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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 18

18th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 14, 2013 20:45 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 18
//This is probably the best chapter so far.

18th Clause
Shin: ...
Shin: Eh...
Shin: I'm still alive...?
Shax: Geez, you're so careless!!
Shax: And yet you are the book's holder?

18th Clause
Shin: You are...!!
Shin: The demons from that time!?
Shax: It's been a while, piece of shit. //shithead, shitty bastard, choose the insult you like the best

Shin: Wh-Why...I mean, how are you here?
Aim's sd: Are you ok?
Shin's sd: Ah, thanks...
Shax: Huh?
Shax: You called us here!!
Shin: No, I don't know what's what...
Shax: Keh
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun, what's going on here!!?
Shin: No, even if you ask me...
Shin: Most probably, the grimoire's self-preservation instinct kicked up.
Shin: A "power" to instantly summon contracted demons,
Shin: Something bothersome as a matter of fact.
Shax: You're our contractor!!
Shax: If our contractor dies we'll be in trouble too!!

Shin: We-Well...Umm---
Shin: You really saved me there.
Shax: Keh,
Shax: Of course, you should be grateful!!
Shin: Anyway, now let's...
Aim: Watch out.
Shin: Ubuh

Yuuki: Sorry to interrupt you when you're chatting,
Yuuki: But I don't want you to ignore me.
Shin: Be careful!!
Shin: All attacks are useless against that weapon of hers (cd: ...It seems)
Shax: Hmm, the zodiac, huh, she uses some bothersome weapon.
Shax: But it's not like it's invincible, all we have to do is to endure
Shax: Until the user's mana runs out.
Shin: I know that too...
Shin: But we don't have time.
Shax: Which means we only have one choice.

Shax: If it's the power of the grimoire you used to destroy Aim's "armor",
Shax: We can deal with her somehow, can't we?
Shin: ...
Shin: We can't.
Shax: Huh?
Shin: My power is meaningless if I don't touch the enemy's thing.
Shin: It'd be different if it was a surprise attack, but if I go from the front
Shin: I'll just get blown off.

Shax: (cd: Hmph) The thing is that you have to touch it, huh.
Shax: Hey, can you charge on my signal!?
Shin: "Charge", on her?
Shax: Of course!! You want to charge at someone else!?
Shax: You four-eyed girl, cover me!! //She calls her "musumegane", musume = girl, megane = glasses
Aoi: Who's a four-eyed girl!?
Shax: You are.
Shin: You two, get along well... (cd: Kinda impossible though)
Shax: ---Anyway, you want to get back at her, right?
Shin: Ye-Yeah.
Shax: Then, we'll lend you our power.
Shax: Scare the hell out of her!!

Shin: ...
Shin: Got it!!
Shin: Wooooooh
Yuuki: You're an idiot for just charging at me!!

Aoi: !!
Yuuki: He disappeared!?
Shax: Those cannons won't hit!!
Shax: Hmph, my power is "Spatial Control",
Shax: Its use is normally limited to inside barriers,
Shax: But I can move my target to any place I want!!

Yuuki: Then the boy is...
Yuuki: !?
Yuuki: Behind me!!
Shin: Here.
Yuuki: ...!!
Shin(thinks): She's fallen for it!!
Shin: It's too late!!
Shin(thinks): The moment when No. 6 would reflexively use zodiac to defend herself,

Shin(thinks): I was waiting for it!!
Shin: Oooooh!!
Shin(thinks): I'll rewrite
Shin(thinks): Her Zodiac's power!!

Shin(thinks): Alright...!!
Shin: Kurosaki!!
Aoi: I know!!

Yuuki: I don't know what kind of tricks you used, but it's useless!!
Yuuki: You can't defeat my zodiac!!
Yuuki: Eh!?
Yuuki: The zodiac won't react,
Yuuki: Why!?
Shin?: Too bad for you!!

Shin?: It's your loss for underestimating
Shin?: My power!!
Yuuki: Kahah

Shin: He-Hey, you can't have-!!
Aoi: It's ok, she's just fainted.
Aoi: There's a mountain of things I must ask her.
Aoi: She won't wake up for a while.
Shax: Well then, we'll get going.
Shin: Eh...?
Shin: You won't help us until the end?
Shin's sd: You're pettier than I thought.
Shax: Are you an idiot!!? Don't get carried away!!
Aim: ...
Shin: But, you saved me.
Shin: I appreciate it.

Shin: See you.
Shax: Shuddup, there won't be a next time.
Aim: ...See......You...
Aoi: The ritual might have started already.
Aoi: Let's hurry.
Shin: Yeah!!

Voice: Gyaaaaaah
Albert: I...Impossible...Why...
Albert: The room you were in should've been surrounded by multiple layers of barriers...
Albert: And that figure and power of yours...It can't be...
Albert: You're a demon!?

Demon: I was waiting for you to cause a coup d'etat.
Demon: Because that way I could purge disturbing elements,
Demon: That's why you could carry out a coup d'etat so easily...
Demon: Besides, protruding acts would break the power balance with our world.
Demon: All we desire is balance.
Albert: That manner of speaking, impossible...You are...
Demon: Farewell, Albert-kun.
Albert: Sata...

Shin: Kurosaki, we haven't met anyone for a while,
Shin: What does this mean!?
Aoi: I don't know, but don't lower your guard.
Shin: I know!!

Both: !
Shin: ...This is...
Shin(thinks): What's this?
Shin(thinks): And the smell of this blood...
Aoi: Lead sister, what happened here... //again, might be lead priestess
Nun: No. 9, huh.
Nun: Thank you for your efforts.
Nun: It seems you could drive No. 6 away.

Shin: An...Ally?
Aoi: That's right.
Aoi: That person is one of the Six Highest Leaders who control organization, //maybe Six Supreme Leaders
Aoi: She's my chief.
Shin(thinks): One of the Highest Leaders... //again, maybe Supreme
Shin(thinks): She certainly is beautiful and dignified, yet something...
Shin(thinks): She has this something that gives the feeling that she's not a "person" but another living being...

Shin(thinks): But she did all of this by herself?
Shin: Hey, you, this is...
Shin: Bwoh
Aoi: That you're here means the coup d'etat was...?
Nun: Suppressed.
Nun: I've already executed the ringleader, lead priest Albert.
Nun: It's all thanks to you for holding No. 6 back.
Aoi: Lead priest Albert
Aoi: Was the ringleader!?
Nun: It seems he was planning to use Eclipse to declare war on demons.
Shin: Wha-
Shin(thinks): He tried to do that!?
Nun: Leaving that aside...

Nun: Are you Kamishiro Shin-kun?
Shin: Eh, Ah, Yes.
Nun: You act together with our enemies, demons.
Nun: That on itself makes you an enemy.
Shin: In other words, you'll get rid of me too?
Aoi: Ple-Please wait, he is...
Nun: No.
Nun: Truth is that you helped us this time.
Nun: Getting rid of someone like you would be a stain for our honor.

Nun: Let me express my gratitude first,
Nun: Thank you.
Shin: Ah...No.
Shin: I don't deserve being tha...
Shin's sd: Ah.
Shin: Tha-That's right, Kyuuki's mana that No. 6 stole,
Shin: I have to get it back!!

Nun: Don't worry.
Nun: Let me give that mana back.
Shin: Wh-What?

Nun: I released the mana stockpiled in the cylinder.
Nun: It went to the place it belongs,
Nun: With this, your demon should be back to normal.
Nun: The other demons whose mana was taken before will also be back to normal, but that can't be helped.

Nun: You should leave soon.
Nun: A great number of people will come here soon.
Aoi: That's right, Kamishiro-kun is the organization's enemy.
Aoi: I'll stay here.
Shin: Ok.
Aoi: Umm...
Aoi: Thanks.
Shin: No problem.
Shin: Then, I'm off
Shin: To where Kyuuki is!!

Shin(thinks): I'm on my way!!
Kyuuki: Where am I!?
Kiri: Oh,
Kiri: You're awake?
Kiri: Since you're awake then they must have succeeded.
Kyuuki: Back then I was hit by that light and...
Shin: Kyuuki!!

Kyuuki: Shin!?
Shin's sd: Haa
Shin's sd: Haa
Shin: I'm glad, you're awake...
Shin: ...
Kyuuki: Hm?
Kyuuki: Why are you staring in wonder,
Kyuuki: Is it that unusual that I woke up?
Shin: Ah...No.
Shin: Ermmm...

Shin: I don't know where to look at so it'd be great if you wore something...
Kyuuki: Eh...
Kyuuki: ...
Shin: ...
Kyuuki: People like you are...
Shin: I told you, ok!!
Kyuuki: Say that first!!
18th Clause/END

Kyuuki: Idiots should sleep!!
SFX: Fshhhhhh
Ass: Ass

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