning to do now...
Chiaki: Considering that Jean came on contact with Kiruko the other day
Chiaki: He should be anticipating that we're doing a raid.
Bullet: What do you plan to do, Chiaki?
Chiaki: Fufu...Leave it to me!

Chiaki: There's no way I would come here without a plan knowing the situation that awaits us, right?
Chiaki: What will let us overcome the great difference in numbers is---
Chiaki: An unreserved "Disturbance Plan"!
Chiaki: With that said, here! Each of you should prepare like I tell you.
Chiaki: This is for Kiruko! This is for Bullet!!
Kiruko: !? Chi...Chiaki-san, this is...?
Haru: Hey!? What does this mean!?
Chiaki: Just do it! Stop being slow, we're boarding it!! Come on!!
Man: Man, the boss sure says weird things...
Man: Green hair, an eye patch, lethal weapons, and big breasts! Well, there's no mistake she's a suspicious person.
Man: But, is there really someone like that...?
Man: Well! Even if she exists, we'll realize when we see her---
Voice: Nu!
Man: !?
Man: Who's there!?

Man: Hm...?
Man: Eh...
Man: Hey...!
Text: Green hair
Text: Eye patch
Man: ...
Text: Big breasts
Text: Lethal weapon
Man: ...He...Hey, what do you think...?
Man: !? "What do I think?"...She's the one Jean-san mentioned, right...She has all the traits.
Man: Ah...Ye...Yeah, that's right...That's right, but,
Man: What is it? This is more than I expected...
Man: Eh...Is this for real...?

Man: A...At any rate, restrain her!! She's still an intruder.
Man: Hm?
Chiaki: Ah, geez...Th...This is tiresome...
Chiaki: To think that climbing up the hull was this hard...!!
Man: !?!? Wh...Whaaaaaat!?
Man: !
Man: That Kiruko is over here too...
Man: He...Hey, what's going on here!? Who's the one Jean-san mentioned!?
Man: No, no matter how you see it, it's this one! The other one is a costume, you know!?
Man: Look at this woman!!
Chiaki: Eh...Ah...
Man: She has green hair and an eye patch!
Chiaki: Th...That's right.
Chiaki: I'm Kiruko, you know? //Chiaki is trying to talk like Kiruko, ending all her phrases with "~desuyo"
Man: She also has something like lethal weapons!!
Man: And her breasts too---

Man: Are bi...
Man: Yeah...It's not this one.
Man's sd: Yeah
Man's sd: Yeah
Man: That's no mountain, it's more like a cliff.
Chiaki: Who's a cliff you bastaaaards!!
Man: Bu...But then, just which is Kiruko---
Man: !?
Man: Oh?

Men: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Man: Uwaaaah, what’s with this gorilla...? Uwah!
Man: Groooooooss!!
Bullet: I'm no gorilla, I'm Kiruko.
Man: Gyaaah, don't come here!!
Man: No, but, for the time being, this one actually fits the traits!
Man: You're right!! Its breasts are prominent in a way!!
Man: What's wrong with these guys!? They all are similar but are clearly fake!
Man: !? There's more coming!?
Man: !! Eeeeeeeeeek!!

Man: Wait, what's with this ooooone!!
Man: That's not Kiruko! That's clearly not Kiruko!!
Man: But then, what's up with this creepy dog!!
Man: ...Wait, eh? Hey, there's four people now.
Man: !?
Man: Then, this are all of them? That means---
Man: In the end, who's the real one---
Kiruko: !
Man: Dowaaaaaah!!
Chiaki: Alright, it's time! Follow Kirukooooooo!!
Both: Yeah!!

Kiruko: This went better than expected!
Haru: But, it would've been better to put some melon breads in Chiaki's breasts...
Chiaki: Silence, lowlife!!
Bullet: "A Disturbance plan where everyone disguises as Kiruko".
Bullet: Yes...It was unexpectedly effective.
Haru: Well, you know, even if we're not Kiruko, if you saw this group approaching
Man: !? Uwah, what's that!?
Man: Gr...Grooooooss!!
Haru: ---You would be taken aback like that...
Chiaki: Hey, the result was the same, wasn't it!? You have complaints against my plan!?
Haru: We...Well, if we can get to Jean's place like this it would be great.
Bullet: !
Bullet: ---Stop, guys...
Bullet: It seems the world isn't so easy...!
Chiaki: Eh?

All: !!
Chiaki: ? Who are those children...?
Haru: !! Ah,
Haru: Rai and Mei!!
Mei: Ciao!
Mei: It's been a while!

Haru: !? Wh...Why are you here!?
Mei: ? "Why?" Well, that's because
Mei: We're Jean-san's bodyguards.
Haru: !?
Haru: !? "Bodyguards"...What are you saying?
Haru: There's no way kids like you are---
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Ah...No, senpai.
Kiruko: That probably is true.
Haru: Huh!?
Kiruko: I been thinking this since when we met before...Since they have a killing intent that isn't that of a child.
Haru: Ki...Killing intent...
Mei: Ahahahaha!
Mei: As expected from the former commander of the Phantom Squad!
Mei: That spares us the explanation!
Kiruko: !? Why do you know that...?
Kiruko: !!

Mei: Well I know it, I mean---
Mei: We're Kiruko-san's kouhai!
Haru: !? Wha...
Haru: Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?
Bullet?: ...!?
Bullet: ---That blackening and orange lines...On those two pairs of weapons,
Bullet: You two, it can't be---
Bullet: You're Phantom's members...?
Mei: Correct<3
Mei: We were filling the gaps uncle and Kiruko-san left!
Mei: But you see, things like teamwork and justice were so bothersome that we left!

Mei: And Jean-san lets us do as we please<3
Both: !?
Haru: Gyaaaaah, Wh...
Haru: What kind of weapons is such a little girl using!!?
Haru: Wait...
Haru: Kiruko! Old Man!!
Haru: !

Haru: !!
Haru: Dowaaaaaah!!
Haru: !! Geh...
Haru: Kiruko Storm!?
Rai: ...No...This is a special move called DES (Double Edge Storm)...
Rai: And it's the easiest to use of my seven special moves---
Mei: Enough about that Onii-chan!
Mei: Hey, hey, more importantly.
Mei: You thought you could somehow manage if you did something about that grandpa, right? //grandpa is written as Phantom Commander
SFX: *spin*
Haru: !
Mei: You never thought,
Mei: That there were two other Phantom members on board this ship, did you? Right, right!?

Mei: Sorry for you<3
Mei: It was definitely impossible
Mei: For some shabby rural policemen to capture Jean-san, naturally!
Chiaki: Wh...What's with that...? You never know until you-
Mei: “Try”? Really?
Chiaki: !?
Mei: I mean, the only of you who can fight are uncle and Kiruko-san, right?
Mei: And they got killed! I think you've failed no matter how hard you struggle...
Haru: !
Chiaki: Hm?

Haru: Ki...
Chiaki: Kiruko!! Bullet!!
Chiaki: Great, you're alive!!
Mei E...Eh?
Mei: Why...?
Mei: I'm sure I killed you---
Kiruko: Bullet...What do you think?
Mei: !?
Bullet: Hm? Hmm,
Bullet: Let's see...Well, they've got some talent.

Kiruko: You're right, I think they would be top class in an average army.
Kiruko: But, when they tell me these are Phantom's members...
Kiruko: Their aim is sloppy and their first moves have a lot of unnecessary things.
Mei: ......
Mei: !!
Mei: Eek...
Kiruko: It can't be helped.
Kiruko: We're in the middle of a job but let's give them a lesson as their senpai...
Kiruko: One about the weight of the name
Kiruko: Of the strongest mercenary squad, "Phantom"...!!
Text: A premonition of a tragedy!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 19/End

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