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High Spec Lovers

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 5, 2013 21:50 | Go to

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
High Spec Lovers Oneshot

Star: A perfect girlfriend's boyfriend was originally normal!? A romantic oneshot of hard work with center color and 47p!!
Text: The hand you hold out for me
Text: Seems like it'll reach me
Text: But it doesn't...
High Spec Lovers
Miura Tadahiro
Text: Miura Tadahiro's already published manga, "Koisome Momiji"'s all (4) volumes are on sale with great popularity!!

Star: A perfect couple everyone admires...!!
Girl's sd: Haa~~...

Girl: Haa...
Girl: No matter how many times I see them, they always look lovely...!
Girl: Go...Good morning, President, Vice president!
Girl: Good morning!
Girl: They're just walking together but they look so good...
Box: Jousou Academy High School Student Council President
Box: Asakura Rin.
Rin: Good morning, everyone!
Kengo: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
Box: Same, Vice President
Box: Hasegawa Kengo.
Box: "Attractive face and figure", "Irreproachable conduct", "Excellent grades", "Almighty in sports"...
Voice: We're looking forward to the cultural festival, President!
Guy: Vice president! Please help us out on our next match!
Box: They're both the embodiment of any kind of flowery words,
Box: They're also
Rin: Kyah...

Kengo: Whoa...!
Kengo: Are you alright, Asakura?
Rin: Th...Thank you, Hasegawa-kun!
Box: Girlfriend and boyfriend.
Girls' sd: Kyaaaaaaah
Girl: It's only morning and it's already hot!
Rin: Wha...!?
Rin: Sto...Stop teasing me!!
Guy: President Asakura just like...Makes you want to protect her, right...?
Girl: Oh no! I want Hasegawa-senpai to catch me gently like that!!

Girl: When they are that well-matched you can't even get jealous.
Girl: Those two are just too perfect!
Girl: ...
Girl: Perfect...Huh?
Box: ...That's right,
Box: Asakura...Is a perfect girl.
Rin: Come to think of it, it seems the results of the midterm tests will be posted tomorrow,
Rin: I can't wait to see them!
Box: That's why, as her boyfriend...
Box: I must be perfect.
Kengo: ...You're right!
Box: Even if...

Band: Certain Victory
Box: I'm actually
Box: Just an average guy
Box: Forcibly acting like an honor student...!
Sister: And then, aniki again was super cool from the morning! //"aniki" = just another way to say "big brother"
Dad: Hmmm? How was he!?
Sister: "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!"
Sister: "Ladies and gentlemen"! What era were you born on!!?
Sister's sd: Ahahahahaha
Dad: Buhahahahahaha!!
Dad: Kengo, that's showing off too much!!

Kengo: Hey...Can't you be quiet for a second!?
Kengo: I'm preparing for the finals!
Sister: Huh? But the midterms just ended last week,
Sister: Why are you already studying for the finals?
Mom: That's right, Kengo! At least stop studying during meals! That's bad manners!
Kengo: If I don't do this much I can't catch up with her...!
Mom: You were 2nd in your grade on the last finals, right?
Mom: It will be easy again!
Dad: I always got average marks!
Kengo(thinks): What are you, an average couple...!?
Sister: Aniki, you really changed,
Sister: Even though on middle school you crammed overnight for all your tests,
Sister: And forget about the student council, you were the delinquents' gofer.
Kengo: Uh...!? The past I've tried so hard to forget...!

Sister: It's all thanks to Asakura-san, right?
Dad: Indeed, that girl is too good for Kengo!
Sister: But, you haven't even hold hands yet, right?
Sister: Innocence has its limits.
Kengo: Th...Thanks for the food!! I'll be studying so don't bother me!!
Sister: Ah, he ran away.
Rin: Good morning, Hasegawa-kun!
Kengo: Good morning, Asakura! You're early again.
Kengo(thinks): Asakura...! You're so cute again today!!
Kengo: You're watering the flower bed? I'll help you.
Rin: Thank you!
Rin: Then, could you coil this hose?
Kengo: Roger!

Rin: I made the fried quail you love today for lunch!
Kengo: Thanks as always.
Rin: Oh, no need...
Kengo(thinks): I can eat Asakura's homemade lunch today! Alriiiight!!
Rin: I mean...I'm Hasegawa-kun's...
Rin: Gi...Girlfriend!
Kengo: !!!
Kengo(thinks): Aah...
Kengo(thinks): I'm the luckiest man in the world.
Kengo(thinks): Asakura...Is the perfect girlfriend.
Kengo(thinks): However...
SFX: *twing*
Rin: Kyah...!?
SFX: *whump*
Kengo: !
Kengo: Asaku...

Kengo: !?
Rin: Hauh...!?
Kengo: So...Sososo-Sorry, Asakura!
Kengo: It wasn't on purpose...
Rin: Whe...
Rin: Whe...

Rin: Where are you looking aaaaaat!!?
Kengo: Hebuh!?
Box: However...Asakura is severe against perverted things.
Rin: I...I'm sorry! I just...!
Kengo: D...Don't be, I was dazing out too...
Kengo: ...Hm?
Kengo: What's with that crowd...?
Rin: Ah!
Rin: It's the announcement of the midterm tests results !
Kengo: !?
Rin: We both did our best this time so...Surely, we're tied for first place!
Kengo: Yo...You're right!
Kengo(thinks): ...This is bad!

Board: {//I'll only put the important things
Title: Midterm Tests Ranking Announcement
1 Asakura Rin
13 Hasegawa Kengo
Girl: The president is first again as expected!
Kengo(thinks): A-
Voice: The vice president is thirteenth!? Was he feeling bad or something?
Kengo(thinks): As I thought...!
Voice: No, thirteenth is amazing as it is.
Kengo(thinks): I had study sessions with Asakura this time,
Rin: Eh, you see, here...
Kengo(thinks): But I was too excited I didn't concentrate much...!
Rin: Hasegawa-kun...
Kengo: !

Kengo(thinks): This is bad...She's definitely disappointed...!
Rin's sd: Haa...
Rin: We studied that much and you're just thirteenth!?
Rin: Maybe, Hasegawa-kun is a bit slow...?
Kengo: Ah...
Kengo: Umm...
Rin: ...Letfs have more study sessions from a lot before the tests!
Rin: If we compensate the things the other isn't good at then surely...!
Kengo: !!
Kengo: ...No! I'm thankful for that suggestion, but...
Kengo: But I want to concentrate alone for the next tests...!
Kengo(thinks): I mean, I definitely won't be able to concentrate much on studying again...!!
Rin: Is that...So?
Kengo(thinks): I want to do it!
Kengo(thinks): I really want to have study sessions with Asakura!!
Kengo(thinks): ...
Kengo(thinks): But, how to say it, after all...

Kengo(thinks): I'm just...An average guy...
Kengo(thinks): Asakura...Even had violin lessons before the tests...And she was first.
Kengo(thinks): Well, being thirteenth is a result that would made the old me dance naked on the place,
Kengo(thinks): But that's not enough.
Kengo(thinks): I must catch up with Asakura...
Kengo(thinks): I must...!
Box: The old me...When I just had entered middle school, I was average within the average.
Box: I was an apathetic loser that was wondering how to spend his free time
Box: And became the gofer of the class' delinquents...
Box: It was around then

Box: That I met Asakura.
Kengo(thinks): She's here again...
Kengo(thinks): Does she come every week...?
Kengo(thinks): I wonder what school she goes to...
Kengo(thinks): No...At any rate!
Kengo(thinks): I'll talk with her today!
Girl: Uwah, whose girl is it? She's super beautiful.
Girl: Look, that girl by the window...
Girl: Ah,
Girl: That's Jousou Academy's Asakura Rin.
Girl: She's pretty famous.
Kengo: !!
Girl: She's famous?
Kengo(thinks): Her name is...Asakura Rin!
Girl: Well, with that looks,
Girl: And...

Girl: She was the top at the national mock test!
Text: No. 1!
Kengo: !?
Girl: Huh...Really!? Wow.
Girl: That's why there's a rumor that says that no matter how good looking the guy is, she won't talk to him if he's stupid.
Kengo: ...
Box: Always has lower-middle rank grades.
Band: Aim for No. 1!!
Box: Half a year later,
Title: End-of-Term Tests Grade //rest can't be seen
1 Hasegawa Kengo
Box: I became the top of the grade.
Kengo: With this I'm a little...!
Kengo's sd: Fufufu...
Guy: Ah...It's Asakura Rin!
Guy: Eh!? That one!? Wow!
Guy: That girl went to the nationals on track-and-field, right!?
Kengo: !?
Box: Another half a year later,
Box: I desperately became a regular and went to the nationals.

Box: However...
Girl: It seems Asakura Rin is studying abroad in Canada for a short term! (cd: Amazing!)
Kengo: I'll do this!!
Box: Asakura Rin's wall was thick.
Box: But I couldn't withdraw this far in,
Voice: They say Asakura Rin is the middle school section's student council president!
Voice: I heard Asakura Rin has been confessed by a hundred guys!
Voice: Asakura Rin went to a violin concours!
Box: I got serious and tried to catch up with Asakura Rin,
Box: And,
Box: When I noticed,
Box: I was standing beside Asakura Rin.
Rin: Nice to meet you, Hasegawa-san,
Rin: I've heard rumors about you!

Rin: Have my best regards!
Rin: Ha...Hasegawa-san!?
Voice: The new vice president is crying!?
Voice: He's so happy to be the vice president!?
Voice: What a passion...
Girl: So lovely...!
Box: I actually did pretty good...
Box: But...In the end, those are just pretended specs,
Box: If I lower my guard just a bit
Board: 13 Hasegawa Kengo
Box: They sway.
Box: Anyway...If I don't dedicate my life to it
Box: I won't catch up with Asakura Rin.

Paper: Mixer Cafe
Rin: I can't approve of this!
Box: With the midterms over, next is the cultural festival.
Girl: Eeh...Is a mixer cafe no good?
Rin: Doing a cafe is ok...But what are these services!?
Girl: That's normal.
Box: The student council became busy.
Rin: Having a boy and a girl eating a pocky each from a side...That's not normal!
Girl: Oh my,
Girl: But President, you must be doing more incredible things with the vice president<3
Rin: Incredible things...?
Girl: Eeh?
Girl: Like kissing?
Rin: Wha...!?

Rin: Ki...Kikiki-Kissing, that's ten years too early!!
Rin: We're still high school students, you know!?
Kengo(thinks): My first kiss will have to wait ten years!?
Girl: Eh...For real!?
Girl: As expected from the student council...You're so serious!
Rin: Wh...What is it!?
Girl: Well, we'll try again later.
Girls' sd: Ufufu
Girl: I hope you can have sex soon!
Rin: That's obviously on hold until marriage!
Box: Secretary
Sister: Asakura-senpai is the same as always.
Rin: Good grief...!
Rin: You're telling me that doing that kind of things since your school days is common sense...!?
Rin's sd: Haa...
Rin's sd: Haa...
Rin: Youngsters nowadays are corrupted...!
Kengo(thinks): I won't deny that...
Kengo(thinks): But I think Asakura is too stiff...!

Rin: Ha...
Rin: Hasegawa-kun, what do you think!?
Kengo(thinks): I!?
Kengo(thinks): I'm actually on their side...
Girls' sd: Ufufu
Kengo(thinks): But I can't say it...!
Kengo(thinks): But...But, it can't be helped!! I'm a healthy young man!
Rin: You can do...Whatever you want with me.
Rin: Hasegawa-kun...<3
Kengo(thinks): I'm really interested in perverted things!!
Kengo(thinks): No...This is my chance.
Kengo(thinks): "I mean, just a kiss isn't much"...
Kengo(thinks): Shouldn't I say that...!?
Kengo(thinks): If I can't, no matter how much time passes...
Kengo: ...Asakura!

Kengo: I completely agree with you!
Kengo: A student's priority is studying! Getting hooked too much with love affairs is putting the cart before the horse!!
Kengo(thinks): I really can't!!
Rin: ...Right!?
Kengo's sd: Haa...
Sister: ...
Kengo: Eh,
Kengo: I won't...Last long with Asakura...!?
Sister: Yeah!
Kengo: Wh...Why!?

Sister: Because you're pretending to be who you aren't.
Sister: Let her know already,
Sister: Nothing good will come from overexerting yourself.
Kengo: Wha...!?
Sister: Isn't the cultural festival your chance?
Sister: You can lift up the mood with a date
Sister: And show the real you little by little.
Box: And,
Box: The day of the cultural festival.
Rin: We somehow made it with the preparations!
Kengo: Haha...Barely, but yeah.
Girl: Ah...Vice president!

Girl: I have a question for you...
Guy: President! Can I have some of your time?
Kengo: Good grief...It seems we'll be busy today.
Rin: Yes!
Rin: Let's do our best!
Kengo: Of course!
Sister: Let her know that you're pretending.
Kengo(thinks): Jeez...Don't say the impossible.
Kengo(thinks): There's no way I can.
Kengo(thinks): The reason Asakura is dating me...
Kengo(thinks): Is because I have excellent grades,
Kengo(thinks): An irreproachable conduct, and am the student council vice president everyone loves.
Sign: Jousou Academy High School Cultural Festival
Kengo(thinks): For now, let's go back...
Kengo(thinks): I want to go around the festival with Asakura!
Girl: Ah...Vice president, just perfect!

Girl: Another school's delinquents are hitting on our girls!
Girl: Drive them away, vice president!
Kengo: Huh!?
Kengo(thinks): Delinquents!? I can't do that!!
Kengo(thinks): The only thing I'm still bad with is violence...!
Girl: The vice president must actually be a really strong master aikidoka!
Girl: Sounds true!
Kengo(thinks): I'm not!!!!
Kengo(thinks): With that said...I must do something.
Girl: They're there!
Kengo: Roger!
Kengo: But, call security just in case!
Girl: Ah...Yes!
Kengo(thinks): Until then, I'll deceive them somehow...!
Kengo: You there!
Voice: Ah!
Voice: It's the vice president!
Voice: Vice president!
Girl: Now that the vice president is here you're done for!
Girl: He's a perfect superman!!
Guy: Huh?
Kengo(thinks): I told you, don't make the hurdle higher!!
Guy: Hmm...
Guy: Aren't you...Kengo?
Kengo: Eh?

Kengo(thinks): This guy is...Kusuda!?
Kengo(thinks): The delinquent that made me his gofer on first year of middle school...!
Kusuda: Uwah, it's been a while!
Kusuda: You got taller!
Kengo(thinks): I thought...I would never meet him again after he transferred...
Kusuda: Hey, it's him! Kengo from our middle school! You talked with him, right?
Guy: Yeah! I did.
Kengo(thinks): This is the worst...!!
Girl: Vi...Vice president? You know them...?
Kusuda: Vice president...?
Kusuda: ...Vice president? He??
SFX: Nod nod

Kusuda: He is the perfect superman vice president you mentioneeeeeeed!?
sd: Gyahahaha
Voice: Eh...What?
Voice: Why are they laughing...?
Kengo(thinks): This is bad...!
Kengo: Ku-Kusuda...-kun!
Kengo(thinks): For now, let's try convincing him!
Kengo: Even if it's the cultural festival, this is a sacred school!
Kengo: Can't you refrain of doing things that might disturb public morals...?
Kengo(thinks): He must be a bit better than back then...
Kusuda: Hmmm...
Kusuda: It can't be helped! I'll spare them since we were friends.
Kengo: Re...Really!?
Kusuda: In exchange...

Kusuda: You have to prostrate yourself and say "I beg you, Kusuda-sama".
Kengo(thinks): ...Eh?
Kengo(thinks): Prostrate...?
Kengo(thinks): In front of these students...
Voice: Eh...Prostrate?
Voice: He won't do it, right...?
Kengo(thinks): The vice president, I...!?

Kengo: You!
Kengo: That's enough...
Kengo: !?
Kusuda: Do it fast.
All: Eh...
All: !

Kengo: Just go home,
Kengo: I beg you.
Kengo: Kusuda-san...!
Kusuda: ...Puh
Kusuda: Hahahahaha!
Kusuda: He really did it, so lame!
Kusuda: If the almighty vice president does that much we can't help it, right!?
Kusuda: See ya.
All: Vice president...
Kengo: ...

Rin: Hasegawa-kun...
Kengo: A...Alright! With this, I'm done here!
Rin: !
Kengo: ...
Kengo: ...Yeah!
Kengo: Well then, they were looking for me over there so...I'll excuse myself!
All: !
Kengo(thinks): ...
Kengo(thinks): ...She saw me.

Kengo(thinks): I couldn't live to her expectations...!
Kengo(thinks): I disillusioned her...!
Kengo(thinks): I showed Asakura
Kengo(thinks): That pitiable me...!
Guy: So? Are we really going back like this?
Kusuda: Like hell we are.
Kusuda: We continue picking up girls of course!
Kusuda: Oh?
Girl: ...I'm a bit let down...
Girl: Bu-But, what should have he done then...!
Rin: ...
Kusuda: ...Hey!
Kusuda: Isn't that girl super cute...!?

Box: After that...To avoid meeting Asakura
Box: I started doing useless things and spent the cultural festival working.
Guy: Hey, did you hear about the vice president?
Guy: Yeah! I misjudged him...
Kengo(thinks): ...Should I drop out from school...
Sister: Ah!
Sister: Aniki, just perfect!
Sister: Come, there's big trouble!
Kengo: Saki!? //thanks, you finally mention her name after 33 pages...

Kengo: Wha...!?
Kengo(thinks): Kusuda and...
Kengo(thinks): Asakura!?
Saki: I'll call security!
Kengo(thinks): Didn't they go back!?
Kengo(thinks): What's wrong with them!!?
Kengo: Please do so!
Kusuda: ...Huh!?
Kusuda: Kengo's...Girlfriend!?
Rin: Th...That's right!
Rin: That's why, I can't go with you...
Kusuda: Seriously, that bastard...
Kusuda: What is going on here...!?
Kengo: Ku...Kusuda-kun!
All: !

Kengo: Wh...What's this about?
Kengo's sd: Haa
Kengo's sd: Haa...
Kengo: You promised to go back...!?
Kusuda: Kengo...!
Rin: Hasegawa-kun...!
Kengo: Ku...
Kengo: Kusuda-kun!?
Kengo: Guh!?
Kengo: Guh...!?
Kusuda: You really are weak,
Kusuda: She's too good for you.
Rin: Hasegawa-kun!!
Rin: What are you people doing...!?
Kusuda: You were Asakura, right?
Kusuda: What do you see on him?
Kusuda: He's not that a good bastard?

Kusuda: His grades were as great as the length of my hair.
Kusuda: He wasn't in any club,
Kusuda: He had no dreams,
Kusuda: He'd do anything if you threatened him a bit,
Kusuda: That's the kind of shabby guy he was.
Kusuda: There's no way that kind of bastard can become a serious elite guy.
Kusuda: You're being deceived
Kusuda: By this scum!
Kengo: ...
Kusuda: Ah! That's right,
Kusuda: He once bought me a really nasty bread,
Kengo: !
Kusuda: As punishment, I took an interesting photo.
Kengo: Hey!! Sto...
Kengo: Stop!!
Kusuda: Oh! It's here (music note)

Kusuda: Tadah! Look at this,
Kusuda: Hasagawa-kun on his gofer days<3
Guy: Uwah, that's horrible!
Guy's sd: Gyahahaha
Guy's sd: Gyahaha
Guy's sd: hahaha
Kengo(thinks): It's over...
Kengo(thinks): Everything is...

Rin: You people don't know the present Hasegawa-kun.
Kusuda: ...Huh?
Rin: His grades are always among the best!
Rin: And yet he can help the sports clubs out and work hard on the student council.
Rin: He has the teachers trust and the students love him...
Rin: He's especially popular with the girls, so much I sometimes worry...!
Rin: I don't know how Hasegawa-kun was in middle school...
Rin: But!
Rin: I know how much effort Hasegawa-kun does in the shadows right now!!

Rin: If Hasegawa-kun was mediocre in the past the all the more,
Rin: Just how much effort did he have to put to progress until here...!
Rin: Thinking of that...
Rin: You should respect him,
Rin: You shouldn't be able to scoff at him!
Rin: ...I,
Rin: Because Hasegawa-kun is like that...!
Kusuda: Ah...
Kusuda: Yeah, yeah, it's that,
Kusuda: "Love is blind", right?
Kusuda: Stay quiet for a second.
Rin: !?

Kengo: !?
Rin: Hasegawa-kun...!
Kusuda: You're annoying.
Rin: Hasegawa-kun!!
Kusuda: Fine already, we'll do it by force,
Kusuda: Let's go, Asakura-chan<3
Rin: No...
Rin: Let me go...!

Kusuda: Hey,
Kusuda: Let go.
Rin: St...Stop it!
Kengo: Kusuda...
Kengo: It's just as you say...
Kengo: ...I'm just really
Kengo: Acting...Like a serious honor student.
Kengo: Even now, I'm just a pitiable guy full of worldly desires,
Kengo: But...
Kengo: Even so!
Kengo: I'm no longer the same guy that was your gofer!

Kengo: Since I...
Kengo: Met Asakura...!
Kengo: Right now I!
Kengo: Am Asakura Rin's
Kengo: Boyfriend!!

Kengo: Ouch...!?
Rin: It's your punishment for going too far!
Rin: If Saki-chan hadn't brought security just what would have happened...!
Rin: To begin with, someone like the student council vice president shouldn't resort to violence!
Rin: You're suspended for a week!
Kengo: Sorry...!

Kengo: Sorry...Asakura.
Rin: Geez, just don't overexert yourself!
Rin: ...Now! We should help removing things!
Kengo: Really, sorry!
Kengo: Until now I, emm...Hid a lot of things.
Rin: No...That goes for both of us.
Rin: Actually I too...
Rin: Am hiding the real me, you know?
Kengo: Eh...?

SFX: *kiss*
Kengo: A...
Kengo: Asa...Kura...!?
Kengo: Ju...Just...Now...!?
Rin: ...I actually wanted to do...This kind of things too,
Rin: But...
Rin: I thought that Hasegawa-kun liked the serious me...
Kengo: !

Rin: Do...
Rin: Do you think I'm immodest...?
Kengo: ~~~~~~!!!
Kengo: Like I would think that!! Asakuraaa!!
Rin: Kyah!?
Saki: Oh, aniki, you're fine already.
Girl: I mean...
Girl: Those two are like that when they're alone...
Star: For the two that aren't ornaments!!
Girl: Just like, they don't seem perfect at all now.
Saki: You said it!
Rin: Le...Let go of me, Hasegawa-kun!
Rin: We have to go help with the removal...!
Kengo: Asakuraaaa!
Saki: But, rather than their usual selves
Saki: They are a lot more...!
High Spec Lovers...End

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