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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 21

Greeting Phantom!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 20, 2013 18:20 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 21

Text: VS Phantom once again!!!
Jean: Are you ok? Your opponent will be Kiruko-san--- //Kiruko-san is written as disciple
Phantom: ...I'm not really keen to do it...
Phantom: All I'll do is drive them out...I won't kill them.
Phantom: Because Kiruko has to kill me some day...!!
Phantom: Besides, the two other than Kiruko and Bullet are normal people,
Phantom: That glasses woman and---
Phantom: ...
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Phantom: Hey, owner...That weird dog was here last time, right?
Phantom: What's with him...?
Jean: ? Ah, it seems he's Kiruko-san's senpai.
Phantom: That is her senpai!?
Jean: Yes...It seems Kiruko-san is really attached to him.
Jean: Maybe they are dating or something!

Star: Boiling-with-rage!!!
Star: JC volume 2 will be on sale on May 2nd!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 21 Greeting Phantom! //Phantom is written as father-in-law (lol)
Hirakata Masahiro
Jean: ...Eh...
Jean: Mr. Phantom?
Haru: This ship sure is big...
Haru: Let's rest for a bit.
Chiaki: What are you saying? Don't lose focus!!
Chiaki: We never now where an enemy will come from, you know!?
Haru: Just a bit should be fine---
Haru: Hm?

All: !!!
Haru?: ...!!
Haru?: Wha...!!

Haru: Gyaaaaaah, he caaaame!!
Haru: Pha...
Haru: Phantoooooooooom!!
Kiruko: ---...!! Everyone, stay back.
Kiruko: It's different from last time...I feel real killing intent from sensei.
Kiruko: I don't know if I'll be able to win...!!
Kiruko: Now com...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Eh...

Phantom: Hey...That dog over there!
Phantom: There's something I want to ask you...!!
Haru: !!?
Haru: Eh? What? With dog you meant me...?
Phantom: Who else?
Haru: !! Ye...Yes, you're right! What would you like to ask then!?
Phantom: ---You
Phantom: are Kiruko's what...? //as in what kind of relationship
Haru: !!?

Kiruko: Hey!? What are you asking so suddenly, sensei!!?
Kiruko: I...I mean, aren't we going to fight---
Phantom: Kiruko, you stay quiet!!
Phantom: What are you!!? Huh!!
Haru: Ah, yes, no!!
Haru: I...I'm just...Her superior at work!!
Haru: U...Umm...My name is Anjou Haruki...Hehe...
Haru: No, really...Kiruko-san is daily causing me problems...Ah, I mean, being good with me---
Phantom: What do you mean being good with you!!?
Haru: !? No, there's no deep meaning for that!!
Phantom: Is that true!? Your face tells me you're a big lecher!!
Haru: Eeeeeeek!!
Kiruko: Please stop it, sensei!!
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: ...Bullet...What do you think about this...?
Bullet: Hm...It seems the commander is misunderstanding something.
Bullet: However...It's just like---

Bullet: A boyfriend that came to give his greetings for marriage---
Bullet: And the father that faces him...!!
Chiaki: ...Why did it turn like this...?
Chiaki: For now, why not use the lowlife as a decoy and go ahead?
Bullet: No...The commander isn't that naive!
Bullet: Much less when he has so much killing intent, we can't move carelessly.
Bullet: It can't be helped, let's wait and see how this turns out...
Haru: Hey!? You're kidding, what's this!?
Haru: Why do I, of all people, have to be his opponent!?
Haru: Hey, Kiruko! Just do something about this old man...
Phantom: How about work...?
Haru: ? Yes?

Phantom: I'm asking if you might get a promotion...!!
Phantom: I won't let a resourceless low-income earner to be with Kiruko...!
Haru: ...Ah...No,
Haru: You say promotion...But since I came here, I'm in danger of being unemployed.
Phantom: What!?
Phantom: Are you stupid!? Then, why did you come here!!?
Haru: Eeeeh, that's something for you to say!?
Phantom: I won't accept it!! I won't let an unemployed man be Kiruko's partner!!
Kiruko: Really, stop it!! What have you been talking about all this time? Geeeeez!!
Phantom: !? Why do you protect him, Kiruko!? What makes this man so good!?
Phantom: Hey, look at me!! What's your strong point!!? Answer me!!
Haru: "Strong...Point"...
Haru: Just by looking at her breasts...I can tell who that person is...!!
Haru's sd: As long as I know her
Phantom: Are you fucking with me!!?

Phantom: In the end, he's just a big lecher, huh...
Phantom: He looks at my disciple with dirty eyes...!!
Haru: ...!!
Haru: N...No! If I looked at Kiruko-san like that I'll die.
Haru: Trust me, father!!
Phantom: Who's your fatheeeeeeeeeer!!!!
Haru(thinks): Woooh, damn it, I got on the mood and said that!!
Phantom: I can't endure this anymore! I'll make you cinders!
Phantom: At any cost!!
Haru: Nooooo, spare meeeeeee!! Why do I have to go through this...?
Haru: Herp mii, Kirukooo!! //he says "help me" in engrish

Haru(thinks): Why are you getting embarrassed!!?
Kiruko: N...No way, "Father"...That's somehow embarrassing...
Kiruko: When you're married it's like that?
Haru: This isn't the time to be saying that!! Kiruko-saaaan!!
Haru: Hey, it looks like I might really get killed!!
Haru: Sh...Shit, don't underestimate me! I'm a policeman too.
Haru: Now that it's come to this, I'll do this!!
Phantom: !?
Haru: Look, don't come any closer!
Haru: Don't you care about what will happen to your kouhai!!?
Chiaki(thinks): ...What policeman?

Phantom: That's enough!!
Phantom: You thought mercenaries are naive enough to stop because of personal feelings!!?
Mei?: Kyaaaaaaah!!
Haru: Gyaaaaaah, shit, so they weren't any use, huh!!
Phantom: You laugh meaninglessly!!
Haru: Hauh
Phantom: Are lecherous, vulgar!!
Haru: Hyaaaaa!
Phantom: And shrewd to make it worse!!
Haru: Gyoeeeeeeh!!
Phantom: ...Guys like you are the ones I hate the most.
Phantom: Why do the Otonashi women attract only men like that...
Touko: ---Phantom-san!
Phantom: !

Woman: Good job on your training.
Woman: Do you want some tea?
Phantom: Ah...Th...Thanks.
Touko: Fufu,
Touko: Do your best!
Tamaru: Fuhihi...
Phantom: !!
Tamaru: Touko-san sure is beautiful.
Tamaru: To think I'd meet a big-breasted Japanese girl on this garrison!
Phantom: Ta...Tamaru, don't make fun of me!
Tamaru: Oh? Why are you getting embarrassed, Phantom-kun!
Tamaru: It's fine, isn't it? I mean, we're fighting
Tamaru: So that cute girls like that can live happily!
Phantom: I'm telling you...It's not like-!
Tamaru: What's with that? You really are stubborn!

Tamaru: Then, I'll do it!
Touko: !! Hyaaaaah!!
Phantom: Stop iiiiit, you big lecher!!
Tamaru: Ahahaha, hurray for big boobs!!
Phantom: That guy...
Phantom: Are you ok, Touko-san!!?
Phantom: Sorry...For what our rotten soldier did...!!
Phantom: I'll scold him strictly later!!
Touko: N...No, it's ok...It's the same as always...!!
Phantom(thinks): !? He's a habitual criminal!!?
Phantom: ---U...Umm.
Phantom: As an apology...
Phantom: I...Found a rare flower while training.
Phantom: Emm...If you like it, I can give it to you, Touko-san...
Touko: He sure is a troublesome person...!
Phantom: !?
Phantom: A...Ah, Tamaru!?
Phantom: Ahaha, you're right! He sure is a good-for-nothing!!
Touko: Fufu...

Touko: Really...He always does childish things.
Touko: Even though everyone else are scary soldiers.
Touko: He's a weird person...
Phantom: ---Really...
Phantom: Even though he’s normally slaphappy...he always gets the good part.
Haru: ...!?
Phantom: Like I'll entrust a woman important for me to a man like that twice...!!

Haru: What's that stack of special attacks!!
Phantom: ---You're not fit to be Kiruko's partner...This is your last chance.
Phantom: Disappear from Kiruko's sight!!
Haru: !!?
Kiruko: Hey...Se...Sensei!?
Phantom: I don't want to see my beloved disciple fall into misfortune so helplessly,
Phantom: If you refuse---You know what will happen, right, Anjou...!!?
Haru: ...!!
Haru: ...O
Haru: Ok...
Kiruko: !? Senpai!!

Kiruko: !?
Haru: As if.
Haru: You thought I'd say that, idiooooot!!?
Phantom: !? Wha...
Haru: How about it? If Kiruko's the hostage you can't do anything!!
Haru's sd: Wahahaha
Haru: I don't want to die! But I didn’t come here just to escape now!!
Haru: She's been causing problems for us all this time.
Haru: Until she pays for all that I won't let go of Kiruko!!
Phantom: ...Ho...
Phantom: How much of a lowlife are youuuu!!?
Haru: Gyaaaah, he comes even now!?
Haru: Sh...Shiiiit.

Haru: Like I'll die.
Haru: I won't die until I fondle this big breasts all I waaaaaant!!!!
Phantom: !!
Tamaru: ---It's ok, Phantom...Until I fondle Touko-chan's big breasts again---
Tamaru: I won't die!!

Haru: !!
Haru: ...
Haru: Eh...?
Phantom: ...I'm done...I'm not interested anymore.
Phantom: Good grief...You are a completely disgusting guy...!!
Haru: ...?
Phantom: ---In the past...There was a man.
Kiruko: !
Phantom: He always was joking around and being indecent...He even had a daughter with his fiancé.
Phantom: ---Even though, he died covering someone like me, he was an idiot like that...!! //idiot is written as war buddy
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: Th...That is...!!
Phantom: He really took the best part all the time...
Phantom: Hmph!

Phantom: If he died at me twice I'd have an uneasy conscience.
Phantom: ---I'll step down from this case.
Phantom: Do as you like...!
Kiruko: ---Sensei...
Kiruko: I...Also love sensei
Kiruko: Just as much as I love my death father...!!
Jean: ---Ah-ah, you are so selfish, Mr. Phantom...
Jean: I'm beaten...In the end, I have to do it myself.
Jean: Well...I welcome you, Kiruko-san...!!
Text: Here we go, mastermind!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 21/End

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