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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 24

Welcome Back! Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 19, 2013 04:17 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

-> RTS Page for Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 24

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 24
//It's over...That's it xD

Text: An unexpected unemployment!!!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"...?
Chiaki?: ...I didn't think...We really would get fired...
Chiaki?: No...Well, that was the original idea...
Haru: Aaah, seriously? I definitely won't be able to get another job!!
Kiruko: I must give this uniform back too...
Kiruko: It was a short-lived dream...Fufu...
Chief: Guys, I'm really sorry... I called Onigawara-san's attention,
Chief: But, the higher-ups dealt with it faster than expected...
Chief's sd: I'm also unemployed starting tomorrow.
Kiruko: No...It's not really the chief's fault...
Kiruko: I'm really happy we could protect Nagashima,
Kiruko: And---
Kiruko: That it's turn to this just means that in the end I wasn't suited...For this job.

Chiaki: Kiruko...
Chief: ...
Chief: Kiruko-chan...You might think "What is he saying this late?"
Chief: But I just want you to understand this.
Kiruko: ?
Chief: I could get involved with Jean's case because...This members---
Chief: Because Kiruko-chan came here, you know...?
Kiruko: ---Thank you, chief.
Kiruko: But I---
Chiaki: ...It looks like it'll rain...Let's go home.
Bullet: You're right...Since I'm staying in Japan I must work.
Bullet: Starting tomorrow we'll all have to search for jobs, huh...
Haru: ---Yeah.
Haru: !!

p3 //this is the first time in the whole series I actually lol'd at a page...
Haru: Well then...Stay well,
Text: The goodbye came suddenly...
Haru: Guys...!!
Star: "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san" now is...
Shinmai Mushoku Kiruko-san //Novice Unemployed Kiruko-san
Chapter 1 That Unemployed - Otonashi Kiruko
Hirakata Masahiro
Kiruko: Everyone...!!

Box: ---Two weeks later...
Sign: Restaurant Drift Island
Voice: ---Well then, Kiruko,
Voice: For now, try saying "Welcome" with a smile.
Kiruko: We...Wel...
Kiruko: Welcome...!!
Man: Sorry, Kiruko-chan, you're scary...
Man: Serving customers like that is a bit---
Kiruko: !!?
sd: Uwaaaaaaah
Kid: Ah, it was no good again!!!!
Kiruko: N...No, please wait!! I'm ok,
Kiruko: I served tea and things like that in the station!!

Kiruko: I can be a waitress!! I'll do my best at work!!
Kid: Just as you're saying it!!
Kid: I'm telling you, you're too nervous, Kiruko! I know that you have more than enough power!!
Kiruko: Ueeeeh, sorry!!
Kanna: Hmmm,
Kanna: This is the 10th time, huh... A lot of people are offering her jobs on good will,
Kanna: But there's not one that she can do...
Kiruko: Please let me try again, manager!
Kid: Watch out!
Kid: Yeah...I mean, it's Kiruko we're talking about...
Kanna: To make it worse, Kiruko can't do any job well right now,
Kanna: Since she's putting more strength than usual, a lot of things don't approach her.
Box: Convenience Store
Voice: The customer ran away!! Kiruko-chan, we're telling you, your face is scary!!
Box: Gasoline Station
Voice: The car ran away!! Kiruko-chan, (rest is omitted).
Box: Fishing
Voice: The shark ran (omitted).
Voice: Well, it's Kiruko...
Kanna: What kind of job is Kiruko suited for...?
Kanna: Well, at any rate, let's do our best again tomorrow!
Kiruko: ...

Kiruko: Uguh...Even when Kanna-chan and the townspeople are being so kind to me.
Kiruko: N...No, no, don't get fainthearted!
Kiruko: Senpai and the others are probably doing their best too...
Kiruko: Uh...But it really is disheartening...
Kiruko: Ah, the Nagashima station, I really want to-
Voice: Want to go back...
Kiruko: !?
Haru: I want to go back...I want to go back home but I can’t...
Haru: God damn it, why did it turn like this!!
sd: Waaaah
Kiruko: Senpai!!
Kiruko: Wh...What are you doing here this early!!?
Haru: Eh!? A-
Haru: Awah, Kiruko!!

Haru: ---I see...You've had it tough too...Well, that's to be expected.
Kiruko: Yo...You too senpai...What do you mean you can't go back home?
Haru: ---Ah.
Haru: After that Rai and Mei really came to my house,
Haru: It couldn't be helped so I let them stay for a while but---
Mei: Heeeeey!! How long do you plan to stay idle!?
Mei: Go find a job you damn NEET!!
Haru: Wh...What's wrong with you...? Isn't it fine? This is my home.
Mei: Silence!! We paid the rents you hadn't paid yet, you know!!?
Mei: It's not like the money we received from Jean is endless!!
Mei: Don't come back until you find a job, you good-for-nothing!!
Haru: Higii!!
Kiruko: ...Senpai...As an adult, that's not really...
Haru: Don't say it...! I know, I know...!

Dog: Don't feel so dejected, young man...Something good will happen eventually.
Haru: !!
Haru: Th...That voice!
Haru: Old ma...
Band: Just opened!! Nagashima "Game Center" //lol, "new open" XD
Haru: !!
Haru: O...Old man, what's that costume...!?
Bullet: Yeah...Nowadays you can't be picky with your job...
Bullet: Well, you wore these too but this costumes are really hard to move around with!
Haru: H...Hmm...That's unexpected, I thought you would be living in a tent on the mountains...
Bullet: That's too much...Unemployed and camping would make me look like a homeless,
Bullet: Even if it's me, I wouldn't go that far...
Box: Nagashima Peanuts
Haru/Chiaki: !!!!

Haru: Chi...Chiaki-san...What's up with your looks---?
Chiaki: Stop, don't look at me!!
Voice: ---You see, people...Once they know what the top is like, they can't just go below...
Voice: This is the result...Of being picky with your job on this times...!!
Kiruko: I...It's like, everyone's had their fair share of trouble...!!
Chiaki: Hmph...Well, yeah.
Chiaki: Even so, we can't keep complaining...I mean,
Chiaki: We're no longer in the police force...!!
Kiruko: ---You're...Right...
Kiruko: We're no longer...In the police---
Haru: ...
Haru: ...The police...!!
Chiaki/Kiruko: Huh?

Haru: Call the police!! On the roof of that house!!
Voice: !!
Haru: A sneak thief is trying to get in!!
Man: U...Uwah,
Man: This is bad, they saw me!!
Haru: Hu-Hurry, call 110!! Chiaki, lend me your phone!! //110 is the emergency number in Japan
Chiaki: Idiot, he'll escape while you're saying that!!
Chiaki: I mean, I don't have a phone either!!
Haru: But what can we do!? We're no longer---
Chiaki: I...I know!! At any rate---
Haru: !
Bullet: Oh...?

All: !!!!
Haru: He...Hey! Wait, Kiruko.
Haru: You're no longer a policewoman, you know!? If you damage things like usual---
Kiruko: I...I know...But senpai,
Kiruko: Didn't you tell me this before...?
Kiruko: Helping when they aren't asked to is what the people of Nagashima do!!
All: !!

Chiaki: ...Well...
Chiaki: She's quite right.
Chiaki: Saying that we can't do anything because we don't have a badge,
Chiaki: We're not that good of a station to begin with!!
Chiaki: Bullet, go round and cut in!! Lowlife, go after Kiruko so that we don't fail catching him!!
Voice: !?
Haru: N...No, I'm not really...
Kiruko: Senpaiii, what are you doing!?
Kiruko: Hurry, hurryyyyy!!
Haru: ---...
Haru: Jeez.

Haru: It can't be helped!! It like always after all!!
Haru: Goooooo, Kirukooooooo!!
Kiruko: Yes!!
Man: !!?
Man: U...Uwah, what's with that waitress!?
Man: She's coming after me at an amazing spee...
Man: !!
Man: !? Hey...What's with these guys---
Kiruko: You mean us? We are---
Kiruko: Just a bunch of freeters that love this town!!

Kiruko: Kiruko Stoooooooorm!!
Man: !! Gyaaaaaaaaah!!
Haru: ...
Haru: Ah-ah...She went and did it again...!!
Chiaki: Go take responsibility properly for her, senpai!
Chiaki: ---At any rate,

Chiaki: She looks so lively...!!
Chief: Hmmm, Kiruko-chan really looks the best when she's doing her policewoman job.
Haru: Well, as the one responsible for her training, I think that smile is the scariest face...
Haru: Wait, whoaaaa, Chieeeef!! (cd: Ah, no, ex-chief!)
Chief: Hahaha, you went and did it fast!
Haru: !? Wh...Why are you here...!?
Kiruko: ! Chief, look, I did great!!
Chief: Oh, that's true, splendid.
Chief: Then...I've got good news for you guys.
Kiruko: !?

Haru: Huuuuh!?
Haru: We...
Haru: We can all come back to work here!!?
Haru: No, no, what's this about, chief!? Is that even possible!?
Chief: You see...The higher-ups decided to fire us,
Chief: But it seems someone asked for them to revoke that...
All: !?
Chief: Someone that has connections with the higher-ups did so...!
Haru: ---Tha...
Chiaki: That is...
Chief: This might be a reward---
Chief: For Kiruko-chan who cornered him that much...
Chief: How about it, Kiruko-chan?
Kiruko: !? Yes!?
Chief: Are you happy you can be a policewoman again?

Kiruko: Eh...Ah, yes!
Kiruko: Of course I am---
Chief: Hmm...Then, I really think Kiruko-chan should be a policewoman.
Kiruko: !
Chief: Even if you're not suited for the job!
Chief: There's no one that can just suddenly do any job perfectly, you know?
Chief: Isn't the most important thing to do your best to become someone that's suited for the job?
Kiruko: ---Chief...
Chief: Of course, that also goes for Chiaki-kun, Bullet-kun,
Chief: And Haru-kun...Ok!?
Haru: ! I...It's not like I...
Chief: There you go again...You looked like you were having fun just now, you know?
Haru: ...
Chief: Well, that's about it, you should contact your current jobs
Chief: And come back to the station!

Kiruko: Aaaaaaaah!
Kiruko: We really must be like this for it to feel right!!
Kanna: I'm glad for you, Kiruko! With this we can play on the afternoons again!
Kiruko: Yes, thank you all!
Haru: No, don't play.
Chiaki: You shouldn't be reading porn magazines right now either...
Chiaki: Do you want to be unemployed again?
Haru: N...No, this is my stance and umm...
Chief: Ok, ok...Well, then, just like always
Chief: Let's do our best today!
Kiruko: ---Yes!

Kiruko: Novice Policewoman, Otonashi Kiruko,
Kiruko: I will do my best!
Haru: No...Like I told you, you should learn what holding back is...
Kiruko: Now, let's hurry go patrol the town, senpai!!
Haru: Listen to what the others tell you!!
Star: Thanks for rooting for us!! Look forward to Hirakata-sensei's next work...Oh, before that, actually Kiruko still has some work to do...!? More details on the JC Volume (3) which will be on sale on July 4th and on the "Shounen Jump" official homepage!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 24 Welcome Back! Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Next issue, "Smoky B.B." starts!! Don't miss it!! //maybe Smokey

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