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Shokugeki no Souma 19

Sparkling Soul

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 12, 2013 17:12 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 19

Hinako: That's enough.
Hinako: The assignment is now over.
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Guy: Th...That was close! We were just in time...
Guy: It's over...
Guy: Shit...
Cutlery: The conclusion is...!?
Takumi: Chef Inui,
Takumi: Please give us your judgment.
Hinako: Ok,
Hinako: The winner is---

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Cutlery: A burning battlefield--- Everything will be tested here---!! //battlefield is written as kitchen
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 19 Sparkling Soul
Star: JC Volume (1), including the oneshot and a bangaihen with that girl from chapter one, is on sale with rave reviews!!

Hinako: ...With an idea nobody could think of,
Hinako: You gave the char an splendid texture---
Takumi: ...!!
Hinako: ...No, on a second thought, wait.
Both: !!?
Hinako: ...Alright, I decided.
Hinako: Even on an unknown situation, you didn't overlook the choice of the aigamo,
Hinako: You made the difference on choosing ingredients clear---
Takumi: ...!!
Hinako: No, but, really...
Thought: What are they doing...? (cd: A short play?)
SFX: Ring ring
Hinako: Hmm!?

Hinako: Geez, what happened? I'm making an important decision now.
Kojirou: What are you doing, Hinako!!? It's time for your group to be back!
Hinako: ...!!!
Hinako's sd: Ah
Kojirou: At any rate, come quickly, stupid woman!!
Hinako: I-I'm sorry, chef Shinomiya!
Hinako: E-Everyone! We're hurrying back to the hotel!!
Voice: Wait! Eeh!?
Souma?: Inui-senpai, what about the judgment!?
Hinako: Ah, right!
Hinako: I declare...
Hinako: This match a draw!

Hinako: Now, let's board the bus as soon as possible!
Hinako: Start seating on the seats in the back!
Thought: She teased us all this time and she didn't give a judgment in the end...
Souma: Umm...That's how it is.
Takumi: Li...Like I can accept this!
Takumi: Listen, Yukihira, we'll definitely settle this sometime!
Souma: I'm ok with that...But how?

Takumi: I'll challenge you
Takumi: To a Shokugeki one day.
Takumi: Don't run away,
Takumi: You must accept,
Takumi: Then, I'll crush you flat...
Takumi: Polish your skills as much as you can in the meantime.

Takumi(thinks): Let us meet again,
Takumi(thinks): Yukihira Souma!
Souma: Hey,
Souma: Hey,
Souma: We meet again.
Takumi: Shut up, don't talk to me!!

Souma: What's wrong? You won't crush me flat?
Takumi: I'm telling you not to talk to me!!
Takumi(thinks): This was an assignment where I could fully use the techniques and knowledge I've polished.
Takumi(thinks): I was sure of my win when I came up with that dish.
Takumi(thinks): Even so, to think he could stand his ground...
Takumi(thinks): Shit...Even though no one won or lost,
Takumi(thinks): What is this sense of defeat---
Takumi(thinks): I won't let it end like this.
Takumi(thinks): Someday, I'll definitely---
Souma(thinks): Trattoria Aldini's
Souma(thinks): Takumi...Huh.
Souma(thinks): There's someone my age who can do this much---

Souma(thinks): Had I stayed in Yukihira
Souma(thinks): I would have never known this, huh...
Yuuki: Megumi!!
Yuuki: Yukihira!!
Yuuki: You were fine!
Megumi: Wapuh, Yuuki-chan! Ryouko-chan!
Megumi: What about the others...?
Yuuki: Ibusaki-kun is confirming that now...
Shun: ...Roger, good job.

Shun: All of the Polar Star Members...
Shun: Survived the first day.
Megumi: I'm glad...! I'm so glad.
Souma: Marui is...You call this a survivor? (cd: Isn't he dead?)
Shun: It seems he ran around the mountain forever.
Souma: Ah, they had an assignment similar to ours then.
Ryouko: Phew...But this really was tiresome.
Megumi: I'm dead tired, I can't move.
Yuuki: What are you saying!? It's time for the rewards, young ladies!
Yuuki: Dinner, a bath, and guest rooms!
Yuuki: Most probably all of those are super luxurious and gorgeous...!
Yuuki: I'll enjoy this to my fullest!!

Yuuki: !?

Man: Those who can finish dinner for them will have free time.
Yuuki: Who are they!?
Man: They are the people of the bodybuilding club of the Upper Arm University that are having a training camp on a nearby facility.
Man: The people from the American football club and the wrestling club will come later.
Box: Today's Menu "Beef Steak Meal"
Man: Each of you has to make 50 of this meals.
Thought: 50 meals!? Starting now!?
Thought: Are you crazy!!?
Yuuki: Question! What about our dinner!?
Man: Those who finish the 50 meals should cook their own meals.
Yuuki: We'll make it ourselves!?
Yuuki: What about the gorgeous dinner!?
Man: There's none of that.

Man: By the way, bear in mind that, during this camp, you'll have to make all of your breakfasts and dinners.
Ryouko(thinks): Aah...I can hear the sound of Yuuki's heart breaking...!
Man: One last thing,
Man: Those who can't carry this out in the next 60 minutes
Man: Will be expelled.
Man: Start!

Guy: Ah, you, don't get in my way!
Guy: It's because you're so slow!! Move!
Man: This, this, and this,
Man: The amount is not enough, redo them.
Guy: 30 meals left...I can't do this anymore...!
Guy: My skills won't go up...
Shun: Hey, Marui, you alright?
Megumi's sd: Waaaaaah
Yuuki(thinks): This training camp...
Yuuki(thinks): Really is hell...!

Yuuki(thinks): This is real hell!!!
Man: Yukihira Souma, finished 50 meals.
Souma: It wasn't much.
Yuuki(thinks): So faaaaaast!!
Takumi: Shit...I fell behind!
Box: 45th meal
Takumi: But, Yukihira! The taste of mine is better, probably.
Man: You there! Don't move your lips, move your hands!!

Souma: Well then, I'll be in Marui's room! (cd: The night is long)
Marui: You don't have to come!! I planned to sleep early tonight...
Man: Hey, not ready yet!? Glasses!
Marui: Eeeeeek
sd: Woooooh
sd: Gyaaaaaah
Yuuki: Yukihira...You're a tough guy.
Souma(thinks): With that said,
Souma(thinks): Even if I go first, I've got nothing to do...
Souma(thinks): I wonder if there’s something on the TV.
Sign: Bath <-Large Public Bath - Family Bath

Sign: Bath <-Large Public Bath - Family Bath
Souma(thinks): That's it!
Souma(thinks): I'll take a bath first!
Souma(thinks): I may be able to hog the large public bath for myself if I go in now.
Souma(thinks): Let's hurry go get my Yukata and my pants!
Erina: Kyah!

Erina's sd: Owow...
Both: Ah.
Cutlery: Ah
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 19/End
An encounter with his nemesis, Erina!! And next issue, a severe earthquake...!!

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