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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 23

Farewell! Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 9, 2013 17:34 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 23

Haru: Aaaaaaaaaah
Text: The lowlife's chivalrous explosion!?
Haru: I'll dieeeeeeeeeeee!!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Haru: I didn't think about what to do after I fell!! I just thought Kiruko would do something about it...
Haru: This is bad, I should have just betrayed them!!
Haru: !?

Haru: !!
Haru: Rai-kun!!
Rai: Grab on...We're landing in water...!!
Haru: Ye-Yes, thanks!!
Bullet: ---Oh well, the second pitch was also a success.
Bullet: Good grief...That lowlife got sloppy at the last moment...!!
Bullet: Chiaki and Mei went to secure an escape boat too.
Mei's sd: Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Bullet: ---Hm,

Bullet: With this everything's settled, huh...!!
Text: The grand finale!!!
Star: The newest JC Volume (2) is on sale!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 23 Farewell! Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Mei: Ah, they're there!
Kiruko/Haru: !
Mei: Kiruko, Onii-chan! Sorry for the wait!
Haru?: !! Ooooh!
Haru: We're saved! I believed in you guys!!
Chiaki: Are you in a position to say that, lowlife...? Geez, you're all talk!
Kiruko: However, I'm amazed you could find a boat.
Chiaki: Ah...Yeah,
Chiaki: Well, actually...

Mei: There's no lifesaving boats!?
Mei: If you keep saying bullshit I'll make you a honeycomb!!
Man: I...It's true, it was Jean-san's order...
Man: We didn't know that the ship would sink either---
Chiaki: No...No way...What should we do---
Phantom: If it's a boat I loaded one.
Chiaki: !?
Chiaki: Pha...
Chiaki: Phantom!?
Phantom: I knew that man would do something like this,
Phantom: Well...If you want to save yourselves, search around this ship,
Phantom: If you're lucky you might find it...!
Chiaki: Wh...Why would you...

Phantom: ---Tell Kiruko...No,
Phantom: I leave Kiruko to you,
Phantom: Nagashima's Officers...!!
Kiruko's sd: Puh
Kiruko: Ahaha, what's with that!!? Sensei is so cute.
Kiruko's sd: Ahahahaha
Bullet: That old man sure isn't honest with himself.
Haru: I...Is that so? He caused me a little trauma...!!
Kiruko: ---Well,
Kiruko: We could escape safely,
Kiruko: Next is---

Man: A...Are you alright, Jean-sama...?
Jean: Yes...Somehow,
Jean: Thanks, it's all thanks to your skills.
Jean: ?
Jean: !!
Kiruko: This time...It really would be better for you to surrender, you know?
Kiruko: Now, what will you do, Jean Smith!!

Jean: ---Ok, I surrender.
Jean: I'll give up completely on Nagashima...!
Kiruko: E...
Kiruko: Eeeh!?
Jean: !? Ermm, what is it...!? You told me to do this, right!?
Kiruko: Bu-Bu...But, that easily...!!
Kiruko: I can't believe it! This is too suspicious!!
Jean: Hmm, you don't trust me at all, huh.
Jean: Well, I'm used to be told I'm suspicious...
Jean: Well...If it was just Kiruko-san it would be fine,
Jean: But even lowlife-san outwitted me...
Haru: !
Haru's sd: I?
Jean: Continuing with this anymore would be unsightly,
Jean: I'll have you let me withdraw obediently this time.

Jean: Even so, that betrayal act felt really close to reality.
Jean: How about this? Don't you feel like working under me for real, lowlife-san?
Kiruko: What are you saying!? There's no way senpai would really betray us,
Kiruko: Right, senpai!?
Haru: Eh!?
Haru: Ye...Yeah...
Chiaki: Hey, lowlife, you shook a bit right now...!!
Jean: ---At any rate, it was my complete loss...It's been a while since the last time.
Jean: You're amazing, Kiruko-san...No,
Jean: Officers of the Nagashima Substation...!!
Kiruko: ...Jean Smith,
Kiruko: Can I finish you just to be sure?
Jean: ...You really are amazing...
Jean: That's something to say to another human in this situation?

Phone: ---A rescue jet will be there to pick you up shortly,
Phone: Please wait a short while, Jean-sama!
Jean: Ok...Can you also save the people that remained on the ship?
Phone: Eh!?
Jean: You should treasure your comrades outside work too!
Phone: Ye...Yes...It's just as you say.
Jean: Fufu...
Jean: Ah, that's right,
Jean: There's one other thing I want to ask you to do...
Mei: Haa, I'm hungry.
Mei: Hey, Kiruko! Let's eat that horrible ramen when we get back to Nagashima!
Haru: ...Wait, you guys are staying here?
Haru: You got on board so naturally that I didn't notice...
Mei: !! Yo...You're horrible! You wanted to leave frail children in a shipwreck!?
Haru: Frail children don't randomly shoot Gatling guns...

Mei: Ah, geez, stop with the rattle! Don't worry about the small things, you bald!!?
Mei: I've decided, starting tomorrow we're staying at your home!
Haru: Huh!? Wh...What are you deciding on your own, you brat!!?
Kiruko: Eh, what's that about? It sounds fun!! Can I go have fun too!?
Haru: !? Hey, don't come!! Nobody can come!!
Chiaki: ...Haa,
Chiaki: Guys...Can't you do this more smartly?
Chiaki: The aftertaste of victory is getting ruined, good grief...
Haru: Shut up, tiny breasts!! You were the most useless this time!
Mei: Tiny breasts? Ah, it's true, Mei's are bigger.
Chiaki: I will exterminate youuuuu!!
Mei?: Waah, this tiny-breasted woman isn't smart at all!!
Bullet: Don't you become like that, boy.
Rai's SFX: *nod*
All: !
Kiruko: Ah...

Kiruko: ---The dawn...!!
Haru: ---Ah-ah,
Haru: With this, we're back to our usual duties.
Haru: I don't wanna work...
Chiaki: !? What are you saying...?
Chiaki: We might have been fired when we get back!
Haru: Ah...That's right, you didn't hear what the chief said.
Chiaki: ?
Haru: No...He told me it was a secret, but the truth is---

Kiruko: ---Eh...
Kiruko: The...Then, we can continue being in the police...?
Kiruko: Haa, we did iiiiit!!
Chiaki: We...Well, I expected that much of course.
Bullet: ...But...Then, the only one fired would be the chief---
Kiruko: We won't let them! Let's all go plea
Kiruko: So that the chief isn't fired!!
Kiruko: Then, we can all work together again!! I'll do my very beeeeest!!
Haru: Shouldn't you do this?
Haru: Like, learn what consideration is?
Kiruko: Fufu...It's ok, I have senpai with me!
Haru: Huh?
Kiruko: I can do it "with all my might", right?

Kiruko: Lastly...Thank you, senpai!
Haru: !
Kiruko: If senpai hadn't jumped off...We would have never beaten Jean!
Haru: Ye...Yeah, well, that much is piece of cake.
Haru: Well, as thanks you can let me grope your boobs-
Kiruko: I told you I won't forgive sexual harassment!!
Haru: Abaaaah, what are you dooing!!?
Haru: Let your senpai save face!!
Chiaki: You reap what you sow, you lowlife...Get some discretion.
Bullet: Shall I give you better ventilation, Anjou...!!?
Haru: Eeeeek!!
Box: ---The outrageous junior...I got this spring---
Box: Just think about it,
Box: Just like you don't need a hammer to break a single egg---
Box: What would happen if you make an "ex-mercenary that was in a special squad" a "policewoman"---

Box: This happens.

Box: ---...
Box: ...Well,
Box: That isn't bad as it is...
Bullet: Where the hell are you looking at!!?
Haru: N-No, you're wro...
Kiruko: ---! Nagashima's fishing harbor,
Kiruko: We're baaaaaaaaack!!
Chiaki: Fufu...Then, let's do our best in work today!
Haru: Eeh, let's rest for today at least...
Kiruko: !

Kiruko: Kanna-chan and the kids...! (cd: ---And everyone from town?
Kanna: Ah, they're back, it's Kiruko and the others!!
Kiruko: Wh...Why...? We never told them about Jean---
Haru: Maybe the chief told them something...?
Haru: But well, this is our triumphal return,
Haru: Let's puff with pride and go!
Haru: Hey, we're just back!!
Kiruko: It's fine already! Nagashima is free from the devil's hands!!
Kanna: !?
Kanna: Eh...What's that? What are you saying, Kiruko!? That's not it!!
Kiruko: Eh?
Kanna: More importantly, you guys are in big trouble!
Kiruko: ---...!?
Kiruko: Wh...What do you mean, Kanna-chan...?
Chief: Oh, good work, everyone!

Kiruko: !! Chief!!
Chief: From your looks, it all went fine...
Chief: Yeah...That's great, that's great.
Kiruko: That's right! We did it!!
Chief: Yeah...You're right, you're amazing.
Chief: ...Uwah...This is really hard to say...
Haru: ?
Chief: Umm...Sorry!
Chief: How to say it...Just me getting fired didn't help at all---
Chief: So we're all fired...!!
Text: The worst ending!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 23/End

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