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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 17

17th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 10, 2013 13:59 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 17

Shin: Kurosaki...?
Aoi: ...
Aoi: In the organization...
Aoi: There was a coup d'etat...!?
17th Clause

Box: Three hours earlier Organization's Far East Headquarters
Voice: Wh-Who are you, where did you come from!?
Nun: Gwaah!!
Nun: Lead Sister, please stand back. //maybe "Lead Priestess"
Nun: Damn it!!
Nun: Why can't we contact the other branches!?
Man: It's a waste of time.
Man: All of the communication means of this Far East Headquarters are under our control.
Man?: Well, it's only a matter of time before the others notice,
Man: But it's still enough, all we have to do is buy time.

Nun: You do some extreme things,
Nun: Albert Stearn lead priest. //Might be Sterne
Albert: It's been a while, lead sister.

Nun: What's your objective?
Nun: You can't be thinking that you'd get control of all the organization with a coup d'etat.
Albert: I'm not interested on that.
Albert: I only have one objective
Albert: Using the Gate's powers to eradicate demons from Earth. //Gate is written as "Gate to the Demon World"

Nun?: That's impossible...To begin with, if you try to open the gate-
Albert: I can do it.
Nun: !?
Nun: It can't be, that is finished?
Albert: That's right.
Albert: Our trump card to destroy the demons,
Albert: Eclipse.

Albert: We'll lure the demons out using the gate's mana
Albert: And by exposing them to the Soul Eater
Albert: Produced by the Eclipse in the low orbit
Albert: We'll eradicate them!!

Albert: It is true that if we use the gate's power
Albert: The Earth won't be unscathed.
Albert: But, in the end, if we can eradicate the demons my coup d'etat would've succeeded.
Nun: You...
Albert: This is a war!!
Albert: One between us and the demons!!
Albert: You should just stay here and quietly watch how the signal fire of war rises.
Albert: Ha-Hahahaha!!

Nun: Damn it, what should we do now...
Nun: As long as we can't contact the outside...
Nun: You, huh.
Nun: Great timing, I have a request.
Nun: As you know we're isolated, and helpless now.
Nun: They will probably require a few hours
Nun: Before they can open the gate.
Nun: Thus,
Nun: We must regroup as soon as possible.
Nun: I want you to inform No. 9 about this situation.
Nun: If you use my line she'll probably believe you.

Nun: Lead sister, is something wrong?
Nun: ...
Nun: It's nothing.

p10 //Kiri is Kirihara
Shin: A coup d'etat you say!?
Shin: What do you mean? Internal discord!?
Aoi: Be quiet, I'm in the middle of a call!!
Aoi: Excuse me, so, where are you now?
Kiri: Here, here, I'm here.
Shin: Kirihara!?
Kiri: Hey, Kamishiro-kun, it's been a while.

Aoi: Someone you know?
Shin: Yeah...He is, what about you?
Aoi: I don't know him, he was using the lead sister's line so I believe in him.
Kiri: I'll give you specifics while we change locations,
Kiri: Since we don't have much time.
Shin: Time?
Aoi: Eradicating the demons using a satellite cannon!?
Aoi: They can do that?
Kiri: I'm not sure,
Kiri: But you just saw its power, right?

Kiri: It seemed that they were restricting the output.
Shin: It can't be, that!?
Kiri: Those who take that attack get their mana crystalized and taken out from their bodies and are destroyed in the end.
Shin(thinks): That thing No. 6 had!?
Kiri: That doesn't only apply for demons, it's the same for humans.
Kiri: Out of those, she was actually lucky.

Kiri: But the truly bad part is that those crystals are to be used as catalysts
Kiri: To open the gate.
Kiri: The reason why Kyuuki was targetted also lies in that.
Kiri: And when the gate opens it will be the end,
Kiri: A great army of demons will come.
Shin: !?

Shin: Wa-Wait a second!!
Shin: You're saying that the crystal that was just stolen from Kyuuki will be used as a catalyst?
Shin: If that happens Kyuuki's power will...
Kiri: Of course,
Kiri: Her power will never return.
Shin: Wha!?
Kiri: In the worst case she might be destroyed like this.

Kiri: The ritual to open the gate has begun.
Kiri: I've tried to contact all of the branches,
Kiri: But the gate will probably be opened before the rebellion is suppressed.
Kiri: Thus, what I'll have you do is simple,
Kiri: Hinder them before they open the gate.

Kiri: We've arrived.
Shin: Eh...
Shin: Weren't we headed to the far east headquarters...
Kiri: That's impossible,
Kiri: Charging from the front is futile.
Kiri: To begin with our numbers are too different.
Kiri: This is a pathway that only the top brass knows.
Kiri: Well, You could also call it a secret path to the headquarters.
Kiri: You should be able to go without encountering much enemies through here.
Shin: Here, huh...

Shin(thinks): Wait for me, Kyuuki.
Shin(thinks): I'll definitely save you!
Kiri: Well then, do your best.
Shin: Eh?
Shin: Hey you!!
Shin: You're escaping!?
Kiri: Well, I'm "not a in charge of combat". //or "not a combatant"
Shin: Is that the problem!?

Kiri: Well, I wouldn't escape.
Kiri: I'll be protecting the princess here,
Kiri: Free of charge of course.
Kiri: You can rest assured.
Kiri: But you sure are an odd one.
Kiri: Kurosaki-kun is one thing,
Kiri: But there's no need for you to go, is there?
Kiri: I mean, you might end up being a burden.
Shin: Someone like you-
Shin: Someone like you would never understand it!!

Shin(thinks): Kyuuki is certainly a demon,
Shin: She's saved me many times.
Shin(thinks): But she's different to the other demons, she acts almost like a human...
Shin: Even if I get called a burden,
Shin: It's my turn to save her.
Shin(thinks): I want to save that her!!
Shin: I'll definitely do it!!

Kiri: ...Hmm.
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun.
Shin: In addition...
Shin(thinks): There's too many parts of him I can't believe in,
Kiri: Is something the matter?
Shin(thinks): But now I!!
Shin: I'll only believe in you now.
Shin: You'll pay for it if you do something to Kyuuki.
Kiri: I'll bear that in mind.

Aoi: We don't have time, let's hurry.
Shin: Yeah.
Aoi: From here we should get there soo...
Shin: Uwawah
Shin: Th...This can't be.

Shin: Her...
Shin: No. 6!!
Yuuki: Just as expected,
Yuuki: I knew you'd come here.
Yuuki: Whoopsie.

Shin(thinks): She saw through us!?
Shin: Damn it...
Aoi: Now of all moments...
Shin(thinks): We have to defeat her somehow...
Shin(thinks): We don't have time as it is!!
Yuuki: I'm sorry to disappoint you,
Yuuki: But this time I'll take your life!!

Aoi: Wind!!
Aoi: Aura!!
Yuuki: That's useless.
Yuuki: Zodiac is an iron wall.

Aoi: Kuh
Shin(thinks): It really was useless!! Then the only way to win against that is...
Yuuki: Hey, hey, if you don't evade you'll die!!
Shin: Gwaaah!!

Shin: Dammit...
Shin: !?
Shin: Wha-, my legs are!?
Yuuki: Got you(music note)
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun!?
Shin: What's this, my legs got fixed...!?
Shin: They won't come out!!

Yuuki: I actually wanted to play more with you,
Yuuki: But I have some circumstances to deal with.
Yuuki: So, goodbye.
Aoi: You...
Yuuki: You're slow!!

Shin: ...
Shin: Dammit.
Aoi: !?
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun!!
17th Clause/END

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