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Shokugeki no Souma 24

The Magician that Came from the East

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 22, 2013 16:01 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Also, remember that I don't want this TL posted anywhere outside MH.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 24
//I've also started a blog with Soma spoilers for those that think that just the TL isn't descriptive enough, check it out and tell me what you think. ;)

Star: As thanks for the overwhelming popularity a center color just before the release of JC volume 2!!
Text: ---Erina has a brief period of relaxation alone in the bath...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 24 The Magician that Came from the East
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: The "Ice Queen" Erina is the mark! JC Volume (2) will be on sale on June 4th (Tu)!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm
(cutlery) 2
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Asterisk: The cover design is still on the works.

Text: Restaurant Tadokoro
Text: Opens!!
Megumi: I'll first prepare the tomatoes!
Megumi: Souma-kun, prepare the other ingredients...
Souma: Got it!

Kojirou: ...
Hinako: ---Shinomiya-senpai!
Kojirou: What is it, Hinako?
Hinako: Putting "Restaurant" and "Tadokoro" together //she's actually playing with what I pointed out last chapter, she actually says 'Putting the "dokoro" of restaurant (shokujidokoro) and the "dokoro" of Tadokoro together'
Hinako: Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it...!
Kojirou: Tie her again and put her somewhere far away from here.
Hinako: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Megumi(thinks): "Let's win against Chef Shinomiya"...If I get worked up like that I'll just get more nervous,
Megumi(thinks): I must concentrate on my own dish.

Megumi(thinks): Because right now...
Megumi(thinks): I'm a chef!
Megumi's sd: Ah!
Megumi(thinks): Oh no!! I forgot to tell Souma-kun...!
Megumi(thinks): If he doesn't scrap the shoulder meat first the cooking process will...
Souma: I'm done cutting the meat.
Souma: I took away all of the strings too.

Souma: Next...Which should I do first? The chicken liver or the pork back fat?
Megumi: E-Ermm...Start with the liver.
Souma: Ok.
Alumni: ...!
Megumi: Souma-kun! I'll bake this in a covered pan, is the mold ready yet...
Souma: It's ready! All that's left is to put the pate in.
Souma: By the way, the vegetable sauté will be done in 12 seconds!
Megumi: Th...Thanks!
Megumi(thinks): Wow...!

Megumi(thinks): Just when I need them
Souma: Is this roughness ok?
Megumi: Yes!
Megumi(thinks): The prepared ingredients come to me one after another...!!
Megumi(thinks): There's just one person supporting me
Megumi(thinks): But I feel like I'm moving
Megumi(thinks): Many times faster than when I'm cooking alone---
Fuyumi: What is that?
Hitoshi: Let's see...Yukihira Souma...
Donato: Hmm! That's unusual, to think he transferred on high school!
Donato(thinks): He's constantly predicting what she'll do
Donato(thinks): And supporting her while not slowing down his own work.
Hitoshi(thinks): Moreover, he never does anything unnecessary,
Hitoshi(thinks): He's being extremely careful of not getting in the way of Tadokoro Megumi.

Voice: His home is a special-of-the-day shop...It seems he trained there...
Voice: No, but...Those movements aren't that of someone that just helped with the family business.
Voice: No matter how you look at him
Voice: He's already surpassed the level of a student by far...!
Kojirou: ...
Gin: Now! Start with the finishing touches!!
Gin: The judgment will start soon!
Megumi: We'll start arranging the dish!
Souma: Yeah!!

Gin: The judgment will start with Shinomiya's dish.
Gin: Serve it.
Arrow: She slipped out
Hinako's sd: Haa----
Hinako: Hmm!? Where's mine?
Kojirou: There's none for you...Have Mizuhara share some with you.
Megumi(thinks): Food prepared by a Tootsuki alumnus...
Megumi's SFX: *gulp*
Megumi(thinks): Just what kind of amazing dish is it...?
Donato: This has me expectant.
Hitoshi: Yes...Hm?
Megumi: ....Eh?
Megumi(thinks): This is---

Voice: "Chou Farci"...?
Big Text: Chou Farci
Text: A dish native from the Auvergne region of France.
Asterisk: Chou is cabbage in French.
Text: It's a dish where you stuff cabbage leaves with minced meat or vegetables, you wrap it and then steam it.
Text: It's similar to the "Cabbage Rolls" cooked on the west.
Donato: This...Is somehow unexpected.
Hitoshi: This is a standard dish cooked frequently in French families.
Hinako: This was...A bit of a let-down.
Hinako: For the Shinomiya-senpai who always made showy dishes to make this.

Donato: Well then...
Donato: Oh...? The smell of the potherbs stimulates the appetite...
SFX: *munch*
SFX: *munch*

p12 //now, it had been a while since we last had this, Fuyumi is actually quite cute...
Fuyumi: ...
Fuyumi: Delicious...!
Fuyumi: Th...This stuffing...!
Fuyumi: It's not the roast pork and onions usually used for Chou Farci!
Fuyumi: It's native chicken breast meat farce! //farce means stuffing in French

Fuyumi: Inside the cut open breast meat
Fuyumi: You put morel and asparagus fragrantly fried with milk...And also foie gras.
Fuyumi: Furthermore, you make a smooth mousse-like mix of the breast meat, butter, eggs, and fresh cream and steam it...
Fuyumi: This mousse entwines with the tongue stickily...And in that instant, it gently melts
Fuyumi: And spreads around inside the mouth as a rich flavor!
Gin: And the most dreadful thing is the cabbage that wraps everything...
Text: Savoy Cabbage... It's a cabbage breed that has a strong grassy smell and that releases a fine quality sweetness when heated.
Text: "Blanchir", "Cuire à la vapeur"...The cabbage has been heated to the optimum point on both of this processes! //blanchir = blanch, cuire à la vapeur = steam (as in the cooking methods)
Text: And the delicate sweetness born from this raises the overall quality of the flavor...
Text: Just as if magic was casted on it.
Text: ---When Shinomiya graduated he went to France alone.
Text: After a few years of training he opened his own restaurant in Paris and became an owner chef...

Text: In contrast to the French cuisine that tends to overemphasize the use of meat
Text: Shinomiya's cuisine that brings new light to vegetables came as a shock for the gourmets all around the country!
Text: ...Eventually, the inhabitants of the gourmet food city started respectfully extolling the chef that came from Japan
Text: Like this
Text: "The Légumes Magician"--- //Légumes = Vegetables

Hinako: Mmmmmmm...!
Hinako(thinks): It's vexing...! It's vexing but it tastes so good...!!
Donato(thinks): He gave a new twist to a fairly standard dish with his keen sensitivity.
Hitoshi(thinks): This is boosted to a level where you could serve it on a high class restaurant...
Gin(thinks): The breast meat mousse that gently melts and the youthful sweetness of the cabbage that wraps it
Gin(thinks): Wrap up my mouth...And my whole body!
Gin(thinks): It's as if my tongue and body...Are brimming up with magic...!
Thought: This is...Magic!
Thought: Yes---
Thought: YES!

p16-17 //this seriously made me lol
Text: Magical (star) Cabbage
Logo: Magical Cabbage
Hinako: Satisfaction...
Kojirou: Hey, how was the flavor, Mizuhara?
Fuyumi: If it could erase my memories regarding Shinomiya it would've been perfect.
Kojirou: Hmm...That's a pity.
Gin: ---However that was unexpected, Shinomiya...

Gin: I was sure...
Gin: That we'd get to eat one of "SHINO'S" specialties.
Kojirou: Haha...
Kojirou: Your jokes aren't funny, Doujima-san...
Kojirou: My opponents are just students.
Kojirou: Did you think I'd be so merciless?
Hitoshi(thinks): He'd do it...
Donato(thinks): He'd defeat them so crushingly that they couldn't ever cook again...
Gin: ...
Gin(thinks): An up-and-coming chef that is fighting on his restaurant in one of the best districts of the battlefield of gourmet food, Paris.
Gin(thinks): He's thinking "It's impossible for me to lose against a couple of students.".

Gin(thinks): A very honest
Gin(thinks): Arrogance.
Gin(thinks): If there's an opening they can take advantage of, it is---
Megumi: Here,
Megumi: Please enjoy the meal...!
Cutlery: Tadokoro & SOMA's dish is...!? //fuck you and your damn sparkles tosh...I wanted to try to guess the dish... ¬¬
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 24/End

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on May 22, 2013
Nice :) though p14
ext: "The Lègumes Magician"--- //Lègumes = Vegetables
Be careful the accent above the "e" is in the other side -"é" pronounced like the first e in vegetables while the other è is pronounced like the last a in advantage^^
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on May 22, 2013
Thanks for pointing that out vince, can I take you as my French advisor for Soma? XD
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on May 23, 2013
Lol If you want, I notice the trio (counting the advisor) uses a lot of French based things XD Though I must say that chapter was pretty funny will all the clichés... especially page 10 :D
Btw thanks for the awesome translations each week (I'm still unable to fully understand the raw XD)
#4. by Eru13 ()
Posted on May 23, 2013
Yeah, almost all the dishes so far have been either Japanese, Italian, or French... I know a tiny bit of Italian so that helps a bit but I know next to nothing about French XD
And, did they mention anything that wasn't quite right on this chapter? I saw some Italians rant a bit when the Aldini brothers came in so I wouldn't be surprised XD

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