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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 20

Kiruko-san's Earnest Kick the Can!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 12, 2013 03:57 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 20

Star: Big Explosion!!!
Mei: Uguh...
Mei: ...!!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Mei: No...No way...We're also ex-Phantom members...
Mei: Why is there such a big difference!!?

Mei: What are these two!!?
Text: Raise the curtain for an overrun!!!
Star: The newest JC Volume 2 will be on sale on May 2nd!! Volume 1 will have an additional printing!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 20 Kiruko-san's Earnest Kick the Can!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Rai: Me...Mei, what should we do?
Rai: Isn't this bad...?
Mei: !?
Mei: What are you saying, onii-chan!? Don't whine, that's uncool!
Rai: Eh...Ah...Yeah, sorry, but-
Mei: No buts! This is why you're a good-for-nothing!
Mei: ---...
Mei: That's right...
Mei: We've been doing as we like while calling ourselves geniuses all this time,
Mei: Right, Onii-chan!!
Rai: Ah...Ye...Yeah, you're right,
Rai: I got it, sorry, Mei is right.
Kiruko: Hmmm, this really didn't work.
Mei: !?
Kiruko: I think it's a bit early for you two to be in actual battles.
Kiruko: Why don't we have a match of that thing we did a lot as training in the squad?
Mei: !?
Bullet: Hm? Ah, with "that" you mean that?
Bullet: Well, that might be good, even if they're enemies, shooting children feels wrong.
Haru: !? "Th...That"...?

Kiruko: "Ba-dump (star) A soldier only"
Kiruko: "Earnest Kick the Can!!"
Kiruko: Yeahhhh!!
Mei: ...Huh...?
Kiruko. This brings me back, this was a real hit on the Phantom squad once, right!?
Bullet: Well, it's a great game to play as training.
Mei: !?
Mei: Wh...What's with that? A "game"...Are you making fun of us!? We're in the middle of a serious battle!
Kiruko: ? That's why I'm telling you we should have a kick the can match...
Kiruko: Wait, eh?

Kiruko: Are you not confident you can win?
Kiruko: Mei-chan!?
Mei: !!
Mei: Bah...
Mei: There's no way that's true, you piece of junk policewoman!!
Mei: I'll teach you a lesson!!
Rai: Mei!? Hey-
Mei: Onii-chan, you shut up!!
Kiruko: Yay, then it's decided.
Haru(thinks): ...Why are they playing kick the can after infiltrating the enemy's base...?

Kiruko: Since we won the rock, paper, scissors, Rai-kun and Mei-chan are it first.
Kiruko's sd: I'll make an exception and let you both do it.
Chiaki(thinks): They really are doing it...
Haru(thinks): Why a drum?
Kiruko: After I make the can fly, Mei-chan has to kick it back
Kiruko: And then the game starts!
Mei: I know that much! Let's just start this already!!
Mei: We'll end this immediately! Right, Onii-chan!!?
Rai: Ye...Yeah...
Mei(thinks): Damn it, they're making light of us...If it was a serious match then maybe, but we can't lose on a game like this.
Mei(thinks): Just look at us!!
Kiruko: O-K, I'll make it fly.

Mei: !? Hey...How far are you making it fly!?
Mei: You're telling me to go get it!?
Kiruko: Eh? We did this much normally in the squad.
Mei: Huuuuuuh!?
Kiruko: Well, if you think it's impossible, we can count this as Mei-chan's loss this time...
Mei: !? Wha...
Mei: No...No one said it's impossible!

Mei: Yes, I'll go get it! I just have to go get it, right...?
Mei: !
Bullet: Hurry, it has a hole now.
Kiruko: Oh my, if you don't hurry it will sink.
Mei: Woooh, damn youuuuuu!!

Mei: I won't forgive you, I'll find you right away...
Mei: Onii-chan! Don't let them get near, ok!?
Rai: Ye...Yeah...
Haru(thinks): Me...Mei-chan is losing her temper...!!
Mei(thinks): If we find them we can make them lose just by calling their names.
Mei(thinks): They will try to launch a surprise attack from somewhere without fail...
Mei: But sorry! Mei's ability to find enemies is the best in the squad!!
Mei: Now, come from wherever you wa...
Mei: !!
Mei: !?
Mei: Eh!? Ah...
Mei: Ki...

Mei: Kiruko-san I fo-
Mei: !!
Kiruko: ---That's no good.
Kiruko: Thinking that the enemy won't come from the front may kill you, you know...?
Kiruko: With that said, have a nice trip!!
Mei: Hey!! She got near before I could finish saying her name!
Mei: What can I do against that!!?
Rai: E...Even if you ask me...!
Box: Drum set once again

Mei: You definitely won't pass this time!!
Mei: Ahahaha, that's right, the thing is keeping you away from it.
Mei: I'll make Swiss cheese out of anything that moves!!
Mei: With this you can't send the can flying again!!
Mei: Come from wherever you wa-
Mei: !?
Mei: ...

Bullet: You paid too much attention to the problem in front of you...
Bullet: If you neglect long range this happens...!!
Mei: ...
Mei: Damn that gorilla!!
Haru: ...
Mei: How can he have such accuracy with a magnum on this darkness!!
Mei: Woooh, one more time!!
Mei: Come at meeee!!
Mei: One more time!!
Mei: One more time!!
Mei: One more time!!
Mei: One-

Box: ---87th try
Chiaki: ...
Haru(thinks): Endless loops are scary...
Rai: Fu...fufu...Why is it that time isn't passing...?
Rai: The drum...Will be kicked again...No matter how many times we pick it up...
Mei: Stay with me, Onii-chan!! Don't break!!
Mei: Ah, geez, why!? Why can't we make at least one of them lose once!?
Mei: Against that woman that stopped being a soldier and became a policewoman that sits on the fence in the remote countryside---
Mei: I can't accept this...!!
Mei: ---Now that it's come to this, I'll take any means...
Mei: Hey, let's go, onii-chan!!
Rai?: Higii!!

Kiruko: Alright, let's go together next time!
Bullet: We're confusing them by attacking together, huh.
Bullet: Nice plan.
Bullet: Alright, GO!!
Bullet: !
Kiruko: !!!!
Kiruko: Uh...
Bullet: ...!!
Mei: Ahahaha, I don't care about kick the can's rules anymore!
Mei: Mei's bullets won't let even armies come near.
Mei: Come if you can!!

Mei: If by any chance you could come here, Onii-chan is on guard.
Mei: This time it's our win!!
Bullet: ...
Bullet: It seems...It's really too soon for this children to be in a real battle.
Bullet: Kiruko! I'll make a path, draw near!!
Kiruko: Got it, Bullet!
Mei: !?
Mei: !!!!
Mei: Huh...!?
Mei: You pinpointed the gun barrel's axis of revolution!?
Rai: !?

Rai: !!
Rai: Ah...
Both: ...

Mei: !!
Mei: ...
Rai: Ah...
Bullet: ---Why are you getting so engrossed, rookies?
Bullet: The game isn't over...!
Kiruko: Please pick up the can quickly...!!
Mei: ......!!
Mei: Ah...No......
Mei: I'm sorry, we got a bit too cocky...
Mei: Auh...
Mei: Uh......

Mei: Uwaaaaaah, sorryyyyyy!!
Mei: Just...Just forgive us!!
Haru(thinks): ...Mei-chan's heart broke......!!
Kiruko: That's my line, Mei-chan.
Mei: !
Kiruko: We overdid it a little.
Kiruko: Just let me say this as the former commander, you two are still immature.
Kiruko: That's why, I wanted you to know there's scary things...
Kiruko: Don't get prideful and train properly,
Kiruko: If you don't, you might lose your life...
Mei: ...Uh
Mei: Uuh...!!
Mei: Uwaaaan, if it was about combat then maybe...
Mei: But to think this piece of junk just taught me a spiritual lesson!!
Kiruko: !?
Haru: Yeah...Well, that certainly is frustrating.
Kiruko: Eh, what do you two mean with that!?

Chiaki: ---Well...No matter how it was, it great that we break through a troublesome wall.
Chiaki: For now, let's make those two our hostages.
Mei: Uwaaaan, this people show no mercy against kids!!
Chiaki: ---Now...
Chiaki: All that's left is Jean Smith
Chiaki: And the mercenary that wants to be killed...!!
Chiaki: Let's go on like this and protect Nagashima!!
All: Yeah!!
Mei: Let-me-go!!
Jean: ---Hey...Why are you getting all dressed up for, Mr. Phantom...?
Jean: Are you looking forward to seeing Kiruko-san...?
Star: It's round two!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 20/End

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