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Shokugeki no Souma 20


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 17, 2013 16:49 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 20
//I really love Erina's tsundere moments ^^

Erina: Hum
Erina: Hum
Erina: Humhum
Erina: Tan tan tan
Erina: Humhumhumhum
Erina: Tararararan
Erina: Kyah...
Cutlery: A merry Erina-sama and...
Erina: ...Yu
Shokugeki-no SOMA

Erina: Yukihira
Erina: Souma...!
(cutlery) 20 Verdict
Cutlery: Their first meeting in a while...!!
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: There was an additional printing of JC volume (1)!!

Erina: !!
Souma: Sorry...! Are you ok, Nakiri!? (cd: I couldn't stop)
Souma: Do you have any twist or something?
Erina: D-Don't touch me! I can stand by myself...
Erina(thinks): Such a blunder...!
Erina(thinks): Just when I had my guard down because I thought there wasn't anyone here...
Erina(thinks): I had to run into this man of all people!
Erina(thinks): He didn't hear me, right...?
Souma: At any rate, for you to be humming you must be on a really good mood.
Erina: Humming!? Who was? I don't recall doing anything like that!?
Erina(thinks): He heard me!
Souma: Well, I can understand why you're so merry, I mean, we're staying in a place with hot springs.
Souma: I even brought things like card decks and hanafuda.
Erina: I...I'm not merry! Don't put me together with you!!

Erina: This is a worthless event...
Erina: They call it a hellish training camp,
Erina's sd: Hmph...
Erina: But it's nothing but tedious for me.
Erina: Ah!
Erina: Well, however...
Erina: I wonder on what day you will drop out--- //her face looks like some of Hinako's faces here XD
Erina: Watching that might be mildly entertaining.
Souma: Don't make me laugh, you even were walking so cheerfully.
Erina: ...!!
Girl: Erina-samaaaa!
Girl: Sorry for the tardiness!
Girl: It took more time than expected...

Girl: !?
Girl: Yu...Yukihira Souma!!
Girl: You bastard, what are you doing here!?
Souma: Well...I kinda pushed Nakiri down.
Girl: Huuuuuuuh!!?
Erina: Don't say it on a way that will cause misunderstandings!
Erina: Just go somewhere else quickly!!
Girl: A...Are you really fine?
Erina: No problem,
Erina: You should get done with your bath.
Girl: Yes...Ah, Erina-sama, good news.
Girl: I just asked on the reception and it seems they can lend us
Girl: Card decks and uno!
Erina: ...I won't play that.
Girl: E...Eh? But Erina-sama, just before, you...
Erina: I won't do something so happy-go-lucky!!
Girl: Ummm...What happened...?
Erina: Nothing!

Souma(thinks): Jeez, what's with that woman.
Souma(thinks): She's as annoying as always...
Souma: Well, it's ok.
Souma(thinks): I'll soak slowly in the bath and calm down.
Souma: I'm taking the first ba---...

Gin: Hm,
Gin: One more came, huh.
Text: {
Tootsuki Resort
General Head Chef and Member of the Board of Directors
Big Text: Doujima Gin
Gin: Sorry,
Gin: It's my daily routine...To give my body maintenance when taking a bath.

Box: On that moment, Souma unusually thought
Souma(thinks): So scary!!!
Box: From the bottom of his heart.
Box: But it was just a moment!
Souma: Jeeeeez, and here I was so excited since I thought I was first, I feel disappointed.
Gin: Hahaha, sorry, sorry.
Gin: You were the first of the students so just settle down with that.
Gin: However...This year and last year as well,
Gin: It seems we can bring up some nice students.
Souma: "Last year"?
Gin: The 50 meal test is done simultaneously in various kitchens...
Gin: And I take my bath in a way that I'll be out before the students come here.
Gin: But, last year, there also was a man who finished his 50 meals early...
Gin: It's the man who's the 7th seat of the Elite Ten right now.
Souma(thinks): It was someone I knew!

Gin: He also was a tough man---
Souma: Huhmm...As expected from Isshiki-senpai.
Souma(thinks): Wait,
Souma(thinks): That means
Souma(thinks): That she
Souma(thinks): Finished her 50 meals faster than I!?
Gin: Nakiri Erina...The academy director's granddaughter, huh.
Gin: I've heard rumors about her.

Gin: Like that all her baby food was made by all of the academy's senior lecturers.
Gin: Or that she could guess eight different varieties of salt by tasting them with a blindfold.
Gin: She's suitable to be called "God's tongue", if you start with her anecdotes you'll never end.
Gin: However, her power that made her the youngest person ever to become the 10th seat of the Elite Ten,
Gin: Is backed by real cooking skills.
Gin: ...If things go as expected
Gin: She'll become the greatest masterpiece
Gin: Since Tootsuki Academy was founded---
Gin: Well, at any rate, she's still just the subject matter for that...
Gin: A land of demons where the talented meet and devour each other,
Gin: That is Tootsuki...

Gin: This academy's bottom is deep.
Gin: Polish you fangs to your heart’s content...Boy!
Souma: Roger...!
Takumi: Yukihiraaaaa!! Are you here!?
Takumi: I fell behind this time but...
Takumi: Ch...Chef Doujima!!?
Gin: Hm...I overstayed, I'll take my leave now.
Gin: Anyway, the training camp just started.
Gin: You should give your body maintenance properly.
Gin: Do your best from tomorrow on.
Souma: Thanks, Doujima-senpai.
SFX: Dumbfounded...

Takumi: Yu...Yukihira, you know who that person was!?
Souma: Yeah, he's Doujima-senpai, right?
Takumi: That's right, but, no, that's not it,
Takumi: Why were you shaking hands so cheerfully!
Gin(thinks): Yukihira...?
Gin(thinks): I've heard that name somewhere...

Arrow: Yoshino
Yuuki: Hieffuuuuuu!!
Ryouko: Come on, Megumi, you too.
Megumi: Uh...It's so luxurious I think I might get divine punishment...
Yuuki: Uhehehehe
Ryouko: Yuuki...I know you're happy,
Ryouko: But your laugh lacks grace.
Ryouko: Oh...Marui-kun, I think you got a little thinner...
Marui: Is that so...? Then listen to me...
Marui: Let's end this for tonight and rest to prepare for tomorrow.
Guys: Oraaaah, he's here!! (cd: Let's play!)
Marui: Gyaaaaaah

Box: A few minutes later...
Ryouko: It seems the fatigue got to them at once.
Shun: Well, let's leave them like that until it's lights off time.
Ryouko: Megumi, you aren't sleepy yet? That's unusual.
Ryouko: You usually get sleepy early.
Megumi: Yeah...It's weird, I'm tired but I can't get asleep...

Souma: Well, we steeled ourselves all day.
Megumi: You're right...But it's probably not just that.
Shun: ?
Megumi: I always get really nervous on classes,
Megumi: And I always get in a hurry thinking what will happen if I fail.
Megumi: But today...I could do well when helping Souma-kun,
Megumi: So I got the feeling...
Megumi: I got a little confidence.
Megumi: And because of that...I'm really excited.

Megumi: Ermm...You see, it was all thanks to Souma-kun who gave the instructions...I'm not all that great.
Souma: ...That's not true.
Souma: If you didn't get the ingredients I would have never been able to make that dish
Souma: And you also cooked perfectly.
Ryouko: That's right, Megumi, you can do it if you try.
Ryouko: Be more confident in yourself,
Ryouko: Ok?
Megumi(thinks): I want to be more with everyone.
Megumi(thinks): I want to become better at cooking.
Megumi(thinks): I...
Megumi(thinks): Will do my best...!

p17-18 //no dialog
//Megumi’s face in p18 is just like, so terrified…dang…

Kojirou: You're fired. //fired is written as expelled, and nooooooooooo!! Megumi!!!! I like Erina better but whyyyyyy!?
Cutlery: A cruel verdict...Just why...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 20/End

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