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Shokugeki no Souma 21

The Supreme Recette

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 24, 2013 17:51 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 21

Star: We're sorry for the trouble we caused to all the stores that sold out of JC Volume (1). We now have a super large second serving!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Cutlery: The second day's trial is...!?
(cutlery) 21 The Supreme Recette //Recette is "recipe" in french
Box: 2nd Day of the Training Camp 9:00 A.M.
Kojirou: Good morning,
Kojirou: I'm Shinomiya, a graduate from the 79th generation.
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Kojirou: On this assignment, I'll have you cook the dish I designate.
Kojirou: Have you passed the recettes?
Thought: This is the worst...It's chef Shinomiya...!
Guy: It seems he expelled more than 30 people yesterday.

Thought: Moreover, to think it's a recipe Chef Shinomiya created...
Text: French Hors d'oeuvre
Big Text: "9 Vegetable Terrine"
Text: It's a colorful dish were the vegetables look florid and beautiful,
Text: But each of the 9 vegetables requires a different preparation and heating...
Text: None of the ingredients should be emphasized or weakened.
Text: Bringing together the flavor is most difficult...!
Kojirou: I chose a rather simple of my recettes.
Kojirou: Did you want a more difficult one?
Thought: Damn it...
Thought: I really want to hit him...
Kojirou: And you won't form teams for this assignment.
Kojirou: You should finish your dish alone.
Kojirou: Exchanging information or giving advice is forbidden while cooking.

Kojirou: You can select and use any of the ingredients gathered in the back of the kitchen.
Kojirou: I'll give you one piece of advice:
Kojirou: It would be wise to think that all those around you are your enemies.
Souma: ...?
Kojirou: The time limit is 3 hours.
Kojirou: Well then,
Kojirou: Start.

Guy: That hurts, move man!!
Guy: Don't fuck with me! I'll kill you!
Guy: You're in the way!
Megumi: Ah...
Megumi: ...
Megumi(thinks): Everyone's eyes are bloodshot...
Megumi(thinks): The nervousness is more amazing than yesterday...
Megumi(thinks): ...But,
Megumi(thinks): I can't stay scared.

Megumi(thinks): Like I'll lose!
Megumi(thinks): Alright...This one!
Megumi(thinks): There's people that are already cooking...
Megumi(thinks): I got pushed by the others' impetus and got a late start.
Megumi(thinks): But now I only need to pick a cauliflower---
Megumi: ---!?

Megumi(thinks): This one...
Megumi(thinks): This too...
Megumi(thinks): No way...
Megumi(thinks): They started oxidizing and their color's grown slightly dull...
Megumi(thinks): The only ones left are in a bad state!
Megumi(thinks): If I cook them normally like this, their color will get worse after I use lye
Megumi(thinks): And the beautiful appearance that's very important for the terrine will get ruined...
Megumi: Wh...What should I do...!
Megumi(thinks): Souma-kun---
Megumi's sd: Ah

Megumi(thinks): I can't...!
Megumi(thinks): I can't keep relying on Souma-kun...!
Megumi(thinks): Calm down.
Megumi(thinks): I must get over this
Megumi(thinks): By myself!
Megumi(thinks): To preserve the cauliflower's color...
Megumi(thinks): That's it...!

Kojirou: You're disqualified...Good job!
Guy: Guh...
Kojirou: Alright, you pass.

Megumi: I did it...!!
Kojirou: Phew---...

Kojirou: Tadokoro Megumi,
Kojirou: You're fired. //again, it's written as expelled.
Kojirou: Now, with this, everyone's submitted their dishes, right?
Kojirou: All of those who failed must pack and go to the hotel's lobby...
Megumi: U---Ummm,
Megumi: Wh-Why is my dish...
Megumi: No good...?
Kojirou: ...When you boiled the cauliflower that had started going bad,
Kojirou: You used "Wine Vinegar", right?
Kojirou: You used the vinegar, since it has a bleaching action, to preserve the beautiful color
Kojirou: And by using the vinegar as a seasoning too, you made the cauliflower's sweetness better.
Kojirou: The vegetables' sweetness and the vinegar's mild sourness make an exquisite combination of flavors.
Megumi: Th...Then, why?

Kojirou: Who said you could change the recipe?
Kojirou: This dish is made so that you can enjoy the harmony created by the sweetness of every vegetable.
Kojirou: Was there any part of the recette that said "make the best use of sourness"?
Kojirou: What you made is already a totally different dish...
Kojirou: If you submit a dish that's not in accordance to the assignment you're naturally disqualified.
Kojirou: Do you understand now?
Souma: I can't agree with that!!
Souma: That was inevitable!
Souma: There were ingredients whose freshness had begun to decline mixed in there!

Souma: To begin with, we're being treated as senpais' employees, right?
Souma: Then, the responsibility of the management of the ingredients should lie on you, Shinomiya-senpai, since you're the boss.
Souma: Isn't that
Souma: A fault as a "chef"?
Kojirou: You brat...
Kojirou: Who do you think you're talking to,
Kojirou: Huh?
Kojirou: I'll tell you since it seems you didn't understand...
Kojirou: The cauliflowers in a bad state were mixed in there on purpose
Kojirou: In order to narrow the passing students down.

Megumi: !!
Kojirou: Cauliflowers are a triple threat, they "oxidize easily", "go bad easily", and "are difficult to cook".
Kojirou: They're one of the vegetables you have to be most careful with.
Kojirou: I disqualified the fools who lost their composure and couldn't judge well without omission.
Kojirou: The same goes for the dunces who got a late start and couldn't secure a good one.
Souma: I'm telling you...! Tadokoro came up with an original idea to cover up for that lateness-
Kojirou: I'm the chef.
Kojirou: There's no way underlings
Kojirou: Are allowed to revise the recette I made!

Kojirou: Listen, underling...If you keep defying me,
Kojirou: Should I fire you too
Kojirou: On my authority as the chef?
Megumi: !!
Souma: What...!?
Megumi: Souma-kun, it's ok!
Megumi: It's fine already...
Megumi: So-Souma-kun will get expelled too...Right? So, stop it already...
Souma: Huh!? This isn't the time to say that!
Megumi: Ehehe...It's ok! I...I...

Megumi: I'm fine already.
Megumi: Ehehe...

p16 //no dialog

Souma: Shinomiya-senpai! Excuse me!
Souma: One last thing...
Kojirou: What, monsieur Yukihira?
Kojirou: You have any other complaints?
Souma: No...More than a complaint it's a question...
Souma: Does that Tootsuki rule apply for graduates too?
Kojirou: ...
Kojirou: What are you talking about?
Souma: Shokugeki.

p18-19 //so badass...
Souma: If I make you lose on a Shokugeki
Souma: Could you take back
Souma: Tadokoro's expulsion?
Cutlery: A challenge to a "graduate"...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 21/End

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