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Shokugeki no Souma 25

Those Remnants

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 29, 2013 20:22 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Also, remember I want this translation to be only in mangahelpers, thanks.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 25
//Remember I have a blog with more detailed Soma spoilers for those who just want to know more.

Hinako: I should say...As expected from Shinomiya-senpai.
Hinako's sd: Huff~~~
Gin: Yes...No wonder he's called the Légumes Magician.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Gin: Alright...Yukihira! It's time for you to serve your dish.
(cutlery) 25 Those Remnants //alt. That Shadow, Those Traces
Souma: Yeah.
Star: The newest JC volume 2, which will be on sale tomorrow (June 4th, Tuesday), is full with SOMA recipes that you can easily make!! //There's some videos of a guy who's actually tried to make some of volume 1's recipes
Cutlery: The time for judgment has come...!! What will be the result!?
Megumi(thinks): Fi...Finally,
Megumi(thinks): Our dish will be judged...
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Souma: Let's go, Tadokoro...!
Souma: Tadokoro---?

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Megumi(thinks): This is a dish I made with all my might...
SFX: Gulp...
Megumi(thinks): To think that having someone evaluate it would be this-
Megumi(thinks): This scary---
Megumi(thinks): What will they say?
Megumi(thinks): Auuh...What if they say it's bad...?
Megumi(thinks): Even though Souma-kun helped me too.
Megumi(thinks): Awawawawawah
//Hey Souma, don't take advantage of the situation ¬¬
Text: It's ok,
Text: Go...

Megumi: He-Here you go,
Megumi: Please enjoy the meal...!
Gin: Hm.
Donato: Oh!
Hitoshi: This is---

Hinako: A Terrine!!
Hinako: It's the dish which made Shinomiya-senpai fail Megumi-chan!
Megumi: This dish uses seven varieties of vegetables...It's a ra...
Megumi: "Rainbow Terrine"...!
Kojirou: Hmm...Interesting---
Kojirou: So you want to nitpick
Kojirou: At my recette, the "Nine Vegetable Terrine"?
Megumi: No...Umm, I-I-I...
Megumi: I just wanted you to see...How my recette is.

Hitoshi: Hmm...There's seven different pâté, each with a different color...Just like a rainbow, you made them as stripes...
Voice: Well...Let's see what you've got.
Voice: Yes.
Megumi: ...
Teacher: You get an "E".

Teacher: You're slow.
Teacher: Not only the aroma is lost on when preparing the ingredients
Teacher: But the flame you used for the preheating was too high.
Teacher: You got an E last time too, right?
Teacher: At this rate...
Girl: How could she submit such an incomplete dish?
Guy: Why is someone like her here?
Guy: The school's pride will be lost...
Voice: Go back to the countryside.

Megumi: ...

All: It's delicious!!!
Megumi: !!
Hitoshi: You made seven colored layers of pâté using potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and other vegetables
Hitoshi: And the vegetable of each layer is cooked in a way that livens its flavor.
Hitoshi: I'm amazed you could do all these in such a small amount of time...

Voice: There's two sauces...A bittersweet sudachi gelée //sudachi is a japanese citrus, gelée = jelly
Voice: And a refreshing green herb sauce
Voice: Which is a paste made from various herbs with perilla as the main ingredient!
Donato: Hmm...! To think you'd make us eat Terrine with sudachi and perilla,
Donato: That's an interesting idea!
Hinako: Mmmmmmm!
Hinako: The combination of the fragrant sauté zucchini and the herb sauce...Is superbly refreshing!!
Fuyumi: Sudachi and the somewhat sweet tomatoes...Also go well...
Donato: I see! By combining the seven layers of pâté and the two different sauces...You can enjoy fourteen different flavors!
Donato: It's exciting how it makes you want to try different patterns.
Hitoshi: Yes...To think this bright colorful stripes aren't only pleasant to the eye
Hitoshi: But they also have an effect on the taste!!

Gin: Oh...These cherry tomatoes,
Gin: They're "dried tomatoes", right...Tadokoro-kun?
Megumi: Ye...Yes!
Megumi: In my hometown, a lot of snow falls on winter.
Megumi: So we make all of the vegetables we harvested on summer into preserved foods so that we can eat them on winter.
Megumi: We dry them under the sun...
Megumi: When I was helping out with that...
Megumi: My mom...My Mother taught me how to do it on an oven.
Megumi: You sprinkle tomatoes cut in half with rock salt and dry them carefully in an oven heated to 120°C.
Megumi: They become sweeter and taste really good.
Megumi: I thought they could become a good accent for the Terrine...
Gin: Yes...Tomatoes contain one of the key substances of deliciousness, glutamic acid.
Gin: By drying them, that deliciousness condensates and the sweetness you feel with your tongue is increased greatly.

Gin: Shinomiya's "Nine Vegetable Terrine"
Gin: Is a dish where you can enjoy the flavor of fresh vegetables,
Gin: But this recette has the goodness born in preserved food with time...
Gin: All while being another "Vegetable Terrine".
Text: The good flavor of freshness and
Text: Deliciousness born from curing.
Text: They are totally opposite approaches towards vegetables!!
Kojirou: ...
Hinako: The taste permeates into your heart...
Hinako: It's as if Megumi-chan's kindness overflows to you.
Donato: Ah...If Shinomiya-san is the "Légumes Magician"
Donato: Then Megumi-chan---
Donato: Modestly bestows on you the blessings of nature... //"Blessings" is "megumi" and usually it would be written 恵み but, here they write it just with the kanji 恵 which is how Megumi's name is written, this applies for all of the following examples

Donato: She's the "Légumes Koro-pok-kuru"---! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koro-pok-guru
Hinako: No, that's wrong!
Hinako: Megumi-chan brings me happiness and good luck...
Hinako: She's the "Légumes Zashiki-warashi"! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zashiki-warashi

Hitoshi: Or...She could have come from a snowy land to bring us the blessings of vegetables,
Hitoshi: A "Légumes Snow Child"!!! //Snow fairies that appear in the shape of children. They are sometimes said to be the children of Yuki-onna
//these three images are so cute and sweet and (add other adjectives like that here) that I almost died of diabetes...

Hinako: It's not winter right now so I think that's no good!
Fuyumi: I mean, why are they all youkai...?
Megumi(thinks): This is like a dream...
Megumi(thinks): A dish made by someone like me who couldn't keep up with the academy,
Megumi(thinks): Always failed, and had no self-confidence.
Megumi(thinks): This people that I admire and are always on books and magazines ate it
Megumi(thinks): And said
Megumi(thinks): It's delicious...

p15 //no dialog, gotta love that faces

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Gin: Alright...Then,
Gin: It's time for the verdict.
Gin: This coins represent votes,
Gin: Each judge will be given one.
Gin: Choose which had better taste...
Gin: Between Shinomiya and Tadokoro-kun
Gin: And cast your vote.

Megumi: ...!
Megumi(thinks): Until now I
Megumi(thinks): Only ran away fearing expulsion...
Megumi(thinks): But now I finally
Megumi(thinks): Truly started feeling that I want to stay on this academy.
Megumi(thinks): I think this is the first time
Megumi(thinks): I really faced my own cooking seriously---
Megumi(thinks): I beg you...!

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Megumi(thinks): I...Don't want this to end yet.
Megumi(thinks): I want to stay on this academy!!
Megumi(thinks): I want to cook more and more...With everyone...With Souma-kun!
Megumi(thinks): So
Megumi(thinks): God---!!

Cutlery: A merciless decision...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 25/End
After being defeated on the Shokugeki the Tadokoro/SOMA pair is expelled!? Next week, with center color, Shinomiya will...!?
//This is what the preview page said about Soma "Defeat at the Shokugeki!! And what are Doujima's unexpected actions...!?"

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