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Soutaisei Moteron 3

The Advisor is Decided!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 27, 2013 04:28 | Go to Soutaisei Moteron

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Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Soutaisei Moteron 3

Text: It was supposed the be the (Temporary) club to become popular but...?
Kazuya: Listen, I'll write down the (Temporary) club's results so far.
Chapter 3 The advisor is decided!?
*(Temporary) Club's Results
Helping Itou-san
Making Katsura-san go to heaven
Month (circle) Day X
Soutaisei Moteron
The Special Relativity of Mote
Original Work: Tsukiji Toshihiko
Art: Maeda Risou

Hiroko: There's only two!
Hiroko: We can't go on like this!
Hiroko: Itou-san went there with the prez //"there" is written as "yuri"
Hiroko: And Katsura-san went there together with her memories. //"there" is written as "the other world"

Daigo: That's not being popular in any way.
Hiroko: We only helped people.
Kazuya: We're not a helping people club! Don't joke with me!!
Hiroko: The Mote Club is much more of a joke to me... //remember that "Mote" is like being popular and such
Daigo: Come to think of it,

Daigo: It seems that the number of couples breaking up is rising in our school,
Daigo: This is our chance.
Kazuya: It's our chance but we have no results.
Kazuya: Our female students must be blind,
Kazuya: It's odd that they can't feel the dandyism that I exude.
Hiroko: Where's that dandyism?
Hiroko: I'm the only girl here, you should be grateful,
Hiroko: If you asked any other girl she'd make fun of you.
Hiroko: Kazuya is always made fun of so I shouldn't worry, though.
Kazuya: Shuddup!

Kazuya: High school girls really are no good, right now, I'd like an experienced person to show us the know-how,
Kazuya: How about a female teacher?
Hiroko: Come to think of it we don't have an advisor.
Kazuya: Right?...That's why we better make a teacher our accomplice...I mean our comrade.
Hiroko: Didn't you just say accomplice?
Daigo: That makes you think we're doing something shady.
Kazuya: That's why we should go search for a super popular teacher---...

All: ...!?
Man: Eh? What's up with you guys?
Kazuya: Uwah, who's that!?
Hiroko: He's our homeroom teacher, Takahashi-sensei!

Kazuya: He looks like he's even less popular than me.
Daigo: There's no way to be less popular than Kazuya.
Kazuya: Do you hate me?
Takahashi: Wasn't this an empty room?
Kazuya: It says (Temporary) club.
Takahashi: Eh, That was a club's name!?
Daigo: That's right.
Hiroko: What did you want here?
Takahashi: No...
Takahashi: Aah...

Takahashi: I thought there was no people here...
Kazuya: We're looking for an advisor right now,
Kazuya: We're also looking for someone to teach us the know-how to become popular.
Takahashi's sd: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Takahashi: Nah, if there's people here then it's ok,
Takahashi: See ya.
Takahashi: Where can I leave it.
Kazuya: That surprised me.
Hiroko: ?

Kazuya: I was this close to become intimate with a male teacher.
Hiroko: Why isn't it about the know-how but about becoming intimate!?
Daigo: You were almost there.
Hiroko: No, he wasn't!
Daigo: But, is it ok to ask a teacher about how to become popular?
Hiroko: Ah...Okada-sensei might actually listen to us...
Kazuya: ...?
Kazuya: Who's Okada-sensei?...
Hiroko: The nurse, she's popular with the girls, she's friendly and easy to talk to.
Hiroko: They say she was super popular in her student days.

Kazuya: Alright, I'll have her date me.
Hiroko: You'll date!?
Kazuya: No, I'll have her give us the know-how for becoming popular!
Hiroko: ...
Hiroko: Even so, isn't it too sudden?
Kazuya: I love being quick, you can't be careless in the internet era.
Hiroko: Is the internet related?
Daigo: That's an original theory.
Kazuya: Speed is justice, fast dogs are better, right? The same applies for humans.
Hiroko: Why dogs?
All: Excuse u...
Sign: Infirmary

Okada: I got rejected!!
Thought: Eeeh!!?
Kazuya: There was someone faster.
Daigo: The internet era is amazing.
Hiroko: We skipped to much things! (cd: And the internet is unrelated!)

Kazuya: Umm...Sensei.
Okada: *sob*...
Okada: I got rejected, I got rejected, I got rejected!!
Kazuya: Sensei...We have something to tell you.

Okada: I got rejected four times this week!
Okada: This isn't the time to be listening to what students say!!
Daigo: She's easy to talk to?
Hiroko: ...
Hiroko: She really is popular.
Kazuya: Sensei, just what happened? Please lift your breasts.
Okada: ...?
Hiroko: What are you saying!? (cd: Why her breasts!?)
Okada: Just as you see I'm heartbroken, hearbroken.
Kazuya: Heartbreak...

Okada: You're the (Temporary) club, right?
Kazuya: Oh! We're famous now.
Okada: I've heard rumors that you stay in the prefab hut and are the source of the increasing number of headaches of the student council president.
Okada: It's the end for me now that a club with a weird name is pitying me.
Okada: It's like choosing between hanging myself or going to the gallows.
Hiroko: They're both the same thing.
Kazuya: ...
Daigo: It doesn't seem she'll give us the know-how.
Hiroko: Umm...Was sensei the one that confessed?

Okada: That's right, I wasn't called Natsukusa High's confession machine for nothing.
Okada: Naturally, I confess immediately if I like someone.
Kazuya: It's like a game.
Daigo: Isn't she all fine now?
Hiroko: Why were you rejected? You're really popular.
Okada: That's rude, I'm a confession machine and a pro at heartbreaks,
Okada: Don't you think that getting rejected four times in a week deserves a national honor award?
Daigo: She's become shameless.
Hiroko: I wonder if she was really crying.
Okada: Even though, all the girls in this school only come to me to ask what to do with their boyfriends.
Okada: Is being in heat like a dog something to be so proud of?
Okada: I got mad so I advised them in a way that would make them get rejected.

Daigo: She's talking about dogs too.
Hiroko: So the reason of the rise in the number of couples breaking up is this.
Kazuya: What kind of person rejected you?
Okada: ...
Okada: "What kind", well...
Okada: Yes...
Okada: I first met him one week ago...

Okada: He had round cute eyes and was honest...
Okada: His body possessed both intrepidness and cuteness.
Okada: ...I
Okada: Fell in love at first sight...
Kazuya: She started saying something.
Hiroko: She was this weird?
Daigo: Is she really popular with the girls?
Okada: I confessed immediately...
Okada: We'd live together...And definitely be happy...But...
Okada: But...

Okada: I got rejected!
Okada's sd: Uwaaaaah
Daigo: She talks, she cries, what a busy person.
Kazuya: She's really bothersome...
Hiroko: In the end, who's the other person?
Okada: That is...
Okada: Too embarrassing to say...I still plan to confess once more...
Kazuya: Then, we'll help sensei's confession to succeed.
Hiroko: Eh?

Kazuya: If we make Okada-sensei's confession a success, the teachers will recognize the (Temporary) club.
Kazuya: ---Then, we'll get the know-how and become ultra popular.
Daigo: Your logic has some leaps on it.
Hiroko: Kazuya's logic is always like this.
Okada: I'm glad you'll help me but what will you do?
Kazuya: We only have to get someone to dress like that person and help you practice.
Okada: In other words?
Kazuya: In other words...
Kazuya: Hiroko will dress as a man.

Kazuya: Why do I have to disguise!?
Hiroko: Because it's always me.
Daigo: Didn't you say you wanted to date Okada-sensei?
Kazuya: With this I'm just her practice partner!
Hiroko: Didn't you say so?
Daigo: By the way, I prepared the costumes.
Kazuya: You really have everything.
Kazuya's sd: It can't be helped...
Kazuya: ---...So,
Kazuya: How does he look like?
Okada: Ermm...His color is white.
Hiroko?: White clothes, I guess.

Daigo: Here!
Kazuya: Yeah.
Okada: His hair is messy.
Kazuya: Messy, huh.
Okada: He's always thirsty.
Kazuya: Thirsty.
Circle: Thermo
Okada: He sometimes howls.
Kazuya: How...
Kazuya: ...Eh?
Kazuya: ---...Wait
Kazuya: It's a big mess!!
Arrow: He posed for the time being
Daigo: How weird, my selection was perfect.
Hiroko: It actually looks good on him.
Kazuya: I'm going to hit you.

Okada: This isn't quite it.
Kazuya: You can tell with a glance.
Okada: He isn't a strange being.
Daigo: Kazuya, she's telling you.
Kazuya: You gave this to me!
Hiroko: Doesn't he have any special features? Like how he acts.
Okada: How he acts...
Okada: Come to think, he sits flat on the floor.
Okada: He sometimes shows his stomach.

Okada: And while flapping his legs
Okada: He waves his tail.
Kazuya: Wait a second! This is a dog!
Daigo: Everything ends with dogs today.
Hiroko: No way, Kazuya as a dog is cute <3
Hiroko: Let me pat you <3 Let me pat you <3
SFX: *pat pat*
Hiroko's sd: Fufu<3
Kazuya: I'm not a dog!
Hiroko: Do you have a collar and a lead?
Daigo: Of course.
Kazuya: Why do you have them!?

Kazuya: I'm telling you this isn't it! Sensei, why do I look like a dog!?
Kazuya's sd: Woof Woooof
Daigo's sd: What kind of play is this?
Okada: Eh...I mean...
Kazuya: Can't you teach us something more normal?
Okada: ...
Daigo: Sensei's still shocked from being rejected,
Daigo: It's natural that she can't say normal things.
Hiroko: Kazuya is the one who doesn't say normal things.
Kazuya's sd: Grr
Kazuya: Shut up, you're the one treating me like a dog.
Okada: Is this practice?

Kazuya: Even if I turned like this we did what you told us to do.
Daigo: As a result, you're a dog.
Kazuya: Silence.
Daigo: Sensei, confess to Kazuya.
Hiroko: Like this!?
Okada: ...
Okada: Hey...You like me right?
Hiroko: Does confessing to a dog count as practice?
Kazuya: Woof!
Kazuya: Woof!
Hiroko: He's getting used to it!
Daigo: If he had a tail he'd be waving it.

Kazuya: Come to think of it, where's the person that rejected you?
Okada: I told you, it's embarrassing,
Okada: Even just the place.
Okada: ...
Okada: Umm, actually, at school...
Kazuya: School, huh...

Kazuya: Maybe...
Daigo: The dog spoke.
Kazuya: Shut up, I got it.
Hiroko: What did you get?
Kazuya: Don't you get it? The person she confessed to wears white clothes, has messy hair,
Kazuya: And is thirsty all the time.
Hiroko?: Ah...
Kazuya: Sensei, you plan on confessing once more, right?
Okada: Ye....Yes...If possible.
Kazuya: Alright,
Kazuya: Let's go confess right now.
Hiroko?: Eeh!?

Sign: Preparation Room
Takahashi: Okada-sensei?
Okada: Takahashi-sensei...
Daigo: So it really was Takahashi-sensei.
Kazuya: The person Okada-sensei likes...
Kazuya: Wears a lab coat, his hair is messy,
Kazuya: And he's always drinking something.
Kazuya: There's only one person who fulfills this conditions

Hiroko: Shh!
Kazuya: !
Okada: I'm sorry...Umm...I just couldn't give up...
Okada: The students told me to be brave and I came to ask you again.
Okada: Sensei,
Okada: I---...
Takahashi: Thanks.
Okada: !
Takahashi: I really understand what Okada-senei is saying, you're sincere and serious about this.
Takahashi: I think being by your side would be full of happiness...

Okada: Then...
Hiroko's sd: She did it!
Takahashi: No.
Okada: Eh...
Thought: !!?
Takahashi: No matter how many times you try, no is no.
Okada: No way...

Okada: Uuh...
Okada: Uh...
Kazuya: Eeh, why!?
Okada's sd: Waaan
Takahashi: Uwah!?
Kazuya: Say what you like but isn't this too cruel!?
Hiroko: She tried this hard!
Daigo: It was too much, even for me.

Takahashi: Wait, wait, what's up with you guys?
Hiroko: You're the worst, to think you'd reject Okada-sensei so many times...!
Takahashi: Aren't you misunderstanding something?
All: Huh?
Takahashi: Okada-sensei didn't confess to me,
Takahashi: Sensei's aim is...
All: Dogs!?

Takahashi: I picked them up on my way here the other day.
Takahashi: I was searching for someone to look after them at school.
All: ...
Okada: I told you they were dogs, their hair is messy and they get thirsty quickly.
Hiroko: I never thought they would really be dogs!
Daigo: Can you actually bring them to school?
Takahashi: I can't exactly leave them alone, I've already found people to take them in.
Takahashi: But Okada-sensei just wouldn't give up.

Okada: Aah, geez...It's so cute<3 I want it!
sds: Haa //pant
Okada: Hey, you like me, right?
Okada: ...
Okada: Five times...

Okada: I got rejected, I got rejected, I got rejected!!
sd: Uwaaah
Okada: It's the (Temporary) club's fault that I got rejected a fifth time!!
Kazuya: It's our fault?
Daigo: If the other party were dogs...
Hiroko: I think we have part of a part of responsibility.
Okada: It's no good, it's no good at all!
Okada: This is why youngsters these days...
Okada: Alright,
Okada: I'll become your advisor and teach you what being popular really is!

Kazuya: You're contradicting yourself, we don't need the know-how from someone that got rejected.
Okada: I'll get popular from now on too! Maybe...No, surely!
Okada: The (Temporary) club's popular story with their beautiful advisor begins!!
All: ...
All's sd: Eeh...
Text: They got a beautiful advisor that will(?) become popular!!

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