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Shokugeki no Souma 31


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 10, 2013 05:12 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 31

Box: Just after the assignment started Hall A
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Souma: Hmm! That looks quite pretty.
Cutlery: At a tough spot on the breakfast test...!?
Souma: It's my first time seeing this dish,
Souma: Eggs...Bene-What was it?
Erina(thinks): Ah, geez! He distracts me...
Erina: Are you...Perhaps
Erina: Making a "Souffle" or something of the sort...?
Souma: Yeah! I'm going with an omelette.

Star: The newest volume (3) will be on sale on August 2nd (Fri)!!
Souma: By cooking the white of the eggs after it they bubble into a meringue state
Souma: You can achieve a texture different to that of a normal omelette...That's a souffle omelette.
Souma: Meeting with unexpected food textures is one of cuisine's "surprises".
Souma: I'm making them small so that they can be used in a buffet
Souma: So they are "Mini Souffle Omelettes".
Souma: ...? What?
Erina: No, nothing---
Erina(thinks): The texture huh...
Box: Hall E

Ikumi: Alright...It's complete!
Ikumi: A petit size Loco Moco Don!
SFX: Dooooon
Cutlery: The results of the Don RS show here...!!
Shokugeki no SOMA
(Cutlery) 31 Metamorphose
Asterisk: Loco Moco is a Hawaiian dish that consists in putting a hamburger steak and sunny-side-up eggs on top of rice.
Kid: Wooooh! That looks ultra gooooood!!
Hiromi: Oh! Loco Moco for a buffet...That's interesting!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Hiromi: Ah, hot!

SFX: Bite
SFX: Munch
SFX: Munch
SFX: //some sort of sound of soft food being bitten
Hiromi: The soft sunny-side-up eggs
Hiromi: Entwine together with the hamburger steak made from rib roast meat...
Hiromi: And the rice's high quality sweetness spread throughout my mouth!
Hiromi: It's as if this dish is brimming full with energy!!
Hiromi: And...Usually, you'd use gravy for Loco Moco
Hiromi: But this is "Vinaigrette"!
Hiromi: The refreshing sourness of the white wine vinegar
Hiromi: Improves the viscosity of the egg yolk and the juiciness of the meat...!
Hiromi: This has a great degree of competition!
Ikumi(thinks): OK...This is looking good...
Ikumi(thinks): I could make use of the dish I thought at the Don RS...
Ikumi(thinks): Completing 200 meals will be piece of cake!

Ikumi: Wha...!?
Star: The VOMIC is on air!! More details on page 468!!
Ikumi: Yo...You are...!
Girl: Hmmm...I think I've seen you somewhere...
Girl: Ah! I remembered!
Girl: You were Erina's underling, right?
Girl: But I haven't seen you lately.
Girl: ...Ah,
Girl: ...Erina turned her back on you?
Ikumi: Sh...Shut up!! I'll send you flying, bitch!

Girl: Ah! I have to get back to my station!
Girl: I beg your pardon.
Ikumi's sd: Ha---
Ikumi's sd: Ha---
Ikumi(thinks): What? On her stand,
Ikumi(thinks): There's boiled eggs...
Ikumi(thinks): Eggs still with their shell,
Ikumi(thinks): And split eggs?
Ikumi(thinks): She thinks that's cooking?
Ikumi(thinks): None of the guests go to her either.
Ikumi(thinks): What is she thinking...?
SFX: Ring ring ring
Souma(thinks): Alright...The next ones are done cooking too.
Souma(thinks): Now, the plates---

Souma(thinks): No one's taking the ones I put before!?
Souma: ...!
Souma(thinks): The souffle
Souma(thinks): Shrivelled...!
Souma(thinks): That's it---!!
Souma(thinks): On this buffet style
Souma(thinks): The guests don't eat you food immediately!
Souma(thinks): It's totally different to Yukihira where we served the dishes timely and at the perfect temperature to the customers waiting at their tables...!
Souma(thinks): What dish and when to take it depends on the guests...

Souma(thinks): The souffle's texture only good when it's just made!
Souma(thinks): If not the guests won't understand the good points of this dish...
Souma: Kuh...!
Souma(thinks): No matter how many I make...
Souma(thinks): They get bad before the guests take them!!
Souma(thinks): This is bad...!!
Souma(thinks): To make it worse,
Souma(thinks): Nakiri's dish is taking all the attention---

Erina: It seems you understand now...
Erina: On a buffet the "appearance" and the "durability of the taste" are the most important things...
Erina: In short,
Erina: You chose the worst possible dish for this assignment!
Erina: It's finally time to say goodbye to you...
Erina: You have 30 minutes left
Erina: To look enviously at my beautiful dish while doing nothing.
Ikumi(thinks): Damn it...
Ikumi(thinks): I'm completely stuck at 150 meals...!

Girl: There's mooooore.
Girl: Ok, ok, just don't push each other.
Ikumi(thinks): After one guest took one
Ikumi(thinks): The rumor spread...
Ikumi(thinks): And she's monopolized the guests in this hall!
Ikumi(thinks): To think her dish had that secret!!
Woman: This...Isn't a raw egg!

Woman: The white...Is a diluted ocean water gelée!
Woman: And the egg yolk is a salted salmon roe gelatin!!
Woman: The roes pop like bubbles and their flavor spreads slowly,
Woman: That flavor is wrapped by the smooth feeling of the gelée when it passes through my throat...!
Man: Wha...!? This looks like a boiled egg at first sight, but...
Man: The white is "White Asparagus Mousse"
Man: And the yolk is an "Hollandaise Sauce" made of egg yolk!!
Man: The balance of the rich body of the egg and the asparagus faint bitterness is superb...!!
Voice: Then...This egg with its shell...?
Girl: You see, this one...
Voice: She stuck it in!!?
Woman's sd: Eeh

Girl: It's a "milk shake" you drink with a straw!
Girl: I poured a milk shake made of eggs, milk, and caramel inside empty eggs.
Woman: ...
Woman: Mm...
Thought: D...Delicious...!
Thought: The mild and refreshing aftertaste seems to produce an invigorating morning...!!
Girl: That's all! All together...
Girl: They are "Three Forms of Egg Dishes"(music note)
Thought: A...A surprising dish!
Thought: Each of these eggs has its own unexpected world of flavor.
Thought: Above this dish---

Thought: The sea,
Thought: The forest,
Thought: And the earth's
Thought: Deliciousness is condensed---!!!
Voice: I want to eat more!!!
sd: Waaaaaaah
Voice: Give me one mooooore!!
Ikumi(thinks): Is that woman for real
Ikumi(thinks): At that rate, she'll easily---

Ikumi(thinks): Get over 300 meals!!
Voice: Nakiri Erina has gotten over 300 meals!!
Takumi: Kuh! What is he doing...He's still at 8 dishes!
Takumi: Do something! Yukihira!!
Megumi: Souma-kun...

Guy: Uh...The lack of sleep is starting to get to me.
Guy: I can't move anymore...
Guy: Erina-sama took all the guests so they don't take my dish.
Guy: I'm done for...!
Souma(thinks): Calm down,
Souma(thinks): Calm down...
Sign: (small lettters: Restaurant) Yukihira

Dad: There's two new customers!
Dad: Souma!
Dad: Wet towels and appetizers!
Dad: And hurry up cleaning up table #3!
Souma: Ugih...If you tell me so much at once...!
Souma(thinks): Appetizers right? Appetizers...
Souma(thinks): Ermm...So...Eh?
Souma(thinks): What should I do?
Souma(thinks): This is bad.
Souma(thinks): My thoughts got all jumbled up
Souma(thinks): And I don't know
Souma(thinks): What to do at all...

Souma: Owwwwwww!!
Dad: Listen, Souma,
Dad: If you get panicked at the kitchen then sort the situation.
Dad: Imagine everything you have to do,
Dad: And then start moving.
Erina: (cd: Huhmm) It's a shame for you, but...
Erina: This is the difference of ability between you and me.
Erina: Did it go to your heart?

SFX: *silence*...
Erina(thinks): Uh...Hmm?
Erina(thinks): Is he asleep...?
Souma: In the remaining 30 minutes 190 meals.
Souma: First I'll grab the guests' attention...
Souma: A bit less than one minute to cook one side of the omelette
Souma: One and a half minute to bake it in a covered pan
Souma: In the stove I can put...
Erina(thinks): What is he mumbling...!?
Souma: Phew...
Souma: I can somehow make it...

Erina(thinks): It can't be,
Erina(thinks): He's planning to raise to 200 meals starting now!!?
Erina(thinks): Just how---!?
Cutlery: In front of an overwhelming adversity he raises the signal for counterattack...!!
Souma: Alright...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 31/End

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