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Moero Seito Kaichou

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 24, 2013 03:46 | Go to

Reserved for Underdog Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Moero Seito Kaichou Oneshot

Text: The debut work of the expected newcomer who won of the "Oh Great!" Award! A new student council academy comedy.
Box: Everyone
Box: Has secrets.
Box: Maybe even the students of this academy
Box: Have incredible secrets---
Box: That goes
Box: For the student council president that looks serious at first sight
Box: And for the delinquent girl feared by everyone---
Oneshot "Moero Seito Kaichou" //Burn, student council president

Text: "Air Gear's" Oh Great!-sensei gave high praise to this newcomer author, it burns aiming to be serialized!! //the part about Oh Great! goes in yellow, "it burns" part goes in orange/yellow
Spiky Bubble: "Its taste is just what's in fad these days!"
Text: There's as much secrets as incidents! The student council president flares up!!
Moero Seito Kaichou
Oneshot 56P
His debut work is burning!!
Nyaururu //that's the author's name...

Star: Start reading from the color pages 2 pages ago! Oneshot "Moero Seito Kaichou"
Seiji: Many people harassing a single person,
Seiji: That's not exactly worth praise.
Girl: ...Huh!?
Girl: What the hell?
Seiji: I'm the student council president, Yuushiro Seiji!!
Box: Sakuragazaka High 2nd Year Yuushiro Seiji
Seiji: Bullying other students is strictly forbidden by the school regulations.
Seiji: Now! If you understood, then please stand back!!
Girl: ...Geez, it's the straight-laced prez, huh.
Girl: For your info, it's not like we're bullying her.

Girl: You too know Kasunagi Soyono from the 2nd year, right?
Box: Sakuragazaka High 2nd Year Kasunagi Soyono
Soyono: ...This is so stupid.
Girl: Just as we enrolled here, we heard rumors that she's the top delinquent in this academy.
Girl: If such a weak-looking girl can be the top here,
Girl: Then we were just asking her to let us 1st years to take her place as the top.
Girl: If you got it then go away.
Seiji: I can't do that.
Seiji: Fighting for the top with violence is too anachronistic,
Seiji: To begin with, it's not like Kasunagi did something to you gi---
Girl: Shuddup.
Seiji: Guhah

Girl: Stay out of it, glasses.
Seiji: Gofuh
Soyono: Kyah
Box: Kasunagi Soyono,
Box: A lone wolf that doesn't get along with others, she's always surrounded by bad people and always causes trouble,
Box: At least that's her reputation, but---...
Soyono: Hey!?
Soyono: Are you ok!?
Box: Recently, a dangerous rumor
Box: Concerning her has begun spreading,
Box: That is---
Girl: Enough,
Girl: We'll finish you both!!
Girl: Hohoho!
Girl: Eh!?

p6 //no dialog

Girls: ...
Girl: Kyaaaaaaah
Girl: Suddenly, fireeee, my clooooothes.
Box: This!!
Box: The delinquent girl, Kasunagi Soyono, has with her an incendiary device of sorts---
Box: And is setting fire on things inside the school, that's the rumor...!!
Box: The story goes back to yesterday in the student council room---
Voice: ...So---

Jun: Starting a few days ago,
Jun: The clothes of delinquents that have challenged Kasunagi Soyono to a fight have burned,
Box: Disciplinary Committee Chairman Setouchi Jun
Jun: A rubbish disposal chute beside her suddenly exploded,
Jun: And 2nd year Perii-kun who always sexually harassed girls during class...
Perii: Girls should open up to meeee.
Jun: His nipples suddenly erupted in flames.
Voice: He's Kasunagi's classmate, right?
Voice: That was horrible...
Jun: There's been already 7 fires around Kasunagi,
Jun: No matter how you think of it she must be the one causing them!!
Hitomi: Wait!!
Box: Newspaper Club President Satonaka Hitomi
Hitomi: I think it's wrong to doubt people without definite proof.
Guy: Satonaka-san...
Guy: No, but no matter how you see it...
Guy: It must be Kasunagi.
Guy: He's right!

Seiji: It can't be helped,
Seiji: I'll solve this problem.
Guy: Oh...!!
Girl: B...But, president...!!
Voice: She's right! There's no need for the president to...
Seiji: That's careless!
Seiji: Keeping the order in the academy so that the students can safely enjoy their youth,
Seiji: That is the reason for the student council to exist
Seiji: And my duty as its president!!
Voice: Where are you looking at, president!?
Seiji: I finished my work briefly,
Seiji: I leave the rest to you.
Voice: Oh!
Voice: As expected from the president!!
Girl: The president's sense of justice is amazing as always...
Guy: That's why everyone supports him.

Voice: With glasses of steel, he takes the student handbook as a code of law, he was made student council president in his second year.
Voice: The very picture of an elite, Yuushiro Seiji.
Voice: I've heard rumors that he could've gone to the top prep schools,
Voice: I actually want to ask him why he chose this school.
Seiji(thinks): That's a foolish question,
Seiji(thinks): Naturally, because the skirts are short.

Seiji(thinks): I didn't miss
Seiji(thinks): That the mysterious fires only burn clothes!!
Seiji(thinks): And I realized that if I investigated this incident, someday...
Seiji(thinks): I could come across this scene!!
Seiji(thinks): No! I will come across it, because I'm the student council president!
Seiji(thinks): It's my duty to watch over the students no matter how they look!!
Box: Sakuragazaka High Student Council President, Yuushiro Seiji.
Box: A wicked man that acts on the very limits of the law.

Seiji: The mysterious fires...
Seiji: The result was better than expected.
Seiji: Well then,
Seiji: Before I forget, I'll make the on-spot record...
Soyono: What is this handbook...?
Soyono: 2-B Suzuki Mitsuko, approximately D cup...? (cd: White lace...?)
Seiji: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooh
Seiji: Ka...Kasunagi!?
Soyono: Eek!?

Seiji(thinks): I inadvertently forgot because of that lucky event
Seiji(thinks): That I came to investigate her...!!
Seiji(thinks): Kasunagi Soyono...!!
Soyono: Wh...What is it...?
Soyono: Don't scare me.
Seiji(thinks): Of all people she had to get hold of the crystallization of my libido...!!
Soyono: I picked up a handbook with some weird things written on it, but---
Soyono: I wonder who's the owner...?
Seiji(thinks): Don't get interested on iiiiiiiiit.
Seiji(thinks): I...I have to do something to distract her...
Seiji: Uh
Seiji: Uwoooh
Soyono: !?

Seiji: More importantly, what was that fire turmoil just now?
Seiji: Was the story told in the student council real!?
Seiji: The rumor that says you're the serial arsonist!!
Soyono: Wha...!!?
Seiji(thinks): ...Wait,
Seiji(thinks): Why did I say it so bluntlyyyyyyyy?
Soyono: Do...
Soyono: Don't mess around with me!!

Soyono: What does that mean!?
Soyono: Why did you say that!!?
Seiji: It...It can't be helped,
Seiji: Just around you there's been 7 fires already!!
Seiji(thinks): Kuh...This isn't the moment to be quarrelling...
Soyono: I...I don't know about that.
Soyono: It can be...
Soyono: That I just happened to be there!!
Seiji(thinks): By any means, I must get back...
Soyono: ---
Soyono: Eh!?
Seiji(thinks): That handbook!!
Seiji(thinks): Fly like a hawk
Seiji(thinks): And aim for your prey---

Soyono: Oraah
Seiji: Guhah
Soyono: What are you doing!!?
Seiji: Yo...You were just standing there on a daze so I thought I should help you with your bag...
Soyono: That's none of your business!!
Seiji(thinks): She has less openings than expected!!
Seiji(thinks): At this rate, if she finds out about the handbook my fun school(peeping) life will be over!!
Seiji: I can't withdraw---

Seiji: Like this.
Seiji: Ooooooooh!
Seiji: Ah!!
Seiji: Wh-What the hell is this!?
Seiji: They're burning,
Seiji: My nipples are burniiiiing.
Soyono: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Jun: I heard a scream from the rooftop!!
Jun: Just what happened---?
Soyono: !!
Voice: The president is burning!!
Voice: The rumored Soyono is beside him!!
Soyono: N...No, this was...
Seiji: !
Seiji(thinks): It can't be, this will lead to...
Jun: Kasunagi Soyono!! You really were the arsonist, huh.
Seiji(thinks): As I thought!!

Jun: Even if you're a delinquent, this has gone too far!!
Jun: Surrender yourself peacefully!!
Soyono: N...No.
Seiji(thinks): She's obstinately negating it,
Seiji(thinks): But no matter how you see it, she must be involved with the fire...
Seiji(thinks): If we can take her to the student council room like this
Seiji(thinks): I can get the handbook back safely...
Hitomi: However, how did you cause the fire?
Hitomi: I can't see anything that might have caused it...
Jun: She must be hiding it with her hands!!
Jun: He...Hey...
Jun: Isn't that handbook suspicious!?
Seiji(thinks): Eh!

Seiji(thinks): I...If they find out about that...!!
Soyono: I'm telling you I just picked this up---
Jun: You insist it isn't yours,
Jun: That's even more suspicious.
Seiji: !!
Seiji: Stooooooooop!
Seiji: I noticed while talking with her!
Seiji: Kasunagi isn't the culprit!!
Seiji: Any more than this will be violation of privacy!!
Jun: Eh...?
Guy: Pre...

Guy: President...?
Seiji(thinks): Now that Kasunagi has seen the contents of that handbook saying "That handbook is mine." is too dangerous!!
Seiji(thinks): However, if she hands it to the student council, they'll definitely find out it's mine from the handwriting!!
Jun: I don't know what you talked about,
Jun: But you're saying you believe what this school's strongest delinquent says!?
Seiji: I...If the title is so important
Seiji: Then I'll put my position as the president on line,
Seiji: Please believe in her.
Soyono: ...!!

Guy: S...Such vigor...!!
Guy: Even though she's a delinquent, he went that far for a single student...!!
Guy: As expected from the president...!!
Voice: So cool!!
Voice: Of course,
Voice: We believe you!!
Voice: So...
Voice: So chivalrous...!!
Seiji(thinks): Alright! I somehow pulled through this!!
Soyono: ...
Hitomi: Bu-But president,
Hitomi: How do you explain that?
Seiji: What, Satonaka-kun...?
Hitomi: This time, there's fire behind the entrance.
Seiji: Huh!?

Seiji: Good grief, these incidents happen
Seiji: One after the oth---
Seiji: What!?
Seiji: Wh...Who put these things here---?

Hitomi: ...!?
Hitomi: Presideeeent!!
Seiji(thinks): To think there would be a gas explosion...!!
Seiji(thinks): This really is no coincidence, someone must be causing these fires and explosions.
Seiji(thinks): But, just who!?
Seiji(thinks): Is it really her!?
Seiji(thinks): No, that explosion just now was somehow different to the flames before...
Seiji(thinks): Those flames had a more unbelievable feeling...
Seiji(thinks): I mean,
Seiji(thinks): Am I---
Seiji(thinks): Going to die?

Seiji(thinks): Ka...
Seiji(thinks): Kasunagi...!?

Seiji(thinks): !?

Soyono: Haa
Soyono: Haa
Seiji: You saved me...?
Seiji: Thanks...
Seiji: But...
Seiji: May I ask you something?
Seiji: When you saved me, fire came out from your hand, right?
Seiji: And it looked to me like you made that explode...
Soyono: It's like a condition,
Soyono: I've had it for a long time...
Seiji: Condition...?

Soyono: Whenever I get excited or agitated fires just burst up all over the place...
Seiji: Wh...Whaaaaat!?
Seiji(thinks): Wait,
Seiji(thinks): That means---
Seiji(thinks): You really were the arsonist!?
Soyono: Th-
Soyono: ...That is...
Seiji(thinks): So it really is like that.
Seiji: Didn't you say you were innocent when I cornered you before!!?
Soyono: Bu...But, it's not like I cause all of the fires,
Soyono: At most I caused three.
Seiji: That much is enough!!
Voice: President!!
Seiji: !?

Seiji: Fo...For now, come here!!
Soyono: Eh...
Guy: There's traces of them falling here.
Guy: But the president isn't here!!
Guy: No way!!
Guy: Then Kasunagi really did something to him...!!
Seiji(thinks): It would be terrible if they found me now.
Seiji(thinks): If they made her the real culprit then my position as the president will be in danger.
Seiji: Then I'll put my position as the president on line!!
Seiji: I shouldn't have said unnecessary things...
Soyono: !
Soyono: ...
Soyono: As I thought,

Soyono: You're regretting
Soyono: That you covered up for me...?
Seiji: Eh?
Soyono: I mean, it can't be helped!
Soyono: I...
Soyono: I didn't really want to be born with this condition...
Soyono: With this...
Soyono: Messed up condition...

Soyono: I always made mama worry,
Soyono: Every time my identity was revealed we had to move.
Soyono: There were no specialists we could rely on
Soyono: So before I could control it to some degree I couldn't really go to school.
Soyono: That's why,
Soyono: I at least wanted to go to high school normally.
Soyono: But, I thought it would be dangerous to get to close with others
Soyono: And just because I kept my distance everyone started mistaking me for a delinquent.
Soyono: Everyone looks at me like they're looking at a beast,
Soyono: To make it worse...I'm being treated as the culprit of fires I didn't caused.

Soyono: Even though...
Soyono: I just want to live a normal school life...
Seiji: ...
Seiji(thinks): Seriously...
Seiji(thinks): If the whole school found out what kind of unbelievable person she is, it will become a ruckus much bigger than just losing my position.
Seiji(thinks): My school(peeping) life will end.
Seiji(thinks): Our daily lives would become a mess with the swarms of people, mass media, and government agencies.
Seiji(thinks): But she...
Seiji(thinks): Was prepared to take the risk and saved me.

Seiji: First, let me correct your misunderstanding.
Seiji: You were saying I was regretting this and so on...
Seiji: On that moment, covering up for you was my best choice.
Seiji: That's why, I don't regret it.
Soyono: Yo...You...
Seiji(thinks): This isn't wrong...
Seiji(thinks): If they find out about the handbook I'm done for...
Seiji: For the time being, let's hush up this arson incident.
Seiji: I'll help you do it.
Soyono: !?

Soyono: Bu.But, I'm causing troubles for everyone...
Seiji: It's your condition, right?
Seiji: Isn't that like a cold?
Seiji: It's not like you did an evil deed beyond help.
Seiji: Giving troublemakers a chance for recovery is the president's job.
Seiji: I'm not incompetent enough
Seiji: To abandon you just for this.
Soyono: ---
Soyono: Wh...
Soyono: Why are you trying to act cool...?
Soyono: Idiot...
Seiji: Hmph,
Seiji: Well, with that said...

Seiji: Let's start with our plan immediately.
Soyono: Eh!
Seiji: Will you use your authority as the president or something?
SFX: beep
SFX: beep
Seiji: Hmph...There's a smarter way than that,
Seiji: Well, don't worry.
Seiji: I'll show you that
Seiji: Deceiving people
Seiji: And covert actions are something no one's better than me...
Soyono: ...?
Box: That night---

Sign: 2-A
Box: 22:40
Girl: Fufufu.
Girl: "Arsonist, Kasunagi Soyono,
Girl: Her crimes finally escalate so far that she sets her desk on fire."
Girl: ...I'll write that in my article.
Girl: She should come in 10 minutes, if I get the timing right...
Seiji: Sorry,

Seiji: But Kasunagi won't come.
Seiji: Newspaper club president,
Seiji: Satonaka Hitomi.
Hitomi: !?
Seiji: To think you were the arsonist...
Hitomi: President...!?

Hitomi: Yo-You're wrong, this is...
Hitomi: To begin with, why are you here!?
Seiji: Why?
Seiji: That's simple.
Hitomi: ...!!
Seiji: You checked the school's SNS and came. //Social networking service
Seiji: "Kasunagi Soyono appears frequently at school late at night."
 ■Back to the BBS  ■ All from 1-
1. Anonymous@Sakuraga //the rest is cut
It seems that recently, at 11 P.M., the delinquent, Kasunagi Soyono, is appearing inside the school
2. Anonymous@Sakuraga
3. Anonymous@Sakuraga
Seiji: Without knowing that it was bait to lure the real culprit.
Hitomi: Ba-Bait!? And, real culprit...
Seiji: It isn't something that great,
Seiji: I just thought that under no circumstances would that many fires happen normally just around Kasunagi in the last month,
Seiji: So I tried making a hypothesis.

Seiji: (1) Kasunagi made a situation in which she would be under suspicion by herself. (cd: Then she would be too big of an idiot.)
Soyono's sd: Hyahah
Seiji: (2) There's actually another culprit,
Seiji: And he, trying to frame Kasunagi, is causing fires wherever she goes.
Culprit's sd: Kekekekeh
Seiji: I thought (2) had a higher probability.
Seiji: If I put false information about her actions on the SNS
Seiji: I thought the person who's trying to frame her would make a move...
Seiji: To think you fell for the trap so easily.
Hitomi: ...!!
Seiji: I have already filmed you perfectly so no excuses will work,
Seiji: This afternoon's gas explosion and now this, it's too dangerous.
Seiji: To begin with what's your motive? Do you hate her for something?

Seiji: Answer me, Satonaka-kun!!
Hitomi: ...
Hitomi: Haha...
Hitomi: President, you really are amazing.
Hitomi: I thought that if I, being the newspaper club president, with my data, got the credit for capturing the arsonist
Hitomi: The all-serious president would turn around to see me.
Seiji: Ye...Yes?
Hitomi: Don't you understand?
Hitomi: I love you, president.
Seiji(thinks): What!?

Seiji: Wh-What are you trying so suddenly!?
Seiji: Doing that won't get you forgiven!!
Hitomi: I don't want forgiveness,
Hitomi: In exchange...
Hitomi: I want the president to judge me with his own hands <3
Seiji(thinks): She can't be helped.
Seiji(thinks): I'll punish her directly with my punishment pole...
Box: *She was hidden.
Soyono: What are you trying to do!?
Soyono: You perv!!
Soyono: I feel like an idiot for thinking you were a bit cool!!
Hitomi: Kasunagi Soyono...!!

Soyono: And you!!
Soyono: How dare you frame me?
Hitomi: You really...
Hitomi: Are the problem.
Soyono: Eh?
Hitomi: Even though you were just the means for me to get close to the president,
Hitomi: When I noticed you already were leading him by the nose...
Soyono: Wha-!
Soyono: I...I'm not really leading him by the nose...
Seiji: He...Hey, why are you getting red...?
Soyono: Shut up!!
Seiji: Gahah!
Soyono: Don't just watch carelessly, you idiot!
Seiji: Not the neck, not the neck!!
Hitomi: ...Enough already.
Soyono: Yes?

Hitomi: If I am to watch the president flirt with other women...
Hitomi: I'll kill you and then I'll die...
Seiji(thinks): She was a dangerous woman...!! (cd: It's a bit too late for that though!!)

Seiji: Yo...You can control fire, right!?
Seiji: Do something quick!!
Soyono: I don't want to!
Soyono: I don't want people find out about my condition!!
Soyono: What happened to the sprinklers!?
Seiji: The security system would be in the way of luring the culprit so I cut off the power supply!!
Soyono: You idiot.
Seiji: Nuoooh
Soyono: Kyaaah!!
Hitomi: It's not too late.
Seiji: ...!?

Hitomi: Throw her away and go out with me.
Soyono: I'm telling you I'm not his girlfr---
Seiji: Then what will happen to her.
Hitomi: She's in the way of our romance
Hitomi: So I'll get her expelled as the arsonist.
Seiji: ...As the student council president I can’t expel innocent students,
Seiji: But...
Seiji: If you'll raise the suspicions about her
Seiji: I'll go out with you.
Soyono: Hey!?

Soyono: What are you saying!?
Seiji: You be quiet.
Soyono: I don't want to!!
Seiji: We have proof so if we can get out of this situation it'll all be fine.
Soyono: Bu-But!
Hitomi: ...
Hitomi: This doesn't feel quite right,
Hitomi: But oh well.
Seiji: Ye...Yeah...
Soyono: ...
Hitomi: Then, without delay,
Hitomi: The kiss of our vow.
Soyono: !!
Seiji(thinks): If she calms down with this, this ruckus will end.
Seiji(thinks): For the time being, it's my first kiss, but...
Seiji(thinks): Well, I did say I'd save Kasunagi.
Seiji(thinks): And with all said and done, a girl's lips aren't bad at all...Or they shouldn't be...

Hitomi: You...
Hitomi: I won't forgive you anymore!

Seiji(thinks): She...
Seiji(thinks): Used her ability in front of other people!!
Hitomi: Ky...
Hitomi: Kyaaah!?

Soyono: That's...
Soyono: Enough!!

Box: Next day.
Seiji: So,
Seiji: The real culprit of the series of fires is Satonaka-kun.
Hitomi: Good morning<3
Chairman: ...It's not...
Chairman: "Good morning" you shitty granddaughter.
Box: Board Chairman Satonaka Genjirou
Hitomi: I'm sorry grandpa... (cd: Guhah) //she calls him Ojii-chama XDDDD

Chairman: I'm really sorry for what she did, Kasunagi-kun!!
Chairman: You not only got treated as an arsonist but my granddaughter got you severely injured!!
Soyono: N-No...
Soyono: It's nothing that serious...
Box: Other culprit
Box: She's acting like she's injured so that they don't find out about her condition.
Hitomi: That's right!!
Hitomi: I was actually the one that got hurt...
Box: Contusions, 2 weeks until complete recovery.
Box: +1 week
Chairman: I'll take this chance to reeducate that idiot---
Seiji: ...
Chairman: I...Is there something I can do for you as the chairman!?
Seiji: Well, your granddaughter accepted her sins,
Seiji: So try to end this as quietly as possible.
Hitomi: You'll cover up for me, president!?
Seiji: No.

Hitomi: I'm so happy!!
Seiji: Listen to me.
Soyono: Hey!!
Soyono: Wh...Why are you getting over-familiar with him!!?
Hitomi: Well, I've already confessed,
Hitomi: All that's left is to attack and attack<3
Hitomi: Well...We're both in the student council and I'm planning to deepen our relationship from now on.
Hitomi: That's why,
Hitomi: I'd like the outsider to keep quiet.
Soyono: Outsider...
Soyono: ...Chairman, you just said I could ask for anything, right?
Chairman: Ye-Yes...As long as it's something possible with my authority...
Soyono: Then, recommend me for the student council.
Both: Huuuh!?
Seiji: Hey, hey, what are you saying...?
Hitomi: That's right!! Why are you getting so serious for!!?
Hitomi: You're planning to get in the way of my love with the president as revenge for me framing you!?
Soyono: N...Not really, I...
Hitomi: If you enter the student council half-heartedly we'll be troubled!!
Soyono: I'm telling you...

Soyono: I...I...
Soyono: I too
Soyono: Am in love
Soyono: With the president!!

Seiji: Ermm...
Seiji: That just now...
Soyono: Noooo!!
Soyono: I-I meant I love...
Soyono: I love the student council!!
Seiji: Pe...Perhaps that was...
Seiji: Waaaaaaaaaah
Chairman: Di...Did you do something again, granddaughter!!?
Hitomi: I didn't!!
Hitomi: Kyah, what to do? Honey will die!!
Soyono: Who's your honey?
Seiji: Gyaaah
Box: Come to think of it, I haven't got the handbook back---
Box: That's what Yuushiro thought as his consciousness faded.
Text: Their school life trying to keep their secrets will continue!! Please root for the author! The End

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