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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 26

Memories of a Dish

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 5, 2013 19:58 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 26

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Remember that I don't want this translation to be copy pasted anywhere else.
Also, I'll be absent for a month, so for that time I won't TL anything, but, someone else will take over Soma for that month so rest assured, you'll get your fix every week (I hope XD).
Shokugeki-no SOMA 26

p1 //I really didn't expect to see Kojirou on the CP
Star: There's a total of more than 500,000 on print now! And also, center color as thanks for how well the newest JC Volume (2) is doing!!
Text(red): ---At the battlefield of gourmet food
Text(purple): This man was called
Text(purple): "The Magician"
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 26 Memories of a Dish
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Kojirou: Ha...
Kojirou: Sorry for you.
Cutlery: Defeat!!
Kojirou: Well, don't get depressed,
Kojirou: This was the natural result.
Kojirou: Well then, I have to wake up early tomorrow so I'll excuse myself.
Kojirou: Good work.

Megumi(thinks): It was...
Megumi(thinks): No...Good...
Souma: Tadokoro...Sorry,
Souma: I couldn't...Help out much.
Souma: But you should be proud,
Souma: You made such a good dish.
SFX: *sob*
Megumi(thinks): No...! That's not it...
Megumi(thinks): Souma-kun didn't do anything bad...!
Megumi(thinks): I...It's my fault...That even Souma-kun...
Megumi(thinks): I'm sorry...
Gin: The difference in ability is evident...
Gin: I should say...This was Shinomiya's complete victory.
Megumi(thinks): I'm sorry---!!
SFX: *snap*

p4 //oh, so this was Gin's unexpected actions...Interesting
Kojirou: The contest should be over,
Kojirou: What are you trying to do?
Gin: Hm, no, well,
Gin: I just wanted to acknowledge the value this dish,
Gin: So I casted my vote.
Megumi: ...!?
Megumi: ?

Donato: Doujima-san...?
Donato: Just what are you...?
Hitoshi: ...
Kojirou: What are you saying? You weren't even a judge.
Kojirou: Moreover, "You acknowledge the value of that dish"...?
Kojirou: That's beyond my understanding, Doujima-san.
Gin: You really don't understand?
Kojirou: !?
Gin: The answer lies...
Gin: On the dish Tadokoro-kun made---
Kojirou: ...?
Gin: Shinomiya...Aren't you-

Gin: Stagnating?
Sign: Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy 79th Generation Graduation Ceremony
Donato: Hinako...I understand you're lonely, but don't cry.
Donato: Let's see Shinomiya-san off with a smile...
Box: Donato Gotouda (17) 80th Generation Student
Hinako: Bud...Eguh... //But...Eguh... (she's crying, so she doesn't speak normally sometimes)
Hinako: He's going to France as soon as he graduates...
Hinako: Add he didn't dell me... //And he didn't tell me...
Box: Inui Hinako (17) 80th Generation Student

Hinako: Shinomiya-senpai isn't sociable so he definitely won't make friends...
Hinako: I'm sure he'll also fight with the other staff!
Fuyumi: I agree with that...
Kojirou: You guys...Don't you have better farewell words?
//Fuyumi looks so nice in her young days...
Fuyumi: You are serious, huh...
Box: Mizuhara Fuyumi (18) 79th Generation Student
Kojirou: Yeah.
//And Kojirou is like Souma? O_o
Kojirou: I'll open my own restaurant in France
Kojirou: And I'll get the Purusupooru Medal. //So, continuing with last time, there's now more info. It's confirmed that this medal doesn't actually exist, but I don't know French so idk if there's any word or phrase that actually sounds similar so I'll leave it like last time
Box: Shinomiya Kojirou (18) 79th Generation Student
Kojirou: The "Purusupooru Medal"...An award given to the chef that contributed more to the development of French Cuisine on that year.
Kojirou: If I can get it
Kojirou: It would be the first time a Japanese gets it...!

Kojirou: If I don't polish my cooking there, it will never be complete.
Kojirou: I'll do this...!
Kojirou(thinks): A Japanese opening a restaurant in France---
Kojirou(thinks): That an unimaginably difficult path.
Kojirou(thinks): I took all of the prize money I received from winning various contests while I was in school and went to France...
Kojirou(thinks): After six years of training
Kojirou(thinks): I opened "SHINO'S" at one of the best districts of Paris where famous restaurants compete ruthlessly,
Kojirou(thinks): The 8th arrondissement. //I'm not sure if this info is true but that's what the manga says
//Starting now, they are supposedly speaking in French (except for the narration/thoughts)
Man: I'm surprised...You're so young and you're already an owner chef.
Man: It was an utterly splendid dish.
Kojirou: Thank you very much...!
Box: Maybe I was getting full of myself since I opened my own shop.
Chef: Damn japonais...!
Box: At first they were small distortions.

Kojirou: Hey...! Who was it!!?
Kojirou: Who changed the sauce's recette!?
Chef: ...This is better liked in Paris.
Chef: I think Monsieur Shinomiya's flavoring is a little too oriental.
Chef: Well...A japonais would never understand.
Chef: Haha...He's listening, you know?
Text: A flavor that changes with the day---
Text: Its quality of service has defects---
Text: There shouldn't be any customers that give it more than 3 in a 1-5 scale---
Box: Discrimination against outsiders.
Box: Rebellion and jealousy against a too young chef.
Man: Why don't we eat here?
Woman: I haven't heard many good things about it, let's go somewhere else.
Box: The succession of those made a bigger crack.
Man: If you delay any more your payments
Man: I can't continue doing business with you!

Kojirou(thinks): The restaurant's management was declining...
Kojirou(thinks): Will my ambition
Kojirou(thinks): Fall apart here...?
Kojirou: I don't need any dullards on my kitchen.
Kojirou: Disappear.
Box: I can only believe in myself.
Kojirou: That's no good.
Kojirou: I won't let you destroy my recette.
Box: Even the staff is your enemy.
Kojirou: Just like the recette says, you should mirroir it in the end and finish it up.
Chef: E...Excuse me, but, Chef!

Chef: If I do it this way, the finished product will still have a high enough quality.
Chef: Also, it has a lower cost and is more efficiently done---
Kojirou: I'm the chef.
Kojirou: If you have any complaints leave.
Chef: O...Oui...Chef!
Box: I strained,
Man: Delicious...!
Man: There...There was food like this!?
Man: Without losing the essence of French cuisine...He incorporated a Japanese essence with his use of vegetables.
Box: Strained,

Voice: This surely is work of a magical degree...!
Voice: A Magician...
Voice: He's the Légumes Magician---!!
Box: Strained, and continued.
Box: And I finally got there.

Gin: You actually noticed, right?
Gin: That now that you have the medal
Gin: You don't know what you should strive for.
Gin: That you're standing stock still on the top
Gin: And you haven't advanced even one step.
Gin: Stagnation for a chef means two things, retrogression and staying the same.
Gin: You didn't make one of your specialties for this match
Gin: Because you didn't want to let us know
Gin: That your cooking is on a standstill, right?
Kojirou: Shut up!!

Kojirou: What do you know!!?
Kojirou: What would you that are just Tootsuki group's employee
Kojirou: Know about me...!?
Gin: Try it.
Gin: Tadokoro-kun's dish---
Kojirou: Hmph...Why should I...?

Kojirou: ...
Kojirou: Hah...The heating was too indulgent.
Kojirou: The arrangement too,
Kojirou: The pâté aren't well-joined either.
Kojirou: Doujima-san, haven't you become decre... //decrepit, he didn't finish the phrase

Kojirou(thinks): ...
Kojirou(thinks): Even so,
Kojirou(thinks): Even so, Why?
Kojirou(thinks): Why does it
Kojirou(thinks): Pierce my heart so much?
Kojirou(thinks): It's clumsily done,
Kojirou(thinks): But everything she came up with
Kojirou(thinks): Has consideration for the "people who will eat it"
Kojirou(thinks): And it's like it's relaxing my strained heart...

Kojirou(thinks): This flavor...
Kojirou(thinks): Is just like---
//wee, flashbacks, and again weird dialects @_@ (again, I'm not really good making this into English but oh well, I tried XD)
Mom: Kojirou!
Mom: So you were here!
Mom: You got into a fight again!?
Mom: You got stubborn 'cause of somethin' silly again, right!?
Kojirou: Hmph...!
Kojirou: You're irritatin'!!
Kojirou: I'm ok alone...!
Kojirou: I ain't need anyone to understand me!!

Mom: You're always usin' rude words and thrustin' at others so they misunderstand you easily...
Mom: But mom knows you're a kind lad.
Kojirou: Mo...
Kojirou: Mommy...
Mom: Now, it's gettin' dark...
Mom: I made your favorite food today,
Mom: Let's go back eat it quick.
Mom: Look, Kojirou!
Mom: There's a rainbow.
Kojirou(thinks): Just like...

p19 //this page is so awwwwwww XD
Kojirou(thinks): A mother's love!!
Text: Holding hands with mommy and a rainbow Kojirou //this is written childishly
Mom: It's beautiful, right,
Mom: Kojirou?
Snow Child Megumi: Isn't it great!!?
Zashiki-warashi Megumi: Yeah
SFX: *drop*
SFX: *clink*
Cutlery: The rainbow melts his heart...And...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
//I'll use this space to give a personal f*** you to Tsukuda Yuuto and Saeki Shun (mostly to the former), damn you!!! Why!? Why cliffhanger after cliffhanger!!!? Why don't you just let me thoroughly hate Kojirou!!!!!? Why dammit!!?
//Who am I kidding… That’s the reason why I love this series

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#1. by k-dom ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2013
For info the 8th arrondissement is the one with the famous champs-elysees street. It's one of the most expensive place to stay. Also after a check 4 out of the 10 3 stars michelin of paris are there.
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2013
Thanks k-dom, I found that it was a very famous/expensive place but I didn't find anything about restaurants, I guess the manga is correct then XD

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