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Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 8

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 10, 2013 05:11 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

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Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be the Last One- 8
//this was released while I was away but I'll post it anyway

Last Ranker -Be The Last One-
Box: Tylong Rank 8
Box: Sengoku Rank 6
Zig(thinks): Tylong.
Text: Two high-ranked rankers clash!!
Makis: It seems it will finally begin...
Zig: Makis...
Makis: Burn this into your memory, Zig,
Makis: This is a fight between two high-ranked rankers...
Zig: Yeah.

Text: Look, this is a one-digit fight--- //as in that both of their ranks have only one digit
Sengoku: Then, let's begin---
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki
Manga: Ueda Satoshi
Last Ranker -Be The Last One-
Volume (1) is on sale with rave reviews

Sengoku: I...
Sengoku: Am unskilled and don't know how to hold back...
Tylong: Enough of the tedious talk!!
SFX: *turn*
Tylong: Come!!

Zig(thinks): Their vigor goes through the ground and reaches me...
Zig(thinks): This is a fight between high-ranked rankers
Sengoku: Murakumo no Hitotsu--- //First of the cloud cluster
Sengoku: Yamaoroshi--- //Wind blowing down for a mountain
Sengoku: Here I go!!

Sengoku: Deyaaaaah!!!
Zig: !!

Tylong: There it iiiiiiis!!!
Sengoku: What!?
Zig: !!

Makis: Uwaaah!
Zig(thinks): Tylong didn't defend against Sengoku's attack...
Zig(thinks): Instead, he attacked too...?
Makis: Where's Tylong!?
Makis: What happened to them...?
Zig: !!

Zig: !!
Makis?: They are standing!! Both are fine!!

Sengoku(thinks): Tylong......He really is a dreadful man.
Sengoku(thinks): To think that he could use an attack that counterbalanced my attack...!!
Sengoku(thinks): On the moment you launch an attack you're left almost defenseless...Had he ascertained the situation wrongly he would have been minced by my attack!! He did that with no hesitation... This is only possible for this man!!
Tylong: How about it!!!?
Tylong: Did you see!!!?
Sengoku: Hmph...You're also an unskilled man...
Tylong: Huh?
Sengoku: Splendid, Tylong!!

Sengoku: Hurry back to Ghandoar...
Sengoku: And do the pledge to become one of the Seven Knights!!
Zig(thinks): Tylong became
Zig(thinks): One of the Seven Knights!!?
Tylong: ...
Tylong(thinks): No,
Tylong(thinks): This isn't it...
Tylong: Wait...
Tylong: Sengoku-san.
Tylong: What was that weak attack!?
Tylong: You think I don't know your real strength!!?

Sengoku: ...
Sengoku: I think I said it at the beginning..."I won't hold back"...
Sengoku: The truth is that I attacked you with all of the power I have right now...
Sengoku: If you still...Feel that I held back...
Sengoku: Then it might be that...
Sengoku: After living as one of the seven knights so much time, my skills dropped...
Tylong: Go-!

Tylong: Goddammit!!!
Makis: Maybe Seven Knights' Sengoku
Makis: Wanted Tylong-san to enter the association?
Tylong: Huh!?
Tylong: What does that mean!!?
Makis: Maybe the association's atmosphere is much more stagnant than we think...
Makis: That's why, maybe he wanted Tylong-san to become a new wind that changes that atmosphere...
Zig(thinks): Makis...

Tylong: Who's that we!!? I don't care how you feel!!
Tylong: That isn't related to me!!
Makis: That's a lie!! Tylong-san!!
Makis: There's no way you haven't felt it!!
Tylong: ...Makis,
Tylong: That's enough...
Tylong: !!
Tylong: You...
Tylong: What did you come to do here...?

Igo: Tylong,
Igo: Congratulations on becoming one of the Seven Knights.
Makis: !!
Zig(thinks): The one-eyed anti woman...!!
Tylong: Move, Zigcchi,
Tylong: It seems her business is with me!!
Zig: ?
Zig(thinks): Does he know this woman...?
Tylong: I'm in a bad mood right now!!
Tylong: They just come one after another...Depending on the situation I might not have mercy.

Igo: Mercy?
Igo: You're right...Today I don't have time to have mercy against you...
Tylong: What?
Zig: Ty...
Zig: Tylong.
SFX: *grab*
Zig: !!

Zig(thinks): The armored man from that time!!
Zig(thinks): Why is he acting together with that anti woman!?
Zig: Tylong.
Makis: Tylong-san!!
Makis: ...!!
Makis: They disappeared...
Makis: That's not what we agreed on,
Makis: Igorida.
Zig: !!

Zig: What does this mean, Makis...?
Zig: "Igorida", that's that woman's name...!?
Zig: Makis...What are you hiding!?
Makis: ...
Makis: ...
Makis: Zig...
Makis: If the time comes...
Makis: I'll tell you everything...
Zig: ...
Zig: Tell me now!!
Zig: Makis!!

Makis: ...
Makis: Cantalera was destroyed...
Makis: But, when you learned that there were survivors...
Makis: You would throw away everything and go search them...
Makis: Zig, I thought you were that kind of man...
Zig: Makis...
Zig: It can't be...
Zig: You are...An anti...?
Makis: That way of speaking...
Makis: You're totally a member of the association...

Zig: And who's the one who made me like that!!?
Makis: You want to say it was me...
Makis: But, that's not true...
Zig: Youfre saying it was me...?
Zig: What kind of reason did the old me have!!?
Zig: Everyday was the same, boring and I was bound by the laws.
Zig: What kind of reason did I...
Makis: Even so,

Makis: In Cantalera, you
Makis: Were always free, weren't you?
Zig: Makis...
Zig: Kuh!
Zig(thinks): Why...
Zig(thinks): Did it turn to this...

Zig: Wooooooooooooooooh!!

Box: Tylong Settlement
Rid: Hey, Zig!!
Rid: What happened to the boss!!?
Zig: ...
Zig: That is-
Rid: !!!?!!!? The boss was taken by that anti woman!!
Rid: No way, our boss was defeated by a woman!?
Zig: She had an ally...
Zig: Taken by surprise, even Tylong...
Rid: Holy shit...
Rid: Just what is happening?

Zig: Come to think of it...It seemed as if Tylong had met that woman before.
Rid: They were acquaintances?
Man: Did that woman have an eye patch?
Zig: Yeah.
Rid: Hey, you, do you know something?
Man: No, I don't really know,
Man: But one night, I saw them having a quarrel.
Rid: Idiot, why didn't you say that before!!?
Man: That not something an adult should be saying around!!
Man: And Makis told me not to tell anyone...
Zig(thinks): Makis!

Rid: That's right, Zig!!
Rid: Where did that bastard Makis go!!
Zig: ...
Zig: Makis went with them...
Rid: Keh,
Rid: So that's it!!
Rid: Shit, every last one of them!!
Rid: ...
Rid: Zig,
Rid: I can trust you, right...?

Zig: ...Yeah.
Rid: ...
Rid: If even you betrayed us...
Rid: I'll cry.
Man: Well...I'll go to my room too...
Man: Yeah, me too...
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Just what will happen next...?
Voice: Please let me pass!!
Man: You can't!!

Zig: Did something happen?
Man: Ah, you're from Tylong's family...
Man: My son has a high fever...
Man: And I wanted a doctor from the lower district to take a look at him,
Man: But this men...
Zig: Who are you...?
Zig: Let them pass...
Man: We can't do that---
Man: The association ordered that no one from the Tylong Settlement can go outside it.
Zig: What?

Man: If you want to pass through here you must defeat us.
Thought: You garbage from the lowest class...
Thought: In the end, the Tylong family...Is just a bunch of rubbish, they can't go against us, the chosen elite rankers.
Man: No way...
Kid: Haa
Kid: Haa
Zig: I just have to defeat you, right...
Zig: Come!!
Man: !!
Man: Don't make light of us, you garbage!
Man: Garbage like you can't win against us!!

Zig: Now, go quickly.
Man: Th...Thank you.
Man: Shi...Shit.
Man: Not...Not yet.
Yuli: It's your loss, stop that.

Yuli: If you can't ascertain the opponent's strength...
Yuli: You can't be my subordinates,
Yuli: Disappear from my sight.
Man: No way...
Yuli: Nice to meet you,
Yuli: I'm Seven Knights'
Yuli: Yuli.
Zig: Seven Knights!!!

All SFX: *chatter*
Man: Hey, isn't that Seven Knights' Yuli?
Man: Rank 2...
Man: Why is he here?
Zig: You...
Zig: Sent that order?
Yuli: Yes...
Yuli: That's right.
Yuli: After all, I heard rumors that say that this place's leader, Tylong, changed sides to the anti...
Yuli: We can't have this become a hotbed for the anti,
Yuli: So, I was entrusted with the matter by the association and came here.
Zig: ...
Yuli: By the way, who is in command after Tylong's absence?
Rid: I am!!

Yuli: You don't have the caliber to be the leader.
Zig(thinks): I couldn't see that at all!!
Zig(thinks): What did he do to Rid just now!!?
Yuli: Upon thought...You're Cantalera's Zig?
Zig: !
Zig: That's right...
Zig: Though, I abandoned Cantalera...
Yuli: I see, then, I'll speak with you.

Yuli: Rumors say that you were Tylong's favorite...
Zig: Maybe.
Yuli: Did Tylong know your origin?
Yuli: Isn't that why he made you his subordinate?
Zig: That...
Zig: I don't know!!
Yuli: How many times did you meet that anti woman Igorida?
Zig: ...
Zig: I think it was...
Yuli: Oh!!
Yuli: So that wasn't the first time!! You met her many times!!
Zig: !!
Zig: That's not what I meant!!
Yuli: Then...
Yuli: What did you mean?

All SFX: *chatter*
Voice: Then Zig really is an anti too...?
Voice: He got along with Makis.
Zig: Kuh!
Rid: So you were deceiving us...
Yuli: At any rate...We can't really believe what you say...
Zig: What do you want me to do then...?
Zig: Anyway, I know nothing.
Yuli: You're right.
Yuli: We're all people who live under the association's laws---
Yuli: Then, how about vindicating your innocence with your strength?
Zig: ...
Zig: Fine by me.
Yuli: However,
Yuli: I won't be your opponent.

Zig: Then,
Zig: Who am I fighting...?
Yuli: Truth is, there's another person who must vindicate his innocence.
Zig(thinks): Someone who must vindicate his innocence?
Yuli: ...
Yuli: That's right,
Yuli: This man must show his loyalty to the association by winning.

Yuli: He's just like you...Zig.
Yuli: No one will believe his words...
Yuli: It's unfortunate...But it can't be helped...
Yuli: Because he comes from an anti tribe---
Zig: I...
Zig: It can't be...
Zig: You are...

Zig: Faz!!
Text: What is Faz' true intention!?

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