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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 22

Decisive Battle! Kiruko vs Jean Smith!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 27, 2013 17:09 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 22

"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Text: The last decisive battle!!
Chiaki: ---Now...We're finally with the last boss.
Kiruko: Jean is most probably inside here...
Chiaki: Be careful...We don't know
Chiaki: What kind of traps lay in wait for us...!!
Bullet: ---True...Our opponent is a global criminal,
Bullet: It wouldn't be weird if he suddenly came for the kill...
Kiruko: ---Then...Are you ready...?
Kiruko: 1, 2-!!

Jean: Ah,
Jean: It's open so there's no need to smash it down.
Text: The last boss appears!!
Star: The newest JC volume 2 will be on sale on May 2nd!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 22 Decisive Battle! Kiruko vs Jean Smith!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Kiruko: Hyaiiiiiiii!!
Kiruko: A...Ah...Je-
Kiruko: Jean!!
Kiruko: H...How did you know!?
Jean: well, I was looking at the surveillance cameras...
Jean: ---Welcome, officers of the Nagashima Substation,
Jean: Come inside!

Jean: Now...I'll first ask for your motive in being here, Kiruko-san,
Jean: Go ahead!
Haru: Don't get riled on his pace, ok?
Haru: Say it sternly, Kiruko!
Kiruko: Yes, leave it to me!
Kiruko: Jean Smith!!
Kiruko: We know what you're planning!!
Kiruko: And we can see that you can't fight by yourself! It would be best if you surrendered!!
Kiruko: I won't let you make a secret evil association in Nagashima!!
Jean: ---Ah!
Jean: Thank you...For giving me a tour in Nagashima the other time!
Kiruko: Eh? Ah...No, no, the pleasure was mine.
Haru: Don't get riled on so fast you idiot!!

Jean: Hmmm, but...Let's see, even if you tell me you won't let me.
Kiruko: !
Jean: If we fought normally, I would get beaten to a pulp by Kiruko-san...
Jean's sd: I'm weak, you see.
Jean: That's why, how about this?
Kiruko: Eh?
Haru: !!
Haru: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!?
Kiruko: Se...Senpaiiiiiii!!?
Jean: Ahaha, I wouldn't move if I were you

Jean: Those people aren't on the level of the Phantom squad of they're quite skilled.
Jean: They can't win against Kiruko-san, but if you resist they can easily blow lowlife-san's head!
Jean: See? With this you can't lay a finger on me.
Jean: Unless you want your precious co-worker to die...Ok?
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: Ok.
Chiaki: You can go get them, Bullet!
Chiaki's sd: Go!
Bullet: I'll tell the people in town how brave you were, Anjou!
Haru: You guuuuuys!!
Jean: Uwah, such cruelty...!!
Haru: !!
Haru: Gyaaaaaaaaah!!
All: !?

Kiruko: Pl...Please wait...I understand your feelings,
Kiruko: But I can't abandon senpai!!
Haru: ...!! Kiruko!!
Chiaki: Kiruko...
Chiaki(thinks): Tch...The most troublesome person got made a hostage...
Chiaki(thinks): He knew that if he could stop Kiruko we would be unable to move so he did this---
Jean: ...
Jean: Ah, great, I knew Kiruko-san would say that.
Jean: Then...I'll take my leave.
Chiaki: !
Chiaki: W...Wait, Jean!!
Jean: !?
Chiaki: We have hostages too! And we have two of them!!
Mei: Sorry, Jean-san...
Chiaki: Let's trade this kids for that lowlife!!
Jean: ?
Jean: What are you saying?
Chiaki: !?

Jean: All those kids and I had was a business relationship.
Jean: They aren't worthy for me as hostages.
Bullet: ...!!
Jean: If you say you'll do something to them then go ahead...!!
Mei: ...Jean-san...
Jean: More importantly, it's ok to be worried about your co-worker...
Jean: But you should worry about yourselves too.
Bullet: ?
Chiaki: What are you...
Chiaki: !!?

Kiruko: Eh!? Wh...What is this tremor!?
Jean: Yeah, just in time.
Jean: This ship has started sinking...I set it up to be like that.
Kiruko: !!?
Jean: You're all impressive for having come this far.
Jean: In respect for your courage I'll give you this ship.
Jean: Ah,
Jean: And I had someone come for me so don't worry about me!
Jean: Please enjoy this last cruise,
Jean: Officers of the Nagashima substation...!!
Chiaki: Hey...Wh...What's wrong with you!?
Chiaki: You're sinking this luxury liner just to finish the four of us!?
Jean: ?

Jean: Yes...Well, that's right, but...
Jean: Isn't this cheap if I can kill Kiruko-san?
Chiaki: ---...!!
Jean: Ah...But I'll have lowlife-san come with us.
Haru: !?
Haru: Eh!?
Jean: ? Well, that's obvious.
Jean: The moment I release you, Kiruko-san will send me flying!
Haru: !? Wa...Wait a second,
Haru: That means...I'm the only one that'll get saved!?
Jean: Eh? Ah...Well, that will be the result, yes...
Haru: ---...
Haru: No...
Haru: No way...!!

Haru: No waaay!! Is it ok for it just to be me...?
Haru: Thank you, Jean-san!!
Thought: This lowlife betrayed us instantly!!
Kiruko: Se...Senpai!? You're betraying uuuuus!?
Haru: Wha...Don't make it sound so bad!
Haru: It's frustrating for me too! But...I can't do anything! It can't be helped.
Haru: I won't let your sacrifice be in vain!
Chiaki: Kiruko! Don't mind him, just blow Jean away!!
Chiaki: You can let this big lowlife die!!
Chiaki: Wait, Kyaaaaaah, it's shaking!!
Kiruko: ---...
Kiruko: Senpai...
Kiruko: Are you really...Fine with that...?
Kiruko: We worked together to get this far, didn't we?
Kiruko: And in the very last moments you do this...!!
Haru: ...Id...

Haru: Idiot! Kiruko, I'm this kind of guy!! Haven't you understood it yet!?
Mei: Someone untie thiiis.
Haru: Whenever I do something it's for my own profit, I mean...It's the less bad way!
Haru: I only looked after you because I would get fired otherwise and because I wanted your big breasts, right!?
Kiruko: Th...That is...
Haru: Listen, try to remember what I said when we had just met!!
Haru: Don't bother about the small things!! When it's come to this you can't care about how you do it!!
Jean: Well, well, stop fighting!
Jean: If we don't leave soon I'll be in danger...
Jean: Well then everyone, have a nice day!

Chiaki: ---That lowlife...He's the worst!
Chiaki: Now that it's turn to this, we'll get out at any cost and I'll castrate him!!
Mei: Mei will help you!
Mei: Geez, Jean is my enemy now, I won't forgive that lowlife either!
Mei?: Kiruko, you think so too, right?
Kiruko: ...
Flashback: Listen, try to remember what I said when we had just met!!
Kiruko(thinks): ...What he said...
Kiruko(thinks): What senpai said...!?
Don't worry about the small things!! Just catch up with him!!
I don't care about how anymore...To avoid getting fired we have to do this.
Is it really fine!? So far, I haven't been serious even once!
Even so, can I really do it!?
Ah, enough whining! While we're doing this the criminal escaped!
Listen! No matter if you can't do anything about everything else you must arrest the criminal no matter what it takes!
Kiruko's sd: Ah
Chiaki: ?
Chiaki: Kiruko...?

Jean: ---However...
Jean: It might sound weird coming from me...But, was it ok?
Jean: Making your last farewell be like that---
Haru: Thanks for your consideration! Don't mind it at all!
Haru's sd: Hehehe
Haru: Because there's nothing left for humans after death!!
Haru: Umm, more importantly, as you might know, I'm on risk of getting unemployed.
Haru: I thought that perhaps...Ummm...I could work for Jean-san...
Jean: Eh?
Haru: I beg you! I'll do anything! I'll lick your shoes!!

Haru: Well, it might be wrong for me to say, but I have criminal qualities.
Haru: I took hostages on the ship just like Jean-san did!!
Asterisk: Criminal qualities
Jean: ...Hmm, I really dislike being put on the same level as you...
Jean: Well, I think you have the qualities just by seeing how you betrayed them, but...
Jean: ---Let's see...When you say it so boldly...
Jean: Hm...I might give it a thought.
Haru: !! Seriouslyyyy!!
Haru: Thank you very much, boss!!
Jean: Hey...Lowlife-san, standing up inside a helicopter is dangerous.
Haru: Hehehe, now that's decided I'll do something bad now! What should I do!?
Jean: No... You say "now" but, it's not like I'm evil all the time...
Jean: When you ask me what---
Haru: You're kidding...Then, how about this bad thing?
Jean: ?
Haru: Where we are now Kiruko can still catch up with us,
Haru: So, if I ran away now, Jean-san would be in trouble, right?
Haru: Well, in short, what I want to say is...

Haru: How about I betray Jean-san from the very beginning?
Man: !?
Man: Wha...
Man: Whaaaaaaaaaat!!?
Haru: Nuoooooooo
Haru: Oooooooooh

Haru: The rest is up to you,
Haru: Kirukoooo!!
Jean: Wha...
Jean(thinks): He got me!!
Bullet: ---I can't believe it, that lowlife really jumped off...!!
Kiruko: That's why I told you, Bullet!!
Kiruko: ---What senpai said...When we had just met,
Kiruko: There's no way I would forget it...

Haru/Kiruko: "I'll bear with all the responsibility!!"
Haru/Kiruko: "Juniors should just do their best---" //with this I just noticed I changed from "junior" to "kouhai" in one of the recent chapters
Haru/Kiruko: "Like the juniors they are!!"
Bullet: Nuaaaah!!
Jean: !!

Kiruko: Now, Jean Smith!! This is my senpai-authorized...
Kiruko: Attack with all my power!!
Kiruko: Blow awaaaaaaay!!!!
Kiruko: An attack with all her might!!!
Jean: !!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 22/End

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