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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 23

Proof of Existence

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 17, 2013 02:31 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Also, please refrain from reposting this translation anywhere else outside mangahelpers. If I find it anywhere else I will stop posting Shokugeki no Soma's translations before the chapters' scanlations are released...
Shokugeki-no SOMA 23

Megumi: I have to be the lead
Megumi: Cook...?
Gin: Yes,
Gin: You must choose the recipe alone.
Cutlery: Both are astonished at Doujima's suggestion...
Gin: Yukihira, you must only support her.
Souma: Wha...
Souma: Doujima-senpai! I was the one who made the challenge for the shokugeki,
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Souma: So, why---
Gin: I'm mediating a challenge that wouldn't have happened otherwise,
Gin: I'll have you accept the conditions I put.
Gin: Yukihira...Let's say you win with your cooking skills and make Tadokoro survive,
Gin: What good will that do?

Gin: That wouldn't change the fact that she's a hanger-on.
Gin: She would just be disqualified eventually on another assignment,
Gin: Or would she have Yukihira...Or someone else save her again?
Gin: In Tootsuki you must prove your worth with your skills.
Gin: Whether Tadokoro should stay or not in Tootsuki...
Gin: Is something she has to show herself.
Gin: Starting tonight, on this moment...In this kitchen,

Star: The newest JC Volume (2) will be on sale on June 6th!!
Cutlery: If you want to stay, then prove...Your worth!!
Gin: Tadokoro-kun...You're a chef.
(cutlery) 23 Proof of Existence
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Kojirou: Doujima-san,
Kojirou: I've already decided the dish I will cook,
Kojirou: May I begin preparing it?
Gin: Sure, go ahead.
Kojirou: Hmph...I feel for you, Yukihira!
Souma: ...Why is that?
Kojirou: You're feeling desperate, right?
Kojirou: Because your expulsion depends on the skills of that dunce.

Hinako: Did you hear that hateful way of speaking!?
Donato: That why you don't last long with women, Shinomiya-san.
Fuyumi: Shinomiya, I think you really have a bad personality.
Kojirou: Silence, outsiders!!!
Kojirou: Wait, Hinako, when did you get rid of the ropes...!?
Hinako: Do your best, my Megumi-chaaaan!
Kojirou: Shut up!!
Megumi: ...
SFX: *glance*

Megumi(thinks): Chef Shinomiya Kojirou...
Megumi(thinks): After graduating from Tootsuki he went to France alone.
Megumi(thinks): He's a chef that opened a restaurant on the battleground of gourmet food, Paris...
Megumi(thinks): Against him...

Megumi(thinks): I have to fight with my recipe---?
Megumi(thinks): I...I have to calm down,
Megumi(thinks): Even though I have to calm down.
Megumi(thinks): My mind is blank...
Megumi(thinks): And I won't stop trembling...!
Souma: Tadokoro...!

Gin: Just for your information, you can't revise her recipe.
Gin: Because you're only a sous-chef.
Gin: You thought that Tadokoro is worth surviving here, right?
Gin: If you say you can't believe on her cooking skills,
Gin: Then step down from this challenge now.

Souma: ...There's no way I can step down,
Souma: I'm a chef, you know?
Souma: Like I'll run away from the kitchen.
Megumi's sd: haa //x3

Megumi(thinks): I can't...
Megumi(thinks): I...Really can't...
Megumi(thinks): I could only survive this far thanks to Souma-kun.
Megumi(thinks): Someone like me...
Megumi(thinks): Someone like me...
Souma: ...!
Souma: Tadokoro...!
Souma: Tadokoro! Try putting your hands together,
Souma: Your hands!
Megumi(thinks): ...?

Megumi: Eek... //I’m not so sure about this one, it doesn’t really feel quite right…

Megumi: !?
Megumi: ?
Megumi: Ouch...
Souma: It's a trick I once learned at home that eases the tension,
Souma: It's only fault is you can't do it alone.
Megumi(thinks): Ah...
Megumi(thinks): The trembling stopped...
Souma: Well, for now, calm down,
Souma: And then think carefully what we're making.
Megumi: Bu...But...
Megumi: Chef Shinomiya is going to make a genuine France dish that was polished there, you know...?

Megumi: If I don't make a dish that can win against that, Souma-kun will be expelled---
Souma: ...My old man said this,
Souma: "Cooking is"
Souma: "Putting all you have on top of a dish."---
Souma: For now just forget about
Souma: Things like what the opponent will make.
Megumi: Bu-But...A dish made by someone like me...
Souma: The onigiri you made at the dorm
Souma: Were really delicious.

Souma: Don't think about unnecessary things.
Souma: Just make a dish that suits you!
Megumi(thinks): A dish...
Megumi(thinks): That suits me...

Kojirou: Oh?
Kojirou: Whoa! I'm surprised,
Kojirou: You haven't even started preparing the food?

Kojirou: It seems your chef is quite a dunce-
Souma: Can you leave the insults against Tadokoro...
Souma: For after you eat her food?
Megumi: Souma-kun!
Megumi: You see...
Megumi: ---That's the kind of dish...I want...To make.

Souma: Interesting!!
Megumi: Really...!? Really...?
Megumi: Great...
Megumi: Ah...Bu-But, you see...
Megumi: On this recipe, there's a lot of ingredients that take time preparing before cooking.
Megumi: I'm not sure I can finish it up neatly...
Souma: Who do you take me for?
Souma: I was the second best chef at Restaurant Yukihira, you know?

Souma: Well...It was just me and my dad though!
Megumi: Fufu...
Megumi: ...Ahaha.
Souma: I'll put all of my experience at use to support you!
Souma: Just for today---
Souma: "Restaurant Tadokoro" //there's a pun here, the word he uses for restaurant is "Shokujidokoro" so the whole name is "Shokujidokoro Tadokoro"
Souma: Opens!!
Megumi: Ye...Yeah...!

Souma: Alright, let's do this!! Chef Tadokoro!
Megumi: Yes!
Cutlery: They face it without a doubt---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 23/End

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